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The Student Lounge Thread.


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I did good on my math test. 30 questions. Sol is 60.


I love procrastinating on homework assignments Grades are going up after an initial poor start to the semester. In other news, I've figured out a way to log my community service hours for my CAS folder.


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Too many snow days. A week or two ago, we had a week that was three snow days, a professional activity day, and another snow day. Last Friday was another snow day, and it's looking like we're going to have another one tomorrow.

Valkyrie Cain

damn, dis-moi
Just got my report card for my midterm tests. I got an A in everything except French. *groans* I got 83%, two percent off of an A. ;; I still got the highest score in my class, but meh.

Thank God I don't have to worry about school for two weeks now. =D


i don't wanna read a 25-page chapter of my AP Bio textbook when each page takes like 5 minutes long to read *groans*


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Oh boy I completely forgot about this thread.

I aced my French test a few days ago, which really brings me off to a good start. Better than E10Honors with the B I have so far.

Report cards came in and I've aced everything last quarter. First time I've gotten 3 "A"s in one quarter. Made me pretty happy! Didn't think I'd actually ace Chemistry with the A-- I have, but I guess miracles can happen if you do every single homework assignment (and the last minute extra credit).


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Man I was busy today doing work for tomorrow.

Doing payroll assignments for accounting, reading 2 stories for American lit, studying for accounting test, doing 3 assignments for biology, studying for biology test, and studying for American lit test.

3 tests on Monday morning, not fun!


You are next.
right now i am basically studying for test-to-test while trying to regularly keep up my **** so I don't cram

microbio tomorrow, and genetics next week ._.

so yeah.. surviving~


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I thought I had this small 5-10 minute survey thing, turns out it was a 3.5 period long test


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Woke up thinking it was a normal Monday. Did everything as usual, and started watching the news and checking my school's website for a delay or no school. Nothing came up, so I went out to my bus stop, where me and my friend stood for like ten minutes before we decided something was wrong. Turns out they decided on a two hour delay after we had gone to the stop. So now I'm about to either crawl back to bed,or stay in here. My school needs to get it together...


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Just got home from school after practicing ballroom dances. I can't believe I miss the first period of our classes today.. Man,I hate this when this happens. I don't know if this was because of having cold or I just can't hear my alarm clock out..tsk.


It's Midnight right now and I have a paper due on tommorrow. Oh we'll. Looks like Im not doing it.


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my calculus teacher sucks. He is new and is horrible. he teaches like a robot. Ill be lucky to get a "C" out of this class


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Physics test tomorrow. Haven't revised at all. Doesn't help that our teacher is absolute crap at explaining stuff to us. Great.

Also, our failure of a Chemistry teacher set us cover work on something we haven't even learnt about in class yet. And forbid us from using our textbooks. We still did, but it didn't help at all. Thanks a lot!

tl;dr I hate Science.


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Man my orchestra teacher was weirder than usual today. Everything she did made me crack up. And we had some new drill in school that we had to do. We would use the plan if a person with a gun or something was in the school. Everyone had to sit against the wall that you can't see from outside, to obviously not be seen. I had P.E though, so I just stayed in the locker room and talked.