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The Student Lounge Thread.

Another year begins in law school. Feels odd not being a 1L (1st year) anymore. The teachers are definitely nicer to you after the first year in the two days of class i've had. Taking Sports Law, Health Law, Louisiana Civil Procedure, Toxic Torts and Admiralty this semester.

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Mmm.. I wagged school on Tuesday cause I didn't finish my work for English. ;-;
Got it done now. I'm freaking tired though. I'm stressed too over this school work and personal problems.
Talk about deja vu...Today was my second class of Louisiana Civil Procedure and I was called on by the teacher to pretty much decipher a LA Supreme Court case relating to the state imposing personal jurisdiction and non-residents, which also happened to be the first case of the class. The funny part was that in Basic Civil Procedure in my first year I was called on for the first case in the second class, and that case was relating to the same subject matter. This time around though I was prepared. So you could say I experienced not only deja vu, but a reversal of fortune in one day.

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Well, back at school again. It's my last semester of undergrad and I have 4 classes on Mondays.

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Well he-hey. This looks like my kind of thread.

I am a part time student who has been going at it for a while. I'm majoring in accounting, but am also taking classes that I just simply want to take for other purposes. I go to a community college and my year starts September 8th. I look forward to this semester even more than I look forward to finding out if Amourshipping will become canon :D
My Summer vacation ends next week, it was really fun.
I can't wait until my internship starts, I'm sure I'm gonna have a great time and learn a lot about video making and animation :U


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Tomorrow I'm leaving out to a hotel near my college with my family so that we don't have to worry about beating the traffic considering it's a two hour-ish drive plus the fact that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is on that route which is normally busy. The following Thursday is when I officially move in to my room (a building consisting of ten one-person rooms to be clear).

I'm glad I only had to do one year of community college since balancing that and stuff like chores at home was a bit stressful. On one hand I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life and enjoy meeting new people I'll know for more than a year but on the other hand I'm going to be away from home for quite some time which scares me a little (silly I know). Looks like I just have to embrace this opportunity and make the most out of it!


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Ugh... I'm in a 2 and a half hour night class tonight with a professor that speaks broken English.


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Yesterday I made my schedule for this Autumn. I was happy to notice than I won't have as many overlapping lectures as I had in two previous Autumns. This is mainly because I've done most of my Swedish studies and I have only few courses left. And I was surprised when I noticed that I'm actually excpecting some courses to begin. I've been stressing about this year the whole Summer, but it actually didn't seem too bad. Well, I have some law courses which are super hard for humanists like me and horrifying economics course coming up, but if I manage survive them I'm going to party.

I will also start to do my master's thesis this year. I have to ask one nice lecturer if he will guide my thesis but studies counselor was sure that he will agree. I don't want to continue with the subject I had in my candidate's thesis, but I want to continue researching sports history.
I had my first day as intern at a media company, it was really fun and even though I spent the entire day doing nothing else but sit on my laptop to develop my audiovisual skills, it was really fun. I'm sure that I will have fun assignments and learn more about working with real clients :U
I also made use of this time to start adding subtitles to my YouTube videos, time well spent!

I would've expected that I wouldn't have any time to make videos for YouTube but I think I can edit videos during my internship when I don't have any assignments.
I'm still thinking about how I should use this time, maybe I'll edit the videos and schedule them weekly starting at the end of January, would be great though. And maybe I'll post a new video at the end of November with a mustache explaining where I have been.

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It was a fun day, I spent most of the time animating a video. I have an assignment, but it's on Monday. I'm going to film a accordeon player performing live and some shots of the area.
There's also an assignment where I'm going to help making a music video, we even get to decide what the video will be about :U
And moved some chairs around and got free ice cream

Unfortunately I thought it was a good idea to store the ice cream in my bag until the end of the day lol
It was a great milkshake hahahaha


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Welp it all starts back up again tomorrow for me. Just gotta get through one more year and then I'm in college. So long summer, you've been good to me.
We introduced ourselves at the internship today, I forgot how to talk when it was my turn lol

Other than that nothing really interesting happened. I just sat on my laptop to work on animations and messed around in Cinema 4D from time to time.

It was a long day lol


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Well, Kansas State was on lockdown for 5 hours today. A man was seen with a gun at 4 AM, and we were not allowed to leave the buildings until 9:30. This is just great.
I was checking my college's Blackboard and noticed that there was an assignment where you were supposed to introduce yourself to your Career Counselor.

I think that I just wrote an entire biography about myself and the things that the CC asked for in the assignment and when I handed it in I realized that it was probably meant for the student who were majoring in Art&Design instead of Audiovisual Animation or Interactive Design, it makes sense since they don't have an internship right now and I do.
Oh well, I needed something to do and now the CC from Art&Design got to know me better and maybe she will forward it to the CC from Audiovisual Animation so he is already a bit prepared what he could expect from me in February LOL

Honestly, secretly did I know that the assignments on Blackboard aren't meant to me unless they're related to my internship but as long as I won't get in trouble I guess I could hand in some assignments every now and then. It's not necessary but it keeps me busy and prepares me for what I could expect after February.

I don't know if that would make me a nerd because I know there are actual nerds out there who would look at me and obviously call me a fake nerd, I agree lol