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The Student Lounge Thread.


stop trying to be god ☆
I'm only going with bc calc, euro, and physics c this year, so it won't be that bad for me. Which ones are you taking?

just chem and us history. not the /worst/ aps but i'd say they rank up there. wouldn't be that bad if i put effort into trying to study, but motivation is hard to come by :<

your aps sound pretty interesting but my school is still relatively new in the scheme of things and doesn't offer too many different classes.

John Madden

resident policy guy
professional development final poster: done
planning law final exam: done
planning stats/projection final exam: about to be done
infrastructure planning final assignment: almost done, probably clocking in at 23-24 single-spaced pages
database management final assignment: basically done

(interview with a research institute at OSU that may end with a job offer: coming up tomorrow)

HR final: coming up monday morning

(interview with columbus's local transit authority for a planning internship: coming up monday morning about an hour later)



Shiny Hunting!
I've got AP Euro and AP Lit exams coming up, and I'm so tired of studying for them. Can't wait until AP testing is over!


Island Challenger
but why would that get replaced by thanks, trump when a democrat's gonna be the 45th president of the united states

Lmao busted out laughing in the library... Geez thanks !

So I missed my online final deadline yesterday apparently. Anyone have advice on how to try an persuade my prof. To extend the deadline for me...

Facts: I work full time, I got to college full time and have 3 other online classes and two onsite classes, and I began doing volunteer work... How can I put all this in a form of honest persuasion???


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Just turned in my capstone project. Feels pretty good. Now I just have exams next week and I'm done. No more college.


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Congrats. Happy for you cause I know the struggle for sure. I just finished a 20 of paper

Thanks. A couple years ago I was considering getting my MBA but after this semester, hell no I'm fine with a bachelor's.


Island Challenger
Thanks. A couple years ago I was considering getting my MBA but after this semester, hell no I'm fine with a bachelor's.

I mean if somewhere along the line, you want to go for you MBA, then that is fine, but I personally find that hard after having done like 4 years of full-time college (and for some of us, work as well). I think it is best to work on getting that work experience an then if you so desire, continue to further your education. I sometimes contemplate the same. Them student loans tho!


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The university's staff want to interview me and my portfolio this Friday. I've made sure I've got everything covered and even got some help from a friend of mine. Everything's looking good - here's to hoping I'll get accepted!


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Last day of high school is done! Graduation is two weeks away, and I'm done with all my finals, so I'm pretty much on summer break!


stop trying to be god ☆
school's been out for a couple weeks but i just got my schedule for next year and it's probably my best so far. in order- two classes, three study halls, lunch, three classes. i can more or less leave in the morning and come back three hours later after doing whatever. although there'll be college applications and whatnot (plus my aps and cc classes)- oh well.

got a good bit of summer work this year though, with ap lit, ap gov, and a surprising amount of stuff to do with art IV.


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Feeling the start of classes of the senior high students in our Univesity. Us college students though are going to take our prelims this week. ugh, exam week again.