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The Student Lounge Thread.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by #chelloressurection, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Rocco

    Rocco Pokémon Trainer

    Hi, I'm super new here and all that jazz blah blah, but I start college in summer and I'm studying to be a Broadway Music Director one day. I know it's a little far fetched (note the pun) but hey, I'd rather follow my dream than do nothing. Anyway, I'm terrified of college. Any advice?
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2017
  2. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    That's the spirit! choose a course that you love rather than being forced yourself into the course you hate.hehe
    Hey! We may have different school or we may have different views, if there is something that I could say, just do you best! Also don't be pretty much laid-back or be like an easy-go-lucky stude, but I don't really mean you got to be serious all the time tho, do socializing as well or perhaps join school activities and stuffs. it may be hard but once we get used to it, you'll go through it. I know you can do college! or rather I'd say Good Luck on it! Well this is just me.XD
  3. Forbidden Snowflake

    Forbidden Snowflake take it out on me

    Hey, does anyone here have an idea for an indoors 10 minutes long activity for 6th graders [English class, for whom English is a foreign language]?
  4. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    So, as some longtime readers on this thread already know. I taught at the University for two years while in grad school.

    My two biggest pieces of advice are: 1) If you have a question, ask it, whether you say it in front of the class or talk to your professor during their office hours. You will succeed more if you participate and build a relationship with your teachers. I preferred some students more than others because they participated and lead discussions while also being heavily involved in their course work. Even if someone was really struggling but I could see they were putting in the effort, I would give them a little bit more leniency on their grading (changing a C+ to a B-, for instance). Teachers really do play favorites at the end of every semester, even if they used a grading rubric the entire time.

    2) Find a hobby like playing games, playing music in a band, doing art, going to concerts, whatever. Always make sure you schedule time for yourself away from school. This will keep you sane and less stressed by ensuring that you're taking care of yourself. If you have to, schedule it into a planner.

    That's super awesome! Stay strong for the 4 years, and I'm sure you'll rock it!

    Physical or Mental or something that helps build their language that's a mix? You could play a game that involves passing a ball between kids kind of hot potato and they have to say an English word that starts with some letter before they can throw the ball to the next person. You could also do something puzzle related.
  5. Well, I know one thing you shouldn't do is dance routines. In my school experiences I was done with that gag by the age of 8.

    I'd recommend something like a memory game - where one person will say a sentence with a noun (e.g today I went to the shops and bought an apple), and then the next person says that sentence but adds another noun of the same thing (e.g today I went to the shops and bought an apple and an orange) and continue it like that.
  6. Forbidden Snowflake

    Forbidden Snowflake take it out on me

    Thx for your help guys. Eventually I managed quite well; we played some game about a 'party' we were holding, to which only certain items could be brought and the kids had to guess what's the theme of the party.
  7. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    Pass my narrative report. The dean held meeting about graduation. I'm included in the tentative graduating students, hopefully I could meet and comply the requirements in time to graduation. It's been a stressful day since we're in our finals weeks. #Paperworks.
  8. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    Only got my Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus final to go through on Wednesday! And then Thursday is my college graduation ceremony. Can't believe how fast these 2 years went by... What a great feeling to finally get to university.
    Also gotta deliver my final biology paper by Tuesday but the work is already done. I'm heading over to school on Monday to be freed of this curse and ask questions to my math teacher. :)

    Speaking of which, teachers have until May 30th to submit all grades and I've finished all of my classes except math (and biology), yet I haven't gotten many final grades. I'm especially excited to see what I got on our final debate and personal essay in communication class. I worked so hard on those, so I'm hoping I did okay!
  9. Playful Latios

    Playful Latios @Soul Dew

    Linear Algebra isn't that bad. I never took any calculus classes though. Focus on formulas since those will be the most important.
  10. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    I came back from my graduation ceremony last night. It's finally officially over! I'm a bit emotional... :')
    Ahah, funny you mention it, the final was actually... pretty hard. Everybody I asked about it said they found it difficult, and most if not all of them admitted not answering every question. It got to the point where our teacher got worried about his exam's difficulty. With that in mind though, I think he's gonna correct it very gently, which only helps me believe I will pass. :D
    EDIT: So I got 80.5%! Much better than what I expected. ^w^
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
  11. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Do adult courses/MOOC count?
  12. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    Damn, well now I have come to realize why they say med school is so stressful and like drinking from a fire hydrant. Can't wait till break.
  13. Sombrero_Frog

    Sombrero_Frog Procrastinator

    Honestly I'm doing quite well, I'm just worried about all those poor nursing majors out there.
  14. NebulaDreams

    NebulaDreams A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden

    I'm struggling to find myself a flatmate to take over my flat back in Student Halls since I'll be going to Finland for the next semester. It'll be worth it once I find them but if I don't, I'll end up paying rent for a flat I'm not using.
  15. Pyrax

    Pyrax The Ghost of Tsushima

    I'm applying for University again, and I'm pretty confident about my chances this year. My portfolio is stronger and more varied, plus I've published a book. Hopefully my work's up to their standards and I get an interview >>
  16. •Cute Pokemon Lover•

    •Cute Pokemon Lover• Just wait for it

    Got accepted into my dream school but now I'm thinking: Should I just go to school outside this country?

    I've come to realize the schools I did apply to don't fit my liking and I just don't have much of a liking for America in general :(
  17. Power Up

    Power Up ...

    Where are you applying?
  18. Pyrax

    Pyrax The Ghost of Tsushima

    Sheffield Hallam, Manchester School of Art, and Leeds Art University. I'd really like to study in the north of England.
  19. JingIeBeIls

    JingIeBeIls 1+1=5

    Whoa, I remember this thread, I'm sorry for digging up bones here.

    My lasts two posts were
    1. From the first week as an Audiovisual major at the when I was a Media Design student (Spoiler alert: It was far from fun and I ended up dropping out)
    2. A month before I started becoming a Performing Arts major (Spoiler alert: I graduated last month ayyy)
    I got accepted into an Art Academy and will do a BA in Audiovisual Design, but this course is more about the content of your product instead of the technical side.
    So, instead of having to make a video where your camera is X and your montage is Y, you could as well make the video with your mobile phone and edit it in Windows Movie Maker as long as the content and meaning of your video are right.

    I'm really looking forward to attending this Art Academy and learning more about visual arts.
  20. Lemonski

    Lemonski Active Member

    I'm starting university on the 2nd of September and it'll be a whole new kind of adventure. There's a person I know that's going to the same university (although for a different subject to study) but other than that I'll be on my own.

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