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The Student Lounge Thread.


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Engineering degree self employed 25 plus years....hated school a lot got me this far took many night business classes over the years........would never go back ready to enjoy life


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High school has been a lot better for me lately but I just got bombarded with essays and tests and I’m going to be gone from school for a few days next week because I’m traveling for a competition my sister is going to (Phoenix Arizona, I’m so excited to drive 14 hours...)
I have fun classes this semester though, like film research and sociology. I can still hardly stay awake in classes though but at least my grades are ok


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My classes have been cancelled for the past week and a half and I'm really worried because the quarantine that we're under doesn't seem like it'll ease up any time soon due to all the new deaths that have happened in the past two days. :( I'm studying and doing my course work at home but it's not the same as going to my actual college.
Whoa, I remember this thread, I'm sorry for digging up bones here.

My lasts two posts were
  1. From the first week as an Audiovisual major at the when I was a Media Design student (Spoiler alert: It was far from fun and I ended up dropping out)
  2. A month before I started becoming a Performing Arts major (Spoiler alert: I graduated last month ayyy)
I got accepted into an Art Academy and will do a BA in Audiovisual Design, but this course is more about the content of your product instead of the technical side.
So, instead of having to make a video where your camera is X and your montage is Y, you could as well make the video with your mobile phone and edit it in Windows Movie Maker as long as the content and meaning of your video are right.

I'm really looking forward to attending this Art Academy and learning more about visual arts.
lol why do all my posts age on such an absurd level

I'm still attending the art academy. Online now, unfortunately, but I am happy to be here!
I did, however, drop out of Audiovisual Design AGAIN and am now attending Fine Art which fits me much better than AV did!

Online art academy isn't the same though, I am genuinely considering repeating the year because I am not learning anything, especially as everything is online and the workstations are fully booked quickly. But overall, I am happy to be attending the art academy and I can't wait to find out how I changed my mind the next time I log in hahahahha


Well, it's been a while since I've finished College and MBA but as for right now I'm currently studying japanese. Starting next week I'll enter the intermediate level (Junior high school/Lower secondary school). I've been learning/practicing the intermediate kanji for a while now but as for as grammar studies goes, I was still on elementary school-level. Hey, progress is progress. Also, my study plan for the proficiency exam is 10 years anyway (reaching the second year around July) so no rush.


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Hi to all! To be honest, I really like having lunch in my student lounge. There are chefs who prepare incredibly delicious dishes. And I'm just happy that I was so lucky!