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The Student Lounge Thread.


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Engineering degree self employed 25 plus years....hated school a lot got me this far took many night business classes over the years........would never go back ready to enjoy life


Idiot Extraordinaire
High school has been a lot better for me lately but I just got bombarded with essays and tests and I’m going to be gone from school for a few days next week because I’m traveling for a competition my sister is going to (Phoenix Arizona, I’m so excited to drive 14 hours...)
I have fun classes this semester though, like film research and sociology. I can still hardly stay awake in classes though but at least my grades are ok


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My classes have been cancelled for the past week and a half and I'm really worried because the quarantine that we're under doesn't seem like it'll ease up any time soon due to all the new deaths that have happened in the past two days. :( I'm studying and doing my course work at home but it's not the same as going to my actual college.