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The Stupidest Person You've Ever Seen.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I knew someone who's idea of cleaning the bathroom was to take a single Clorox wipe and wiping off the counter. The part that is even scarier was he was considered "gifted" and put in the gifted program. Meanwhile I had the ability to memorize every little detail about a person's house as an eight year old and able to play songs on the piano by listening to them a couple of times and I was never considered "gifted."


Just a Person
One time in my history class, there was a girl who didn't know that Mississippi was a state, she thought it was only a river.

Lord Trollbias

Y'all Salty Bishes
Today during work at the Dining Hall I heard someone ask if today was the Presidential Election.


Turning that frown all the way down
Some people in my metalwork class are complete idiots.I won't care if they went and got a metal splinter because they were ignoring the metalshop teacher.And cut them selves on a hacksaw,burned their finger from filing metal wrong,slammed their hand with a hammer and broke off a nail trying to punch out an outline.Plus,why do people who think they're more mature then others chase each other around with felt markers?The world may never know.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I saw in a short blurb in a Time magazine issue that some woman is suing Disney claiming that Frozen was stolen from her memoirs. Seriously? Disney been working on the story for Frozen since the 1940s and it's based on The Snow Queen. This bimbo is suing for $250 million and claims its her "life story."


Kanto Region Champ
I work with the guy, he is smart at his job but he says and does stupid things 99% of the time that ends up ticking people off extremely, and when he walks it's like something out of the matrix (uber slow motion) and he does it so fluidly.


Turning that frown all the way down
This person supporting a mayoral candidate decided to go around tearing down signs of the person's opposition,including the ones I had.And I know which candidate the person supports.That's not going to win you the election,idiot.


Well-Known Member
Where I work, we sell chicks, and I had this extremely dumb bimbo ask me if that is as big as they get. Because, you know, chickens don't age??

Pink Harzard

So majestic
Last week at school I heard some stupid things. One guy didn't knew where America was on the world map. And another guy thought that all pink flowers are female -_- We study Eco & Wildlife so that was just to stupid to hear.


Exalted Meme Junkie
You usually attract an entire zoo of stupid people if you work or have previously worked in retail. It's both pathetic and a tad bit disappointing. It's like, "Oh, wow! I can finally gain some well-needed experience in interacting with other people in a non-academic setting and propare for my career future properly! Man, I'm finally an adult!"

Of course, after you have been confronted with the dumbest retail-oriented questions and the ignorant customer complaints and the whole nine yards, you retract that statement entirely.


Momentai, bro.
There's this one guy who thinks airplanes are demons in disguise... aaand now I have the transformers themesong stuck in my head.

There was also this girl in a biology class of mine who claimed that reptiles aren't animals. That is all.


Coffee is Love ♪
There's some good ones in this thread.

My dad's... "roommate" is probably the stupidest person I have ever met. I use "roommate" in quotes because my dad "doesn't charge her rent in cash" and never outright says anything deeper about that. *rolls eyes*

Her latest crowning moment was when she asked him "Who's Adolf Hitler? I've heard the name before but that's it." My outraged dad then spent the next hour going on a shpiel about the history of World War II and believe it or not, it was all NEWS to her. She had NEVER HEARD OF IT before, ANY of it. When my dad told me about this, I didn't even believe him at first.

Another crowning moment of hers was when she was going to get groceries at Safeway, and so she calls Dad as she gets there and asks if he wants anything. My dad, who is a complete jokester, replies "Yes, I'd like some powdered toast and some quail eggs". You and I can both imagine that 99% of human beings would laugh and realize he's joking. But no! The roommate then spends the next half hour wandering around the Safeway looking for those items. Dad finally gets a call from her later and wonders why she's taking so unusually long; she explains that she's still looking for the quail eggs and the powdered toast and can't find them. This outrages my dad and he asks "You mean you had no clue that I was joking!? What is WRONG with you!?"

I really don't have any clue how to describe their relationship. On one hand I honest-to-god believe that simple Darwin Ex Machina should have killed the poor lady off years ago, on the other hand I feel like she's the only creature in the world that can counter my dad's super-logical, super-cynical life attitude. The two of them crack me up so hard. Even though dad brings this pain on himself, yeah, that roommate is the stupidest human being I have ever met.

At least she's nice though.

Pink Harzard

So majestic
We are just discussing migration with our teacher and he asked us to name some animals that do a one-turn migration. After naming the salmon, a classmate mentioned Magikarp.


Just another guy
I was on work experience at a garage and a woman comes in saying her A/C isn't working. Turned out that she didn't realise that to change where it came out of you had to turn the dial....She'd had the car for 2 years.


King of dragons
Me and my friends are just sitting around doing work in class. One of friends asks the other "Do you like bluegrass?" The other replies with "Is that a drug?" But wait, there's more! The teacher overheard and my friend explained what happened. Afterwards the teacher asked "Isn't that an insurance company?" He was justified though, he thought my friend said blue cross.