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The Stupidest Person You've Ever Seen.


My ex-boyfriend.

He was abusive in every way possible. He tried telling me what to wear, how to live, how to breathe and how to poop. He always complained that we never spent time with each other, but whenever he came round, all he did was watch porn and play games. He told me to go to sleep. He threatened to troll a website, where I'm a mod. Touched me in places I didn't want to be touched and threatened to get me done for sexual assault because I refused anal sex (Though he did it anyway).


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Anyone who sees Fifty shades of Grey....

People who see/read all of the abuse in the film/book and defend it. There's a big difference between BDSM and abusiveness and that **** is definitely abuse. (Best not start an argument here about it, though)

-People who think the earth is flat
-People who think the moon doesn't actually exist
-People who think reptilian shape-shifters control the world
-People who think there is a secret organization brainwashing the masses through entertainment(which may or may not be run by reptiles and satan)

I don't know where stupid crosses into crazy but these people are on one side or the other of that line.
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I once had a friend who asked me what the capital city of Islam was. She also thought that China was in the continent of Japan.

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The stupidest person I think I've ever seen are people in my school, who think it's a okay to give me a hard time over the fact that I'm not a One Direction fan. Like why? What is the big deal about that? I never said I hated them, I'm just not a fan of their music.
My mom believes it's socially unacceptable if you're wearing long pants and people can see your socks


My mom believes it's socially unacceptable if you're wearing long pants and people can see your socks

to be fair to her, that does sound like it looks stupid


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actually, my mom is also stupid

I was once playing a game on ipad not related to pokemon and my mom asked ''is this pokemon''

Same here. My mom always assumes that me + video games = Pokemon (or Zelda. Depends on how she feels that day). I don't know if I'd call that "stupid" but it's something. :/
One of the people in my english class thought Africa was in South America


I have a professor that believes reading from a tablet actually makes you stupider and it is impossible to retain information. Gotta love college.


One of the people in my english class thought Africa was in South America

Wow, this is very stupid. I'm South American, more specifically i'm brazilian, and has a lot of Europeans and North Americans who think a lot of ******** about my country.

Some think that Brazil is in Africa or Asia. Others think that here is jungle, and they think Rio de Janeiro is the capital and thats it's like a jungle, but in fact its a big city and it similar to california. In fact, there are no jungles in Brazil, and the animals do not walk in the streets, LOL. Some think that we speak Spanish, but in fact speak Portuguese.

I live in southern city, has much of European immigrants. Snow here, and has no beaches over here, it seems London sometimes, but the outside people think here is only tropical beaches, is ridiculous. Although I would love to live in a beach, I'm just in the summers and holidays, when I can travel.

With the World Cup this year, came a lot of Australians and Dutch to my city. They thought here would have a lot of naked women, but nudism is prohibited in the country. And not everyone who likes samba, carnival and soccer. In fact, I hate soccer and samba, carnival and is only once a year, and my friends and I go to rock pubs in the carnival. Me and my co-worker made friends with some foreign at that time, and after a few beers we talk we had to go home because we had to work early. And they said "what? we didnt know you work. I thought you just had fun." I felt a strong contempt for them.

In addition, favela or slum is a place where the poor live, and is not a tourist place. The middle class Brazilians, to top lament the existence of this place because it is an example of injustice and social difference. No one is proud of it. And many foreign asked us to take them to see the favelas, which by the way only exist in Rio de Janeiro. It was ridiculous, and we feel ashamed for such ignorance.

So this kind of stupidity are tense.
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Some girl in my GEOGRAPHY class thought Asia was the capital of Japan.

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Y'all Salty Bishes
Scumbags who do **** like this
Pretty much everyone in my school who get in arguments with invalid points and annoy the other person,Till they think they won the argument...


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Christian Weston Chandler

I'm so sorry, someone had to say it