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The Summer Sprite Contest (SSC) [Approved By Sweet May]

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Yes, It's Summer Time [Well in England it is anyway... sorry Australia]! And we all know what that means, right? Yep, it's time for one of the yearly Sprite Contests that we all often see on Serebii!

But First... Let's run some rules past you.
General Rules
  1. Follow the General Serebii Forums Rules. Please, it's simple enough.
  2. Don't Flame.
  3. Don't Steal Sprites and claim them as your own.
  4. Have Fun!

Spriting rules
  1. I will NOT accept any image file other than PNG.
  2. Glows are always allowed aside form week when they are pointless (Pixel over weeks, for example)
  3. Animations are only allowed on weeks where it specifies it.

The Contest
  • Starts Today, the Second of July.
  • Ends on the 28th of August.
  • Each week will follow the general theme of summer.
  • You may enter any round in the contest that you like. if you can't do Pixel overs but you can do everything else, then don't enter the Pixel Over week!
  • There is no elimination, so you can start entering at any stage and stop entering at any stage.
  • Each week will have a sprite type, theme (some weeks will be summer in general, others will be more specific like "The beach") and some rules and limitations for that individual week.

The Scoring system
  • There is ONE poll thread for the whole contest.
  • Every week you will see a different set of entries, for each week's theme. You must vote for what entries you think are the bets by posting in the thread. There is not an official poll, because this is all in one thread.
  • The entries will be ANONYMOUS. You must PM the entries to me.
  • Therefore, on the thread, you will NOT see your name followed by the sprite but a number with your sprite related to it. You must NOT reveal what your entry is or for that week your entry is void and received none of its votes. Once the week is over and all votes have been taken in, you can go ahead and post it in your sprite threads. But not before then.

I have three helpers aside from me. These are the only three people aside from me who may see your entry before the polls. You can ask them questions via PM if you don't understand a week, or if you want to make sure your entry is OK. Just remember, you must give your final entry to me over PM.
These people are:

A Contest would be nothing without prizes! Here's what you'll get:
  1. 1st Place will get a Gold Trophy (In sprite form) and three sprite requests from me.
  2. 2nd place will get a Silver trophy (In sprite form) and two requests from me.
  3. 3rd place will get a bronze trophy (in sprite form) and one request from me.
  4. Everybody else gets a wodden spoon (in sprite form).
All prizes will have your forum names on them so that they're tailored to you.

Without further ado, let's start this thing! Within this spoiler will go all the weeks. Week one is there already.

Proby's Example:

Sprite type: Recolour
Theme: The Beach
Limitations: No actual beach residents [Krabby, Marill, Piplup are example] may be used as the base.
NO Re-patterning. Just a simple recolour.
Not allowed to use my sprite (No other Aron/Krabbys)
Explanation: For the opening week, what I want you all to do is to do a simple recolour. Recolour any Pokemon that is not already a "beach" type Pokemon to the colours of a Pokemon that is.
Deadline: 7th of July 2011.
Polls: Up on the 8th of July, Polls close on the 17th.
Has it finished yet?: Yes.

Proby's Example:

Sprite type: Retype
Theme: Nature.
Limitations: Cannot use a Grass type as you base, no animations. Cannot use Scraggy as I did in my example.
Explanation: Plants thrive in Summer. They have plenty of daylight hours and good weather, no they can photosynthesise to their hearts content (do they even have hearts? Never mind). But what if we were all plants? So, this week, you must retype any non-grass type to grass type.
Deadline: 17th of July 2011.
Polls: Up on the 17th of July, Polls close on the 24th.
Has it finished yet?: Yes.

Proby's Example:

Sprite type: Fusion/Splice [They're the same thing to me].
Theme: Summer (General)
Limitations: Cannot use the same two Pokemon as I did.
No Animations.
Maximum of five Pokemon used.
Scratching permitted (if not encouraged)
Explanation: This week, I want you to fuse! Take a maximum of five Pokemon, and fuse them together to look like your incarnation of Summer. Whatever Summer means to you, create it this round.
Deadline: 24th of July 2011.
Polls: Up on the 24th of July, Polls close on the 31st.
Has it finished yet?: Yes.

Proby's Example:

Sprite type: Trainer sprite/Cosplayer.
Theme: Scouting
Limitations: You must create a TRAINER. Nothing else.
Animations are permitted, but only extremely basic or three frames, like they have in the games.
Scratching permitted (if not encouraged)
Explanation: Well, the reason I'm away if because of scouts! So therefore, I thought a nice trainer sprite would be good to mark this occasion. I want you to create a trainer who has something to do with Scouting. A Cosplayer or a Scout-like animal (one of the Scouting groups is called a "Cub" and the other a "Beaver", so you could use Teddiursa or Bidoof), perhaps creating your own scout as I did. Note, that this is Scouting, so it could easily be Guides and brownies etc...
Deadline: 7th of August 2011.
Polls: Up on the 7th of August, Polls close on the 14th of August.
Has it finished yet?: No.

Proby's Example:

Sprite type: Scratch.
Theme: Summer food
Limitations: Must be made from scratch. You may take minor details from existing Pokemon, but try to only use these Pokemon as reference points.
Animations are not allowed.
Explanation: Your task this week is to take a Summer Pokemon and make it into a food of some sort. Or, you could take any Pokemon and turn it into a food that is eaten in the summer mostly. Either way, the entry must be scratched.
Deadline: 7th of August 2011.
Polls: Up on the 7th of August, Polls close on the 14th of August.
Has it finished yet?: No.
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EDIT: Forgot I had to PM. Made a new one
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Frosty Voltorb

Well-Known Member
So, as a re-color, you mean by using a Pokemon found like, in beach terrain? Or just a Water Type?


Well-Known Member
Given that in the limitations area he described the pokemon as beach residents as oppose to straight up water types, I'd say anything that lives near or in the coast would work.


I have an enquiry;

If we chose a base pokemon with 3 different colors, and a "recolor" pokemon with only two different colors, could we also use another "beach" pokemon, or are we only allowed to use one?

Basically, can we use more than one beach pokemon to use as the colors?
Yeah, it's recolouring to something that could live by the coast. So you couldn't have Totodile, because that's a river resident and not a beach/coast one, but you could use it as your base.

Aslynn, if you do that, it is very preferable if you use the colours of the prevolutions/evolutions, which are almost always different.
So yeah. If the Pokemon you're using has more colours than the Pokemon you're recolouring to, you must use the colours of the prevolutions. If even they are the same, you must find a Pokemon that is very similar in colours and use that.


Well-Known Member
Any ways, this lOoks a bit more organized then WSC. I'll enter all of these, and learn how to pixel over.
I am a master at recolorng **


has left Serebii
This seems interesting! Count me in
But, you allow GIF files form Iaza Transparency, right? Even though it has an option to change to PNG, but whetever XD


Well-Known Member
Any ways, this lOoks a bit more organized then WSC.

How on earth is this more organized then something that occurs weekly with only 3 things to read?

Anyways, I undertand this contest is weekly until august 28, but adding the time limit in the spoiler tag with everything else might help also.

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
Do we have to use all of the colors from the non-base Pokemon? I only used 3 out of 4 of the colors for my entry.
@Toge Tamer- Gelatino is correct. No new patterns. Don't worry, there will be a week where I will allow repatterning. But this is the nice easy first week. This is the week designed to get people's attention and get lots of entries because it's simple.

@Raiga- Hmm, good point. I'll go edit that.

@Plat. Frontier- No you don't have to use all the colours.
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Well-Known Member
This looks fun! I think that I'll have an entry for most of the Weeks!

And, yes, it does seem very well organized!

I'm working on mine now, so expect it soonish! I'm not sure when I will be done, but today, probably!
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Not a tool
It might help with organization if you made a calendar that showed all the events in the contest, such as when each round starts/ends, when polls are up, etc.


Well-Known Member
That would be a LOT of work, especially if he wants to change an event or has some other obstacle to work around.

He puts the time up for each week while its happening, it should be all you need.
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