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The Super Elites_V.3

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I only have shoddy for temporarily uses for battling now that's why I'm going to take shoddy battle also so people can get coins quicker/ but those rules for shoddy are not up yet


Da Boss Nigg@
is that what IGN is? i thought it was like an account on IGN.com. well, mine is Austin.

LMFAO! I thought you meant an IGN.com Account as well XD

Mine is Hiro(pronounced "Hero")

EDIT: Im ready for my test battle whenever,I'll prolly be checking in to Serebii all day.


Future Olympian
Hi All, Me(Legend6491)The Leader of The Super Elites has Join Forces with The Empire / So we will grow stronger and wiser together with the knowledge of two clans

The Empire shall accept your kind act of allience, we shall allie and grow strong together!

;289; The Emperor


ohh. i had to fight crazie guy too. good luck!


is crazie doing lunar22s second test battle?


King of the awesomes
Hey anyone wanna battle?? I've been itching for a fight since i've had a new member to my team


Well-Known Member
IGN: Danny
FC: 2578 4885 6969
Level of Activity on Serebii: Everyday
Pokemon Battling experience: not much, beginner
How Many Clans/Teams are you a member of: None, and only plan to join the super elites
Your Two Favorite Pokemon and Why: Infernape: first pokemon Garchomp: So Strong
Shoddy Name: N/A
URL to your proflie:http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=110752

Ready to test :)
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