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The Super Elites_V.3

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Goodbye, Serebii


And a nice chianti
Should maybe have mentioned this before, but me Dratini project is finished!

30/31/31/x/31/31, Adamant.

Damn proud of this bugger I is.

Leader Bruno

Team WolfPack
I thought we were going to war?

@Legend : Also I see you visted the Link in my Sig. Does that mean your giving me the heads-up to Branch out?
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Leader Bruno

Team WolfPack
Awesome thanks.
Got 2 go to bed. Hoo Haa all!


Raise of the fallen
Guys... Just wanna say that I wont challenge anyone today, if u want to get tested ask another leader... Just giv me a day, I'll come back 2morro... |-) ZZzzz need some rest...lol


How many people have been active?
I saw that all the elites got took off is it because they were not active or just left?Also i cant wait for the war I want to join if iam allowed or picked


lf shinys+events :D
Hi my name was put in wrong its l3gndkilla not l3gdkilla


hey leader bruno are u ranked yet?
wanna battle?
does any intermediate/ rookie members wanna battle? im kinda rusty..
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Well-Known Member
Hey all, just want everyone to know im still alive. AS soon as my g-parents get broadband and I beat my copy of platinum I should start to battle again. See you guys later!


can it be a shoddy test?


Skating Poke!
hey guys, legend decided to make me the new co-leader after talkin to gaara
so ny new members, i'm also here to test u on wifi


moyito can i verse you on shoddy?


New Member
D: After not going on for a while... I'm not on the list anymore! :eek: Not even in the retired section. :( So if I wanna join, should I get another test battle...? xP I'm getting platinum soon so I decided to rejoin.
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