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The Super Elites_V.3

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Da Boss Nigg@
New updates are up and Calum i'll get u tested when a co-leader gets online
You havent updated my coins once for the past 3 weeks :/


New Member
Heh yeah I remember you Silent Storm. I bet you've gotten a loooot better since we last battled. :D

I need to get familiar with the new Platinum stuff (mainly movesets I guess) :eek:


moyito can i verse you on shoddy?

yeah i can battle you in shoddy moyito just let me know when

D: After not going on for a while... I'm not on the list anymore! :eek: Not even in the retired section. :( So if I wanna join, should I get another test battle...? xP I'm getting platinum soon so I decided to rejoin.

i have a back up list ShiFu i'll just re-add you just make sure to stay active

You havent updated my coins once for the past 3 weeks :/

message me your coins so i'll update them


not a fan?
hey Legend
were expecting this war to start Sunday
is that fine with you guys?


legend? test on shoddy?

Leader Bruno

Team WolfPack
hey leader bruno are u ranked yet?
wanna battle?
does any intermediate/ rookie members wanna battle? im kinda rusty..

Nope. Havent been tested yet. how about Tommorow,Saturday?


Raise of the fallen
If anyone is looking fo a ranking just "pm" me I'll show where u guys belong...
Its been a while I haven't been here... lol, I'm I'm feeling rusty aswel :)


New Member
Level of Activity on Serebii:Almost Everyday
Pokemon Battling experience:I dont play online much but im good i think
How Many Clans/Teams are you a member of:none
Your Two Favorite Pokemon and Why: Charmander cause he is cool and he is one of the first pokemon you every see. And Donphan because he is really cool and strong
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