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The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club!

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Look over there!
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club!

Yep! your eyes don't decieve you, this is a club dedicated to the awesome game that is Super Smash Bros. Brawl! So feel free to join and discuss (or brag) about your acheivments in this game. If you have never heard of this great game, it is a game where you can choose from a total of 35 characters and fight with people online or in your own bedroom. These characters include Mario, Link, and Pokemon Trainer. You can also fight the forces of the Subspace Emissary in an awesome adventure! There are a lot of things to discuss about Super Smash Bros., If you want to know more get the game for yourself. It is for the Wii (the best system ever).​


This Brawl Club is very jentle and special. Many SSBB threads have been closed due to people who don't follow rules.

1. Follow all of Serebii's rules.
2. no one-lining
3. Do not throw harsh comments at other people or this club.
4. If you break a rule you will recieve a warning, break a rule after being warned will cause a ban if it is something serious.
5. Read the rest of this first post before even thinking of joining this club.
6. Do not go off topic
7. Respect = The golden rule
8. Conversations that talk about getting online and brawling other people are strictly banned. Example:
"I'm on but ur not there"
"Hold on I'm getting on"
This can be done through PMs and visitor messages.
9. A member may post a banner and a userbar once a week.
10. No flaming
11. Follow rules 1-10

To join this Establishment:
This form MUST be used to join this club.

Username = players
FC: ---- ---- ----
0 points(Unless you made points in your first post by donating a banner)


Dudeguyman = Mario/Luigi/Bowser player
FC: 1234-4567-8900
0 points

This form helps prevent No0bY No0bs from joining and wrecking havoc. If you do not use the form you have to until the next day before trying again.

Banning Rules:

The rules with banning are:
1st strike = warning
2nd strike = SUPER warning
3rd strike = week ban
4th strike = SUPER permaban

If you have been banned from Serebii Forums, you are permabanned. If you have a good reason to let you back in the club talk to me.

Friend Codes and You

There is a thread completly dedicated to finding people near you to brawl. This thread also helps evade going against Rule no. 8 here.

The Friend-Finder!

Thank Starfire Jirachi for making this thread.


Icydragon0605 = Leader Ness/Diddy Kong/King Dedede/Luigi player
FC: 0903-2452-8851
*** points/Master Diddy Kong Rank

AEROBLASTER = Toon Link/Falco player
FC: 4296-5025-4964
80 points/Master Toon Link Rank

starfire_jirachi = Zelda/Sheik/Link player
FC: 3566-3281-8884
110 points/ Master Zelda Rank

AerialAce! = Pikachu/Kirby/Ness player
FC: 4511-0152-2501
50 points/Master Falcon Punch Rank

~CourageWisdomPower~ = Zelda/Link player
FC= 0903-2424-1919
0 points

.::Escalator::. = PT, Kirby, Lucario, Meta Knight, Pit, Luigi
FC: 0688 9236 0921
0 points

*~Aurealis~* = Zelda/Pikachu/Lucario/Zero Suit Samus player
20 points

Affirmative = Meta Knight/Marth/Lucas player
0 points

alli940 = Kirby/Sonic player
FC: 0044-4445-5370
20 points/Kirby Rank

Alzi = Toon Link player
FC: 5327-2370-9889
5 points

Amanda77[/B ]= Ike/Wolf/Lucario/Sonic player
FC: 3265-9963-5145
0 pts

a person = Toon Link player
FC: 3995-6176-6789
0 points/Golden Hammer Rank

armaldo = Olimar/King Dedede/Mr. Game and Watch player
0 points

assasinsceptile* = Lucas/Kirby player
0 points

Atoyont = Mr.Game & Watch/Falco player
25 points

Aura master* = Lucario/Meta Knight/Falco player
FC: ---- ---- ----
0 points

Auramaster** = Lucario/Sonic/Samus player
FC: 1719-8156-5519
0 points

Blade Knight = Marth player
FC: 1289-7974-1489
0 points

BlitzBlast = Pikachu/Pokemon Trainer/Mr. Game and Watch player
FC: 4296-3568-8183
0 points

bob_shmoe = Fox/Marth/Lucario/Pit player
0 points

Bobby Frank JR = Lucario player
0 points

BUG = ? player
0 points

B3an0b0y = ? player
FC: 3592-8465-4949

Chii = Lucas/Kirby/Peach player
0 points

Copygoo = Piachu/Lucas player
FC: 0559-6552-1691
60 points/Lucas Rank

CyberGlion = Falco/Meta Knight player
0 points

cybermew = Mr. Game and Watch player
0 points

Da Master of Unowns* = Sonic, Captain Falcon, Mario
FC: 1333-1495-4361
0 points

Dark Arcues = Toon Link player
0 points

Dattebayo = R.O.B player
20 points

Deicario = Ice climbers player
0 points

Deoxysmatter = Sonic/Luigi/Olimar/Lucario Player
FC: ---- ---- ----
0 points

Dig-kun = Mario/Ness player
FC: 2106 0489 6027
20 points/ Mario Rank

Dimentio = Sheik player
FC: 0044 2509 3087
0 Points

Divine Riolu = Ike/Wolf/Falco player
5 points

empoleon1720 = Donkey Kong player
0 points

Enigma = ? player
0 points

Falco320** = Falco player
0 points

fango pango = Bower player
0 points

fatkid* = Ness/Ganondarf
FC: 5155-2573-7157
0 points
Knows the Brawl GOD! Don't get him angry!

FireMonkey1* = Meta Knight/Luigi player
10 points

ForteXXX = Meta Knight/Falco player
0 points

glalieguy = Kirby,Meta knight, King Dedede, Pit, Yoshi
FC: 2965-3023-8663
0 points

GrizzlyB = All-round player
FC: 2964-8413-3183
0 points

ground tamer = Lucas/Link/Marth/Captain Falcon player
FC: 3694-9782-7370
10 points

Hakuryuu = Link/Toon Link
FC: Please ask for it.
20 points

handymankg2 = Ike/Toon link/Ice Climbers/King Dedede player
FC: 3179-7525-5773
0 points

HUTCHI94 = Toon Link/Lucario/Pokemon Trainer player
FC: 5026 8569 9153
0 points

Hydro King = Mario/C. Falcon/Jigglypuff/Wolf/Meta Knight player
0 points

Icosahedron = Ike/Mario/Donkey Kong/Falco/etc. player
FC: 1504 5449 3592
15 points

kirapwns* = Meta Knight player
35 points/ Meta Knight player

Knitzy = Olimar/Marth player
0 points

Kurosaki_klan = Ike/Peach
FC: 4038-8867-6797
10 points

Kyogre45 = Toon Link/Lucas player
FC: ?
0 points

Jackman775 = ? player
0 points

JaimeGreenan = Zero Suit Samus/Diddy Kong player
FC: 3866-9530-7835
15 points

Jorisw = ? player
5 points

latsysrk0l = Zero Suit Samus player
0 points

light_espeon = sonic/wolf/olimar player
FC: 4940-9548-4586
0 points

Light-The-Archangel = Falco/Zelda player
FC: 2191-7345-4545
0 points

Lucdragtyran 783 = Lucario player
0 points

lunar spirit1100 =Marth/Lucario/Ike player
0 points

m190049 = Meta Knight player
FC: 4725-7618-7680
5 points

magic marker = R.O.B/Ice Climbers/Toon Link/Jigglypuff/Samas player
0 points

mega munchlax = Lucario/Toon Link Player
0 points

metalboy = Captain Falcon/Sonic player
0 ponts

Metamence = Meta Knight/Lucario/Falco/Toon Link/Wario/Fox/Wolf/Pit/Diddy Kong player player
FC: 2148-7821-3266 (shared w/ Zero-Wolf)
110 points/Meta Knight Rank

Mew-100 = Pokemon Trainer player
0 points

Mewtwo152 = Ganondorf/Captain Falcon/Link/Toon Link/Wolf player
5 points

Mewluvr200 = Kirby/Meta Knight/ZSS player
FC: 3136-6269-7130
0 points\

mew-the original = Falco/Lucario/Link/Sheik/Mr. Game and Watch
FC: 1290-2722-6903
0 points

Mewthreehundredandfour = Marth/Toon Link/Pokemon Trainer/Meta Knight player
FC: 2363-6815-0102
40 points/ Bob-omb Rank

mitchiscool~ = Wolf/Meta Knight/Toon Link/Yoshi/Pokemon Trainer/Marth player
0 points

MKFC = Meta Knight/Pikachu/Toon Link player
FC: 1332-9688-5063
0 points

Mr. Mudkip = Ness/C. Falcon player
0 points(not sure)

Perfect Sphere = Zelda/Peach/Samus player
FC: 1160-9491-0386
0 points

platiepoos = Kirby/Olimar player
0 points

Phendrona = Falco/Toon Link player
FC: 3136-6280-5481
25 points

Pinata Panda = Falco player
0 points

Pika-Trainer = Kirby player
FC: 5095-0718-3466-0376
0 points

PkmntrainerJ = Ike/Kirby/King Dedede/Toon Link player
FC: 1075 2941 4475
0 points

pokebeaner = Pit/Pikachu player
FC: 3437-5590-6642
0 points

PokeWisdomGiver = Ganondorf/Pit/Peach player
0 points

= Lucario/Wolf player
0 points

Queen_Lugia = Pokemon Trainer/Lucario/Wario player (Wario is my goof-off character, Pokemon Trainer and Lucario are my mains.)
FC: 0860-7720-9889
0 points

Raikou_Fan = Ike/Sonic/Pit/Zelda Player
FC: 4854-9168-4188
0 points

Raptor ruler = Captain Falcon/Ganondorf/Sonic/Ike/Lucario player
FC: 4769-0193-2570
15 points/Ike rank

Rakurai = Wario/Mr. Game and Watch/Lucas user
FC: 1375-6917-5518
0 points

Sapphiredragon929 = Jigglypuff/Peach player
5 points

SatoPika = Sonic player
0 points

SaulGCube = Toon Link/Falco/R.O.B/Mr. Game and Watch/Ike/King Dedede/Luigi/Pokemon Trainer player
FC: 2921-8828-4282
0 points

shadow_latias = Ice Climbers/Kirby/Peach/Pikachu player
FC: 1418-6773-4853
5 points

shaq-attack= Jigglypuff/Peach/Sheik/Zelda/Lucas/R.O.B/Wario player
0 points

Shinygreymon Burst = Fox player
0 points

shiny ditto= Kirby/Ike/Fox/Wolf player
0 points/Gooey Bomb Rank

Shiny Gible= Marth/Wolf player
5 points

shinkagehadou = Link/Ike player
0 points

Skiks = Zelda/Ike/Ganondorf/Ness
FC: 5155-2603-1161
0 points

Skull13 = Mario/Sonic/Donkey Kong/Mr. Game & Watch/Wario/King Dedede Player
Friend Code = 1461-6187-8441
5 points

Sogeking = Toon Link/Ike/Mr. Game and Watch player
0 points

Sonic Boom = Falco/Ike/Mario/Olimar/Wario player
0 points

suicune lover = Kirby/Pit
FC: 3523-5127-0732
0 points

Suikami = Toon Link player
0 points

Surfer pika=chu = All-round player
0 points

SwabthePoopdeck = Toon Link player
0 points

tangelax = ROB/Sonic/King Dedede player
0 points

The 8-bit Wonder
= ? player

TomDraco = Fox/Ike/Lucario player
FC: 4812-1425-7311
0 points

Torpoleon = Ivysaur player
FC: 2320-6028-8202
20 points/Ivysaur Rank

Torterra14 = Marth/Lucario/Ness/Toon Link player
0 points

Trace360 = Kirby player
FC: 4854-6129-0068
0 points

Treemander = Marth player
0 points

Tyr = Pit/Bowser player
FC: 3995-5609-5445
0 points

U DIE TONIGHT = bowser player
FC: 0431-0690-5306
0 points

vahajdracala35 = Donkey Kong/bowser player
0 points

Zero-Wolf = ZSS/Wolf/Ness/Marth/Lucario/Toon Link/Link/R.O.B/Snake player
FC: 2148-7821-3266
10 points

zyrdrake = ? player
0 points

Wiimote = R.O.B./Ike/Lucario/Jigglypuff player
20 points/Ike Rank

-Wolf-* = ? player
0 points

swampert ex
Practical Joke

We have about 119 total members.

For the codes, please remove *s and give credit to the username with the code.





(Metamence) Don't put in sig, too big!























please give credit and take out *s. Only one userbar or banner from the same person a week.

The Ranking System!

In this club you earn points by winning tournaments, donating to this club, and more!

Donating Userbar = 10 Points
Donating Banner (anything bigger than a userbar) = 10-20 points
Posting topic = 5 points
Enlisting a member = 15 points
Winning 1st place in a tournament = 50 points
Winning 2nd place in a tournament = 20 points
Making it to the final four in a tournament = 5 points
Advertising = depends

Other notable things will grant points!

Now for the ranks:

0 points = any regular item (pitfall, hammer, Bob-omb, etc.).
10 points = any playable character that you do not need to unlock.
50 points = Any Assist Trophy or Pokeball and move (Falcon Punch, Aura Sphere, etc.)
70 points = Any unlockable character
100 points = Any Stage (including unlockable).
150 points = Any Subspace Emissary boss and Master/Crazy hand. Also any Final Smash name (End of day, Volt tackle, etc.)

I will give an example:
Mewtwo999 = Lucas Rank/15 points
Groudon888 = Final Destination Rank/120 points

If you want to stay with Hammer Rank but you have 200 points you may do that. When you go up in ranks you have access to more people/things to represent you. Leaders will get the Master Rank. Leaders will not have to worry about points because Master Rank gives them access to any representative they want. I will still keep track of the leaders points for fun.

For Example: Icydragon0605 = Master Ness Rank

So for now tell me who you want to represent you and I will update the first page.


The Fire Cup!
Winner was AEROBLASTER/Mew304!

The Water Cup
in progress

The Lightning Cup!
coming later!

Just a few more things, I will hire a total of 2 co-owners. If a co-owner wants to host a tornament with his/her own rules, I will allow it.

Who are you best with?
What is your greatest accomplishment in your eyes?
Your favorite Pokeball (pokemon from pokeballs)?
Your favorite Assist trophy?
Your most hated charcter?
Your favorite stage?
Your favorite mode?
Explain your most epic match that you've seen or fought in.
How old are you?
What controller do you use?
Do you still fall for Lucario?
Are you sad Mewtwo didn't make it in Brawl?
Should we have a mascot, who?
Should we add a ranking system in which you earn points?
What's your favorite final smash?
What final smash do you hate the most?
What is your most hated item?
Which character(s) from Brawl do you think should not be in the next SSB game?
What was the hardest Boss for you to beat in Brawl (not counting Tabuu)?
How hard was Tabuu on your first try?
Did you have any one of the two past Smash series game?
What are your cons about Brawl?
What are your favorite music in Brawl?
How long have you been playing Brawl?
What's your LEAST favorite character?
What do you look for in a Custom Stage?
What other games music did you want to be on Brawl?
Has anyone unlocked absolutey everything yet? ( Stages, Trophies, Music, building parts and characters.)
What characters did you want in brawl? What moves would you give them?
Has anyone had a brawl that went down to the wire?
Have you ever beaten at least one thing in the Cruel Melee?
What pokémon u´d like to be on the pokéballs?
Is there any melee stage you wished made it into brawl?
Which Nintendo characters should have been trophies in Brawl?
Have you completed All-Star mode? Which character caused you the most trouble in completing it? The least amount of trouble?
Have you gotten 100% on th Subspace Emissary level?
How many trophies and stickers do you have so far?
What is your favorite color or outfit on characters?
Who is the most evil character in the game from your perspective?
What is the most funniest scene in Subspace movies to you?
What is your favorite Subspace scene?
What is your favorite trophy (not assist)?
How many times have you KOed your oponets?
How many stock matches have you had so far?
How many times have you turned on SSBB so far?
What is your favorite sticker?
Who is your favorite boss?
Did you want Pichu to be in Brawl?
Would you rather have Jigglypuff in Brawl or Pichu?
Who was the 1st Brawl character you picked when you first got Brawl?
What are some of your online taunts?
How did the delaying of Brawl a hundred times affect you?
Have you ever seen any of the lake Trio on the spear pillar and how?
In the Spear Pillar, have you ever seen a Pokemon that looks like Shroomish in the upper left hand corner of the field?
Did you notice a poster on the ice stage from Pokemon Stadium Wii?
Out of the Original 12 battlers in the SSB series, who in the club, can play the best with them? Leave a blank if you don't remember/never played anyone good enough as that character...No naming yourself
Do you guys try to play target smash to beat high scores and things like these?What characters do you wish you could use, but can't no matter how much you try?
What characters do you wish you could use, but can't no matter how much you try?
Have you ever gone through a period of time when you lost interest in SSBB? What caused this? What got you out of this period? What keeps you playing? Explain.
Did you ever beat Boss Battles on Intense Mode? If so, with who? If not, what was the highest level you did and with who?
Since developing your play style to match the Brawl engine, have you tried going back to Melee? Are you better or worse than before? In what ways?
Which Stage from Melee would you have liked to have seen in Brawl?
Do you think any character in brawl is "cheap" and should not be allowed in tournaments?
When you face CPUs, are they actually gaining experiencing with/using ATs and other techniques?
Your main. How did you get into them?
Did you pick up your current main in Brawl, or did you carry them over from a past installment?
We've racked up like 60 topics

You can answer as many topics as you want. Topics don't end in this club, I just add more. Every other day someone may post a topic and recieve points.

Current Events

The Water Cup
The Water Cup is in Round 2 = The details for Round 2:
32/32 participants
Current participants:
Raikou fan
Ground Tamer
Raptor ruler
Blade Knight
a person
The 8-bit wonder

The Hilarious Snapshot Contest
The SSBB club's first snapshot contest! The theme for this contest is laughing. Send a snapshot that is funny, that simple. The two funniest snapshots will win 40 points and bragging rights!

~Any member, co-owner or mod of this club can enter.
~Send the snapshot to me via PM.
~One snapshot per person.
~No dirty pictures. If 4kids would sensor it, you probably can't send it. You should know your limits.

It starts now and ends March 20th. If you have any questions ask here or VM me.

Now that you read this first post, on your mark, get set, go!
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Look over there!
Great! this club got accepted, remember that the first people who join have good chance to become co-owners as long as you are active. I think I will answer the topics later.
Hello. May I join?
My best character in Brawl is Falco though my favorite to play as is Toon Link.
My greatest achievement is either beating Boss Battles on Intense or beating event 41 on hard.
If I am to join, I would be able to make userbars for the club.

swampert ex

team oblivion rules
hey just wanted to know if i could join im best with marth my greatest achievments beating the whole game on the intense diffulculty diffilculty ill try to get banners (meant to say intense passed whole game on all diffulculty)
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Look over there!
Yes! you guys can join! Thank you for offering to make userbars. swampert ex, could you answer the topics? I won't give you a warning as long as you read the rules.

swampert ex

team oblivion rules
r the topics the bold letters cuz if they were i already did and srry for the one lining
and i did read the rules


Look over there!
Yes, they are iou have the rights to let people in they are in bold. Yes, you are also a co-owner. As a co-owner you can let people join. Could you guys also advertise in your signature?

Who are you best with?
I like Ness because he can use PK Fire. I am also one of the only Ness players I know that use PK Pross. I also like Diddy Kong because I have a gift of aiming peanuts perfectly.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your eyes?
I have a lot of things I'm proud of, I have all the challenges done, I have all the trophies, I have beaten boss-battles on intense, and everything in between.
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Darth Giblius
Hey, can I join this club? (Obviously I'm a Brawl fan XD)
Who are you best with?
Marth + Wolf = uberpwn
What is your greatest accomplishment in your eyes?
Beating 12 people in Cruel Brawl. >D

I can help this club by advertising it with userbars and banners.
Oh - and to get an awesome Brawl signature, join these forums and use their signature generator. I created a sig there and it looks AWESOME - e.g. -


Look over there!
I agree, welcome to the club! And thank you for your commitment! I won't say you can be a co-owner until I get word from AEROBLASTER. I wold hate to make youu a co-owner when AEROBLASTER got here first... If he dosn't respond in 4 days you can be a co-owner.


It's a mystery.
The Official Brawl Thread is gone...but anyway may I join this club? ^^

Who are you best with?
I main Zelda (and Sheik...but I use Zelda more often than I use Sheik) and Link (and Toon Link...I'm equal with those two but I use Link more often) as my top 2 mains :]

What is your greatest accomplishment in your eyes?
Besides having unlocked all characters/stages and completed the Subspace Emissary, I've collected all the trophies in Classic Mode and completed all solo event matches :] As of right now I'm 8 final smash trophies away till completion of the final smash trophy collection.


Look over there!
Yes, you may join:) Please advertise in your signature. I think I will start a new topic soon. After that I will point out when you guys can post topics.


Look over there!
Yes you can join! I love your Pikachu dance. I like fast fowarding that video. I will add you guys right away! Please advertise in your signature.
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