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The Survivors' Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by pkmnjaja, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. pkmnjaja

    pkmnjaja Member

    The Survivors' Club

    You are not alone.

    Hello! This is The Survivors' Club! This club has the purpose of collecting members throughout the world on Serebii.net who have survived major natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc), thus making it the name of the club! We are all blessed and thankful if we have survived a major natural disaster hopefully. I am of course as I have survived the 9.0 Japan earthquake that hit Japan last Friday.

    The purpose of this club, is to share the stories of survivors of these unfortunate incidents. Also, this club will make it so the people who survived these disasters, can explain their point of view about what the effect the natural disaster on its country it had.

    As we all know, the news may stretch the truth about major natural disasters to get hype up and to get more views because people who watch it don't want the same old thing. So club members can post what they felt about the news and what could've been told and explained more better and what they would've took out of the story in the news to get rid of the stretched truth.

    And the final reason this club was created to let everyone know, that if you have survived this unfortunate event, you are not alone, as people experienced other major events that have unfortunately happened. You are not alone, and you can express you feelings about what the natural disaster had an effect on you. I always had a phobia of earthquakes after living in Japan for a very long time, and now this 9.0 earthquake just made my phobia worse. You are not alone!

    You are allowed to express your feelings and opinions here, but please keep it appropriate as Pokemon fans who are rather young still can be viewing these forums and discover this particular thread. So please keep it appropriate. Here are the...

    • You cannot curse. You will get 1 warning.
    • You cannot spam. You will get 1 warning.
    • You cannot discuss anything off-topic. You will get a notification, (a pre-warning)
    • You cannot be unreasonable in situations. You will get a notification.
    • You cannot argue with the mods. You will be punished depending on what happened.
    • If you are inactive for over two weeks without notice, you will be kicked.
    • Don't put yourself in risky situations as it puts your club in the situation as well. You will receive 2 warnings.
    • Don't post nonsense posts. You will get 1 warning.
    • Don't bump the thread or else you will get everyone in trouble. You will receive 2 warnings.
    If you have 0 warnings, you will be in the green zone.
    If you have 1 warning, you will be in the yellow zone
    If you have 2 warnings, you will be in the orange zone.
    If you have 3 warnings, you will be on the kicked list.

    If you are kicked, you may return depending on what you did to get kicked. You can try to apply after a month of being kicked. This will not mean you will get accepted as we will review over you.

    2 notifications will result in one warning.

    Kicked List

    None right now! :)


    Note: An * mark will mean the question is mandatory to answer.

    *First name:
    *Where were you when the natural disaster hit?
    *What was the name of the natural disaster?
    *Information about the incident:
    What did you feel in a summary:
    What did you do:
    *How are you now:

    We will review the application, most likely you will be accepted if you answered the questions in a reasonable way.

    Accepted Members


    Thank you! Remember you are not alone. This club is the sole purpose for that! You are not alone!

    Yours truly,

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