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The Symbol Life (413)

A pretty decent battle, but not as good as the ones in Hoenn. I liked it mainly because Ash used Charizard, and Charizard is an original Pokemon of Ash's, not to mention one of my favorite Pokemon. ;)


First of all, I really loved the battle between Ash and Noland. The whole entire match with Charizard against Articuno was awesome. And also, when they had that flashback, I thought it was interesting how Charizard learned Overheat.


So Ash won the Knowledge Symbol with a fiery finish. I didn't think Team Rocket's plan to steal Articuno was smart though: they failed and it was mainly their own fault. Also I didn't think that Charizard should've learned Overheat off-screen. It seemed too convenient just so he could have a strong Fire-type move.


I thought that the Rocket-dan scene where they fell from the Battle Factory's roof was unnecessary, but still amusing. I found Satoshi versus Datsura to be an extremely engaging battle, especially when Freezer froze Lizardon's wing and how Lizardon's Overheat melted the encrusted ice right off. The spiraling Seismic Toss finisher was awesome.


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It was a great episode featuring a great battle between Charizard and Articuno. Noland using his knowledge of combination attacks was pretty good, thus giving Ash a harder challenge. Eventually, Ash won. He should be proud of himself and Charizard that he was able to take down a legendary.


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Good episode. It was great to see one of Ash's Pokemon finally take down a legendary. Articuno using Steel Wing against Charizard felt unnecessary, especially since the latter didn't know Rock Slide or any similiar moves. I wish Charizard had learned Dragon Breath sooner, but it was still nice. I was glad to see Articuno's eyes didn't become swirly when it collapsed.


I was glad to see Articuno's eyes didn't become swirly when it collapsed.

I can only assume that Freezer was spared from having the usual swirly eyes when it fainted in this episode due to its status as a Legendary. It would've looked somewhat inappropriate for such a majestic Pokemon to be given such a comical expression.


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Wasn't impressed with Charizard knowing Overheat. Overheat was Torkoal's main attack and to have Charizard use it right after Torkoal was Oak'd is just dumb. Blast Burn would probably look cooler.


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Lizardon knowing Blast Burn here would've seemed fitting for LG/FR promo, so it also puzzles me that he was given Overheat instead.

I kinda think now that he didn't learn Blast Burn because of the recharge drawback.
Brock certainly seemed much more talkative than he normally is here. That or Max let him ramble a lot longer than usual. And heck, what's with people who actually drive automobiles in this anime being crazy drivers who speed behind the wheel. Scott made me laugh at least. Ash actually picking which Pokemon Noland had to use was a cool twist.
Charizard vs Articuno was awesome, but I wish that Charizard got more hits towards the end than just a Flamethrower and Dragon Breath in the beginning and one Seismic Toss at the end.