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The Symbol Life (413)


Your Big Buff Bro
I liked this episode as much as the previous one. Noland and Articuno were awesome to see battling Ash and Charizard.

I knew from the beginning that Charizard was going to win, but Articuno really had the advantage.

And since this was Ash's first BF challenge, I would say 8.5/10.


Yes it is was good battle.
but why the referee stoped the battle?


Let's go to the beach, each.
Lol funny pun title for the US dub. I loved it!! Charizard fighting a Legendary Pokemon in the anime was a new concept.

Odd to see Articuno, which was a Wild Pokemon, using Water Pulse, a TM move it shouldn't have been able to use. Though the writers probably gave it that to counter Charizards Fire attacks.

Charizard showcased it's new Steel Wing attack which I believe won the match for Ash and got him the Knowledge Symbol. Great. Too bad Charizard left again ;_; 10/10


I’m Back...
It was nice to see Charizard again.It was also nice to see a Legendary Pokemon in aa BF episode.Good way to start the BF.


Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I like this episode because Articuno is one of my favorite Pokemon. The battle between Charizard and Articuno was pretty good and it was nice to see Charizard again. It's the first (And more to come) of a trainer using a legendary Pokemon, much less a Wild legendary Pokemon.
I know it was in the last episode but it's a two parter, it was funny when Meowth said to James "Don't worry your little blue head of yours" and James said "It's lavender" lol
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The Marauder
This was a great way to kick off Ash's 1st battle against a Frontier Brain. Charizard vs the Legendary Pokemon Articuno was a real interesting and exciting battle.



No longer posting
This episode was cool. 1 of the Best battles of Pokemon up to this point. Charizard vs Articuno was such an exciting and thrilling battle. The flashback that showed Ash finding out that Charizard knew Overheat was a bit odd looking. The Water Pulse+Ice Beam combo was really cool. It was great to see Seismic Toss being the attack that finishes Articuno off. It was cool to find out that Charizard knows Dragonbreath now. I'm really glad Ash won the battle to get the Knowledge Symbol.



Yeah, it was a fun battle I suppose. I kind of lost interest a little way into the episode though. Mainly because I find Charizard to be a real bore.


Charizard sure has come a long way from being incapacitated for an entire night from a poliwrath's ice beam. *sniffle* they grow up so fast..


Let's go to the beach, each.
I liked that Ash bonded with Charizard again during the morning scene. Team Rocket's plan to snatch Articuno via the Battle Factory roof was absurd; I was really disappointed in how bad their plan was. Anyway, I liked Articuno's Water Pulse and Ice Beam combo since it allowed for shards of ice to hit Charizard and I screamed when Charizard's wingtip got frozen.

Pokegirl Fan~

This episode has one of my favorite Charizard battles. It was pretty great seeing it battle and eventually take down a legendary like Articuno. 10/10
So yea Charizard is a top 5 pokemon for me from the original days of Blue. I woke up early this morning so I thought I would catch another episode and I could not be happier about it :). Good to see Charzard again especially battling my powerhouse in Blue, Articuno. Liked the ice beam that tripped up Charzard then he went rolling. Great way to start my day :)


Charizard versus Articuno ended up being the most memorable battle in AG for me and I was upset when Ash sent Charizard away again in the end. 8/10

Mrs. Oreo

I liked seeing Ash ride Charizard in the morning scene and the battle between Charizard and Articuno was exciting, especially Charizard's Seismic Toss finishing move. I was sad to see Charizard go in the end. :[


Charizard won as expected, but Articuno put up a good fight and wasn't just swept. I liked his Ice Beam and Water Pulse combination. :cool: