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The Tales Of The Caretakers: Folklore of Hero's Heves


Entei's Son
O.K. I know the oder TOC was a failure since I didnt contnue it. I just write it, I never thought what happens next. This one is different. Please rate me ok?

The Tales of the Caretakers
Folklore of Heros’Heves

Chapter 1: Battle Song

The world was at its knees when the Four Powers of Darkness were at their peek powers. They spread chaos and destruction throughout the land, everywhere they go people fled in fear even at the mere sight of them, but nothing last forever...

After 3 years, they had weakened by distrust amongst themselves and started to take different paths. Finally, peace was renown and everyone was happy, but it seems that fate is mischievous…

The Castle of Shadlehyde was attacked killing forty men and women along with Prince Ferirs, The King’s most beloved son. Two months later the King sent letters to three special town and village. Milma, Crane, and Bar’Ruzeken…

This is where the story begins, of a young boy, who is innocent and pure along with his allies, will become the greatest heroes of all time…

It was peaceful and quiet in Milma town, the sun was up and everyone was friendly. They greeted each other good morning every time they meet with other people. There was a peaceful music that was heard all over the town, it came from the forest. Every villager knew who played the music it was from only one person who spends his day singing or playing his guitar near the calm and clear Crystal Lake.

He is a shy boy who barely speaks to anyone, he rarely go outside with other people except for a girl whom he knows well. She always leaves him alone when he plays hi song, but this time its different.

“Sean! Sean! A letter! A letter from Shadlehyde!” The girl shouted as she ran towards a boy who was sitting on top of a rock.

The boy looked stopped playing and looked at the girl as she stopped near his right side, panting.

“Mervin? What’s the fuss all about? You know your disturbing the trees and the other living things.” Sean said in a worried voice.

Mervin caught her breath and looked at Sean, she handed Sean the letter.
“Weren’t you listening? I have been shouting, a letter from Shadlehyde Castle for the last five minutes!”

Sean took the letter from Mervin’s hand and looked at it.
“Oh...Sorry I wasn’t...”

Sean slowly opened the letter and read it...

Dear Sean Luigi Sistoso
I King Of Shadlehyde Castle need your immediate help
My son Prince Ferirs have been slain by monsters
Who rarely attacks our kingdom.
We heard as well that they started to make camp near
Villages and towns, we are concerned that they
Might start attacking people.
Please we need you to come to our castle to take immediate
Actions. We will explain the rest of your
Work when you get there.

This note is your invitation and to go inside the castle. Please DO NOT lose this note. We are hoping for your cooperation.​

Sean stared at the letter and closed his eyes. He was thinking of whether to go or not. He doesn’t want to die early, but he doesn’t want to let the monsters to hurt anyone anymore.

Mervin looked at him and sighed.
“Sean? Are you going or not?”

Sean looked at Mervin and sighed.
“I...I don’t want to go...”

Mervin was shocked at what Sean said. She became angry and shouted at Sean.
“What are you talking about?! You should go! You’re not weak! What’s stopping you?!”

Sean covered his ear as she shouted. He sighed and looked up in the sky.
“Its because my Brother...I cant really forget what happened. I don’t want to die... ”Sean said.

“Oh brother! You shouldn’t be a coward! All of us dies...No one lives forever! Do you want your late parents and brother be ashamed of you?! They gave up their lives to protect you and our country! You should live on their work or everything they lost will be in vain!” Mervin shouted.

Sean never thought of that before. He closed his eyes and thought it over, after a few seconds he opened his eyes, then looked at Mervin and smiled.
“Your right...I should go...But...There is on last problem.”
Sean looked down and took his bag; he opened it and showed it to Mervin.

Mervin looked at his bag as he showed it. She saw nothing but Sean’s most prized necklace, that his father given him. She then looked up to Sean and smiled.
“You silly boy! Did you forget? My Dad owns the equipment shop Felonry remember?” Mervin giggled

After that she grabbed Sean’s hand and pulled him down. Sean nearly fell off the rock, but he was quick enough to land on his feet. Mervin pulled his hand and started to dash out of the forest and into the town. Everyone looked at them as they both ran towards in the equipment shop. The door rang as they came in and a middle-aged man with long yellow hair, and clear blue eyes, he was carrying heavy boxes; he looked at them and greeted them.
“Good Morning!” The clerk said

Before they could answer back, they noticed a teenage boy just about the same age as Sean, looked around the shop. He doesn’t seem to buy anything, but it looks like he just first saw everything, just like a newborn baby. Mervin looked back at her father and smiled.

“Good Morning Dad! I have something to tell you! Seany here will go to Adlehyde Castle and serve the King! I bet his going to do missions about the Monster Crisis.”

Kael put down the load he was carrying and looked at Sean with a worried look.
“Are you sure Sean? Fighting with monsters is a dangerous job.”

“I’m sure Uncle Kael...I’m ready to fight monsters.” Sean smiled

Mervin was proud that Sean was brave enough to say that, without hesitation. Kael on the other hand scratched his head and sighed.
“Well...If you already have decided, then I wont stop you. Will give me your bag? I’ll stuff it with useful equipments, you will need for your journey.”

Sean took his bag and gave it to Kael. Kael took it and saw that Sean is still keeping the necklace he found laying next to Sean when he found him as a baby, 15 years ago. Kael smiled and took the amulet and held it up high.

“Sean do you still remember this amulet? I read about this amulet in the Battle Accessory Book. It said that whoever wears this necklace, will be guarded and protected by the Legendary Poke’ Mon Entei.”

Sean was shocked to hear about it. He always loved Entei, he also admires the great Poke’ Mon. Kael smiled and gave it to Sean. Sean shook his head and took the necklace and wore it. He stared at the necklace and knows now that the paw print logo on the necklace is Entei’s. He kept on saying Entei’s name over and over in his mind. Kael started to put items on his bag, while Mervin looked around the shop and noticed that the boy they saw earlier was gone. A minute later Kael handed Sean’s bag. Sean took his bag and opened it; he noticed that his bag was filled with potions, antidotes and some Poke’ Mon equipments like Poke Balls and healing items. Sean looked up to Kael and smiled.

“Thanks Uncle Kael...But I really don’t think I’ll need too many Poke Balls. I think I only need three. Since I don’t like catching and putting them in a tight spot.”

Kael chuckled and put his hands on his waists.
“Never mind Sean. I know you’re not like other trainers. I gave you those Poke’ Balls so that if any your allies need to capture more Poke’ Mon’s you’ll be able to give them those. Or maybe sell if you need money.”

Sean nodded and smiled.
“O.K. Uncle Kael I think I should be...”

Suddenly they heard a glass break right outside. Kael, Sean and Mervin rushed outside the door. They saw everyone running, women screaming and children crying. They look to the left of them they saw an Ogre with fortified armor and a very big sharp spiked club attacking the village. The guards started attacking and some men took any weapon they find and charged at the Ogre. While some trainers called out their Poke’ Mon’s to attack, but it was useless the Ogre just either kick them or stomp them flat. Most attacks didn’t deal any damage because of his armor and its deadly spiked club easily killed some men. Sean looked to his right and saw the boy earlier, crashed into the Bakery lying down unconscious.

“Mervin. I’ll go and heal the wounds of that guy. You’ll try to kill the Ogre. Its weak spot is the head!” Sean ran towards the boy who was lying down.

“Sean! I can’t take down that Ogre on my own!” Mervin shouted, but Sean didn’t listen. She growled and gone inside the shop and grabbed her bow.

Sean knelt down and saw that they boy had many deep wounds. It probably came from the glass and from the Ogre’s spiked club. He took his bag and opened it. He grabbed a red potion and poured it over the boy’s wounds. The boy slowly opened his eyes and coughed.

“Hey are you O.K. now?”

The boy put his hand on his head and looked at Sean.
“Oh…Wha? What happened?”

“You obviously had fought that Ogre and was thrown towards in this Bakery. Your lucky to be alive.”

“Oh…Right, right. I fought that Ogre because he was destroying the town.”

Sean smiled and helped the boy get up. He looked at the Ogre as Mervin was battling it.

“When I’m thru with you, I’m gonna kick your but and send you flying to sky high!” She boasted

Mervin took her pose in front of the Ogre. She pulled the string and let go when she was sure she had a good aim. The arrow flew straight until, the wind changed and instead for the head, the arrow went straight to its armor, the arrow broke. Mervin was shocked, her mouth was wide opened and a big sweat drop appeared on top of her head.
“What the?!”

Everyone was silent and stopped what they were doing and stared at Mervin. Kael sighed and covered his face with his hand, feeling ashamed for his daughter.

“Uhh…Do you know her?” The boy asked

“Yes…that’s pretty embarrassing…”Sean replied

The Ogre chuckled and tried to stomp Mervin. But she was quick enough to dodge his attack. Meanwhile Sean analyzed the situation and got a strategy to beat the monster. He looked at the boy.

“Hey lets team up to beat that monster. I have a plan…Mervin will distract the monster by taunting and teasing it. I’ll support by using my ability to use nature, while you attack when it can’t move. I call it strategy 245030.”

Peter agreed and nodded his head. But he was confused at the way he calls his strategy; he can’t help but ask Sean about the funny name.

“Uh…what’s with the numbers?” Peter tilted his head.

“I’ll tell you later c’mon!” Sean shouted and ran outside the Bakery.

“Mervin! We’ll do strategy 245030!” Sean yelled as he searched his bag for Green Seeds.

Mervin nodded and walked straight to the Ogre. She waved her arms hoping to get its attention.
“Hey Big Fat and Ugly! Over here! Try hitting me you dumb fat bozo!”
The Ogre got angry and flailed his spiked mace and attacked Mervin.
Mervin sidestepped and avoided the Ogre’s attack. She laughed and taunted the Ogre again.

“You can’t hit me with those big fat arms of yours!” Mervin boasted.

The Ogre growled angrily and held his mace up high and smashed it on the ground.
Mervin back-flipped and dodged the attack again. This time she was near the door of the Equipment Shop.

“Oh my I’m getting really sleeping with playing with a slow, unintelligent, smelly, ugly and big fat monster like you!”

The Ogre’s face got really red and was very angry; it held the mace up high, with its two hands and swung it towards Mervin.
Mervin ducked and evaded the attack.
But Kael screamed before it attacked and hid inside the store. After the devastating attack he saw that the roof was gone and most of the shop was destroyed. He stood up angrily and pointed at the Ogre.

“Hey I’ll expect you to clean up this mess fat guy!” Kael shouted.

The Ogre tried to stomp Kael, but Kael ran away, screaming and hide behind a rock.

Meanwhile Sean has finally found the seeds he needed and he threw them up high towards the Ogre’s feet. Sean closed his eyes and began to chant.

“Oh Blessed Goddess of Nature. Make these vines grow big and strong, to entangle my enemies and make them fall!”

The seeds sprouted and grew into long thick vines. Seconds later the vines grew bigger and bigger, it entangled the Ogre; although the Ogre tried attacking the vines to get free, but the vines kept on growing by the second.

Sean looked at Peter and nodded his head. The boy knew right away what to do, he dashed towards the Ogre and unsheathed his sword and attacked the Ogre by the lower limb where there was less armor. The Ogre grunted with pain and became violent, now it started to swing his spiked club around.
Now Sean looked at Mervin, who was ready to use a blue, sticky potion with a label, Sleeping Potion on it. Mervin threw it up high and the potion landed on the Ogre’s head. The glass broke and the Ogre started to feel drowsy. After awhile it feel asleep and dropped to the ground. The whole village saw what they done and cheered for them.

“All hail our heroes!” The villagers shouted.

Sean blushed and scratched his head as the villagers cheered, the boy put both his hands on his waists and had a hearty laugh and Mervin sighed and looked around the town, she saw wrecked houses and stores.

“Look at what that fat guy did to our town!” Mervin said in an angry voice.

“Yeah…. Its such a mess…we have to repair everything before I’ll leave…” Sean sighed.

Kael put his hand on Sean’s shoulder and patted him.
“Its not such a big mess…we can rebuild everything again easily. You should go to Shadlehyde Castle now.”

The whole village nodded their head and cheered again.

Sean almost forgot about the boy they met, he saw him near the Ogre and he went closer to him, Sean extended his arm and smiled.

“Hey I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sean Luigi Sistoso, but you can call me Sean. The girl over there is Mervin Sinalist.” Sean pointed to the girl who was coming closer to them.

Mervin waved her hand and smiled. Sean turned his attention back to the boy.

“May I know what’s your name?”

The boy shook Sean’s hand and smiled.
“Oh…My name is Peter Magcaling…But you can call me by my codename Scarface.” Peter said as he scratched his head.

Sean smiled and chuckled.
“Nice to meet you Peter. So are you new here?”

Peter scratched his head again and looked up in the sky.
“Actually…I don’t remember anything…”

Sean was a bit confused at what Peter said; he tilted his head and crossed his arms.
“What do you mean?”

Mervin overheard their conversation and put her hand on her waist.

Peter sighed and looked at Mervin.
“I think so…the only thing I remembered is that, this sword was with me all the times and I woke up in the forest near that crystal clear lake.”

Mervin looked at Sean with an evil glance.
“Sean…your not practicing witch craft…are you?”

Sean was shocked at what Mervin said.
“Mervin! You know I hate Black Magic and or Witch Craft! And if your asking if I have any song’s or music that erases someone’s mind, then your wasting your breath.”

Everyone sighed and looked down, with a big sweat drop on top of their heads.
Suddenly, Knights appeared and were carrying a huge cage; it was big enough to put 2 Ogres in it. Sean looked at the Knight with Heavy and fortified armor. The Knight looked around and saw the Ogre down and asleep. He called to one of the villagers and talked to them. Sean didn’t know what they were talking about, but the villager suddenly pointed to them. The Knight looked at them and slowly walked closer. Mervin and Peter looked at the Knight, as he stood in front of them.

“Excuse me. Did the three of you really beat this foul beast?”

“Yes Mr. Knight sir. We did.” Sean answered nervously.

“Well, well isn’t that you Sean? You’ve have grown!” The Knight patted Sean’s head.

“Um…Have we met before?” Sean said he looked at the Knight trying to recognize his face.

“I wont blame you if you don’t recognized me. You were still about 2 years old when your father brought you to the castle. He scolded you when you tried to hold my sword.” The Knight had a hearty laugh.

Then the Knight coughed and cleared his throat.
“Well, lets get to business…me and my men had been searching for this Ogre…We will exterminate him tomorrow morning.”

“On what charges?” Mervin asked.

“He killed four women, six children, eight of my men and tried killing one of the sacred legendary Poke’ Mon, Entei.” The Knight said as he closed his eyes.

Sean was shocked at what he heard, not only did it took many human lives, but it also tried to kill his idol and favorite Poke’ Mon. He looked up at the Knight with a worried look.

“Tell me how’s Entei?”

“Don’t worry he only had a little scratch, luckily we were there and chased the Ogre away. We cured his wounds and let him go.” The Knight said.

Sean gave out a sigh of relief and put his hand on his chest.

“Well…anyway there is a reward money for the capture of this monstrosity. Here take this” The Knight got a purse from his belt and gave it to Sean.

Sean took the purse and opened it; he saw lots of jewels and gold, he looked at Peter then to Mervin, and finally back to the Knight.

“Wow thanks!” Sean smiled

“No…thank you for giving us an easy job.” The Knight chuckled.

After that the Knight whistled and the other soldiers carried the Ogre into the cage, even though they just threw it inside the cage the Ogre didn’t wake up. Sean was surprised to see how deep its sleep is.

“Wow Mervin…that’s one strong potion”

“You know my Dad sells the best and effective items.” Mervin smiled as she looked at Sean.

It was late in the afternoon when the Knights took the Ogre and left. Sean looked at Mervin and sighed.
“Oh well Mervin…I think this is were I have to go now.”

Mervin smiled and looked at the sky.
“You better take Peter with you. Both of you should try buying a potion or a spell to cure Peter’s amnesia…But…why don’t both of you go tomorrow early morning?” Mervin put her hands on her waists.

Sean shook his head and looked at Mervin again.
“No…I have to go and look at Entei…I want to know if he is really O.K.”

Mervin gave out a big sigh and closed her eyes.
“Your always such a softy when it comes to animals and Poke’ Mon’s aren’t you? Well, if that’s what you want then I wont stop you…but you should be careful because there are more monsters roaming around in the night than there are on the day.”

Sean nodded and looked at Peter. A soft breeze blew through his hair as he thinks on how will they overcome every obstacle on their own.
“I wonder if we will be alive if we are ever given a mission by the King of Adlehyde…but I think he called other people as well…so I shouldn’t worry.” Sean thought.

Mervin put her hand on Sean’s shoulder.
“What’s wrong? You shouldn’t worry, both of you will be O.K!” She chuckled.

Peter sighed and looked at the sky, as the sun went down.
“We should go now…it’s getting late.”

Sean nodded and looked at Mervin.
“Mervin…Protect our hometown O.K? You should protect yourself too…When I come back I hope to see you again safe.” Sean smiled.

Mervin blushed and looked down. Sean started to walk towards Peter, and then Peter smiled and started to tease Sean. Mervin looked at Sean and saw them slowly disappear in the forest, and then she looked up in the sky and smiled.
Don’t worry Sean…I promise…I’ll be waiting for you…
Mervin thought to herself and go back to their shop.

An hour later, Sean and Peter were lost in the forest. Sean was getting worried as they kept walking. He held his guitar close. Peter on the other hand acted like nothing happened and kept walking forward. Sean poked Peter’s back.

“Hey, Peter? Do you even know where we are going?” Sean asked in a worried voice.

Peter looked behind him and turned around him.
“What? I thought you were the one who’s leading the way…”

“How could I be leading when you’re in front of me?” Sean sighed.

“Oh…I thought it’s included with your strategy to keep me in front…” Peter said as he looked up in the sky.

Sean’s mouth was wide opened and a big sweat drop came out at the back of his head.
“You mean we have been lost ever since we entered this forest?!”

“I guess so! Wow! I never got lost before! This is so exciting!” Peter laughed.

Sean fell down and turned pale. Then he stood up quickly and fixed his clothes. He went up to Peter and gave him an evil look, then started to walk ahead and lead the way.

Peter followed Sean and was still smiling even though they were lost. Peter started to hum happily as he followed Sean.

“We are lost in the forest! Yes we are! We are going to live, or die so far! Oh yeah! We are lost in the forest filled with um…Jaguars!”

Sean had enough and looked at Peter. He was angry for letting Peter lead the way, and now Peter is making him feel uneasy because of the song he just made.
“Would you please…Keep Quiet?”

Suddenly they heard something rustle behind the bushes. Sean and Peter looked to their right and they saw the bush moving. Sean and Peter got out their weapon and were ready to retaliate. Then a little creature appeared, it had brown fur and a red mask, and Sean knew what it was. It was a Baby Entei. Sean put back his weapon and smiled, he walked towards it, and he knelt down and gently stroked the cub’s head.
“Hey there cute one. You gave us quite a scare”

The baby Entei purred and moved closer to Sean, as he stroked its head.
Suddenly, Peter saw something else move in the forest and it sounds like a big one. He looked around and looked at Sean, H tried to call Sean, but as soon as he opened his mouth the creature appeared in front of him as it looked down at Sean.

“How dare you touch my son?”

Sean heard a big voice behind him. He turned around and saw another Entei, but this time it was bigger and angrier. Sean’s mouth was wide open as he stared at the large beast. He felt both scared and admiration to really see Entei up close and personal.

Entei growled as he saw Sean’s face, he looked down and saw that his son was wondering about near Sean.
“This is my territory and I let you humans go by unharmed, but when you try and capture my son…I wont let you leave here alive!”

Peter crouched and jumped towards Entei, he held his blade and was ready to stab him from behind. Entei sensed him move and try to attack. He lifted his right hind leg and kicked Peter with little force. Peter got thrown away and landed back first on a tree. He coughed and was unconscious.

Sean saw how strong Entei is, and was amazed at his strength. Entei turned his attention back to Sean, he saw that Sean wasn’t moving and he can see it on his eyes that he was shocked to see his power. Entei growled again and raised his paw, to stomp him flat.

Sean knew he wouldn’t survive if Entei will stomp him, but he couldn’t move his legs and body. He covered his face and leaned a bit as he closed his eyes, knowing that this will be his end.

Entei was about to attack, but he saw something on Sean’s chest, He stops his paw, as it was about to hit Sean’s body. Entei slowly put down his paw gently pressing Sean’s body to the ground; and took a closer look on the necklace that Sean wore. He recognized the necklace and he stared at Sean.

[/i]Is this really the boy I’ve been looking forEntei thought to himself.

“Tell me were did you get this?” Entei pressed hard on Sean’s body.

Sean grunted with pain and looked at Entei.
“Wh, what? Y, you mean this necklace?

Entei pressed harder on Sean’s body, to squeeze out the answer he wants.
“Yes! Tell me!” Entei shouted.

Sean can barely breathe now and he had trouble talking.
“I…it w…w…was f…foun…found…ded b…be…beside me w…w…when m…my p…p…pa…parents f…f…founded me…” Sean coughed

Entei released him and sat down, in front of him. Sean coughed and rolled over to his side, the baby Entei saw how his father treated his new friend. He came closer to Sean and gently licked his face, hoping that he is all right.

Entei sighed and looked down at Sean.
“So…you are the one I’ve been looking for all these years…”

Sean slowly got up and looked up at Entei with a confused look. He didn’t know what Entei was talking about, nor he didn’t know that Entei was looking for him. But he thought it over, he didn’t have anything that would interest Entei or he did something to let Entei look for him. He coughed again, put his hand on top of his head and shook head.

“What do you mean?”

Entei sighed and looked at him with tears coming out of his eyes. Sean doesn’t know what’s happening, but he can feel that Entei was very happy in some sort of way. Entei gently nuzzled Sean on the side of his neck and then gently licked his forehead. Entei took a deep breath to get Sean’s scent and lay down in front of him.

“I was suppose to take care of you, but it was better if you were with humans…Your chance of survival is very high at that time…Finally for all these years…Your in my care…My beloved grandson…” Entei said in a sad tone.

Sean was dumbfounded to what he heard. He doesn’t know what Entei was talking about.
How am I his grandson? I’m not a Poke’ Mon…and that’s pretty impossible for me to look like this if I had Entei’s blood…But then again…anything is possible…Still I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Sean thought to himself.

“Um…Mr. Entei sir? I don’t understand…”

Entei smiled and licked Sean’s face; he put his left paw behind Sean’s back and pulled him closer to him.

“Please…call me Dad or maybe Daddy Entei…It’s been a long time ever since someone call me that…” Entei chuckled and rested his head on Sean’s head.

Sean closed his eyes as Entei gently licked him. Then when he opened his eyes again he noticed that he was closer to Entei. He rested his head on Entei’s chest and hugged him. He never felt a father’s love, even when he was a baby, but now he felt safe, loved and right at home. He always wanted this feeling and now he finally had it.

Entei sighed and hugged Sean tightly; then he gently stroked Sean’s head with his left paw.
“My grandson…this is the real story… First of all your real name …Its really Gabrieal Enfreet…”

Sean opened his eye and rubbed his cheek on Entei’s chest, but then he was shocked when he knew his name isn’t Sean. His whole world became dark, but he realizes that his last name was Enfreet; it was very familiar to him.

Wait…Enfreet? I know someone with that family name…now I remember…it was Sean Luigi Enfreet…one of the caretakers, uncle Kael told me about them. Gabrieal thought

Gabrieal looked up to Entei and asked him in a sad tone.
“Daddy Entei? The name Enfreet…you mean like Sean Luigi Enfreet, the leader of the Caretakers?”

Entei looked down on Sean gently nuzzled him with care.
“Yes…your real father and mother are Sean Luigi Enfreet and Lorili Cherish Aquasea.”

Gabrieal eyes widen and his mouth opened, when he heard about his real parents. He heard stories about a child of the Caretakers who will be the next hero, he didn’t know that he was that child was him. He was stunned to think about it.

Entei chuckled and gently blew on his face to let Gabrieal blink.
“Hey…are you still with me?”

Gabrieal shook his head from left to right and looked up at Entei; his face turning red.
“Oh Sorry Daddy Entei…”

Entei stared at Gabrieal and remembered Sean Luigi Enfreet, Gabrieal and Sean both have similar face and eyes, although Sean has red colored eyes, while Gabrieal has brown. Many people would ask; why does their child have brown eyes while his or her parents both have red eyes? But Entei knows better, Gabrieal hasn’t been acknowledged as a Caretaker, plus he was still to young to perform the test of the Caretaker hood.

Gabrieal looked at Entei and saw that he was not himself, and was thinking about something. Gabrieal gently stroked Entei’s neck and smiled. Entei closed his eyes as Gabrieal stroked his neck. Entei purred like a kitten and he started to lick Gabrieal across the face. He opened his eyes and looked at Gabrieal kindly.
“You wouldn’t mind if I groom you, right?” Entei gently whispered on Gabrieal’s ear in a very soft fatherly voice.

Gabrieal turned red and closed his eyes as Entei licked him. He felt love and comfort from Entei; he really loved it, Entei’s attention and fatherly love, he couldn’t ask for more. Gabrieal then heard Entei whisper to him gently.
“Sure Daddy Entei…” Gabrieal said as he yawned.

Entei chuckled and gently nuzzled Gabrieal.
“Awww…is my son sleepy? Go to sleep my beloved son…I’ll wake you up early tomorrow morning…” Entei said as he started grooming Sean’s face.

Sean slowly closed his eyes as Entei’s wet tongue gently touched his face. After a few strokes, Gabrieal was fast asleep. The baby Entei looked to his left and saw that Peter wasn’t moving. He went towards Peter, curious whether if his alive or dead. He sat on his hunches a he was beside Peter; he tilted his head and saw Peter’s mouth was a bit open. It stood up on his hind legs and tries to take a better look, suddenly Peter snored loudly and the baby Entei ran towards Sean and Entei surprised. It jumps on Sean and landed on his chest, shaking with fear. Entei laughed as he saw his other son ran with fear, and then he continued to groom Gabrieal.

Gabrieal unconsciously hugged the baby Entei and held him close to his chin. It looked at Gabrieal a he slept peacefully while his father was grooming him. It smiled and gave Gabrieal a little lick on his neck, as he slowly rested his head on Gabrieal’s neck, and went to sleep. Entei saw how Gabrieal and his son care for each other, he smiled and decided to let his son go with Gabrieal.

“Enseer…Gabrieal…my two of my most prized treasures…they are safer when both of them are together, rather than staying with me…”Entei thought to himself.

After Entei finished grooming Gabrieal, he looked up on the sky and sighed. He knows he would have to leave Gabrieal again, and this time, along with his son Enseer. But he never let the thought of making a sacrifice get him down, he knows that one day he will be together with all the ones whom he love. After that Entei yawned and gently put his head on top of Enseer’s back and went to sleep.

Next morning everyone was up and ready to go. Peter kept on looking around like nothing happened, while Gabrieal was almost done grooming Entei and Enseer with the use of a hairbrush he made. Entei looked at Peter as he looked around the forest, then he turned his attention back at Gabrieal.
“Son? Does your friend remember what happened last night? I did a sharp blow to his chest, an all he said, that it must be muscle pain.”

Gabrieal chuckled and looked at Entei.
“Don’t mind him…he really is like that…Well…that’s what I know, since he had an amnesia…I guess it got worse when you hit him…”

Entei looked down and felt sorry for Peter. Gabrieal smiled and gently put his hand on Entei’s paw.
“You know, I envy him…He got an autograph from you, saying love from Entei…” Gabrieal chuckled.

Entei looked at Gabrieal and chuckled. He playfully bit Gabrieal’s neck and using his right paw, pin Gabrieal down on the ground.
“Hey…at least I groomed you…No autograph can beat, showing how much you love your son.”

Gabrieal chuckled and looked up on Enseer as he started licking his face.
“Stop your tickling me!” Gabrieal chuckled as Enseer playfully bite Gabrieal’s ear and lick his face.

Entei had hearty laugh as he kept Gabrieal pinned down to let Enseer have his fun with him.
“That’s right Enseer…Torture your prey before eating him.” Entei chuckled.

Enseer nodded and sat in front of him and lie down, he kept on licking Gabrieal trying to find his ticklish spot. Gabrieal tried to move but since Entei’s paw is on top of the back of his neck, he can only move his head. Not long after that Enseer gently licked the side of his neck. Gabrieal noticed that he was laughing louder; he saw that Enseer found his weak spot.

Entei just looked at Sean as he suffers from Enseer. He remembered the times when he was with Sean Luigi Enfreet. He always wants to torture him by tickling him continuously, until he says the word mercy. But sometimes he overdoes it and may let Sean pee on his pants. Entei smiled when Gabrieal laughed louder, he knew that Enseer has found Gabrieal’s weak spot, he then lifted his paw a bit and pushed Gabrieal, so that he will roll over, then put his paw over his chest pinning him, and now Enseer wouldn’t have a problem letting him beg for mercy.

“There…now Enseer, don’t stop until he asks for your mercy, and then that’s were you do your finishing touch, so that you can eat him in peace.” Entei chuckled.

Enseer nodded, put his paw and pushed Gabrieal’s head, now Gabrieal’s neck was very vulnerable and he can’t do anything. He kept on kicking as Enseer tickled him, but that didn’t help one bit. Entei couldn’t resist but join and started playfully biting Gabrieal’s ear.

Gabrieal’s eyes started to have tears, he laughed louder and he can barely breathe from laughing. He had no other choice to ask for mercy, or else he will pee on his pants.
“Mercy please! I c…can’t take it anymore! Please spare me! Please!” Gabrieal begged as he laughed.

Entei chuckled and stopped, he slowly lifted his paw and putting it near Sean’s face, gently rubbing it on the side of Sean’s face, then he looked down at Enseer and nuzzles him gently.
“C’mon son. We don’t want your older brother Gabrieal to pee on his pants.”

Enseer nodded and rested his muzzle on Gabrieal’s head. He was always a shy and timid Entei; he rarely goes near anyone or anything, aside from his father, but now he feels very safe and calm with Gabrieal, even though they just got to know each other.

Gabrieal sighed and gently carry Enseer as he slowly sat up, then he put Enseer on his lap and stroked his head. Enseer purred as he lifted his head to feel Gabrieal’s hand touching his head.

Peter walked towards Gabrieal and smiled, as he looked at Gabrieal stroke Enseer head. He knelt down and sighed.
“Hey Sean, where are gonna go again?”

Gabrieal remembered about the real reason why he had gone out of his town. He looked up on Entei and put his hand Enseer’s back.
“Dad I remembered that I have to go to Shadlehyde Castle. I received a letter from the King, that I have to help with the crisis that’s happening today.”

Entei closed his eyes and sighed, and then he looked back to Gabrieal, with a worried look.
“O.K. then, take Enseer with you…you will need his help. The bond of two different creatures is the strongest weapon, on this planet…Oh before I forget…you should use your name Sean Luigi for the mean time…if any of the enemy demons knew that Gabrieal Enfreet is alive…They would come for you, and try killing the ones you hold very dear…Understand my son?”

Gabrieal nodded and got up; he gently put Enseer on the ground and kissed Entei on the forehead and on his right paw. He started to walk with Peter and Enseer, but he decided to take one last look on his father before leaving him. He saw that Entei was looking at them as they slowly walk away. Gabrieal’s felt pain when he had to leave Entei behind, for his safety. But he knows he will meet up with him again.

When Entei was sure they were far away, he ran towards on top of the cliff and looked down, to see Gabrieal slowly fading in the forest. Entei looked up on the sky and closed his eyes.

Be careful my most beloved sons…I cant be seen with you, but I will follow you, to lead both of you to the right way… Entei thought to himself.

Entei then opened his eyes and saw Sean Luigi Enfreet beside him. Sean smiled and rested his head on Entei’s shoulder.
“Sean? What are you doing here my son?”

Sean smiled and looked at Entei, gently stroking his head.
“I’m just watching over Gabrieal and you Dad…”

Entei sighed and looked over the horizon.
“You don’t have to worry about me, my beloved son…”

Entei paused for a while then looked at Sean.
“…Gabrieal is still not ready…”

“I can wait Dad…Just please be careful O.K.?”

Entei chuckled and closed his eyes.
“You already know me…you don’t have to wait for to long my son…its almost time…”

Sean smiled and hugged Entei as he slowly disappeared. Entei sighed and jumped over the cliff and disappear into the forest following Gabrieal…

--------------End of Chapter 1------------------
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Entei's Son
Chapter 2: Time and Dimension
Just like Gabrieal, there too was a letter sent to a person. But unlike him, this person didn’t come from a family of Caretakers, but he is considered as one of the most brilliant and powerful mage. The scene takes place in the beautiful town of Crane. It was sunny that time, birds were happily chirping, the trees had luscious fruits, and their city was surrounded with clean water, there were pillars that surrounded the city walls and guarded the raise bridge; each pillar is filled with powerful magic that can kill any enemies or absorb any type of attack. Crane has many beautiful buildings, but there is one building that will attract any new comers or even the villagers who will even take a glimpse at this beautiful building. It’s a magic school for young and teen wizards, mages and sorceresses, who’s been led by the Guild Master Jaailden, its called the Magic School Chronos-Mension or by its popular name, Apocalyptus. This is where a young wizard, gifted with the powers of pure magic will begin to rise among the rest… The bell rang and all the students quickly fell in line, they were well organized and quiet as they slowly go into a large facility filled with trees and crystal clear waters were. There were chairs and tables under each tree, and food was orderly placed on platters that were floating, to the left. This is were the young students eat, and start conversations. It is called a Cafeteria. The students ate happily and orderly, when they talk to each other, they keep their tone down so that no one will disturb others.

After for twenty minutes, the bell rang again and there was voice suddenly heard all through out the cafeteria. Everyone stopped what they’re doing and listened and looked towards were the voice came from.

“Attention all students. Please proceed to the Demonstration Room. We have an announcement to make. Please fall in line in an orderly fashion and strictly NO TALKING!”

The voice was from a strict female, who obviously hated unruly students. Most of the students call her Terrible Lizzy or Behemoth. It is because; she always scold’s student who don’t follow the rules or even those who are clumsy. She always shouts at anyone who don’t go by the rules,

Most of the students were now inside the Demonstration Room. Inside it had a round wide stage with one stuffed dummy standing on the center, it was as nice as the Cafeteria but it had a crystal clear roof covered by magic bubbles, which keeps the cool air in.

Minutes later, all the seats were all occupied. Everyone were talking about the announcement be about. Then the there was a smoke screen that appeared on the center of the stage. The students’ looked at the smoke as it slowly fades away, there was an elf when it disappeared, and he had a long, black robe, with red stripes along the side of his robes. He was about six feet tall and he had long silky white hair, his skin color was pale and he had long ears. He coughed and murmured a spell.

“Greetings students of all ages! I Gastaleon Reschard, principal of our fare school, am proud to announce that a student has mastered a Level A, Ultima Spell called Sphere o Destiny in just five full months! Congratulations Mr. Andrew Delfin! Student of Phoenix Class! Give him a round of applause everyone!”

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered after Gastaleon, clapped his hands. The students on the upper right, dressed with red robes, with blue flames as a design on their sleeves and had a black cape, jumped for joy and cheered. Some of them shook hands with their classmate with brown hair and had eyeglasses.

Gastaleon smiled and held out his right hand up the air and opened his hand, pointing at where the Phoenix Class was. The other classes looked at where Gastaleon pointed, some were jealous while others were happy for them.

“May Andrew Delfin, come down here and demonstrate us how to use the spell, and how to do it correctly?” Gastaleon said.

The boy with brown hair and glasses stood up and smiled. A white light slowly engulfed Andrew, while he was casting a teleporting spell. Then he vanished and reappeared again on the stage, beside Gastaleon.

His classmates cheered as he teleported to the stage. Gastaleon smiled, put his right hand on the back of Andrew and pointed at the stuffed dummy.
“Well Mr. Delfin, will you demonstrate to us how you do you use this spell?”

Andrew nodded and faced the dummy, behind him. He sighed and closed his eyes, and then he slowly raised his hands and opened his palm. After a few words murmured by Andrew, his hands started to glow red and little fire came spout out from the ground, where Andrew stood, the flame slowly form a star symbol below Andrew’s feet. When Andrew opened his eyes, a small red ball appeared on his right hand, and then he threw it towards the training dummy.

The dummy slowly floated in mid air and a larger star figure appeared on top of it, on the sides and below it. Andrew started to wave his left hand around while he started to say something.

“Fire of the Gods, heed my call, put a curse upon this corpse and burn it whole!”

After that he sliced the air with his left hand and the star shined brighter than the sun, and a large fireball was seen within it. It lasted for a few minutes, and then it disappeared. Everyone covered their eyes when the large fireball appeared, when it disappeared everyone slowly opened their eyes and all they saw was Gastaleon, and Andrew and a heap of ash, which are the remains of the dummy.

Everyone’s mouth was wide opened and was dumbfounded, but Andrew and Gastaleon were calm. Gastaleon smiled and looked at Andrew, as he patted his shoulder.
“Well done Mr. Delfin. You sure are a natural born Wizard…A few more years and you will become the greatest Sage ever.”

Andrew smiled and looked up at Gastaleon.
“Thank you sir! I’m very flattered…I couldn’t have done it without my friends who supported me, and my teachers who taught me well, especially you Sir Gastaleon.”

Andrew always admired Gastaleon, for his great wisdom and his good fighting skills. Everyone recovered and cheered loudly. Andrew waved both his hands to everyone as he laughed out loud.

Gastaleon sighed as he closed his eyes and smiled. He was amazed at how Andrew easily used a Level A Ultima spell of the Phoenix Class. Suddenly he heard an old man’s voice inside his head.

Gastaleon…Can you bring Mr. Delfin here in my office? I have to tell him something.

Gastaleon nodded and looked at Andrew, he step forward and coughed.
“Everyone, return to your respective classes now…”

Andrew was about to go down the stairs, but Gastaleon held him on his shoulder stopping him from going forward. Andrew looked behind him as Gastaleon held him back.
“Yes sir? Is there a problem?”

“Nothing Mr. Delfin…The Guild Master just wants to see you.” Gastaleon said as he gently smiled.

Andrew nodded while his mouth was wide opened, after he heard about the Guild Master. He admires the Guild Master as much as he admires Gastaleon, and he always wanted to meet the Guild Master personally, now he finally has a chance to meet with him and talk with him.

Andre looked at Gastaleon as he murmured a teleportation spell. A bright light slowly engulfed the both of them, and with a flick of his wand they were transported to the Guild Master’s chamber. It was very big, big enough to fit the Cafeteria and half of the Demonstration room together. Andrew looked around and saw pictures of the past Guild Masters were seen, hung on the top walls. There were many shelves all filled with Magic Books of all sorts, and on his right there was a Ho-oh sitting on its perch, it looked at Andrew and smiled.
“Well, well…isn’t it a surprise, that a 16 year old boy has easily mastered one of my powerful spells…Your really deserve whatever praises and respect in this school.”

Andrew bowed at Ho-oh as he sees it look at him. After he listened to Ho-oh speak, his face slowly turned red. He slowly stood up and smiled at Ho-oh.
“Th…thank you, great one…” Andrew stuttered.

Slowly a Griffin came out of its den, near the left hand of the Guild Master. It sat down on its hunches and looked at Andrew. He analyzed Andrew’s body and his aura coming out of his body, which only the Griffin can see.
“You are right, Guild Master…You can trust him, not failing this mission…”

The Guild Master chuckled as he listened to the two beasts talk. He slowly stood up, and turned around. He clapped his hand and smiled as he looked at Andrew, then he fixed his long white beard and put his hand behind his back.
“Well Mr. Delfin…You already heard what these two great beasts said. You should feel honored to be praised by them…” The Guild Master chuckled.

Gastaleon smiled and stood behind Andrew. He gently put his hand on Andrew’s right shoulder and sighed.
“Yes, Sir Jaailden…Andrew is always my favorite and the best one on class, he will never let you down. Even Mrs. Goliwrath was astounded when he performed that spell, without difficulty.” He gave out a hearty laugh.

Andrew couldn’t help chuckled a bit as Gastaleon told the Guild Master Jaailden, about Mrs. Goliwrath being quiet just for once. No one can ever silence her, not even Gastaleon could silence her without using a magic spell directly on her mouth.

Jaailden laughed and looked at his desk. There was a little white envelope with a Ho-oh stamp on it. He slowly got it and handed it out to Andrew, he smiled and looked at Andrew as he slowly gave it out.
“Please read this Mr. Andrew Delfin…”

Andrew nodded and got the letter, he slowly opened it; inside there was a letter. He got out the letter and slowly read it out loud.

Dear Guild Master Jaailden:

I King Of Shadlehyde Castle need your immediate help
If you cant come, please send your best student.
My son Prince Ferirs have been slain by monsters
Who rarely attacks our kingdom.
We heard as well that they started to make camp near
Villages and towns, we are concerned that they
Might start attacking people.
Please we need you to come to our castle to take immediate
Actions. We will explain the rest of your
Work when you get there.​

This note is your invitation and to go inside the castle. Please DO NOT lose this note.
We are hoping for your cooperation.

After reading it out loud, Andrew folded it and put the letter back inside the envelope. He looked at the Guild Master with a confused look.
“Master? Is the real reason why you called me, is to do this mission?”

Jaailden sighed as he closed his eyes, and he nodded with a frown on his face.
“Yes Mr. Andrew Delfin. I want you to go to Shadlehyde Castle…I cant come because, who will protect the town if I am not here…I cant send the teachers because we will need all the advance members here to protect our town…You already know about the Dark Sage?”

Andrew nodded as Jaailden asked him about the Dark Sage. Everyone knows about him, he kills all magical creatures, Poke’ Mon and people who even use it. Some say he is the mastermind of the whole monster crisis, and wants to take over the world. Others say that he is an insane Sage, who just wants blood shed. Andrew believes that he is a psychopath must be stopped at all cost.
“Yes Master…He is a psychopath and we should catch him to be judge.”

Gastaleon coughed as Andrew told Jaailden about how he thinks about the Dark Sage. He nodded and looked at the Guild Master.
“Right…Guild Master, don’t you think it’s dangerous to just let Mr. Delfin here go alone? I mean with that…psychopath…is around?”

Jaailden nodded and walked towards his desk and looked out the window.
“You right Gastaleon…Its very unsafe and unwise to let Mr. Andrew Delfin, go alone. That’s why I asked our friends, from the Monasteries to send their best student as well.”

There was a sudden light that engulfed the room. Everyone turned around and when the light disappeared they saw a huge White Tiger, about six, eleven feet tall with beautiful oriented armor, on its back, legs and head. The White Tiger looked at the Guild Master and walked forward.

Andrew gazed at the White Tiger as it appeared, he couldn’t move because he can’t take his eyes away from the White Tiger’s beauty and grace as he walked forward. The Tiger saw that Andrew admired him and that he couldn’t move.
“Would you please excuse me? You’re blocking my way…I don’t want a squished human under my paw, especially when they cover all my five soft pads. I don’t think you want to stay stuck under my paw, or would you?” The White Tiger chuckled.

Andrew shook his head and stepped aside and let the Tiger go through. He noticed a boy was behind him; he had eyeglasses like him and had black hair. Andrew analyzed the boy’s body, and he found out that he has a yin-yang symbol on top of his robes; obviously he is a Monk and he saw that the boy had almost the same height as his.

I bet, that the both of us have the same age…Even though he is shorter. Andrew thought to himself.

Jaailden stood up and smiled as the White Tiger came in, he chuckled and slowly hugged the White Tiger’s head.
“Its good to see you, Fenzalion…my old friend.”

The White Tiger chuckled as Jaailden hugged him. He slowly rubbed his cheeks on Jaailden’s face.
“Same here, Jaailden…Same here…”

After awhile Jaailden stepped back and looked at the boy, behind Fenzalion. He was wearing a brown robe and a hood. It was only his face that was seen, and then he looked back at Fenzalion with a light smile.
“So…is this your strongest disciple?”

Fenzalion looked behind him and nodded.
“Yes…this is my best disciple; Aurellio Llena, he was the one and only monk who nearly beat me.” He chuckled and looked at Andrew.

“So is that boy your best as well?”

“Yes…He, among thousands of my best students, was the only one who easily mastered and performed a Type A Ultima spell of their class.” Jaailden looked at Andrew with a proud look.

Gastaleon closed his eyes, covered his mouth with his right fist and coughed. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at both Jaailden and Fenzalion.
“Right…so should we let the both of them get to know each other, and get ready for the journey ahead?”

Fenzalion and Jaailden agreed and nodded their head. Jaailden went to his desk and opened a drawer; there were red cards with golden vines engraved on its sides. Jaailden took it and handed it out to Andrew and Aurellio.
“Here take this, and buy everything you need. All items, repairs, food and inns here are all free, if you just show this card, but don’t even think of using this card on other towns. If you do it will explode.”

Andrew nodded and walked towards Jaailden, and then took one card. He looked at it and saw that a fire was writing his name on the lower right portion of it, above his name was his picture; both his name and picture was magically imprinted as soon as he touched it.

Aurellio removed his robe and hood; he slowly folded it and put it inside his bag. He walked towards Jaailden and did the same. Both his picture and name were imprinted just like Andrew’s card.

Fenzalion turned around and sat on his hunches, beside Jaailden.
“Both of you should better get going. It’s a bad idea going out at night. Especially, when you have to take the road of the beast, to get to Shadlehyde.”

Andrew and Aurellio nodded and turned around. They went to a floor, decorated with a circle with a star on the middle. Andrew looked at Aurellio to make sure his on the circle, then he casted a teleportation spell. They were engulfed by a white light and disappeared. When the both of them opened their eyes, they saw that they were outside the school.

Andrew looked behind him and saw that the Guild Master and Fenzalion were watching them through the window. He sighed and started to walk away, while looking up in the air; knowing that Aurellio was right behind him.

Guild Master…Sir Gastaleon…I promise that I will not fail both of you…I promise to take care of that psychopath, so that every magic users and creatures will be safe, and our town. I’ll be back and I will make you proud of me, for picking me for this mission. Andrew said to himself and sighed.

Aurellio shook Andrew’s shoulder and looked at him.
“Hey…Andrew right? Tell me what will be your codename?”

Andrew jumped a little and looked at Aurellio with a surprise look.
“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Master Fenzalion told me to use codenames. We need to keep a low profile, when we are on missions.”

“Oh right…Well…My codename will be…Phoenix.”

“Well then…Phoenix…I’m Dyne, nice to meet you.” Aurellio extended his arm.

Andrew looked at Aurellio and shook his hand. He smiled, as he listened to Aurellio. Then he remembered that they have something important to do. Andrew let go of Aurellio’s hand and step back.
“Oh yeah…we should stock up on items before we leave.”
He pointed to the right of the town, were shops with beautiful decorations of flowers and vines were seen.
“You can buy items and all sorts of equipments there, and if you buy food its best to buy a magical enforced bag, like the Aurora Bag which freezes and conserves other food like meat, cheese, and chicken. The clerks there are elves, so be polite and nice.”

Then he pointed to the left and there were shops with some stones and with very little design, most of the shops had chimney with smokes coming out.
“There, you can buy all sorts of armors, weapons, shields and repair shops. Oh yeah, try buying the Infinity Bag, which lightens the load of whatever, is placed inside it. The clerks there are dwarves, so you shouldn’t try to offend them by how they look, dress or their shops. They like people who have a good choice in buying their item, and when you come inside their shop, DO NOT go out without buying anything. Just buy at least one of the item they have, then leave.”

And finally he pointed to the south of the city, near the gates. There were many houses with attractive signs outside.
“And finally that’s where the inns, pubs, gyms and training halls are. You can get information in the pub or you can meet with your party mates like me, there. So when your finished buying the items you need, lets meet there. We have to get some information before leaving. The owners are humans, so there wouldn’t be a problem.”

Aurellio listened carefully and nodded as he looked at where Andrew pointed, when he explained about where to buy certain items, and about how to treat the different races. Then after Andrew told them where to meet up later, he nodded and started to walk towards the equipment shops. Andrew smiled as he watched Aurellio go towards the equipment shop first, and then Andrew went the other way to buy armor and weapons.

Aurellio looked at a shop saying, Fauna Shop. He saw little furry, yellow with a muzzle like a dog running around the door, he slowly pushed the door and when it was wide enough, he jumped in and carefully closing the door.

The clerk with long ears and long brown silky hair, turned around as she heard someone come in. She smiled and looked at Aurellio as he slowly close the door.
“I’m sorry about the little wonks out there.”

Aurellio scratched his head and chuckled, as the clerk apologized to him about the little creatures outsides.
“Oh its not a problem at all.”

Aurellio looked around and saw many cages, filled with many magical creatures. He looked to a cage, with yellow grass and had a little bowl. There was a brown hairy creature with big eyes, it had little arms and had little horns on its head. Then he looked at below the cage and he saw a wood with a name on it.

The clerk smiled and looked at the little Usibo.
“Usibo…Its closely related to the sheep, its magic power is to blind enemies with its fur or to make enemies fall asleep with its yawn. Its magical attribute is Ground. Although the Usibo is tiny at first, but when it grows up it changes to the powerful Minotaur who yields a very heavy flail or hammer. The Minotaur can stomp enemies flat and likes to see splattered, squished or any living things stuck under its foot, but very protective on its owner, especially if you treated him very nicely ever since birth.”

Aurellio listened to the clerk as she explained about the Usibo and its grown up form. Then he looked up to an aquarium that has a beautiful fish, swimming around the aquarium gracefully, it had large beautiful fins that looked like feathers. He saw another wood with a name on it.

The clerk looked up on the aquarium and gazed at the beautiful fish, she sighed and smiled while looking at it.
“Ahh…the beautiful Cleric…a cross breed between the guppy and the flying fish, its magic power is to heal allies, and to curse the enemies. It also knows the skill Enchant Song and Power Surge. The Enchant Song skill will make the enemies get confused and might attack their own allies, and finally the Power Surge will enhance its allies ability. Its magical attribute is Water and Light. It has two grown up forms, depending on how you treat it…Treat it nicely it will transform into the Angel Halo fish, badly it will turn into the Angler Thorns fish. It will eat you in one gulp if it transforms to the Angler you know.”

Aurellio shivered when he imagined the Cleric transformed into the Angler and ate him up. Then he shook his head and looked around some more, suddenly something caught his eye. There was a little cub sleeping inside the cage, it had a mane like a lion and a tiger’s body. He looked down and saw its name.

The clerk looked at the little cub sleeping inside the cage. She smiled as it yawned and opened its eyes; it stretched and then looked at Aurellio with a sleepy look.
“Awww…the cute Liger…a cross breed between a male lion and a female tiger, its magic power is to Revive allies instantly and to scare any enemies with its roar, most of them are three or two feet tall. Its magical attribute is Light. It has three evolve forms. One is Larnious the Mighty Lion; it has its reputation as a fatherly creature, standing about seven feet tall, he also has a golden armor on he chest, back, and legs. Since he will always treat his owner as his cub, he will groom his owner by licking him or her, and protect his owner no matter what’s the cost. If you want Larniar then you should spend more time grooming and loving it, than battling. The other one is Himeros; meaning desire…Himeros is a White Tiger with beautiful oriented armor, either gold if it’s male or bronze if it’s female protecting its head, legs and back. It stands about six eleven feet tall, it has a reputation to instantly know one’s desire, what attracts you, and what you want to do. Its like a Psychic, who can read your mind and heart, if you want it then spend more time battling and grooming it. And the other last form is the Chimereon; it has a head and mane of a Lion, paw, arms and legs of a tiger, body of a leopard and tail of a cheetah. It stands about ten feet tall and has a reputation of destroying any enemies at sight, most of the time it loves stomping little creatures and slowly squishing them with its feet. It really has a short temper as well, to get it spend more time battling, than grooming and loving.”

Aurellio gazed at the little Liger as the clerk explained everything about it, then he remembered about its other form named Himeros. His master Fenzalion is a Himeros. He turned around and looked at the clerk as she finished talking.
“Wait…Tell me…did the Guild Master bought one of those Liger?”

The clerk smiled and nodded, she closed her eyes and remembered the time when the Guild Master was a teenager, and was looking around her shop. Then the Liger caught his eye and bought it.
“Yes…Guild Master Jaailden bought one, when he was about your age. Both the Guild Master and the Liger were best friends, and always spent time together. He wouldn’t go anywhere without his Liger, named Fenzalion. I always thought that Fenzalion would become a Larnious, because of their very tight and strong bond. But it seems you shouldn’t judge the things that you see.”

Aurellio turned his gaze back at the Liger again and smiled. He imagined how will he raise the Liger, or what he should name it. Then, he turned around and walked to the clerk and got out his card out of his bag.
“Can I buy that Liger?”

The Clerk smiled and took the card. Then she looked and examined it, after that she took out a paper and pen under her desk and written Aurellio’s name. Then she gave it to Aurellio and pointed at a line, under his name.
“Can you please sign here?”

Aurellio nodded and took the pen, and then he wrote his signature on the line, where the clerk pointed. Then he gave the pen back to the clerk after signed the paper. He noticed there was a long notice above his name.
“Um…Ms. Clerk Lady? What’s this notice?”

The clerk smiled and took the letter. She slowly rolled it and put it inside her desk, she explained to Aurellio as she was getting a collar for the Liger.
“Oh its just a notice, about your pet. If it dies, you can’t have another pet, or leave it around. You are responsible for it, so you should take care of it. You are liable for it, so if anything bad happens to it you will have to pay the price of Nature’s Wrath. Mostly Druids will do the punishments, and will take away your pet. Although, sometimes they would keep that pet if they like it.”

Aurellio gulped as he listened to her explain about the notice. He never thought that he would have a punishment, if ever he wont take good care to it. Another thought was about the Druids. He heard stories about them; they really have a good disciplinary punishment to those who wont obey the laws of nature or to those who hurt the Flora or Fauna of this world.

The clerk walked towards the Liger and slowly opened up its cage. She gently stroked its head and slowly carried it. The Liger stretched its legs as she stroked its head, and stood still as she carried it. The clerk then walked towards Aurellio and placed the Liger on top of her desk. As she did that the Liger looked up to Aurellio and waged its tail, it started to walk towards Aurellio and when it was near enough, it stood on its two hind legs and started to lick Aurellio’s face.

Aurellio chucked as it licked him. He gently strokes its head, as he let it lick his face. The clerk smiled as she saw the cub starting to form a bond with its new owner. She cleared her throat and looked at Aurellio.
“So…what name should you give him?”

Aurellio looked at the clerk and smiled.
“So its a male? How about Shin-Long?”

The clerk smiled and started to cast a spell; after she finished casting a golden pen appeared out of nowhere and started to write a name on the leash. She smiled and slowly put the leash around, Shin-Long’s neck and closed the lock on the end.
“O.K. Now the both of you are almost ready for your adventure. Wait here, I’m just gonna get your starters items, equipments, and food for your pet.”

She went to a door, behind her and closed it. Aurellio waited as she started to get the useful items, he needed for his new friend. He looked down at Shin-Long with a smile as he gently stroked his head. Shin-Long purred and closed his eyes as he felt Aurellio stroking his head. Suddenly they heard the door behind them, opened. Aurellio turned around and saw that Andrew came in, but he was not alone. He was with a strange floating thing with a green eye, which looked like a time capsule.
“Andrew…what are you doing here…and…what is that floating thing?”

Andrew closed his eyes and crossed his arms, as a big vein appeared on Andrew’s head.
“What do you mean, ‘what am I doing here?’ Don’t you know I have been waiting for you in the pub, for half an hour already?!” He said as he tried to keep his voice down.

Aurellio looked at a clock with vines on its side and flowers inside it as its design. The clock and it read, five o’ clock P.M. A big sweat drop appeared on Aurellio’s head and scratched his head, as he looked back at Andrew with a smile.

Andrew snorted as Aurellio tried to explain. He opened his eyes and pointed at the strange floating time capsule capuche with his thumb.
“And this thing! Is my younger brother, Elfonser Riko Delfin! He was trapped in this time capsule because of a failed experiment of ours.”
Enriko floated near Andrew and closed his eye.
“Hello…Nice to meet you. Mr. Aurellio Llena. I am Elfonser Riko Petrew Delfin and I will aid both you and brother in battle.”

Aurellio noticed that Enriko had a calm and kind voice, and he was very educated. Andrew sighed and took a brown bag behind him, and then he threw it to Aurellio. He caught it and looked at Andrew.
“Um…I already have a bag.”

“That’s the Infinity Bag. I already put all the items we need in here and I bet the pet food the clerk is getting now will fill up that bag of yours.” Andrew said as he fixed the Aurora Bag that he was carrying.

Aurellio opened the bag and saw various equipments and useful items, both for catching or supporting Poke’ Mon and the items they will us on themselves. They were all neatly stacked up, and easy to grab if ever they need to use it right away. As he close the bag, the clerk finally came out with hands filled with pet food, grooming items and toys. She put all the items on top of her desk, and wiped a sweat off her forehead.

“Here are all the items you need for your pet. Oh yeah, before I forget…Here is your card.” She handed out the red card Aurellio gave to her a while ago.

Aurellio took it and put it back in his bag. Then he slowly put the items one by one, inside his bag in a neat and fashion way. After two minutes, he put his bag inside the Infinity Bag, and put it over his shoulder and wore it. The bag was as light as a feather, even though there were many items in it. Then he looked at Shin-Long and carried him; he gently put him down and gently caresses him.

Andrew sighed and opened the door as he looked at Aurellio.
“C’mon, we should go now.”

“Your just jealous because I have a pet and you don’t.” Aurellio said as he chuckled while slowly going outside the shop.

“Oh please…” Andrew said as he went outside and slowly closes the door, forgetting that Elfonser was still inside.

Elfonse panicked as the door closed, while he is still inside.
“…Thanks for entertaining our friend Ms. Lillika…Can you please open the door for me please?”

Lillika smiled and nodded. She went to the door and opened it. Elfonser closed his eye and sis a little bow, as he started to run towards Andrew, shouting at him.
“Why did you leave me?!”

“Oh…Sorry El.”
Lillika smiled as she peeked through the window, watching Andrew, Elfonser, Aurellio and Shin-Long leave. She sighed and looked up in the sky thinking about them.
I wonder what Shin-Long will turn into? I bet Aurellio will treat him kindly, and I bet that they will have a lot of fun together in their adventures! She chuckled lightly as she returned to her desk, arranging and cleaning her store.

It was at five thirty in the afternoon, when they left the city of Crane. Andrew took out a map from his pocket and looked at it. Aurellio saw what Andrew took out, he walked faster and looked at what Andrew was examining.
“What’s that?”

“The Pub Owner said that there is a safe way that leads to Shadlehyde, so we shouldn’t take the Beast road.” Andrew raised his head and looked around, then looked back at the map.

“What’s in Beast Road anyway? My master told me not to go there, especially when it’s near night time…I’ve always wondered, what’s in there? Why is everyone scared?” Aurellio stopped when he saw that there was a fork on the road.

Andrew saw there was a sign pointing to the left saying:
“Enter at your own risk! Beast Road.”

He looked to the right, and he saw mist coming out of a door of a Catacomb. He gulped and walked towards the door on the right and slowly opened it. Suddenly he felt a sudden chill in his spine, and he heard a female’s chilling shout. He turned pale and didn’t move.

Aurellio and Elfonser stared at Andrew a he stopped dead on his tracks, but Shin-Long started to growl angrily as soon as Andrew opened the door. He felt an evil presence coming inside the Catacomb. Elfonser tilted and floated closer to Andrew.
“Big Brother what’s wrong?”

Andrew shook his head and coughed, he let go of the handle and slowly casting a spell. After he casted his spell, a floating fireball came out beside Andrew. Then he slowly went in and looked at the others.
“C’mon lets go! We don’t have all day.”

Elfonser nodded and floated right behind him. Aurellio sighed and looked at Shin-Long as he growled. He didn’t know what made Shin-Long mad, but it wasn’t long when he felt an evil presence within the Catacomb. He looked down at Shin-Long and slowly picks him up.
“Don’t worry, I’m here. Lets go in together.” Aurellio said in a bold manner, but as soon he went inside the Catacomb his legs started to shake from fear.

Deep in the Catacombs, Andrew and his party kept on going straight. They kept on going, silently careful not to disturb the departed ones. Aurellio looked around and he saw, many sarcophagi of different kinds. Ranging from small and normal sarcophagi, to the decorated with gold and precious jewels sarcophagi. Aurellio saw that there were some bones near some of the well-decorated sarcophagi. Some of the bones looked crushed, while others lost some limbs and other parts. Then he saw that there were sacks near some of the bones.
“I bet they were tomb thieves. It looks like they were ambushed and killed…”

Andrew looked at the bones and nodded. He remembered that there was a sign outside the door before, but it must have been knocked down or maybe cut off. Either way, they should respect the dead.
“You know, before there was a sign outside the Catacomb saying; Take nothing but the exit, or perish the wrath of the Underworld…but it seems that, the sign is gone. These foolish thieves must have put it away a long time ago. They must have been toyed and tortured, before killing them.”

Suddenly they heard voices behind a wall, to their right. They also heard some knocking and asking for help. Aurellio rushed to where the sounds were, and looked at Andrew.
“Whoa, it looks like there is some people behind that wall. Don’t worry I’ll get them out!”

Aurellio gently put Shin-Long down and gently pushed him towards Andrew. Aurellio made a fist and crouched. He concentrated and slowly his fist started to glow light blue, and with a heavy punch, the wall crumbled and there were smoke and there were three figures behind it.

“I told you not to use the Explosion Potion!” Yelled the figure near the left.

“Hey, I didn’t know it would explode!” The figure near the right answered back.

As the smoke cleared, Aurellio saw a boy with long, yellow, silky hair with foreign clothes and the other figure has black messy hair, wearing loose clothes and an unruly scarf. Then he looked down and saw a creature with, brown fur, a red mask and had gray paws. At first he didn’t know what it was, but later on he remembered his master telling him about a Legendary Poke’ Mon named Entei.

The boy with foreign clothes stood up and fixed his clothes, he looked at Aurellio and smiled, extending his right hand.
“Thank you, for helping us there. We really owe you…my name is Gabri…err…I meant Sean Luigi Sistoso, nice to meet you…um…”

Aurellio smiled and shook Sean’s hand.
“Aurellio Llena A.K.A Dyne, and its nice to met you too Sean.”

Aurellio looked at Andrew and the rest as he let go of Sean’s hand.
“These are my allies, Andrew Delfin the guy with eye glasses. The one who is floating around beside him is his brother Elfonser Delfin, trapped in a time capsule because of a failed experiment.” He pointed to each one of them, as he introduced them to Sean.
Then he slowly knelt down and gently picked up Shin-Long, he looked at Sean as he slowly rise, carrying Shin-Long.
“And this is Shin-Long, my pet.”

Sean smiled as he looked at the little Liger. He turned around and gently picked up Enseer and turned again to face Aurellio.
“You really have such a cute Liger. Oh yeah…this is my little brother Enseer.”

Enseer looked up at Sean, as he was picked up. He gently licked, Sean’s face with affection as he was being introduced, to a new friend. Enseer looked at Shin-Long after Sean introduced him. He never saw such an unusual creature, and he was curious about him. Enseer barked once, as he looked at Sean.

“Oh you want to know him better? Sure brother…” Sean let go of Enseer and he landed by his side, looking up at Shin-Long.

Aurellio tilted his head as he listened to Sean, talking to Enseer. He did the same as Sean let go of Enseer; he knelt down and gently put Shin-Long on the ground. Then he stood up, he wanted to ask Sean something but Andrew butted in.

“You’re a Druid aren’t you?”

Sean looked at Andrew as he asked the question. He smiled and nodded, as he looked at Enseer and Shin-Long smelled each other, and started to play.
“Yes, I’m a Druid and a Bard. I bet you know, because I talked to Enseer and understood him in one bark didn’t you?”

Andrew chuckled and fixed his eyeglasses. Then he noticed that they didn’t give any attention to the other boy whom they met with Sean.
“Um…who is that guy?”

Sean looked behind him and saw that Peter was starting to look around again, like a child who just got out of his house after for forty-eight years. Sean closed his eyes and sighed as a sweat drop appeared on top of the right side of his head.
“That’s Peter Magcaling…A.K.A Scarface…his a ninja who helped me beat an ogre on my hometown. He has an amnesia, that’s why everything he sees, hear, taste, smell, and touch are new to him.”

Aurellio coughed as he listened to Sean introducing his partner. He looked at Sean and saw that there was an open door behind them.
“Where does that lead?”

Sean looked behind him and saw a door left open. Then he looked back at Aurellio.
“Oh that leads to the Beast Road. That’s where our new friend a Chimereon lives. He told us to take this shortcut to go to Shadlehyde with no problem or enemies.”

Andrew and Elfonser were shocked at what Sean said. They always heard that no one could ever tame or befriend Gastron the Chimereon. He was always so aggressive and destructive; he doesn’t let anyone leave Beast Road alive, but Sean and company has befriended him and leaves Beast Road with no harm or scratch.
“That’s impossible! Gastron can’t be tamed nor befriended! His one of the Devil’s pets!”

Sean looked at Andrew, a little angry at what he said. He knows that Gastron is not like that.
“Hey! He is kind and gentle! He only wanted company, but many adventures want to hunt him or kill him! That’s why he hates humans! But he is really just a creature who is hurt and needs love and attention! He is not mean! He even let me touch him, and lay down with him! He even groomed me too!”

Peter overheard them and chuckled.
“Yeah! Sean was all wet with saliva when Gastron kept on licking him non stop!” Peter laughed as he leaned on the wall.

Suddenly he triggered a lever, and the whole room shook. Enseer and Shin-Long ran towards Sean and Aurellio, and stood beside them. Sean and the rest, tried to keep their balance as the room shook.
“What’s this? An earthquake?” Andrew looked around as the room, continued to shake.

“I don’t feel anything…” Elfonser looked at them as they tried to keep their balance.

“That’s because you’re floating!” Andrew shouted.

Elfonser closed his eye and giggled. Suddenly it stop, everything was quiet and still. Everyone looked around. Sean took stepped backwards a bit.
“Something is not right…”

Suddenly the floor opened, everyone looked down and saw that it was very deep, and then they all looked at Peter evilly.
“We hate you.”

Everyone shouted as they fall down. Elfonser followed Andrew as the floor slowly close behind him. Right after they heard the floor close, they landed on a slanted terrain that looked like a slide, with water coming out from below. They all formed a straight line as they slid on the terrain; Sean was first, followed by Peter, Andrew, Aurellio, Shin-Long and Enseer. Elfonser on the other hand, tried to keep up with them by floating as fast as he can.

Suddenly they felt an earthquake, but this time it was shorter. They were surprised as Elfonser went ahead of them panicking, they all look behind them and saw a big boulder right behind them. They all panicked and tried their best to move faster.

After a few curves, they saw the exit. As each one of their feet landed, they started to run forward as fast as they can. But there was a wall blocking the way, they huddled together as the boulder was going to squish them, and in the nick of time a trap door opened and sucked them out. They all landed on their back as the door close and got smashed by the boulder.

Sean slowly stood up and saw a familiar figure looking at them, in the shadows. He knew who it was and smiled.
“Thank you Daddy Entei…”

Entei nodded and ran away. Sean looked down and poked all of them as they kept on hugging each other, while crying and shouting.
“Um…guys? Were our, its safe now…”

The others opened their eyes and let go of each other, and kissed the ground. Enseer, Sean and Shin-Long sighed as they watched the others kissing the land. Andrew stood up and coughed, as he wiped his mouth.
“Right. We should put camp here…”

Sean nodded and looked around. He saw trees with juicy fruits, and a lake with clean and clear water.
“Yeah lets rest here. I’m so tiered.”

Sean slowly lied down on the ground, and closed his eyes. Enseer curled up near Sean and went to sleep. Andrew sighed and lie down, he went to sleep as soon as he close his eyes, while the others cried themselves to sleep, because of the happiness of being alive. Shin-Long decided to sleep with Sean and Enseer, he went near to Sean and curled up near Sean’s chest and started to sleep.

Entei looked down at Sean from up a cliff and lie down.
“I’ll be watching over you, my sons…always…”

----End of Chapter 2----
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The Dark Goddess
“Oh brother! You shouldn’t be a coward! All of us die...No one lives forever! Do you want your late parents and brother be ashamed of you?! They gave up their lives to protect you and our country! You should live on their work or everything they lost will be in vain!” Mervin shouted.
You wrote 'dies'

Sean never thought of that before. He closed his eyes and thought it over, after a few seconds he opened his eyes, then looked at Mervin and smiled.
“Your right...I should go...But...There is one last problem.”
Sean looked down and took his bag; he opened it and showed it to Mervin.

“Sean do you still remember this amulet? I read about this amulet in the Battle Accessory Book. It said that whoever wears this necklace, will be guarded and protected by the Legendary Poke’ Mon Entei.”
It would be better if you type it as "Pokémon" instead of "Poke'mon". You just have to hold down Alt and press 130 on the numbers of the left to make the é if that makes any sence.

Sean was shocked to hear about it. He always loved Entei, he also admires the great Poke’ Mon. Kael smiled and gave it to Sean. Sean shook his head and took the necklace and wore it. He stared at the necklace and knows now that the paw print logo on the necklace is Entei’s. He kept on saying Entei’s name over and over in his mind. Kael started to put items on his bag, while Mervin looked around the shop and noticed that the boy they saw earlier was gone. A minute later Kael handed Sean’s bag. Sean took his bag and opened it; he noticed that his bag was filled with potions, antidotes and some Poke’ Mon equipments like Poke Balls and healing items. Sean looked up to Kael and smiled.
Can you describe Entei? (I know most people know what it looks like but still it would be nice if you describe it.)

Poke’ Mon’s
The plural of Pokémon is Pokémon. Easy mistake.

The Ogre’s face got really red and was very angry; it held the mace up high, with its two hands and swung it towards Mervin.
Mervin ducked and evaded the attack.
But Kael screamed before it attacked and hid inside the store. After the devastating attack he saw that the roof was gone and most of the shop was destroyed. He stood up angrily and pointed at the Ogre.
You don't have to keep saying "the Ogre" you can also say "he" or "it"

Other than that it was pretty good. =3


Entei's Son
Its all d comps fault!Hehhehe!Just kidding!^^!Im still making chap 3.^^!Thnx for the advice!


Entei's Son
Chapter 3: The Foxhole

Legend says that there were weapons of great destruction, even at the early years. There was always a weapon that is better among the rest. Here in the mysterious forest, lies a city like no other, people who visited the city says that there are steel that moves and talks, defenses that follow and look at you, and they have very unusual items.

Everyone knows about the residents of that very unusual place. All the residents knows how to defend themselves and fight, even the women can easily beat monsters, which comes near them or their children.

There were special groups of people, who do dangerous missions in secret. They were both admired by other people and feared by enemies, for their successful missions in saving lives and protecting an important person, and for easily beating any monster that comes their way.

So far, all missions were successful and everyone in that city, celebrated. Until on that dreadful day, when Prince Ferirs died, their Special Tactical Armored Recovery Squad also known as S.T.A.R.S, accidentally vanished in the city of Gorglon, far north of Shadlehyde. No one knows what happened to them, or to the people who lived there.

All they know was, one of the Four Powers stayed there. This is were a young soldier stories will start to unfold, in this harsh and dangerous forest that surrounds Bar’Ruzeken…

It was late in the afternoon, the forest was quiet and misty, all its inhabitants were nowhere to be seen, either they were hiding or hunting. Although the jungle was always noisy, but all of a sudden, it stopped. The monkeys stopped screaming, birds stopped singing. Most of the predators like tigers, snakes and other wild animals stayed close near towns and villages, but they seem to disappear as soon as the monsters show up.

But later on, the silent forest started to get noisy, as the birds flutter their wings as they fly away and there were marching footsteps heard. There were an unfamiliar figures going through the forest, they were too big and fat to be human, they were Orcs. Foul beasts that know nothing but to kill any other living creatures.

A boy with no upper shirt on, he was camouflaged behind the leaves, due to his pants. He took a strange device, which they call ‘binoculars’ and looked through it, although you can barely see anything in the forest, he can clearly see all of them in bright colors, of red, blue and yellow.

“Hmm…two archers, five soldiers and a chief with a bird above his head…Easy…” He said as he put away, his binoculars.

The Orc Chief snorted as he looked around.
“Find him! Bring him to me alive! We will teach him how we play with our visitors.”

All the other Orcs spread out and looked around as he ordered them. The Chief walked forward and sat down near the tree where the boy was. He leaned on the tree and closed his eyes as he grumbled about how the boy spied on their base, before he went to sleep.

The boy looked down and saw the chief sleeping. He slowly reached for his bag and took out a strange weapon that has a needle on the end; it had a green fluid seen from within it. He quietly climbed down and injected the green fluid.
“Even though you’re tough, you can’t survive this lethal injection.” He said as he slowly pulled the weapon away.

After he put back his weapon, the Chief stopped breathing. Then the boy started to search the Chief, looking for something. After he searched him, he felt something round inside the Chief’s boots, right under his sole. He pulled it out and saw a round golden ring, covered with precious diamonds and jewels etched on top of it.

“This must be the ring, that woman was wearing before she was kidnapped at her wedding…Poor girl…I must bring this back to the groom, and tell him what happened to his soul mate…”

Suddenly he heard a little sound in his ear; he looked around and hid up on the tree again. Then he slowly put his hand on his ear, and then pressed something using his index and middle finger.

“Python here…what’s up?” He answered.

“Python give me your status report.” A man’s voice was heard.

Python knew who it was the minute he heard the man’s voice. It was his father known as Big Boss. He sighed and looked at the ring as he pressed the button again.

“The mission was unsuccessful, Sophia Rect’aal is dead…when I found her body, she had no clothes on, and her stomach looked like something came out of it…Probably, these foul Orcs are kidnapping any female of both human and animal, that has the same size as them…Since they don’t have females, they are trying to solve their reproduction problem, by kidnapping females…and there is more…”
Big Boss sighed and closed his eyes, as he covered his face with his hand. He shook his head, before looking up again.

“This is a very unfortunate event…tell me abut what you else you discovered Python…”

Python looked around and saw that the other Orcs didn’t come back. Then he leaned on the tree as he closed his eyes.

“I’ve learned that, they are planning a major assault on Shadlehyde City…they will attack on dawn tomorrow. If they destroy Shadlehyde, they will start occupying this kingdom and spread carnage here…and one more thing…they are in league with the Dark Sage and someone by the name of Mephisto…”

Big Boss nodded and sighed after hearing the news.
“Right…Come back to town and tell Raynald Veor’niort about his wife. I have another special mission for you…”

Jack nodded and jumped down the tree, as he stopped pressing the button. He looked around and took out a Poke Ball from his belt. He threw it in front of him.
“Baron, come out!”

As soon as the ball hit the ground, a Poke Mon with green skin, petals around its neck and had feelers on its head appeared. It was a Meganium, a grass type Poke Mon. Python walked towards Baron and looked at him.

“Baron I need you to spread sleeping powder on top of the Chief over there, so the Orcs will fall asleep if they get too close.”

Python pointed at the Chief, who was lying down near the tree. Baron nodded and sprayed sleeping powder all over the chief, using his petals. The powder was spread all over the chief’s head and around him, after that Baron looked at Python.

“Good work…lets go.”

Python recalled Baron and put the Poke Ball back in his belt. He looked around first, before dashing into the wilderness. It was good timing that Python to leave right away, because as soon as he left, all the Orcs came back and gathered around the chief. They didn’t notice the sleeping powder under their feet. As soon as one of them went closer, trying to wake up the dead chief, they all felt sleepy. Seconds later, they fell asleep one by one.

About two minutes later, Python arrived in the town of Bar’Ruzeken. He looked around as he came in the gate. A man with white long hair, with a sturdy body walked up to him with a worried look.
“Did you find her? Did you find my wife…Sophia? My sweet Sophia?” He said as he knelt down.
Python looked away and sighed as he close his eyes. He looked back at the man and reached for his pocket. He grabbed the wedding ring and showed it to him.
“I’m sorry Raynald…it was too late…The Orcs…they already killed her before I even get a chance to find their camp…”

Raynald took the ring from Python’s hand and started to cry. He hugged it and kept on shouting Sophia’s name. He slowly lowered his head and touched the ground. Python couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He closed his eyes as he lowered his head.

Suddenly a group of black armored soldier, carrying big guns and lots of ammo. He looked at their vest and it wrote K.J.W.P. then he saw a group of well armored male and female soldiers, dressed in white and had big bags behind them. He saw a red cross on their chest armor, and there were some words. E.A.H.S.

Suddenly a yellow haired man walked towards Python, with black armor.
“Jack, Big Boss wants to meet with you. You better get to the base.”

Jack nodded and looked at Raynald. He knelt down and put his hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t worry…the Keepers of Justice and Warriors of Peace will destroy all those Orcs. While the Entrusted Authorities of Healing Specialists will recover all the dead bodies, along with your wife, to bury them in graveyard…”

Raynald looked at Jack and wiped his tears. He nodded as he slowly got up and walked towards the church.
“I will wait for their return…along with my wife…you did your best, you shouldn’t have any regrets…every lose has its gain…thank you for retrieving me her ring…”

Jack got up and smiled as he nodded. Then he started to walk towards the north of town. The towns people looked at the soldiers as they slowly marched out the gates, Jack on the other hand, kept walking forward until he reached the far north of town. There was a huge silver fortress; there were two guards in white coats, carrying Shotguns and a Magnum on their belt.

Jack looked at them and the two soldiers, in unison stood straight as they raise their right shoulder and saluted him. He did the same, but he was quicker and put his hand down faster. The two soldiers instantly put they’re hands down as Jack entered the building.

Jack walked forward and the door slowly closed. Everything was dark and quiet, but he knew where to go. He walked forward and took three steps, he turned to the right and took five steps, after that he went south and took one step, then to the right again and took four steps, he looked to the north and saw a green light flashing. But he ignored it and turned to the north, then took five steps, and finally he turned left and took ten steps.

Now he was in front of the green light, but he didn’t press it. Instead he pressed the right side of it, then the light switched on. There was a path seen, and it was exactly how Jack walked. Below the path, there were snakes on the left and deadly piranhas on the right. He looked up and there was a large sword above him, and there was a wire that was linked on the green button and a flamethrower on the left, another wire was linked on an invisible button on the left beside the green button.

A wall opened as Jack pressed the right button, and he slowly walked in, as he looked at some bones of Orcs in both side.
“Orcs are always too stupid to know where their limits…”

As he comes in the room, he saw many computers and big screens. There were some people with head set and monitoring the screens, while others where computing and studying the enemies, and their weak spots. A tall, white haired man with an eye patch on his left eye came closer to Jack.

It was Big Boss. He saluted to him and looked at him proudly. Big Boss did the same and quickly put his hand down, and then Jack did the same and made a fist as soon as he put his hand down.

Big Boss sighed as he started to walk towards a big screen and looked down.
“Today’s mission was a failure. But do not think I’m disappointed at you my son…we expected that she wont be found alive…but as they say, it’s a blessing in disguise…we know what they have been planning, and that they are not alone in this foul acts. ”

Jack nodded in agreement and walked towards him. He remembered that he was supposed to be given a special mission.
“Father, what is this special mission you told me?”

Big Boss walked towards his desk and opened his drawer. He had a white envelope in his hand, and then gave it to Jack.
“This is a letter from the King of Shadlehyde, you better read it…”

Jack nodded and slowly opened the letter; as soon as he unfolded it, he started to read it.
Dear Big Boss:

I, King Of Shadlehyde Castle require your immediate help
If you can’t come, please send your best soldier.
My son Prince Ferirs have been slain by monsters
Who rarely attacks our kingdom.
We heard as well that they started to make camp near
Villages and towns, we are concerned that they
Might start attacking people.
Please we need you to come to our castle to take immediate action
We will explain the rest of your
Work when you get there.​

This note is your invitation and to go inside the castle. Please DO NOT lose this note.
We are hoping for your cooperation

Jack folded it again before looking up to his father.
“So you’re sending me to help?”

Big Boss nodded and started to pace around.
“I can’t go because I have to plan strategies against the enemies and to upgrade the towns defenses, I have a feeling that by the time we annihilate the orcs main camp, there will be much more terrifying and powerful monsters that will come and retaliate.”

He coughed and looked at Jack with a smile.
“And I need you to always stay fit, I don’t have any other missions to give you anyway.”

Jack chuckled as he listened to his father’s reasons.
“You never changed.”

Big Boss smiled and took out a picture of a young male, with long blond hair, from his pocket.
“You also have a secondary mission, I want you to investigate what happened to our former elite squad S.T.A.R.S. I want to know what caused them to disappear, from their rescue mission in Raven Claw City. This picture is Frederick Moldes, A.K.A Revolver Saber tooth. He is the leader of that group. I think you met him before…”

Jack took the picture and looked at it; as he listened to his father speak. He nodded when he was asked about meeting with the boy before.
“Yes, he is my classmate in MCE classes. He was second best, next to me. We were very good friends…but there is something wrong with this picture…this was taken recently…I thought that they went missing just two months ago?”

Big Boss nodded and looked at the map, behind Jack.
“That’s what bothered me…I want to you to meet up with him, and ask him if there are still others who survived, and what happen during those time when they were in that city.”

Jack nodded in agreement and put the picture in his left pocket.
“Alright, I understand. I will do that, when the King doesn’t give me another mission.”

“Oh wait, before you go…you might want to see Eden, she will give you information about how to get to Shadlehyde easily.” Big Boss said as he slowly sat down.

Jack nodded and went inside the door to his right. As soon as he opened it, he saw many people working on various computers. Each one of them were very busy computing and scanning the area of their town. He kept on walking looking around, until he reached a big computer, with two females working on it.

“Hey Eden.” Jack said as he stood behind a blond haired girl.

Eden looked behind her and smiled as she saw Jack.
“Hey Jack. So what are you doing here?”

“My father said to ask some advices, about how to get to Shadlehyde easily and safely.”

Eden nodded and started to use the computer. Later on the computer enlarged the town and the path going to Shadlehyde. There was a short path and a fork ahead of their town, one leads through the forest to the right and the left to the swamp. She looked back at Jack and pointed to the right.
“I recommend taking the right path, there are very few enemies, but we can’t be able to communicate, due to the strange energy in the forest. But you can manage.”

Jack nodded and looked down at Eden.
“Alright then, I’ll keep using my codename Death Python, tell my father not to worry about me.”

Eden nodded and looked down.
“Be careful Jack…I’ll pray for your safe return…”

Jack smiled and raise Eden’s chin with his hand.
“Hey, don’t worry. I’m the best of the best out there. I promise to come back safe.”

Eden smiled and wiped a tear from her eye. She started to work on the computer again, trying to hide her red face away from Jack.
“You better get going, you don’t want the king to get angry.”

Jack chuckled and started to go outside the room, suddenly he met up with a familiar face, and it was Jonidel Satoré A.K.A The Iron Bear. Jack saluted at the same time Jonidel saluted. Then both of them put their hands down in unison.
“Hey Jonidel. What’s up?”

“Big Boss wanted me to give you your reward money, for discovering what the Orcs were planning.” He handed out a yellow card.

Jack took the card and nodded.
“Thanks, I need to reload on ammos.”

Jonidel nodded and started to walk away.
“No problem, By the way…I have to go now, I still have some shooting practice.”

Jack nodded and started to walk to a tube like door. He went inside it and faced the wall. Suddenly he was sucked down, and seconds later, he was out of the fortress. Then he looked around and started to go south east of town. Minuets later he saw an old weapon shop, he went inside and looked around. There was an old man behind the counter and he smiled at Jack.
“Welcome young one.”

Jack slowly walked towards him as he looked around.
“Can I buy, a Magnum and 100 bullets? And a box of tranquilizer darts form my gun.”

The old man nodded and slowly crouched down to get a small tranquilizer box below the counter. He carried it and put it above the counter, then started to slowly walk towards a cabinet filled with various guns and ammos.

Jack looked at the roof and saw that it was filled with holes, and the windows are broken, he couldn’t help but asked the old man.
”Is this where you live?”

He nodded and opened the glass of the cabinet to get the magnum bullets.
“Yes, this is where I live…I wont leave this shop, because this where I was born as well. It holds many precious memories of my child hood.”

Jack felt sorry for him to live in a place like this, but he also respects his decision.
“I see…”

He started to reach for the Magnum, but he grabbed the Sniper Rifle instead.
“Opps silly me, I grabbed the wrong gun.”

He slowly put the Sniper back and reached in the cabinet, finally he got the Magnum and slowly walked towards the counter. As he started to compute the total prize, Jack saw his picture when he was younger. He smiled, as he knew who this old man was.

“I want you to take this card, its balance is 20,000 gold. I wont need it in Shadlehyde anyway. Get this house renewed and fixed, a helper to watch your shop, so that you can rest Sniper Fox…”

The old man stop computing as he looked at Jack putting everything in his bag. He had tears in his eyes, as he watches the young boy leave the store.
“Thank you young one, I’m glad that someone still knows me…and may God help you in all of your missions!” He smiled.

Jack started to walk south, heading towards the gate. He saw children playing ball along the way, he remembered the times when he used to play with Eden. Most of the times, other boys bullied him and Eden always defended him. But now, it’s him defending Eden. Even when they were still small, they already loved each other, but both of them were too shy to show it.

The ball was about to go outside the gate, but Jack caught it in mid air. A young girl ran towards him and smiled.
“Can we have the ball back mister?”

Jack smiled and knelt down, then gave the ball to the girl.
“Be careful not to let the ball get out gate again O.K.?”

The girl smiled and nodded in agreement, then she ran towards her friends. Jack stood up and went outside the gate. Before he took one more step, he looked back at the town.

‘I promise, to make you proud of me father and Eden…I promise to come back.’ He thought to himself.

Then he started to walk towards Shadlehyde Castle. After a few more steps, he came across a fork. But there was something different; he saw a town to the right.

“That’s funny, this didn’t show up in the map…” He mumbled.

But he didn’t have time; he took the right path. There was a board above the gate door and it was written in red paint.
“Soul Siren huh? Never heard that town before…”

He started to walk through the gate, and noticed that the people there were very weak. They were all skinny and looked very tiered, he looked around and saw a person licking a bone. Jack stared at him for a while then started to walk forward. Then along the way, he saw a healthy looking boy. He walked towards him and looked at him as he gave some food to a starving woman.
“You’re not from here aren’t you?”

The boy nodded as he looked at Jack.
“Yes, I’m Yokito Usazuma a student from Japan.”

Jack nodded and looked at his uniform.
“Oh I see…a foreigner. So are you going to stay here for awhile?”

Yokito nodded and put his hands on his waist.
“Yeah, I guess so. I’m studying about these people’s habitat, and why they are like this.”

Jack nodded and started to walk towards the exit.
“Oh, I see…I have to go now. My name is Python anyway.”

Suddenly his communicator started to beep, he pressed the button on his ear and kept on walking; he felt very uneasy to stay in the town.

“Python are you there?” Eden asked.

“Python here, what’s up Eden?”

“I’m receiving a strong energy on where you are. What’s happening Python?”

“I’m currently leaving the town of Soul Siren…the people here looks like a huge famine hit this town…” Jack said as he started to go through the gate and out of the town.
“Town? But there is no town in the map Python…” Eden said as she looked at the map again.

“That’s strange…” Jack said as he looked back at the town.

“Don’t worry about that Python…I told your father about it…His sending a spy to investigate that place…”

“Alright, Python over and out…” Jack said as he pushed the button again.

He can clearly see Shadlehyde castle from where he was standing, then he started to go forward until he saw the forest.

‘This is the Forbidden Forest…no time to stare at it now…time is gold…’ Jack said to himself as he started to enter the forest.

As soon as he entered the forest, his communicator started make frizzy sounds, before it gone dead. He understood now, why less experienced soldiers are not allowed to enter. He kept on hiding behind the bushes and trees, to avoid any enemies and other animals.

It was midnight when he finally reached the center of the forest. He looked around and saw a clearing, but he didn’t gone there, instead he went above a tree and started to take a nap, before moving on.

Minuets later he heard a group of people walking through the forest. He woke up and stayed hidden behind the leaves.

‘I wonder who are brave enough to come in this forest…aside from me…’

There was a bard with long blond and silky hair, with a foreign costume. Along with him is a monk with black hair and eyeglasses, a mage with brown hair and eyeglasses, rouge with unruly black hair, a Liger, a Baby Entei, and a floating Capsule.

‘What a weird party…’

He looked at them, as they started to make camp on the clearing. He kept his eyes fixed on all of them as they started to make a fire, and started to eat. About twenty minuets later, after they ate; they started to talk about a mission. Jack was curious about what kind of mission will they have, and listened to them until they finished. He noticed that they have the same mission like him.

‘Hmmm…they all are going the same way as I am…maybe I should join them?’

He slowly moved down the tree, and started to walk towards them. But suddenly he felt a presence behind him, a very powerful presence.
“Don’t you even dare hurt them…for I am always watching!” A big voice said in a growling tone.

Jack looked behind him with a knife in his hand. But as soon as he turned around, all he saw was a big paw print of a large animal. He looked around and put the knife back. Then he turned his attention back to the strange party, he slowly walked towards them and stood behind the bard.

“I can’t help but overhear your conversation…you all are going to Shadlehyde right? I’m going there too, so I think we should be in the same team. I’m Death Python.”

Everyone looked at him and stopped talking. The bard smiled and stood up, and then he extended his arm with an open palm.
“O.K. then, I’m Sean Luigi Sistoso you should call me Enfrit when we are in battle. Welcome to the party.” Sean smiled.

Jack shook his hand and smiled at Sean.

The mage then stood up fixing his glasses, before looking at Jack.
“Base from your attire, and weapons…I should say, that you’re a soldier…with a very high rank. By the way my name is Andrew Delfin call me Phoenix. You should tell us your real name too, since we will be working together.”

Jack sighed as he looked at Andrew.
“Alright, I am Jack Solomon, son of the Big Boss; an elite member of a very high ranked division known as the Wolf Dog. We are just like S.T.A.R.S.”

The monk looked at him and stood up quickly.
“S.T.A.R.S? You mean the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad? I heard that they went missing two months ago, the same time when Shadlehyde Castle was attacked. Oh yes, my name is Aurellio Llena call me Dyne. Tell me, why did they disappear like that?

Jack shook his head, as he put his fist on his waists.
“No one knows exactly…that’s why my father sent me in this mission. He wanted me to find this guy…” He handed out the picture of his former friend.

“This is Frederick Moldes, A.K.A Revolver Saber tooth. He is the leader of S.T.A.R.S, although he is young, he is third best in our town, next to my father and me. Some of father’s spies told us that, he is still alive. I need to find him and get the answers I want.”

Suddenly the rouge held his head, and lied down with pain.
“Ow my head!” He said, as he heard a sharp sound in his head.

Sean quickly went to Peter and put his hand on his waist, then shook him.
“Peter! What’s wrong?”
Then Peter stopped for a while, and slowly sat up.
“Ughh…I…I think…I…saw him before….”

Jack walked closer to Peter and showed him the picture again.
“Really? Where? When?” He demanded an answer.

Peter shook his head and looked at the picture.
“I can’t remember where and when, but I know I saw him before…maybe he was the one who gave me this amnesia…”

Sean nodded and took out a potion.
“Drink this and go to sleep…you will feel better in the morning.”

Peter nodded and drank the potion with one sip, then went to sleep. Everyone then started to go to their positions and started to go to sleep. Jack sat next to Sean, and looked at Peter as he slept.
“What’s his name and what happened?”

Sean sighed and looked at Peter as he explained.
“His name is Peter Magcaling, call him Scarface. When I met up with him, he can’t remember anything. I’m not sure what happened…but I promised to help him get his memories back…” He said as he looked away.

The baby Entei leaped on Sean’s laps and stood up on its hind legs. It started to lick his chin and barked, trying to get his attention. Sean looked down and gently stroked its head, it purred delightedly. Jack looked at them as he smiled.
“That Entei really loves you doesn’t he?”

Sean nodded and gently hugged the baby Entei.
“Yeah, his name is Enseer Entei. I met him in the Hive Forest…”

Jack looked around and pointed at the Liger and the Time Capsule.
“How about them? What’s their name?”

Sean smiled and looked at what Jack pointed.
“The baby Liger is Shin-Long, and the Time Capsule is Elfonser Delfin. I think Aurellio bought Shin-Long, and Andrew told me that Elfonser, his brother, was trapped in that Capsule due to a failed experiment, to know more about time and dimension…”

“Curiosity killed the cat…make that trapped the rat…” Jack chuckled.

Sean laughed and started to lie down, while Enseer slept on his belly.
“It’s a good thing that they are asleep, or else you’ll start a fight. Anyway we need get some rest. We will go to Shadlehyde early morning.” Sean said as he closed his eyes.

Jack looked up in the sky as he once again felt the joy of having friends, before he started to go to sleep.

--------End Of Chapter 3---------

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Entei's Son
Chapter 4: Fellowship of Light
Five days has past, ever since Sean left his home and started his adventure. He met up with new friends with different abilities, and some are other creatures. Even though they were just been together for very few days, they already started to treat each other as a family.

It was a bright and sunny day, when they left the forest. Peter was out front and looked up in the sky while extending his arms.
“Ahh! The bright sun! I wonder if I could just hug it?”

Aurellio sighed as he followed Peter outside the forest.
“Yeah, go ahead hug it. I bet it wants to be hugged.”

Andrew chuckled as he emerged from the forest.
“Your being sarcastic again Aurellio…”

Sean smiled as he started to walk ahead of them.
“Oh c’mon guys. We need to go now.”

Enseer and Shin-Long followed Sean as they started to playfully bite each other’s ears. Sean smiled as he watched the two of them having fun. Jack on the other hand kept on pressing the button of his communicator; it started to beep a few times, and finally he heard a female’s voice.
“Jack…are…you there?”

“I’m here Eden…so which way is Shadlehyde castle?”

“Right…its north from there.”

“Thanks Eden, over and out.”

Jack looked at Elfonser who was staring at him, after he stopped talking.

Elfonser panicked and coughed.

Jack sighed as he closed his eyes, then he looked back at Elfonser.
“I bet your wondering that why am I talking to myself…correct?”

Elfonser nodded and looked at his ear.
“What’s that on your ear?”

Jack put his hand on his communicator, on his right ear.
“This? This is a communicator; I use it to get or to send information to my fellow soldiers back on the base. It’s very valuable to every soldier in the field.”

“Oh I see. So is that attached to you or maybe you just put it in?” Elfonser said as he looked at the wire connecting to another device on Jack’s chest.

“I put it in my ear. It’s connected to my main communicator. This is what I use, to put in frequencies of my allies.” Jack said as he pointed at his main communicator.

“I see…”

“Hey c’mon El! We have to go!” Andrew shouted as he waved at them.

“Coming!” Elfonser said as he dart toward Andrew.

Jack sighed as he walked up to them. They all looked at the white castle, which was seen from where they were standing.
“We are almost there! All we have to do is go north.” Jack said

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, and started to walk north. While they were walking, they talked about their towns, and they’re past experience. Andrew and Aurellio teased each other for their mistakes in the past, and sometimes start quarrelling, but Sean and Jack stop them from going too far.

Five minutes later, they saw a clear road going to Shadlehyde. Everyone smiled at each other because they know, that they were almost there. They followed the road while talking about what they are going to do after their missions, until they saw a pack of White Tigers blocking the path going to Shadlehyde.

They started to growl angrily as they got up on their four legs. Sean and his party took a step back as they looked at them.
“It looks like they are not leaving…” Andrew said.

“We have to fight to go through…” Jack said as he slowly got his gun.

Peter, Aurellio and Andrew nodded, and got their weapon as they got ready for battle. But Sean didn’t do anything; he stared at a White Tiger lying down. He had a scar on his right eye, and he had his paw stuck in a trap. Sean moved in front and bowed a little before looking back at the pack leader.

“We are not here for a fight. I want to help you…”

Jack pulled Sean’s hand and looked at him angrily.
“What are you doing?! Your gonna get eaten!”

Sean shook his head and smiled at Jack, as he looked back at the tigers.
“Don’t worry. Its all O.K…just give me a minute.”

Jack let go of Sean’s hand and stepped back. He started to walk forward with Enseer right behind him. Andrew and the rest were amazed that the Tigers were just looking at him as he walked towards the pack leader. Their mouth hung opened as Sean sat down next the leader and gently patted his head.

Sean looked at its paw and took out a light blue potion.
“Don’t fret, I will get your paw out of that awful thing in a minute.”

The pack leader looked at Sean as he slowly poured the strange potion all over his paw. After the potion dried up, he couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Its like he couldn’t feel his paw.

Sean slowly opened the trap and looked at him.
“Quickly take it out.”

He nodded and quickly took his paw out of the trap, as soon as it Sean lost his grip. Then he gently laid it on Sean’s lap and he started to open his bag and searched for a potion. Finally under a few Poke’ Balls he found a box filled with red potions. He took one out and opened it; he slowly poured it on the tigers wound. It quickly healed and his fur started to grow back. He gently kissed his paw and looked at him.

“There, now the pain has gone away.”

He smiled and gently pressed his muzzle on Sean’s cheeks and started to gently lick his face.
“Thank you young one…I am very grateful…”

Sean chuckled and gently stroked his head.
“Its no problem. You really don’t have to clean me or lick me…”

He chuckled as he stopped licking him; he slowly sat up and looked down at Sean.
“I’m sorry, you just have such a baby face…I couldn’t resist. My name is Lucas Raisk, and I’m the leader of the Metal Tigers.”

Sean and Enseer tilted his head as he looked at Lucas.
“Metal Tigers? Are you like mercenaries or something?” Sean asked.

Lucas smiled gently at Sean as he patted his head.
“No, young one. We are a pack of Tigers who protect animals either prey or predator from the monsters that kill any living thing they see.”

Sean smiled as Lucas patted his head. He gently put his hand over Lucas’s paw and looked at him.
“Wow, you’re really great!”
Lucas chuckled and rubbed his paw on Sean’s head. He put his face closer to Sean’s and smiled gently at him.
“Thank you young one, and to show a token of my gratitude…you are now an honorary of the Metal Tigers, and a part of my family.”

Sean blushed after he listened to Lucas talk. He looked down and gently laid his head on Lucas’s chest, without him knowing. He closed his eyes and sighed. He remembered how he first met Entei and what was the feeling when he was accepted as a son. He felt the same way towards Lucas.

Lucas smiled and put both of his paws around him like a big hug. He gently pressed his head on Sean’s, so that he can feel his face on his chest. He chuckled and gently whispered to his ear.
“Your always welcome here my son…”

Andrew and the rest were dumbfounded, and their mouths were wide-open at the sight of what Sean was doing. Aurellio shook his head and looked at Sean, still surprised that he wasn’t harmed.
“Alright…Sean is talking to animals…this is a scene you don’t see everyday.”

Andrew nodded and fixed his glasses, as he closed his mouth.
“Talking to your Poké Mon is normal, but this…I thought that it was only Peter who was insane…”

Peter snorted, as he looked away, offended at what Andrew said.
“Hey! I’m crazy, not insane!”

Everyone had a big sweat drop appeared on top of his head after they listened to Peter. Jack coughed and looked Sean and the tigers.
“But it seems, that they understand him…”

Peter nodded and chuckled as he crossed his arm on his chest.
“That’s because his a Cupid!”

Andrew and Aurellio fell down, then got up with a vein clearly seen on their head, and shouting at Peter together.

Jack looked at Peter, then back to Sean.
“So that explains it…”

Elfonser looked and stared at Sean as he slowly put his head on one of the tiger’s chest.
“Druids are people who are blessed with the power of nature. They can communicate with other animals and maybe Poké Mons, and they can understand what they say. They can even talk to trees. Others say that they can take form of an animal they want, like were wolves, were bears or were tigers. They really are powerful beings.”

Everyone looked back at Sean and nodded their heads in agreement at what Elfonser said.

Sean almost fell asleep but suddenly he remembered about his mission. He opened his eyes and looked up at Lucas.
“Daddy Lucas…I still have to do an important mission…”

Lucas nodded and let go of Sean. He sat up straight and look at Sean, as he started to sit up and put Enseer on his laps.
“Oh, alright then…take your older brother Vernier here, you will need his help.”

Sean looked behind him and a white tiger walking towards him, he looks different among the other tigers; he had Raikou-like strips around his body, and he had two big fangs in his mouth, which made him look like a Saber tooth rather than a normal tiger. He couldn’t help but stare at him with admiration. As Vernier got closer to him, he looked down and saw that the young male was looking at him. He smiled and put his paw on Sean’s face.
“Hey, stop staring at me…I’m not that handsome am I?”

Sean shook his head and removed Vernier’s paw off his face.
“Oh, I’m sorry…I couldn’t help it.”

Lucas chuckled as Vernier treated Sean as a brother already. He looked up at Vernier and remembered the day he first met a strange white tiger cub. He found him injured and unconscious, right beside his dead parents. Lucas took pity; he gently bit his neck and slowly put him on his back.

Before he started to go back to his pack, he looked at the cub’s dead parents one last time, and he noticed that the cub’s father was a big yellow furred, with a purple mane and strange tiger-like creature, and his mother was a white tiger. At first he wasn’t sure what the father was, then he finally remembered that it was a Poké Mon known as a Raikou. He met one of their kinds before, and they were not the kind to be messed around with.

Vernier smiled and looked at Sean’s team mates, before looking back at him.
“So, it looks like I’m not the only cross breed here.”

Sean nodded and gently stroked Vernier’s head, as he slowly stood up and looked at Shin-Long.
“Yeah, that’s Shin-Long, a Liger. A cross breed of a Lion and a Tiger…”

Jack sighed and looked at his watch. It reads ten thirty in the morning; he was beginning to worry about their mission. He looked at Sean as he put his hands on his waist.
“Hey Sean, we shouldn’t keep the King waiting! We have to go.”

Sean looked at Jack and nodded. Then he looked back at Lucas and sat down in front of him.
“Daddy Lucas…We have to go. I’ll come back, I promise.” He smiled and hugged him.

Lucas hugged him back and smiled.
“We will wait for you and Vernier to arrive, remember my son…you and your friends are always welcome.”

Sean closed his eyes and whispered to Lucas.
“Daddy? Can Grandpa Entei come live with us? Please?”

Lucas nodded and let go of Sean.
“Alright, just come back safe O.K.?”

Sean nodded and stood up, he started to walk towards his teammates; Vernier and Enseer right behind him. Before they started to walk, Lucas and the other Tigers stepped aside and let them go through.

They walked forward and tried not to make eye contact with the other tigers, because it might provoke them. Sean on the other hand looked at Lucas with a smile, before he walked passed him. He knows that he will meet him again, after the battle has been won and he will do his best to stay alive until then.

After a few forks in the road, they finally saw a stony road and a road sign, with words written on it ‘Shadlehyde Castle’. Everyone smiled and looked at each other, as they knew that they were in the right track. Jack looked at his watch again, and it read ten forty in the morning.

Aurellio sighed and looked up in the sky, with a big smile.
“Alright! Now this is where the real action begins!”

“You really love fighting don’t you?” Andrew said as he sighed.

“So? At least I have a fit and healthy body, unlike a certain someone I know who has a very big head, and a very small body.” He s******ed

Andrew had a big vein appear on his head as he started to yell.
“What do you mean by that brainless one!?”

“What did you say you nerd!?” Aurellio looked at him and yelled.

They started growling angrily at each other. While everyone gave out a big sigh at the sight of them fighting.

“They’re doing it again…” Peter said.

Vernier looked up at Sean.
“Are they always fighting with each other?”

Sean looked down at him and nodded.
“Yep, ever since I met up with them…they always fought with each other’s weakness and mistakes…I really wonder when will they ever stop…”

Jack walked forward and put his hand in between Andrew and Aurellio and chopped the air, and then a bell sounded.

Sean, Peter and Elfonser fell down on the ground, and then stood up with a very angry look.
“What the hell do you think your doing?!” They shouted all together.

Jack cleared his throat and pushed both Andrew and Aurellio away from each other and looked at them from left to right.
“Stop it both of you, we are a team, we are not a bunch of little children. So knock it off.”

Andrew and Aurellio still growled at each other, and then looked away.
“They will never make up…” Sean sighed.

“Right…Lets go now.” Jack said as he led the way.

Everyone nodded in agreement and followed Jack, while Andrew and Aurellio still didn’t look at one another. Ten minuets later, they started to see the town filled with people ahead, and four young females with different colored dresses, stared at them.

“Ooo! Look at the mage boy! He really has good style in clothes! I think we are compatible!” A girl in a red dress said as she waved at Andrew.

“I love a man with muscles! He can protect me, and he is soo huggable! He is my dream come true!” A girl in a blue dress said as se daydreamed about Aurellio carrying her.

“Oh my…He has no clothes on…and he really have a good body! I bet he is the most skillful one in the group. I would love to be with him.” A girl with eyeglasses and in a green dress said as she giggled.

“Oh that boy is dreamy! He really has such a cute baby face, and has cool clothes! I bet he is good singer and a music player! I really love to date him.” A girl in a yellow dressed said as she winked at Sean.

He looked at them as they walked passed them. Sean blushed as the girl in yellow winked at him. He looked down as Enseer and Vernier chuckled at his reaction. Jack looked behind him with a smile.
“Better get used to it. Girls will be talking about you when we get popular.”

Sean looked at Jack, while his face is down and red.
“But…I really don’t want to be talked about…”

Jack chuckled as he looked at Peter.
“I know what you mean. You don’t want to be treated someone special right?”

Sean nodded as his face slowly turns back to its normal color.
“Exactly what you said.”

Peter sighed as he looked around. He felt sad because no girl was there to look or admire him.
“How come I don’t have a fan?” He said in a sad tone.

Aurellio looked behind him as Peter looked down.
“It’s because you don’t have good hygiene. Your hair is all messy, your suit is dirty, your posture is not right, plus…you need to brush your teeth once in a while…”

Peter looked up at Aurellio with an angry face, feeling insulted.
“Hey! I brushed my hair three days ago! I took a bath just yesterday, I cleaned my suit when I met Sean here, and I brushed last night!”

Aurellio had a big sweat drop on top of his head and looked back at Andrew.
“O.K…. first of all, you should brush your hair whenever its messy, you have to brush every four hours and clean your shirt everyday! And finally…you didn’t brush your teeth last night. You brushed Enseer’s, he even bit you and Sean scolded you…or you totally forgot?”

Peter looked at his finger with a smile.
“Oh! So that explain the wound on my finger!”

Everyone sighed and looked down as a big sweat drop appeared on their heads. It wasn’t long until they reached the town of Shadlehyde; there were big buildings and very many good-looking shops. Everyone except Jack couldn’t help but look around, as their mouths were wide open.

“Woah! This city rocks!” Peter said as he stared at the shops.

“No exploring, until we finish the mission Scarface!” Sean said.

“Awww!” Peter said in disappointment.

“I wonder if they have cards, wherein everything we buy is for free?” Aurellio stared at a golden spiked glove that was displayed.

Andrew gave him an evil look as they walked.
“Not a chance Dyne! We have to work for the money now.”

“Awww!” Aurellio sighed as he looked down in disappointment.

Jack on the other hand was silent as he looked around, and listen to the others talk. After a few steps they reached a gate, with two anthropoid lion with heavy armored, standing in front of it. They had a large golden shield and sharp sword.
“Who are you?”

Andrew cleared his throat and looked up at the soldiers.
“We were sent here by the king.”

“Show us your letter!” The guard to the left demanded.

Andrew reached for his right pocket and took out the letter, then gave it to the guard. He read it and looked back at Andrew, and opened the gate.
“You may proceed.”

Andrew nodded then looked at Aurellio.
“Oh yeah, all muscle and no brain here is with me.” He chuckled as he entered the gate.

Aurellio got angry and exploded.
“What do you mean by that pipsqueak!?“ He said as he followed Andrew.

The gate closed as they were inside. Next was Jack, he walked towards the guards and saluted at them. They didn’t know what was he doing and looked at each other for a while with a confused look, then looked down at Jack and did the same. He nodded and reached for his pocket, and got the letter, then he gave it to the guards. They nodded and opened the gate.

Jack walked inside and started to press the button of his communicator. The gate slowly closed, before Sean could hear what he was talking in the communicator. The guards looked down at Sean.

He reached in his bag and looked for the letter, which was under the potion box. He reached in and took out the letter, after that he gave it to the guards and smiled.
“Alright, then…Enseer and Vernier are my family members and they are with me, oh yeah also this guy…” He pointed behind him.

The guards looked at the boy behind Sean and had a big sweat drop on their heads.
“You mean that peasant, who is currently smelling his shoes and your brother’s feet?”

Sean was confused and turned around. He was shocked at what he saw. Peter was looking at the bottom of Vernier’s hind paw and pressed his nose to it and took a deep breath.
“You didn’t bathe didn’t you?” He smiled.

Vernier had a big sweat drop on his head and looked at Sean.
“Can I eat him?”

Sean waved both his hands, forming a fist as he yelled at Peter.
“What are you doing!? Stop that now!”

Peter let go of Vernier’s paw and stood up, he looked at the guards and walked towards him with a curious look. Sean stepped back as he walked towards the guard. When he stopped in front of the guard to the right, he looked down at Peter with a scared look. They both stared at each other for a while, and then Peter smiled.
“Hey can I smell your feet? I want to know if you bathe!”

Sean dropped down to the ground and stood up with an angry look.
“What are you doing Peter!? You are not here to sniff everyone’s feet to know if they bathe or not! You came here to get your memories back!”

Peter looked at Sean and scratched his head.
“Oh? Did I have an amnesia?”

Sean sighed as he messaged his head with two of his fingers.
His amnesia is getting worse and worse, every passing day…’ He thought to himself.

The guards opened the gate as Sean dragged Peter. Vernier and Enseer kept away from Peter’s sight, and kept close in front of Sean. When they entered the palace, they were amazed at what they saw; the castle had very fine decorations and priceless trophies. They saw Andrew and the rest near a very big door, with a red carpet below it.

“What took you soo long?” Andrew said as he looked at them.

“Sorry, we had some trouble.” Sean smiled.

The door opened and trumpets were played as they entered. There was a man with a golden crown and a white beard, he was well dressed and had a scepter in his hand. He is known as King Regal Shadlehyde. Sean and the rest, walked slowly in forming a vertical line. As soon as they reached the stairs, they knelt down and bowed before the King. Enseer, Vernier and Shin-Long sat down beside their respective owner.

While Peter whispered to Sean as he bowed down.
“What are we doing?”

“We are bowing, it’s a way to show respect our King.” He whispered.


“I’ll tell you later…Now keep quiet…”

King Regal walked down the stairs, until he reached the second step. He extended his arms and smiled, as he looked down at them.
“I’m glad you have all come. I can see you brought some allies with you.”

“Oh I bet he bathes all the times.” Peter smiled as he looked at Sean.

“Peter hush! Your gonna get us in trouble!” He whispered back.

“Look, I will cut your tongue if cant keep quiet.” Vernier looked evilly at Peter.

King Regal waved his left hand up, telling them that they can get up. They slowly got up and looked up at him. He started to call a squire and some women servants to come in.

“Let them take your bags and belongings, you need to rest from the long travel. We will discuss everything before we have dinner. We will all meet at the garden after the bell rings. Now go rest and wash up in your respective rooms now.”

Everyone gave their bags to the servants and weapons to the squires. Then they followed the servants to each one of their rooms. There was a hall with five rooms and a wooden plate on it. The maid smiled and pointed at it.

“Alright guys, choose your own room. You can personalize it if you want, but put your name on the boards, so that you will know each ones room. Oh yes, don’t try stealing anything because, the door will only open to the real owner of that room.”

Sean wrote his name at the very first door, Peter next to him, Jack was across the hall and started to write his name, Andrew was next to Jack, and Aurellio was in the middle. After they wrote their name the maid smiled and put a big blue bag outside Sean’s door.

“Now go inside and give me your clothes. The others and me will wash your clothes. You can use the clothes inside your cabinet.”

Sean nodded and went inside. His mouth was wide opened, when he stepped inside his room. It had a big and comfy bed, good for two people. The window was clean and a terrace was seen outside. There was a mirror and a cabinet to his left, and a table to his right, with various novels. He felt like he was in heaven as he stared at the room. The maid knocked at the door.
“Mr. Sean? Are you done removing your clothes?”

He shook his head left and right, as he recovered from the amazement.
“Oh, sorry…wait for a minute.”

Sean opened the cabinet and took a long blue colored towel; he pulled it and went in the comfort room. Vernier and Enseer looked at him as he went inside. They didn’t know why he went in and what he is going to do. After a few seconds he came out with no clothes, but only the blue towel strapped around his body. He slowly went to the door and gave his clothes to the maid, as he hid behind the door.
“Here are my clothes…”

She smiled and looked at the other doors. They all gave her their clothes, until…they heard her scream. Everyone rushed out of their rooms, with their towels strapped around them, to see what happened. They saw her face red and looking away from Peter.

He came out of the room wearing only a brief, as he handed his clothes.
“What’s wrong?”

Everyone gave Peter an evil glance, as Sean took his clothes and gave it to the maid.
“What the hell is wrong with you?! You’re not suppose to let a lady see you naked!” Aurellio shouted.

“What’s wrong with being naked?” Peter tilted his head.

“That’s not civilized! Go back in and get your towel! Strap it around your body, from your waist, so that she can’t see you like that!” Andrew yelled.

Peter nodded as he went inside and started to hum happily.
“I’m gonna get a bath! Oh yeah!”

Jack sighed as he messaged his head, with two of his fingers.
“Aiaiai…you better get your friend a medicine to recover him from this severe amnesia…”

Sean nodded as they went back to their rooms. He closed the door as he went inside, and directly went to the bathtub. He went in and dipped his whole body in the warm water.
“Oh, the water is just great…” Sean smiled as he closed his eyes.

He was about to go to sleep, until he felt a gentle lick across his face, and two paws gently rested on his chest. When he slowly opened his eyes; he saw Enseer at his side with half of his body emerged in water. While he saw Vernier laid his body down over Sean’s; only his head wasn’t emerged in water.
“Hey, you wouldn’t mind if we join in this warm bath right?” Vernier smiled.

“Oh it’s alright…hey, can you wake me up after about thirty minutes big brother?” Sean yawned.

He chuckled as he rested his muzzle on Sean’s forehead.
“Alright. I’ll wake you up later.”

Enseer splashed playfully near Sean’s waist and tried catching Vernier’s tail, as he wagged it around and around. The noise didn’t bother him, as long as he knows that everyone is fine. It didn’t take long until Sean fall asleep, after a few strokes from Vernier’s tongue as he was being groomed.

Thirty minutes later Vernier woke Sean up, as the water felt cold. He yawned sleepily as he slowly got out of the tube, and rubbed himself dry with the towel. They looked at him as he started to put on the clothes, which inside the cabinet. After finishing changing, Sean went outside his room and looked around. He only saw Jack looking at him, as he tapped his foot.
“Hey Jack…what are you doing out here?”

“What else? I was waiting for you…the bell rang three minutes ago. We better get there, we shouldn’t let the king wait…” He said as he started to walk.

Sean nodded and followed him, he kept on looking back to make sure that Enseer and Vernier were close behind him. They kept on walking northwards, and past the hall. Sean couldn’t help but look at the decorations and paintings as they kept on walking.
“Wow, this paintings are all so great!”

Vernier nodded as he looked at some of the paintings.
“I agree. The people who made this are such good artists…”

After a minute, they finally reached a door, with two miniature angel fountains. Enseer tilted his head as he saw the fountains. He never saw anything like that before. He ran ahead and sniffed at it, he saw water coming out of the angel’s vase. It was like a waterfall in the Hive Forest, where his father and him usually drank. He slowly lowered his head and started to drink the water.

Sean saw what Enseer was doing, and he rushed towards him. He slowly carried him in his arms and hugged him.
“No, no Enseer. That’s not a drinking fountain.” He chuckled, as he looked back at Jack.

“Lets go in…” He said as he opened the big door, with some vines on its sides.

There was a blinding light and they were forced to close their eyes. Slowly as the light faded, they opened their eyes. They were amazed at what they saw; a garden with large apple trees, there were many birds singing happily on the branches, a huge water fall was seen to their right, a clear lake below it and many stone chairs with their friends sitting on them.

“Hey! You guys are late!” Andrew sighed.

“C’mon sit with us. The king will be with us in a minute.” Aurellio smiled.

Sean, Jack and Vernier walked towards them and sat down on the chairs. Enseer jumped down, as the rest sat down. He roamed around with Shin-Long for a while, until a butterfly caught his attention, he tried to catch it but it fly away as soon as he pounced at it. Vernier looked at Enseer as he played around, then he slowly walked towards him, as he kept a close eye.

Sean smiled as he looked at Enseer having fun. Then, the door slowly opened and three figures were seen. The one in the center was King Regal, and the other two were a tall teen with long yellow hair, he had a big scar on his forehead and he had a heavy armor. The other one, had short tidy brown hair, he was obviously a priest, because of his robes.

They walked towards them and sat on the three stone chairs, in front of the rest. King Regal smiled as he looked at all of them.
“I see, that you all came here on time.”

Everyone nodded. Andrew looked at the two strangers with the king.
“So, are they gonna help us in the mission your gonna give us?”

He nodded and gave out a hearty laugh.
“Ho, oh! Your really are the smartest mage in your class! You are right this is Micheal James Paez a Paladin and this is Roderick Bugnos a high priest. They are my best warriors; they will join your party and aid you in battle as well.

Micheal stood up and bowed his head.
“You should call me Golden Excalibur, I excel at sword to sword battle, and I can heal some of your wounds if you need healing. Roderick here is The Iron Cross, not only he can heal and support us in battle, he can also take care of himself, he is used to close quarters.”

Roderick stood up and bowed his head, and then he took out a map from his bag and spread it on the stone table. Everyone walked towards it and looked down at it. A big white castle was Shadlehyde, Bur Zuken a Gun, Milma a guitar, and Zane with a Magic Book represented Shadlehyde. There were other symbols as well, Crystal Lake with a big and clear Waterfall, Hive Forest with an Entei’s sign, Road of the Beast with a pug mark of Chimereon, and Fragili Forest with green particles.

“We learned that the new evil, leaded by Mephisto and the Dark Sage are trying to get the Four Powers to yield to their cause. If that happens all hope will be lost, and we will all perish. We cannot let them do that! We have to go and get them to join us before they do…But we later know that the four members were separated due to their arguments in the past years…We have to go and get them one by one…We have to decide which ones should we invite first…” Roderick exclaimed.

Micheal walked towards the map and pointed at each symbol of the Four Powers as he explained.
“This Revolver sign is where Frederick Moldes is. He is the farthest among the rest, but he is also very wise in the battlefield. He is currently hiding at Death Wind Beach…”

Jack looked closely at the map as he heard Frederick’s name. He needs to get to Frederick Moldes quickly, and get the answers he wants. Sean noticed that Jack was eager to say something, but he couldn’t. He looked down at the map and remembered that he was searching for the guy they are supposed to find.

Micheal continued and pointed at a claw mark of a cat.
“This is were Jan Louise Cruz is. He is not that far, but we would have a difficult time finding him, since his a Blood Ninja it’s nearly impossible to find him quickly. He is the fastest among the Four Power, and we heard that he is hiding near Bloody Morge. It was a town who sales meat and other foods. Until the foul beasts of Mephisto, turned it a slaughterhouse. He made the animals dead or alive, to eat any human that goes in there…one of our scouts was eaten alive, by a lion and a tiger…the other one barely made it out.”

He pointed at a swan’s symbol and sighed.
“This is where the drunkard Noel Coronado lives. He is a peaceful guy and it would be easy to let him join us. But he believes power is everything, meaning that we have to pass a test, before he joins us. He lives at Swan’s Pool, with Geisha’s and some travelers. He is considered a hero there.”

Then he finally pointed a skull symbol.
“And this…this is where their boss resides, there is no information about him, but our scouts told us that, it’s littered with undead and unknown creatures. It would be hard for us to go in, especially get out. We need to get the other three to join us, before we ask Francis Guevara to join us.”

Roderick nodded and put his hands on his waist, as he looked at everyone.
“So who should we get first?”

Aurellio coughed as he smiled.
“That’s easy! We get Noel Coronado! He is the easiest, and I want to challenge tubby at a battle.”

Andrew sighed and gave Aurellio an evil look.
“Your pretty selfish. I think we should get Jan Louise Cruz. We can easily find him, with my spells.”

Jack shook his head and put his fist on Frederick.
“No, we must get Frederick first. He is wise and he might know the weakness of his fellow comrades, we need will need him.”

Micheal sighed and looked at Jack.
“We will loose a lot of time, if we try to get him. I don’t think that’s the only reason. You should do the mission of the king first, before doing yours.”

Jack looked down and growled angrily.

Sean smiled and raised his hand.
“Jack is right, we need to know how to fight his allies and what’s their weakness. You said he is a good tactician right? Then we will really need his help.”

Peter smiled and jumped and down as he raised his hand.
“That’s right! That’s right! Lets go and get Molds and ask him about his friends peachiness!”

Sean had a big sweat drop appear on his head, as he looked at Peter.
“You mean, Moldes…and its weakness not peachiness!”

Jack smiled a he looked at Sean, agreeing with them.
‘You really are good friends…Sean…Peter’

Micheal sighed as he crossed his arms.
“Alright, majority wins…we will go after Frederick Moldes first…”

Sean and Peter cheered as they waved their hands up in the air. Jack chuckled as he looked at them, acting like a child. Andrew and Aurellio sighed, and then they looked at Micheal.
“So after, we let Frederick Moldes join us…who is next?”

Micheal put his hand below his chin as he closed his eyes, while thinking.
“Hmmm…maybe we will get Jan Louise before Noel Coronado…Since Noel is nearest to Francis…”

Roderick nodded in agreement as he looked at all of them.
“It’s agreed then, we will go and get Frederick first, Jan Louise second and then Noel before we go and storm Francis’s fortress.”

King Regal stood up and chuckled lightly.
“It is settled. Your group will now be known as the Fellowship Of Light. Your journey shall begin tomorrow. It’s best that all of you shall rest here, and prepare for the great battle and trials ahead.”

Everyone faced the king as they bowed down, with a smile on their face.
“Thank you your majesty!”

Suddenly Sean felt a tug on his poncho, it was Shin-Long frantically meowed trying to get his attention. Sean turned around and was shocked, at what he saw. Enseer was trying to capture the butterfly, while Vernier was trying to block him to go any further towards the cliff.
“Enseer! Stop!” Vernier ordered.

But Enseer didn’t listen, his eyes turned purple and it was like he was hypnotized by the multi colored butterfly. It flew over Vernier, he wanted to catch it but Vernier was blocking the way, he crouched down and tackled Vernier, and then both of them was thrown towards the cliff, they were about to fall off and land on the sharp edged rocks below. Until Sean threw a bunch of brown hairy seeds, then it started to grow into a large tree branch and rooted at the side of the cliff. Vernier and Enseer safely landed on the branch.

Everyone rushed to the cliff and looked down. Sean was relived when he saw them safe, but Enseer was fast asleep. He waved his hand as he looked at Vernier.
“Big brother, can you jumped up here from there?”

He looked up and nodded.
“Yes, just clear it up there!”

Sean stood up and told everyone to clear the way. Everyone stepped back and he signaled Vernier, that it’s all right to jump. He nodded and gently bit Enseer’s back neck and crouched, as he gathered energy and put it all in his legs. With one powerful push, he jumped three feet from where they were; the stone chairs broke as they landed near Sean and the rest. He gently gave Enseer to Sean as he walked away from the debris; his pugmark was clearly seen on the ground.

Sean hugged Enseer as he gently stroked Vernier’s head. He was very happy that they were safe, and then he gently stroked Shin-Long’s head after he stroked Vernier’s. He was very thankful that he warned him about Enseer.
“Thank you Shin-Long…I really owe you so much…”

Shin-Long smiled as he meowed delightedly. Everyone smiled as they saw how much Sean cared for both Poké Mons and animals. King Regal smiled and clapped his hands.
“That was very impressive Sean of Milma. There are only a few people like you, who will do everything to save animals or Poké Mons.”

Sean smiled as he scratched his head.
“Vernier and Enseer are my family…I cant just don’t do anything…and sorry about the stone tables.”

Vernier lowered his head as he looked at the debris. King Regal put his hands on his chest, and gave out a hearty laugh.
“Ho, oh! Don’t worry about those. My architects can easily make another one. They were itching to make a nicer stone chair.”

Micheal nodded and looked at the door, as a male with white clothes peeked out and called them for dinner.
“Looks like we have to eat now. We shouldn’t let the food wait.”

Everyone nodded and started to walk towards the dining table. As soon as they entered the dinning hall, the guards opened the door and there were maids standing in front of golden chairs of the round table. They smiled at them and invited them to sit.

The King sat in front, as everyone sat on their respective chairs, which has their name engraved on it. Then the chef’s started to put many plates with a cover in each of them. As soon as they set it on the table, they opened it. There were many different classical foods, which they only read or heard from books and rich people. Many of it was from different countries that only the king knew.

The main chef bowed as he went back to the kitchen.
“Bon A petit!”

“I think that mean’s dig in…” Sean smiled.

Everyone took each piece of food that was found, while Sean asked for three different plates and asked to fill two of it with warm milk and some biscuits. The maids smiled and gave it to him. Sean gave the two plates filled with milk to Enseer and Shin-Long. Both of them smiled and meowed delightedly, as they started to eat the biscuits and sip the milk.

Sean filled the other plate with different kind of meat, and some vegetables. Then he gave it to Vernier as he smiled. Vernier smiled back and licked his hand.
“Thanks little brother…”

“Don’t thank me…C’mon, dig in.”

Vernier started to eat the food in his plated delightedly, as Sean started to fill his own plate with rice and vegetables. He doesn’t want to eat meat, since he is a Druid. Everyone was having a great time as they ate and talk. Sean kept on slapping Peter’s hand whenever he tried to get some food with his bare hands, while Andrew and Aurellio kept on fighting, and Jack scolded them to keep their tones down. The King kept on laughing as he watched them eat and have fun. Micheal and Roderick minded their own business and kept on eating. After they ate, everyone went to their rooms and washed up. Sean was first to finish, and wore his bathrobe while he was inside. And suddenly, as he got out of the bathroom, Entei appeared. He looked at him with a smile as he slowly groomed Enseer; who was sleeping like a rock.

“Gabrieal. After you leave Shadlehyde I will not appear to you again…” He said in a sad tone.

Gabrieal was shocked and sat beside Entei.
“Wha…what? Why?”

Entei sighed as he finished grooming his little cub.
“My turn is over…its Suicune’s turn to watch over you…I will wait for you my son.”


Entei gently licked Gabrieal’s forehead and put his paw on his back and pulled him towards his chest.
“Don’t worry, we will see each other again…”

Gabrieal cried and cried, knowing that he won’t be able to see his father again, but Entei comforted him with a gentle lick on his forehead. He nuzzled him with love and care as he gently whispered the words he will never forget.

“My son, remember my words…The father and his son shall always find each other, no matter how hard fate will try to separate them, and they shall reunite when the time is perfect…that always came true…so always believe…”

Gabrieal wiped his tears, as he laid down his head on his father’s chest. He can hear Entei’s heart as his face rested on his furry chest. It was like a lullaby when he heard it beat. Slowly, Entei caressed his son’s head and back, and gently hummed a lullaby. It didn’t take long until Gabrieal fell asleep, in his father’s warm and loving arms. Entei smiled down on his son as he fell asleep. He remembered the time when he took care of Sean Luigi Enfreet. He always loved being caressed and sung a lullaby, especially if it’s filled with his love. Entei gently pressed his muzzle on Gabrieal’s forehead, and gently licked it with affection.

Vernier was outside when Gabrieal and his father was talking. When he opened the door, he saw that Gabrieal and Enseer fast asleep in their father’s arms. He walked towards them as he closed the door with his tail.
“So…are you done talking to them?”

Entei nodded as he bit the back of Gabrieal’s neck and carried him towards the bed.
“Yes, my sons didn’t agree at first, but I convinced them that we will meet in the near future…” He said as he put Enseer next to Gabrieal.

Vernier sighed as he walked towards the terrace and looked up at the sky.
“There will be a lot of adversities and challenges ahead…are you sure to just leave them?”

Entei shook his head as he put the blanket over his two beloved sons.
“I’m not leaving them…Leviathan Suicune his mother will watch over them now…I need to go back to the Heros’ Heves and protect the holy stones…”

Vernier looked at Entei as he felt the wind go through his fur.
“You mean the Holy Town? I thought that’s all myth…”

Entei nodded as he looked at Vernier.
“No…It’s not all hearsay, its true…I Magmus Entei, Leviathan Suicune, and Thundega Raikou are the only protectors left…The others have either perished, hiding or captured…We had to separate to find the last Caretaker…and that’s Gabrieal also known as Sean Luigi Sistoso.”

Vernier was shocked at what he heard; he never thought that Sean is the forgotten Caretaker of Fire, Gabrieal Enfreet. He heard stories about them, about how they fought for peace and unity among Poké Mon’s, humans and animals. But they perished as evil grew and grew stronger. He was dumbfounded at what he just heard from Magmus mouth.

Magmas sighed as he sat down.
“Vernier…now that I told you this…I want you to promise me something…”

Vernier shook his head as he looked up at him.
“S…sure…what is it?”

“Never tell anyone about Sean and Gabrieal are one…our enemies will try and kill him. It’s best to keep this hidden, so that there will not be much of a problem…and one more thing…protect them…no matter what happens, swear that you will protect him and my son Enseer…”

Vernier nodded as he closed the windows. Without them knowing, there was a spy who was listening to their little conversation. A black crow with blood red eyes was listening to what they were talking. It flew away as the windows closed, making sure that no one saw him leave.

Entei got up on the bed and lay down beside Gabrieal; he gently put his paw over him and on Enseer’s back. He slowly lowered his muzzle, so that he could feel his son’s hair rest on his chest.

Vernier smiled as he looked at how peaceful they look. He curled up near the bed and closed his eyes, as he thought about his own father.

Meanwhile at the farthest regions of Devil’s Garden

There was a huge and terrifying fortress, filled with unspeakable terror. Demons of different kind stayed in there, devouring, playing and torturing elves, dwarves and humans over and over again. They enjoy every moment of punishing them. Some of their captured slaves were forced to eat each other caused by hunger. The slaves never seems to end, a minute later another twenty or less are brought in, this fortress is an outpost of hell wherein no one dies, only get tortured by meciless demons over and over again.

The crow flew inside as the screams of both innocent and sinful victims were heard from afar. It went through a broken window filled with blood, and through a door with two guards. There was a huge chimera that had a head of a lion, arms of a mole, body of a dragon, both feet of a tiger and wings of a devil, sat on top of a throne of bones; slaves were carrying plates with red wine and some meat of lager animals,then he summoned the crow to land on his arm. It landed and whispered to his ear.

He grinned evilly as he listened to the crow tell him the information.
“So Gabrieal Enfreet is still alive eh? He is no threat to me, the great Mephisto! I will let the others have fun with him first. I want him to be a challenge to me, and when he does become a threat to my reign I will let him grovel at my feet as I slowly kill his beloved father.” He laughed evilly.

-----------End Of Chapter 4----------

(Here's Chapter 4.^^)
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Chapter 5: Revelation of the Past

It was about five a.m. when the roster did what it always has done. Gabrieal slowly opened his eyes after the second call of the roster, he felt terrible and drained out. He doesn’t want to move, nor even wake up. He slowly turned to look whose sleeping with him; he was hoping that Entei was still there, but he saw Vernier sleeping behind him instead, with his paw across his body, and the windows were wide open. He knew that his father has left.

Daddy…don’t you love me anymore? Why? Why do you have to leave…I only want you to take care of me and we will be together…’ He mumbled as he went back to sleep, crying.

Thirty minutes later Vernier and Enseer woke up; they both stretched out their legs as they slowly sat up. Enseer noticed that Gabrieal was still asleep; he gently put his paw on his face as he shook him. He barked happily to wake him up. But he didn’t even budged, Enseer tried again as he nuzzled him gently. But still he won’t wake up, he put his body on his face covering it, then he gently licked his ear to wake him up. Finally Gabrieal woke up, he sighed and slowly pushed Enseer away, being careful not to offend him.

“Stop Enseer…I want to sleep…I don’t like to play…I don’t want to do anything…please…stop….” He said with an extremely sad tone.

Enseer tilted his head and walked closer to his older brother and barked worriedly, he doesn’t know what’s keeping his brother down, and he doesn’t want him to feel sad. Vernier gently caressed Gabrieal’s head as he looked down at him.
“Take your time little brother…it’s still too early to have breakfast.”

Gabrieal cried silently as he covered his face with his hands. Enseer didn’t know why did he suddenly cry, but he wants to comfort him. He lay down in front of Sean as he gently licked his tears away. Gabrieal looked up at Enseer and hugged him, burying his face on Enseer’s chest. He never saw his older brother cried before, but he knows that he needs really needs him, especially in his situation. He rested his head on Sean’s head and purred, to make him feel better.

Vernier looked at the window and closed it. He really felt bad for both Gabrieal and Magmus that they have to separate; both of them don’t like to part, but one has to make the sacrifice to protect the other. To Magmus, Gabrieal and Enseer are not only his beloved son, but part of his soul and life. Vernier sighed as he helplessly watches Sean have to endure the wound of his bleeding and broken heart.

After two hours the bell rang and the maids knocked on each and everyone’s door, telling them to go to the dinning hall to have their breakfast. Peter, Jack, Andrew and Aurellio stretched outside their door as they waited for Sean to go out. It took two minutes for Sean to come out of his room with a very sad face.

Peter looked at Sean as he tilted his head.
“Sean? What’s wrong? You dropped something?”

Sean didn’t talk nor looked at them. Aurellio sighed as he put his hands on his waist.
“I bet he just got out of the wrong side of the bed.”

Peter looked at Aurellio with a confused look.
“Huh? You mean…”

Aurellio raised his hand as he looked at Peter evilly.
“Stop! Don’t talk, you might make Sean feel even worse if you ask obviously easy remarks…”

Peter snorted as he looked away from Aurellio. He never liked how Aurellio treated him; he always fights him and tries to make him feel bad or angry.
“No wonder Andrew hates you!”

Andrew fixed his glasses as he chuckled at Peter’s remark.
“Welcome to my world…”

Peter nodded and looked at Aurellio evilly.
“It’s because he is such a flirt!”

Aurellio fell down at what he said. He stood up on his high heels and made a fist; a vein was seen both on his head and on his fist.
“What do you mean?! I don’t flirt!”

Jack massaged his forehead with two of his fingers as he closed his eyes.
“I think he means jerk…He is right for once…you should stop being too aggressive and mind your own business.”

Aurellio snorted as he looked away from them.
“Humph! You guys are all too serious…”

Everyone except Sean laughed. He sighed as he started to walk towards the dinning room. Enseer and Vernier followed him still very worried about him.
“C’mon guys…we shouldn’t let the king wait….”

Everyone else looked at Sean as sluggishly walked towards the dinning room. Jack now felt a bit worried about Sean as he always saw him lively and happy, but today he is lifeless and very unhappy.

I wonder what’s wrong with Sean? He was soo lively yesterday…but now…he is like a zombie…did something happen?’ He thought to himself, as he started to walk behind Sean.

Later on in the dinning room, everyone sat on their respective seat and prayed before starting to eat their bread and some fruits. Sean asked the maid for milk and biscuits for Vernier, Enseer and Shin-Long. Everyone except Sean ate peacefully as they listen to the birds fly by. Jack looked up and started to worry; Sean wasn’t eating, nor drinking his juice. It was a sure sign that he was in a state of depression. He stopped and looked at Sean.
“Hey Sean…why are you not eating? You need to fill your stomach, we will need all our strength for both the travel and the battle…”

Sean sighed as he looked away.
“I’m not hungry….”

Vernier looked up at Sean as he sat up.
“I’m not eating if your not eating!”

“Big brother….”

Enseer and Shin-Long agreed and stopped drinking their milk as they looked at Sean. Vernier pushed his bowl away from him as he looked at Sean.
“If your not drinking, so are we. We are in this together, so if you’ll starve then we will too, if you’ll be thirsty so will we!”

Sean felt bad that they wont eat or drink because he feels bad, he doesn’t want them to starve nor thirst, but he felt a little bit good, knowing that there is someone who cares for him and will always be there for him. He smiled as he started to take a bite off his bread.
“Awww…alright, I’ll eat my food. Make sure you will be full after I’m done alright?”

Vernier nodded happily as he saw Sean felt a little bit better. He was glad that he was able to make him smile, because he doesn’t want to see his little brother down. He pulled his bowl back and finished his milk and biscuits. Enseer and Shin-Long followed soon after.

Jack on the other hand felt ashamed that the others didn’t seemed to notice Sean’s feelings. He sighed as he looked at Sean.
“Sorry about our party mates…they are very dense about emotions….”

Sean smiled as he drank his orange juice.
“Its alright…”

“Glad to see you smile and lively again…we don’t want a zombie in our party.” Jack joked.

Sean chuckled as he listened to his friend. He completely forgotten the pain in his heart when, he realized that he still have his friends with him. They are there for him when he is down, and whenever he is trouble. He saw Jack finishing his breakfast as soon as everyone stood up. They fixed their chairs and put the spoon, knife and fork on the plate, Sean took Vernier’s, Enseer’s and Shin-Long’s empty bowls and put the in one place. The king told them to wash up in the pool before meeting up in the hall to get their bags and equipments.

Each one of them went inside their respective rooms and took their towels. Peter was excited to know what a pool was so as soon as he got his towel; he rushed towards the pool. Sean looked at Peter dashed towards the right hall, he was worried that Peter might get lost in the palace.
“Hey Peter! Do you even know where the pool is?” He shouted.

Peter stopped dead on his tracks and scratched his head, as he turned around smiling.

Sean had a big sweat drop appear on top of his head as he looked at Peter.
“I guess, not….”

As soon as Andrew got his towel and bathing trunks he looked at the others as they talked about the pool. They didn’t know where it was exactly, and they waited for him to come out.
“Yo! Four eyes!”

Andrew sighed as gave Aurellio an evil glance.
“Speak for yourself Mr. Four eyes no brains….”

Sean sighed as he stood in front of them putting both his hands up, to prevent them from fighting each other.
“Hey, c’mon guys…no need to fight…so, do you know where the pool is located Andrew?”

Andrew fixed his glasses as he looked at Elfonser behind him.
“Nope, but Elfonser knows…he tends to wonder a lot especially when he doesn’t have anything to do…almost gave me a heart attack when one of the guards saw him.”

Elfonser chuckled nervously as he looked at everyone; he shyly floated in front of them and led the way.
“Alright, I’ll lead you towards the pool.”

They took the right hall, after a few steps they saw a huge door with massive lion statues guarding it. Sean looked up at them with admiration at how well crafted they were, he was about to gently stroke on of the lion’s paws when Elfonser looked at him.
“Careful not to make them angry, they are living stone guardians…I learned that the hard way…they really scared me…”

The others went inside while Sean and Elfonser were talking. Sean gently put his hand on its paw, and suddenly it started to move. It gently stroked Sean with its huge paw, and tickled him with his claw. Sean couldn’t help laugh when he gets tickled, and when he is being stroked; he couldn’t help close his eyes. Elfonse smiled as he looked at Sean.
“Your such a natural magnet for kind animals, creatures and magical beings.”

Sean chuckled as he looked up at the lion. He noticed that it had no mane, and he knew right away it was a lioness statue. She was smiling down at him as she pushed him against her other paw, which looked more like a hug.
“Hey, thanks…I really needed a hug…”

“Your welcome young one…an older and fatherly Entei asked me to do that. He knows that you will be feeling so bad today, that’s why you need a hug. He really loves you, that’s why he must sacrifice, for your safety.” She smiled.

Sean was silent as he hugged her paw back; he gently laid his head on it as he closed his eyes, remembering Entei’s love and his hug. The lioness sighed as she kept stroking him to let him feel better.
“You can stay with me as long as you wish…Even though I can’t really feel love; because I’m from a rock, but I know when other beings feels bad.”

Elfonser looked behind him and saw the other lion with a mane looked down at Sean feeling pity for him. But Sean looked up at the lioness and shook his head.
“I have to be strong…I think that’s what Daddy Entei is trying to tell me…he is not always with me to protect me, so I should have to hold on. I think that’s what he wants me to learn…I’m going to be alright…thanks for telling me that my dad came by here, and asked you to comfort me…thank you.”

She smiled gently at him as she let him go. She returned to her position and looked down at him.
“Its nothing at all my child…If you feel bad, feel free to come to either me or my husband here, we’ll gladly take care and comfort you.”

Sean smiled as he kissed her paw with love and affection.
“You’ll be like my parents here while I’m away from my hometown right?”

The male lion chuckled as he looked down at him.
“I always wanted to have a son…even if it’s just for a short time.”

The lioness agreed and looked down at Sean with a gentle smile.
“C’mon now dear, you don’t want your friends to wait.”

Sean nodded and went inside the door, Elfonser close behind him. When he entered he saw a big clear pool, everyone was happily taking a bath. Peter was splashing like a baby, while Jack started swinging unseen, Andrew and Aurellio still fighting by splashing one another, while Vernier Enseer and Shin-Long were waiting for him.

Sean walked towards a room as Elfonser floated towards Andrew, trying to calm him down. It took about eleven seconds before Sean came out, with his bathing trunk on. He walked towards Vernier and Shin-Long, who were waging their tails. Sean smiled and went into the pool, he first immerse himself in the water, before walking to the shallow part of the pool.

Enseer and Shin-Long happily followed him towards the shallow part of the pool, before jumping in; the water was low enough for the two cubs to play, while Vernier jumped in and swam towards them. Everyone was having fun on their own simple way, until Micheal and Roderick came in the pool, wearing only bathing trunks.

“Alright everyone! Stop what you’re doing and fall in line horizontally!” Micheal said as he jumped in the pool.

Everyone looked at Micheal as he jumped in the pool. They stopped what they were doing and fall in line. They didn’t know what he was thinking, but they know that it might be important. Micheal moved towards the center, as Roderick jumped in.

“Why don’t we have a race? We will swim from the start until the end of the pool. We might need the exercise…Roderick will be referee, while Sean will be the life guard and who will watch out for cheaters…First one to swim back and forth for eight times, will have a reward of five hundred gold coins.”

Everyone nodded and got out of the water, standing on their respective lines. Sean went back to where Vernier and the others were, while Roderick swam to the end of the pool sitting on the stairs, keeping clear from the center.

Andrew looked at Aurellio with a sly grin.
“Ready to lose no brains?”

Aurellio laughed boastfully as he looked back at Andrew.
“In your dreams, stick guy!”

Jack and Micheal were silent, as they got ready.

Vernier sneaked up behind Sean and hugged him tight. He looked behind him as he felt Vernier’s fur touch his back. He smiled down at Sean as he gently licked his cheek.
“Its grooming time brother. Even though your already wet, you’re still not totally clean.”

Sean smiled and nodded as he sat still looking carefully at everyone getting ready. While Vernier started grooming his little brother. Roderick at the very end of the pool waved his hand as he first made a fist.


Everyone crouched down as they looked at the end of the pool. Everyone felt the thrill of the race, as they waited for Roderick to give them the signal for them to swim. Sean closed his eyes, as they got ready, while Vernier was slowly grooming his face.


After that, they all dived in the water with a big splash, Andrew and Aurellio swam using all their strength at the very start, which made them look like speed boats; they gave each other an evil glance as one of them was an inch farther from the other. Peter didn’t have any enemy, he kept on swimming like a baby smiling and laughing at Aurellio and Andrew, while Jack and Micheal, swam normally preserving their strength for the last dash.

Elfonser cheered from afar as Enseer and Shin-Long were too busy splashing and playfully biting one another. Roderick kept a close eye on everyone, just in case one of them either cheats or gets cramps. Sean gently laid his head on Vernier’s body, while keeping an eye on Enseer and the other’s race, as Vernier was starting to groom the lower part of Sean’s body.

After the third part of the race, Andrew and Aurellio started to feel extremely exhausted from swimming. While Jack, Micheal and Peter were still on the go. They passed Andrew and Aurellio who were floating around too tired to swim. Suddenly in the middle of the race Peter had a cramp and he started to splash around disturbing Jack and Michael’s concentration. Roderick quickly swam towards Peter and pulled him out of the pool.

Sean raised his head to look at Peter, who was on the diving board. He had a cramp on his feet, and Roderick was healing it. He turned his attention back at Micheal and Jack; they looked at each other and as they finished lap four, they burst out their speed as they went back to the final swim. Everyone looked at them as they gave it all they have, it was clear that Micheal was going to be the winner, but near the end, Jack managed to pull out his last speed and both of them touched the end of the pool.

Everyone was silent as the two of them panted, looking at one another with a smile on their face. It was obvious that they enjoyed the race; they looked at Roderick as they regained their breath.
“So…who won?”

Roderick was silent as he was amazed at how fast they were. Sean smiled and gently stroked Vernier’s head.
“It was a tie. Right Big bro?” He smiled as he looked at Vernier.

Vernier nodded and smiled as he looked up at Sean.
“Yup. The both of them finished the race, at the same time. They really are such good players, good speed they were excellent!”

Sean smiled as he looked at both Jack and Micheal as he carried Enseer and put him on his lap.
“Big brother said both of you were great!”

Jack and Micheal smiled as they looked at each other. They both shook each other’s hand a sign of sportsmanship. Jack never raced like that for a long time, ever since he finished all his training sessions he never raced before. The first time he raced, was against Frederick. It was a race that can shoot the other the most. Frederick was the winner, but Jack always win in other races, such as swimming, running and close quarters combat.

“Nice race, you’re the first one who ever gave me a challenge. It was an honor to race with you.” Micheal smiled.

Jack nodded and smiled as he got out of the water.
“Lets race again sometime.”

Micheal chuckled as he looked at everyone.
“Alright, fun is over. We have to change to our outfits and or armors, before proceeding to the King’s throne. We will all meet there after ten minutes.”

Everyone nodded and dried themselves using their towels. Enseer, Vernier and Shin-Long shook their body to dry themselves; the others got wet again and gave them an evil glance. Sean stood in front of them and scratched his head, asking forgiveness. Peter on the other hand didn’t get his towel; instead he copied Enseer and shook his body. Everyone else had a big sweat drop on top their head and sighed as they felt pity on Peter who has such a severe amnesia; he copies almost everything that is new to him.

After they dried themselves, they went towards the King’s throne. The King walked towards them, beside him was girl with a familiar uniform. Jack was shocked as he saw the girl; he recognized her and was his classmates in the academy before.
“Brizelda?! What are you doing here?”

Sean looked at Jack, then to the girl with a confused look.
“You know her Jack?”

Jack looked at Sean and nodded.
“Yes, she is Ann Brizelda Macam. She invented the new and improved Suicunate Radar and the Mewton Communicator, every soldier is using it.”

Brizelda smiled gently as she bowed before them.
“Yes, I am the one who made the Suicunate Radar and the Mewton Communicator. Just like the legendary Poke’Mon Suicune and Mewtwo, the radar can let him the soldiers know where the enemies might be hiding or where they are positioned, it can also be used to know where allies are, we can easily communicate with the others either by our minds or by commands using the Mewton. Although both of them won’t work on areas with high resonance, it interferes and jams the system….”

Jack nodded as he looked back at Brizelda.
“It jams pretty easily, especially on a fight…but I can still send important messages, as long I can stay hidden…”

King Regal chuckled as he walked towards them.
“Ah, it seems I don’t have to introduce her now. You should send her any updates on how the mission goes, and if you ever need backup or any advice, don’t hesitate to give her a call. We will also give any new mission via communicator. Here frequency is 140.15. Good luck.”

Everyone looked at the King and nodded as they took their bags and walked out the castle. Micheal and Roderick were outside the gate waiting for them. The guards opened it and saluted at them before they started to move on to their mission. Sean looked at Micheal as he remembered about Peter’s condition.

“Micheal? Is there a potion here that cures amnesia?”

“No. I think there is one in Marina Village. Near where Revolver Saber tooth is…”

“I see. So after we let Frederick join us…can we go there? I want to cure Peter from this curse…”

Micheal nodded and looked at Sean.
“Alright. But I don’t know how much it is.”

Sean smiled and nodded. They walked west towards a large gate, with a shell as a design. The guards opened it and they saw a straight path, with big trees on the sides. Roderick looked at Micheal as they walked outside of town,
“This will lead us to Death Wind Beach and to Marina Village. I heard there was a Tsunami about a week ago…”

Micheal looked at Roderick with a disappointed look.
“That’s not good news…better not tell them about it.”

Roderick nodded as they started to walk forward, following the long and straight path. Andrew looked at the map as he fixed his eyeglasses.
“We will reach Death Wind Beach about tomorrow at exactly ten A.M. if we keep moving at this speed.”

Aurellio snorted, as he looked at Andrew estimating the time they will be there.
“Heh, are you sure bird wonder boy? Or maybe you’re just guessing?”

Andrew looked at Aurellio, offended at what he said.
“I’m 100 percent sure we will get there at that time, Diana!”

Aurellio had a big vein on appear on his forehead, as Andrew messed his codename.
“Then lets have a bet! If we get there by ten then I will pay you 500 gold, but if your wrong on getting there, like earlier or maybe past ten, then you have to pay me 500!”

“Bring it on!”

Andrew and Aurellio looked at each other angrily as they made a fist. They started to growl angrily at each other ready to fight. Sean sighed looked at them and sighed.
“Dyne is gonna win if we just stand here and fight…”

Andrew snorted as he started to walk again. Aurellio did the same as he looked down at Shin-Long.
“Come. I know I’m gonna win!”

Shin-Long sighed as he ran towards Aurellio. Jack massaged his head as he closed his eyes; he always hated it when the two of them start fighting. He thinks that it’s very stupid to fight about something so little. Vernier closed his eyes as he sighed and looked up at Sean.
“Will they ever get along?”

Sean had a worried look on his face as he started to walk behind Micheal.
“I don’t think so…but I do hope they will become great friends soon…”

The forest was very quiet as they traveled and no one even talked to one another. Especially Peter, who was always noisy and lively, was as quiet as a rock. He kept on looking around, like he was trying to find something. Elfonser noticed that there was something wrong with Peter since, he was not as his usual smiling self.

“Something wrong Scarface?” Elfonser said as he turned around.

Peter looked at Elfonser and sighed.
“This…this forest…this path…it’s like I’ve been here before…”

Sean and Jack looked at Peter as he started to talk.
“Really? Do you remember something now?” Sean asked.

“No not clearly, but I do remember that I had come this path before…with someone…but I couldn’t remember who it was…”

Jack looked down as he thought about whom could that person be. But all he could think was Frederick; he patted Sean’s shoulder and whispered to his ear.
“Maybe it was Revolver Saber tooth who gave Peter his amnesia…but we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet…”

Sean agreed at what Jack said, and he looked at Peter, as he walked around, trying to remember his past. He was a little happy for Peter, for he remembered a little part of his past. Through out the day, everyone was busy thinking of how to get the entire Four Powers join their team, to fight evil.

Until the sun started to set, they heard the owls hoot and some wolves howl. It was only Andrew who was their source of light; he used his Roman Fire spell on a piece of wood as they continued on. Two hours later everyone started to feel hungry, and Peter and the rest started to complain. Micheal looked around and saw a clearing in the forest, where they can all rest.

Everyone went on the clearing and left their bags, leaving Sean, Enseer, Elfonser and Shin-Long to guard it. While the others, gathered the things they need to survive the night. Aurellio and Roderick gathered twigs, branches and wood for their fire, Micheal and Peter gathered water from a nearby lake, for them to drink, while Jack and Vernier gathered some other food, aside from the food they brought.

Sean sighed as he started to feel thirsty. He looked around as he waited for everyone, but no one came yet. He looked down as he gently stroked Enseer’s head.
“Oh, where are they I’m soo thirsty already…and I shouldn’t just go and get some water in their bags…its not nice…”

Enseer titled his head as Sean gently stroked his head and he barked as he looked at him. Minutes later Vernier came with a deer corpse that he hunted; he dragged it towards them and put it down before Sean.
“There, I think it’s enough to feed Shin-Long, Enseer and me.”

Enseer cautiously walked to it and sniffed it. He shook his head and ran towards Sean, hiding behind him as he barked at it angrily. Vernier looked at Enseer, then to the deer with a confused look.
“Guess he doesn’t like deer…but I thought Entei’s are more like lions?”

Sean nodded, as he looked at his little brother. He gently patted his head and smiled.
“Maybe, he eats berries or maybe fish…”

“Guess so…”

“Oh right, big brother Vernier? Can you stay here for a while? I really need to drink water on the nearby stream please?”

Vernier nodded as he sat up.
“Alright, be careful and come back here after you drank alright…and take Enseer with you.”

Sean nodded and slowly stood up. He started to walk into the woods, with Enseer behind him. It didn’t take a long time, when Sean saw the stream. He smiled as he slowly sat down in front of the stream and scoop up water with his hands, as he drank.

Enseer barked happily while facing a bush. Sean didn’t mind him, but when he heard a bark that he didn’t recognized, he stopped drinking. He felt a breeze blow through his silky long yellow hair. Then he heard a very soft and compassionate voice behind him.

“You must be Gabrieal…”

Sean slowly turned around him and saw a big sky blue beast. It had white spots, that looked like crystal, a huge blue antler like head protector, a mane that is as blue as the ocean and as smooth as air, and finally two white tails that look like ribbons. Sean recognizes this beast; it was none other than Suicune.

She smiled gently at him as she put her muzzle on Sean’s neck and sniffed him. She had the sweetest voice, he ever heard in his life.
“You are Gabrieal…my beloved one…”

Gabrieal didn’t know how on earth she knew his real name. He looked at her as she sat in front of him.
“H…how did you…?”

Suicune smiled as she gently caressed Gabrieal on the head.
“Your Daddy Magmus left his scent on your neck. He does that every child he takes care or who he loves the most. He rubs his neck to yours and it leaves his scent on you, which tells other Poké Mons, and other animals to not hurt or try kidnapping you or else he will retaliate…believe me you wouldn’t like to see him angry.” She joked.

Gabrieal smiled as he gently laid his head on the Suicune’s chest. He felt a mother’s love and touch as soon as she caressed him, he never felt so happy, ever since he was with Entei. He looked up the maternal Suicune and smiled.
“Your Mommy Leviathan right?”

She smiled, as she slowly lay down, careful not to crush him. She gently groomed him a she nuzzled him gently. After a minute she pressed her muzzle on Gabrieal’s cheek, making it look like a kiss.
“Don’t worry my baby. I will protect you, until you reached Thundega’s territory. Oh yes…where is your twin sister Monique Enfreet?”

Gabrieal was confused when his mother asked for his sister. He didn’t know or even thought he had a sister, most especially a twin sister. He looked up at her with a confused look on his face.
“Sister? Monique? I never thought I had a sister…”

Leviathan sighed as she looked down at her son, who she was cradling like a baby.
“Oh? Your father didn’t tell you? Looks like his being forgetful…”

Gabrieal was silent as he looked up on his mother; he tilted his head as the thought of having a sister struck his mind over and over again. Leviathan smiled as she gently laid her muzzle on Gabrieal’s chest.

“You have a sister…her name is Monique Enfreet. The both of you were separated when Magmus tried to hide the both of you. You fell on a ravine, while Monique somewhere deep in the forest…are you sure you didn’t meet anyone who was found in the Hive Forest?”

Gabrieal shook his head. He doesn’t know anyone in his town, all he knew was Mervin was an orphan as well, but he doesn’t know where she was found.
“Nope. I don’t know any…well…because I always stay near the Crystal Lake. I barely talk to anyone. I’ll ask Mervin when I get back to Milma.”

Leviathan sighed, as she felt depressed, because her daughter might be dead. She tried to hide it from Gabrieal and looked at Enseer; who was right beside her.
“So, Magmus let you travel with Enseer…I guess I should do the same. Aries darling, come here for awhile.”

Gabrieal looked to his right and saw a baby Suicune, run across the lake and stopped as she looked at Gabrieal. She sat in front of him as she looked up to her mother.
“Dear, I want you to go with your older brothers Gabrieal and Enseer alright? Take care of him for me, and don’t let them goof of, especially when they are with girls.”

Aries nodded as she sniffed Gabrieal’s head, then start licking him affectionately. Leviathan smiled as she looked at her daughter as she accepts her older brother.
“Aries is very shy, and won’t go near anyone who she doesn’t trust. I’m happy that she trusts you my son. That means that you’re a good person, and she knows that.”

Gabrieal smiled and gently carried Aries, and put her on his chest, and then he stroked her.
“Awww, your soo cute and beautiful!”

Aries cheeks turned red as she purred, when Gabrieal stroked her head. She slowly lie on his chest, putting her paw on his shoulder, then gently put her muzzle under Gabrieal’s chin and started to lick his neck. He laughed as he gently, stroked her back with care.
“Aw, c‘mon Aries, stop tickling me, that’s my weak spot.” He said as he laughed.

Enseer felt a little jealous, because Aries was playing with his older brother. But he couldn’t help feeling, admiring the young Suicune. He wanted to join as well, so he ran towards Gabrieal, and playfully bit his right ear.

Gabrieal laughed harder this time, seeing that he is totally defenseless against two legendary Poké Mons. All he could do was laugh, and let them do what they wanted. Leviathan smiled gently on the three of them, she was happy that they are happy with one another, and knowing that her little Aries will be well protected with two strong brothers.
“C‘mon you two. You shouldn’t let your older brother suffer.” She joked.

Aries and Enseer nodded as they stopped tickling him. Aries jumped down and sat beside Enseer. Leviathan gently raised Gabrieal’s upper body and she gently hugged him. She pressed her muzzle on Gabrieal’s forehead and kissed him, after that she licked her son’s face with a few strokes, before kissing him again.

“Oh my sweet, sweet, precious and my most beloved baby…I never liked to leave you alone, nor does Magmus, it pains us to see you go through with a life with little love. Don’t worry my baby; once you and your friends along with your father and new family defeat Mephisto and the Dark Sage, we will be together again. I will never let you be alone, and we shall be a family for all eternity…and you will always be our baby boy.”

Gabrieal was deeply touched after hearing what Leviathan said. He started to cry, not because of sadness, but of joy. He hugged his mother tightly and didn’t want to let go; he buried his face on her fur as he cried.

“Shhh…Hush now my darling, please do not cry. I shall always be with you…sleep now my darling, hear my last lullaby. For I shall always love you…” She sang, and then started to hum a sooth and beautiful lullaby, as she gently cradled him to sleep.

Gabrieal never heard a song like that, and never heard a heavenly voice such as hers. He don’t want to go to sleep at that perfect moment, because its like their worlds intertwined with one another their hearts bonded and became one. But her lullaby was so sweet, that he couldn’t resist going to sleep. He slowly closed his eyes as he reached for is mother’s muzzle, and gently touched her face. He smiled before he fully went to sleep.

Leviathan gently licked his hand, and put it in place. She smiled as she gazed down at Gabrieal, who was sleeping very peacefully, and then she looked at Aries.
“Aries darling? Can you go tell his friends to eat and sleep ahead? Enseer will go with you to lead the way, after your done go to sleep with your brothers and me. You will be leaving early tomorrow. Oh yes…use the name Sean Luigi…don’t let them know he is Gabrieal Enfreet, it’s too dangerous if they will know. “

Aries nodded as she looked at Enseer. He stood up and walked towards the camp, looking back at a times, making sure Aries was right behind him. He saw Leviathan slowly resting her head on his older brother’s body, before they disappeared in the forest.

Meanwhile at the camp, everyone was waiting for Sean to come back. The food was cooked, the waters are cold and everything was ready. All of them sat as their stomach started to grumble, Peter was looking at the chicken as he drooled, while Vernier and Shin-Long was starting to worry.

Aurellio growled as a large vein appear on his head, he is fed up of waiting.
“Argh! Where the heck is Sean! We’ve been waiting for an hour already!” He shouted.

Andrew sighed as he fixed his eyeglasses and looked at Aurellio.
“Your exaggerating…his been gone for 15 minutes…”

“Argh! I don’t care! I’m hungry; we all are hungry! What the hell is he doing anyway?” He said as he formed a fist.

Micheal looked at Aurellio and sighed, annoyed by Aurellio’s nagging.
“Patience is a virtue, my master said…and nagging is causing noise pollution…”

Aurellio snorted angrily as he looked away from Micheal, while Andrew nodded in agreement as he slowly chuckled at Aurellio’s reaction.

Slowly Enseer came out of the bush and looked up at them, as he sat down. Everyone looked at him as he arrived, especially Aurellio, who was still angry. He gave Enseer an evil look and stood up.
“Hey! Where is that girly brother of yours?!”

Enseer growled angrily at Aurellio as he shouted, and mocked his older brother. But he ignored them and looked behind him, where Aries was still hiding. He barked playfully, and told her to come out. She timidly walked out of the bush and looked at everyone. Jack looked at her with amazement.
“Wow, it’s a Suicune. We can understand what she is saying via transmitter…”

Aries nodded in agreement as she focused her mind and thoughts on Jack. Slowly there was a blue ball of energy on her head, which was slowly glowing. Slowly jack fixed his transmitter to the frequency number 244.51, which is a psychic line. Then he heard a young girl’s voice.

‘Um…my name is Aries Suicune and my older brother Sean Luigi is under my mommy Leviathan’s care, and he is now asleep. You should eat ahead because he won’t wake up, until tomorrow morning…so umm…sorry for letting you wait…that’s all…’

Jack nodded and told everyone what Aries said to him, as he turned off his transmitter. Everyone sighed as they prayed, before eating the food they prepared. Vernier invited Shin-Long, Enseer and Aries to eat the deer he hunted, but only Shin-Long and Vernier ate. Aries and Enseer ate some berries from the bush, and drank some milk Peter gave out to them.

After eating, everyone started to wash up their face and fixed their sleeping bags, given to them by the king. Vernier just finished grooming himself and Shin-Long, before looking back at Enseer and Aries playing.
“Hey, Enseer…take me to Sean, I promised your father to watch him all the times.”

Enseer nodded and walked into the woods, Aries and Vernier close behind. Shin-Long decided to stay with Aurellio, he walked up to him and curled up beside his chest. Aurellio gently caressed Shin-Long on the back as he gave him a good night kiss on the forehead, before he went to sleep. Shin-Long was shocked, since he wasn’t stroked or kissed by his master ever since he was bought, he smiled and gently licked Aurellio’s forehead as he rested his muzzle on his cheeks, and slowly went to sleep.

A few steps away from their camp, they arrived where Gabrieal and Leviathan were. Vernier saw that she was giving his brother a mouth-to-mouth kiss. He was shocked at what he saw, he knows that a mother is not suppose to do that to her child, and he wanted to get to the bottom of what he saw. He walked towards them with a confused look.
“What are you doing?”

Leviathan slowly raised her head and looked at the strange Tiger. She looked at Enseer and Aries who started to playfully bite each other again; she smiled as she turned her gaze to the Tiger.
“I’m giving him a blessing. Magmus his father gave him the necklace of Hope, I’m giving him the Manna of Love…its like a mother’s milk, but I have to give him through my mouth, into his. This will help him in his battle against evil…and you might be Vernier…Magmus told me about you, young Taikou…”

Vernier tilted his head at what the motherly Suicune said and what she called him, he never heard that name before.
“Taikou? I’m a white tiger Mrs. Suicune…”

Leviathan smiled gently as she sighed.
“Please…call me Leviathan…yes, you are a white tiger…but have the blood and of a Raikou, we have seen your kind before…but it seems that monsters don’t want anymore trouble than they are facing now…They don’t want any new breeds of stronger creatures going against them…”

Vernier looked down as he remembered what Lucas told him about his parents. Now he fully understood why his parents had to be killed by monsters. He always thought that they were just fallen pray to the sport of the hunt, but now he knows that the monsters are afraid of them.
“I understand it now…so they were not killed for sport…they were killed because they were a threat…”

“Me, Magmus and Thundega did all that we could to protect the other high-breeds, but…we only managed to rescue a little of them…they are all in Hero’s Heves. Well protected, and out of harm…”

Vernier sighed as he looked down and thought of avenging his parent’s death. Leviathan noticed the anger building up within him; she looked at Vernier and used her tail to stroke his head.
“Vengeance wont do you good…you should fight for what’s right and destroy demons, not only for your late parents, but for everyone who they oppressed. Its not only you who suffered their brutality and unspeakable evil…Me, Magmus and Thundega lost our most beloved Caretakers. Sean Luigi Enfreet and Shawn Luise Lightningclaw died while trying to defeat Mephisto, and my daughter Lorili Aquasea died while distracting the Dark Sage for all three of us can escape with Gabrieal and Monique.”

Vernier closed his eyes as he slowly lay down, while listening Leviathan talk, but he raised his ears, when he heard the name of Monique, he looked up at her; curious who Monique is.
“What? Who is Monique?”

Leviathan looked down at Gabrieal as she started to explain to Vernier about Monique.
“She is Gabrieal’s twin sister, both of them were born on May 31, and they have the zodiac sign of Gemini; sign of the twins. We lost her in the Hive forest while trying to escape the hands of the Dark Sage…Magmus dropped Gabrieal in the lake after a fireball hit his hind leg. We tried to find both of them, but after 16 long years, we only found Gabrieal…we still haven’t found Monique…” She said in a sad tone.

Vernier looked down, feeling bad for asking that question. He looked up at Leviathan and smiled, trying to cheer her up.
“If Gabrieal survived, how much more will Monique? I have a feeling she is alive, and if there is a chance, Gabrieal might have met her…or someone who is very close to him.”

Leviathan smiled and looked at Vernier, feeling happy after she heard what Vernier said.
“I guess your right…maybe it’s his friend Mervin, or she might know some information about someone abandoned in the forest…”

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!”

Leviathan smiled as she slowly went back to sleep. Vernier looked at the two cubs, which were fast asleep; Aries’s muzzle was resting on top of Enseer’s back neck. He chuckled before he started to fall asleep. He was happy that they have an additional ally, to help them in the battle between good and evil. He slowly lowered his muzzle and went to sleep.

It was about 5 A.M. when Leviathan woke Gabrieal, Enseer and Aries. She nuzzled each one of them until everyone woke up. Enseer and Aries stretched, before shaking their body, while Gabrieal still kept rubbing and snuggling on his mother’s chest. Leviathan chuckled as she hugged her son affectionately and pushed him to his feet.
“I know you still don’t want to leave me, but your friends are waiting my son.”

Gabrieal sighed as he stretched up his hand up on the air as he yawned. Vernier was up already and looked at Gabrieal wake up, he was drinking on the lake as he shook his body. Leviathan slowly walked to his son, and put her paw on his body, as she gently groomed his son.

Thirty minuets later everyone woke up and fixed their things, and put it in their bags. Gabrieal slowly walked towards his teammates as he sighed, he didn’t want to leave his mother, but he knows that she will follow him like Magmus always did.

Looks like I’m going back to use the name Sean Luigi again…oh well, looks like I’ll have to wait, besides…I have friends who care for me.’

To be continued....
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Entei's Son
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The continuation....

Sean smiled as he walked towards his friends.
"Morning guys!"

Peter waved back and smiled.

Aurellio looked at Sean as he finished fixing his stuff. He saw that his face was wet, and he only thoughts of one thing that make him look that way.
“Did Suicune groom you by...licking?”

Sean nodded and smiled.
“Yeah, I always enjoyed Daddy Magmus and Mommy Leviathan grooming me.”

Aurellio felt disgusted at what Sean said, he put his hand on his stomach and gave him an evil glance.
“Yeach…you will smell like what they ate yesterday…your weird…”

Sean snorted, as he looked away, offended at what Aurellio said.
“Humph! It’s a sign of affection and love of a parent! You wouldn’t understand anything!”

Andrew fixed his eyeglasses and carried his bag on his back.
“As I told everyone, he has a pea brain…he doesn’t thinks!”

Aurellio looked at Andrew showing him his fist with a big nerve appear on it.
“What did you say?!”

Micheal sighed as he led the way. He looked at all his teammates, and urged them to go on with their mission.
“C’mon stop acting like children! Knock it off! We still have a mission to do!”

Jack nodded in agreement and smiled as he saw Aurellio shutting his mouth. He walked beside Sean and looked at him.
“Well? Did you have breakfast? You know you didn’t eat last night, and we were all hungry, and tired last time…”

Sean nodded in agreement; he didn’t have breakfast or dinner. But it seems like he is very full, and energetic.
“Yeah…but I don’t feel hungry nor tired now…it’s weird, but I’m full…”

Vernier smiled and looked up at Sean, remembering what Leviathan did and told him.
“It’s because of the food she gave you, the Manna of Love. It will power up your energy and Leviathan will provide your food…Just like a baby inside its mother’s womb, you will be fed through your mother’s.”

Sean looked down at Vernier with a confused look.
“What? I don’t understand…”

“I’ll make it simple…If you get hungry, Leviathan will be hungry too…If your full, she will too. Oh yeah, if ever your lonely just curl up, and you can hear her lullaby and feel her love.”

Sean smiled as he looked up in the sky. He knows now that, even though they are apart, his mother will always be with him, through their hearts. Jack looked at Sean as he looked up in the sky, he didn’t know what he and Vernier was talking about.
“Is there something I must know?”

Sean smiled as he looked at Jack with a smile.
“Oh, its nothing…I’m just happy today.”

Jack nodded and looked to his side; he saw Peter roaming about poking Aries’s tail like ribbon. He sighed as he looked at Aries, ignoring him.
“Looks like Peter is back to his normal self…”

Sean looked at Peter and got angry at what he was doing.
“Stop bother Aries, Peter.”

Peter looked at Sean as he stopped poking Aries. She took the chance and ran right beside Sean, Enseer and Vernier.
“But she has those ribbon thingy that floats in the air. I want to know what it is.”

“Those are her tails Peter…stop bothering her…she is not used to you.”

Peter looked down with a sad face, and sighed.

Sean and Jack looked at Peter for a minute, then he started to look around again, with a smile on his face; it was like he forgot everything. He looked at Sean and waved.
“Good morning Sean!”

Sean and Jack had a big sweat drop appear on their heads, as they sidestepped away from Peter.
“His scary…” Sean said.

“I agree…” Jack nodded.

After that everyone, was quiet and followed the grassless path. It was nine forty five A.M. and they still haven’t reached Death Wind Beach. Aurellio was starting to feel confident that was going to win the bet, while Andrew was quiet. A few steps ahead, they saw a fork with a sign pointing to both the sides. To the left, it said Death Wind Beach: Beware of the corrupted Mermaids. To the right, it said Marina Village: The peaceful beach resort.

Micheal turned around and looked at his teammates. He put his fist on his waist and gave them a serious look.
“Better get ready…it’s not a pleasant place like it used to be guys.”

Everyone nodded in agreement as they got out all their weapons. Micheal nodded and took out his Golden Excalibur, and started to walk inside the forest, leading to Death Wind Beach. But suddenly Jack heard a gun recoil, and he dashed towards Micheal and tackled him.
“Watch out!”

Then they heard a gun shot. It almost hit Micheal’s feet, but since Jack tackled him, they evaded the gun, and further damaged. Everyone looked around not knowing where it came from, and then they heard a bush rustle then a boy, with long yellow hair, long brown jacket and a cowboy costume, only without the hat. He smiled as he pointed a gun at Jack.
“Heh, you still have your luster Jack. You’re just as sensitive and quick as before, you really deserved to be called the son of the big boss. You should thank me for stopping you from going inside that forsaken beach, with abominations inhabiting that place. Even the uncorrupted mermaids fled to a safer place. Oh yes, let me introduce myself for the others who doesn’t know me…I’m Revolver Saber tooth, nice to meet you mate.”

Jack stood up and took out his gun and aimed it at Frederick.
“Tell me Frederick, what happened to the S.T.A.R.S. members? Why did you all disappear and why is it that its only you who survived?”

Frederick waved his hand up and down as he chuckled.
“Woah, whoa. One at a time mate, is that any way to greet an old friend?”

Jack didn’t laugh nor budge, aimed the gun at Frederick’s heart, in case he will do something to hurt him.
“I have no time for that. Everyone is worried, tell me Fred!”

Frederick looked at Jack with an evil smile.
“Why don’t we have a little battle? For ol’ times sake…you and me…one on one. I will make them know why Big Boss entitled me the name…Revolver…”

Everyone looked at Jack, then to Frederick. Sean wanted to stop them, but he knows better to respect what they want since they are experts in this kind of battle field, then they all stepped back; giving them space for their battle. Jack slowly put his gun away, knowing that Frederick won’t do anything to dishonor him.

Everyone was silent, as they watched Jack and Frederick stared at each other. There was a long pause, and neither of them moved. After a moment of silence, Frederick pulled out his gun as he strafed.


There was a gunshot, but Jack easily evaded it. He pulled out his gun as he jumped side ways, and pulled the trigger, but it missed Frederick. He hid behind a tree as he waited for the right moment to attack. But Frederick smirked evilly and aims his gun at a rock.
“No point hiding mate, I understand the bullets you see…I can let them go wherever I want, or you just forgot m special ability?”

After that he pulled the trigger and the bullet bounced from the rock, and nearly hit Jack. He got a little wound on his cheek, as little pieces of his hair fell down. He growled angrily as he looked at Frederick.
“Nice aim Saber tooth…”

“So are we calling ourselves in our codename? So be it Python!”

‘Darn…looks like I’ll have to fight him without hiding….’ Jack said to himself.

Then his communicator rang inside his ear and he heard both Eden and Big Boss’s voices. He crouched just in time, when Frederick pulled his trigger again. It bounced on the rock to his right and nearly hit Jack in the head. He pressed the button on the communicator and pressed the headphone in his ear.

“Python…are you alright?” Eden asked with a worried voice.

“I’m fine Eden…I found Frederick, and he wont give me answers until I beat him. Do you have any suggestions how to bring him down, without killing him?”
“Wait until all six of his bullets are out. He will reload and you have all your chances to knock him out. But be cautious, we don’t know what he is hiding up his sleeve.” Big boss said as he looked at his son on the monitor.

Jack took a peek while he is well hidden by the tall grass. He saw Frederick’s weakness; he fires and waits for a two to four seconds, before he fires again. Jack looked carefully at how he poses and how he bounces the bullets towards his enemy, before he pressed his headphone again.

“How about I disarm him? I can easily aim for his weapon from where I am hiding; He has an attitude of waiting a response before he fires again. If I can disarm him, it will end this battle without hurting him too much.”

Both Big Boss and Eden were silent, before they agreed on what Jack suggested.
“Alright, both of the plans are good for taking him down easily, but I will let you decide the best C.O.A. Good luck…”

Jack nodded and turned off his communicator. He peeked behind the tall grass again as he lay flat on the ground. He looked at Fredrick and aimed for his weapon, he took a good aim at his gun, while making sure he wasn’t heard, nor seen. He counted the shots he fired before he shot.
“This is the third shot…I’ll fire at the fourth…” He mumbled.

“C’mon out Python! It wouldn’t be long, and I will hit either your heart or head!” He said boastfully; not knowing that he will lose in a matter of seconds.

After he fired the fourth time, Jack pulled his trigger and hit his gun. Frederick was shocked at what happened, as he felt intense pain on his hand, while his gun was flung away from him and landed at a rock behind him.
“What? My hand!”

Jack came out of his hiding place and aimed at Frederick’s head, as he walked towards him.
“I won Saber tooth. Now tell me what happened…”

Frederick smirked at him as he chuckled, as he slowly stood straight. He took out a white long bondage from his bag, and wrapped it around his gun shot hand.
“Alright, alright…when me and the others arrived at Raven Claw City, we were greeted by my former team mate Francis. I think you already know that I split up with the Four Powers, before they started terrorizing our world…we told Francis about our mission, to let the residents there to get out of town, before the monsters came…everything was fine, until Francis suddenly started to act weird…it was not like him…”

Everyone walked towards Jack as they listened to the whole story. Jack looked at Frederick as he leaned on a tree, right beside him.
“What do you mean?”

“He…he started summoning monsters and demons, to attack all of us, including the civilians…its not like him, he wouldn’t do that, especially when I heard that they disbanded their team. But I believe the real truth, why they killed so many people; is because those people were evil with a very high rank…no one noticed their real goal, it was only their home town and their masters know about this. I didn’t want to go, because I have more important missions…”

Jack sighed as he put his gun on its rightful place.
“Lets skip that…tell me what happened next at the city…”

“Ah, yes…sorry for going down memory lane mate…after he summoned his monsters, all of S.T.A.R.S members tried to help the civilians escape, but most of them died. Others are still there, it was only me who escaped…it was weird though…Francis has a burn on his right part of his face…not left…”

Sean tilted his head as he looked at Frederick.
“Maybe its an imposter…the real Francis is still within the city…”

Micheal nodded his head in agreement and thought of the things he said clearly.
“I guess, Mephisto summoned a monster, called a Doppelganger…”

Everyone looked at Micheal as he commented. Peter tilted his head, he didn’t know what that monster was, but he heard that name somewhere.
“Dupolgangster? I think…I heard that somewhere before…”

Frederick looked at Peter with a shocked look. He walked closer to him and put his hand on Peter’s shoulder.
“Scarface? Is that you? I saw you killed by Francis as I escaped!”

Everyone looked at Frederick, then back to Peter with a confused look. Even Peter himself was confused at what Frederick said. He tilted his head as he stared at Frederick.
“How did you know my codename? Have I met you before or maybe your psychic and am I really dead?”

Aurellio dropped on the ground, and then he stood up and sighed as he listened to Peter.
“If you were dead, then how could you breath? You don’t need to ask if your dead or alive you pea brain!”

Frederick let go off Peter and smiled as he stepped back, and turned around to face the others.
“I see now. Francis…no make that the fake Francis casted an amnesia spell on Peter, because he knew that he was a fake, and he didn’t want us to know what he heard or see. Peter was one of the Four Powers, it was suppose to be five, but since I didn’t go on, they called it the Four Powers…”

Jack put his hand on his face as he shook his head.
“We don’t need to be taught Grade one Math class…”

“Sorry about that. So, lets go to Marina Village before it gets too dark…it’s too dangerous here. Lets get in a hotel and we will talk tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded in agreement and started to take the left path. Sean was happy that someone knew whom Peter really was, and now he is slowly getting his memories back. All he needs now is to take the antidote for his amnesia. He looked at Peter and smiled.
“I’m glad that we will get your memories back Peter.”

Peter smiled back as he walked behind Frederick.
“Yeah! I’ll finally get my memories back! I wonder how it taste, and where should I put it?”

Sean laughed at Peter’s reaction. He looked up in the sky as he sighed, he was thinking of how to get his real family back. It will be a difficult battle ahead, but he has trusted friends with him who will help him in every way they can. He smiled as everyone was back to normal, Andrew and Aurellio kept on fighting, forgetting about the deal they made, Peter was acting more of his age unlike before, and now Jack and his friend Fredrick are now together again. They are slowly getting prepared for the fight against evil, and rescue this world from total destruction…

------------End Of Chapter 5-----------
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