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The Tamer: Sunset Flame (A Specialshipping Story)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by razorsfire, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner


    this is my first fic that I wrote myself
    hope you like it

    its rated PG13 for:

    -bloodshed due to pokemon attacks
    -showing several hints of shippings including:

    *specialshipping (of course :D)
    *franticshipping (don't know why its called that, though)
    *commonershipping (possibly :D)
    *oldrivalshipping (*sigh* the Blue-ness never ends :D)
    *mangaquestshipping (can't forget about them :D)

    I had to edit it
    hope this guide helps you :D

    Chapter Guides

    Chapter 1: Regrets
    ...if they kept that up, Yellow, Pika and Chuchu's fates were sealed. I had to do something. But while I was thinking about it, I heard a cracking sound. Luck wasn't with me that day...

    Chapter 2: Bad Luck
    ...Everybody was affected by that, especially me...
    ...He jumped of the tree branch and silently landed on the ground below. When his shoes touched the ground, they made no sound...
    ...The mysterious boy reached into his pocket and pulled out another collar...

    Chapter 3: Familiar Emotions
    ...I surge of pain spread all over my body...
    ...Warm Blood trickled down my arm...
    ...I knew that this night wasn't over...

    Chapter 4: Nightmares
    Spoiler coming soon....

    PS: I may change the spoilers, since its just the start of my story. I add more detail to the starts once I finish typing the full chapter.

    also a few notes

    Age: 16 (this year, so technically she's just 15)
    B-day: March 3rd (this is important)
    Height: 5'2 (in my story)

    Age: 18 (this year, technically he's just 17)
    B-day: August 8th (very important in my story)
    Height: 5'8 (in my story)

    Notes about what people think about my fic:
    -Fine with the story line
    -Fine with the detail
    -Great at showing the character's emotions
    -All the stories I write will be connected to the last one I made (In this case, its my first...I'm already working on other fics :D)


    PM List
    Latias 24
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2008
  2. Latias 24

    Latias 24 Alt.name : Latiwings

    I can't tell whether it is going to be a good story or not, but it is very interesting. And a unusual plot. I would love to wait for its next update.
  3. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner


    thank you very much
    and don't worry
    its gonna have a good ending
    and lots of twists:D

    maybe I should post a spoiler

    PS: the next chapter has hints of:
    -specialshipping (of course :D)
    -and commonershipping

    I guess I'll have it done by next week (maybe)
    anyone want to be in the PM list?
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2008
  4. auratios

    auratios GIVE ME YOUR SOUL

    it's the in bold isn't it suppose to be feel?? and BTW i love it so far so good!!
  5. Latias 24

    Latias 24 Alt.name : Latiwings

    Put me in the pm list! please! Ooh and I like your second spoiler. Do Yellow really have to die?
  6. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    chapter 2

    sure guys

    PS: I do have a knack for writing unusual and weird stories :D

    EDIT: next Chappie
    editing all the chapters
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2008
  7. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    thank you chamo-chan
    this is my very first story that I wrote myself
    so thank you for your support
    I"ll have the second part of Chapter 2 up later (I hope)
  8. Latias 24

    Latias 24 Alt.name : Latiwings

    I like the story, I like the story...!

    Hei, try updating the second part, I just can't stand suspense.

    ps: guess what, I got volume 28 of the manga, the emerald series. The statues, the statues...! Red is still holding Yellow! Bridal style!
  9. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    EDIT: edited chappie

    Chapter 1: Regrets

    Here's a question...
    What if you really cared about someone.....but then they die a sudden death? You'd wanna accept your loss, right? But what if they died for you.....trying to protect you from someone or something that wanted to hurt you? You'd blame yourself and repeat those same words over and over in your head, "it should've been me". Maybe, you'd also think of avenging their death. To try and get back at the person who caused it, thinking that it would make a difference. Well pal.....it won't change anything. Don't let anybody else suffer because you're feeling this pain. Nothing can change what happened. Then later, your friends tell you to stop living in the past. They tell you, "that person is gone and nothing can bring them back". They tell you to let go because if you don't, you won't be relieved of this pain...

    Some people follow that advice, but I'm not one of them. I'll take the pain....cause I don't wanna forget about her. She deserves to be remembered by someone. She died for ME!!! She knew the consequences of her actions......but still, she did what she did. I know she's gone......but I'd give anything to be with her again. To hear her small, shy voice......to feel her soft, blonde hair.....to see her golden eyes as she'd give me that smile. That's all in the past, but I still can't forget about her. Everyday, I'd go to that same place....the last place I saw her alive.

    Where is this place?, you ask. Well, its at the very edge of the Viridian Forest. Few people know it even exists. You can get a good view of the sunset from there, but at the edge is a straight drop down to the jagged rocks and the fast current of the ocean. There isn't any land near where you can swim to. And I doubt you can even survive the fall and have enough energy to climb the cliff back to the forest. As you can imagine, noone can survive this fall, not even Yellow.

    Everyday, I'd think about that day, the last day I heard her voice. I think about my mistakes that day. Those three things that cost Yellow her life....


    I started my day training in the Viridian Forest. I went in deeper into the forest than I usually do to find some strong pokemon to battle. I was always taking every chance I can get to battle, so I can sharpen my skills even further. I'm The Battler after all. With my trusted partner Pika, a Pikachu, I managed to defeat a strong Pidgeot. Yellow had her own Pikachu named Chuchu. Those two were really close.

    After the day was over, I tried to get out of the forest. I walked for hours around that forest, but I had no luck finding my way out. I shouldn't have went that deep into the forest. I sat down on the grass to rest and stared at the moon. It was a very peaceful night. Maybe because it was only a short month away from one of the best holidays, Christmas. I relaxed a little, thinking that nothing bad would happen. I didn't know how wrong I was.

    I quickly sensed a presence among the bushes. I stood up and shouted for the presence to show itself. It stepped out of the thick vegetation and revealed itself to be Storc and Oca, two of the Beast Warriors. I immediately told Pika to run away and bring back help. I knew these guys, they're very dangerous. Pika refused to leave and gave me a worried look. I reassured the little electric mouse that I would be okay. Pika gave me one last look before disappearing into the forest.

    I turned back to face the two Beast Warriors. Storc had a grin on her face. I remember thinking that she and Oca may have a plan that had something to do with Team Rocket.

    "Hello, Batller. We've been looking for you" she said. "We need your skills to help us deal with something about Team Rocket" she added, confirming my fears.

    "I won't do anything!!!" I shouted. They had nothing to use against me, so naturally I will refuse. I sent out Gyara, my Gyarados, in case they decide to attack. Storc's grin turned into a frown.

    "Very well. I've planned for you to turn in without a struggle once you remembered what happened in the Sevii Islands” she said, sounding disappointed. “But now I see that you still haven't learned your lesson." She gave Oca a look and the big man sent out his Jumpluff. The evil Jumpluff immediately scattered its spores all over Gyara. The water dragon fell to the ground, asleep. I returned the dragon to its pokeball and sent out Poli, my Poliwrath. Storc's evil grin returned. She sent out her Starmie. The starfish pokemon's jewel core was glowing brightly that dark night. It almost looked like a star itself.

    "Thunderbolt" Storc ordered the Starmie. The pokemon launched a strong Thunderbolt that hit Poli, who instantly fainted. I gritted my teeth in anger as I returned the frog pokemon to its pokeball. I didn't have a good plan that day. The two Beast Warriors knew it, and they were taking advantage of the situation. I racked my brain for a good strategy, but while I was thinking, I didn't notice the pair of eyes that were watching me from the bushes.

    Storc shot a look at the bushes to my right, but I was thinking too hard to really care. That was first mistake. Suddenly, Storc's Persian emerged from the bushes and was charging towards me, preparing to use a Slash. I tried to run, but Oca’s Jumpluff left a little surprise for me. I took one step and found out that the cottonweed pokemon had secretly placed a Leech Seed there. The seed quickly wrapped around my leg and began draining my evergy, which caused me to fall to my knees.

    Persian paused for a moment. It seemed amused by my effort to escape. The Leech Seed wasn’t just draining my energy. It was tangling my feet, preventing me from standing up and running away. The cat resumed its approach and I was a sitting target. Suddenly, I heard a voice-

    "Red!!!" it shouted. Yellow emerged from the forest with Pika and Chuchu. Then, much to our (me and the Beast Warriors) surprise, jumped in front of me and took Persian's Slash. With one swing of its claws, Persian left a huge gash on Yellow’s right arm. She fell to the ground, clutching her bleeding arm in pain. I immediately took a look at her arm while Pika and Chuchu kept the two Beast Warriors busy.

    Her eyes were shut tight, so I was careful not to touch her injury. The cut was deep and you can see the pain on her face. I had to get her somewhere safe, but first, I had to make sure she doesn't feel the pain. I took her Butterfree's pokeball from her belt. I sent out the butterfly pokemon, named Freesk, and asked it to use Sleep Powder on Yellow. Freesk wasn't sure if it should do it, but when it saw how much pain Yellow was in, it scattered its spores all over her. Despite Yellow's protests, she fell asleep. I sent out the sleeping Gyara once again.

    "Gyara!!!" I shouted to the sleeping dragon. The water dragon seemed to hear me, because it stirred. I was glad when the powerful Gyarados finally woke up. "Hydro Pump!!!" I told the water dragon. It aimed the powerful water attack at Storc and Oca. The two managed to keep themselves from being blown away, but all I really wanted was for them to get wet. I turned to the two electric mice. "Pika, Chuchu, use Thunder!!!" The two electric mice unleashed the powerful electric attacks at the two, wet Beast Warriors, causing them to be blown away along with their pokemon. I took this chance and fled, Pika and Chuchu leading the way....


    gonna post chapter 2 soon
    I promise :D
    I'll be adding a shippy moment
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2008
  10. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    Chapter 2 will be on in a few minutes :D
    can't wait

    EDIT: its finally here :D
    the other shipping hints will be in the next chapter
    I dicovered that it fits better in the other chapter

    hope you enjoy :D


    Chapter 2: Bad Luck

    The two electric mice led the way through the dense trees of the Viridian Forest and stopped at a clearing; the very place I told you about. I put Yellow down gently under a tree and examined her wounded arm. The cut was deeper than I thought, and it was still bleeding. I searched for something to cover it up with in my backpack. I found nothing useful, though.

    Suddenly, I felt something tugging on my jacket. I turned around to find Chuchu. She was pointing at Yellow's belt, probably knowing that Yellow packed something that would help. I untied her belt and looked inside. When I saw the roll of bandages, I immediately started wrapping it around Yellow’s arm. She suddenly stirred and slowly woke up. She rubbed her eyes with her left hand. She watched me as I finished wrapping the bandages around her injured arm. I looked back at her.

    “That should stop the bleeding” I reassured her. Chuchu jumped in her trainer’s arms happily.

    “Thank you” she said quietly. She petted Chuchu happily, but she wasn’t smiling. I guess she was still thinking about what happened a while ago.

    “No, Yellow” I replied. She looked back at me, puzzled. The way she said thank you seemed like I saved her life. “I’m the one who should say thank you. You saved me back there.” A smile spread across her face. I sat beside her; Pika jumped into my arms. “I’m sorry that you got hurt” I told her. She looked at her bandaged arm, then back at me.

    “Please, don’t be” she replied. I looked back at her. “It was my choice. It wasn’t your fault. I wanted to help you.” She yawned; still tired. “I’m sorry I did that. I must’ve gotten in your way when I got injured.” She placed her head on my shoulder sleepily. “Thank you for…getting me…out.” With those words, she fell asleep on my shoulder. Chuchu was also fast asleep in her arms.

    “Thank you” I whispered to her. That night, I thought about a lot of things. I thought of a plan incase the Beast Warriors decide to seek revenge. But mostly, I thought about the person sleeping beside me. Yellow had grown a lot since I first met her. I even used to think of her as a little sister. Now, she means more to me than a little sister would.

    I continued to look at her. Her arm had stopped bleeding. I looked at her face; her smile never disappeared, even if she was asleep. Yes, she meant a lot to me. Pika was curled up; asleep like Chuchu. I watched the three of them sleep. It seemed like a peaceful night. I thought that I could take a short nap without the Beast Warriors disturbing us. I put my arm over Yellow’s shoulders and fell asleep.

    I didn’t know how long we stayed like that. I woke up when I heard something rustling in the bushes. I carefully stood up from my spot and placed Yellow gently down on the ground. She was still asleep, along with Pika and Chuchu. I silently went over to the bushes to investigate. To my horror, I saw a Hoppip fly away; Oca’s Hoppip. I knew that I had no time to lose. Storc and Oca will be here any second.

    I dashed back to where those three were. I carefully carried Yellow in my arms. Pika and Chuchu instantly woke up. I told the two electric mice to follow me. I quickly walked towards a bush that was a few meters away from where I saw the Hoppip. I gently placed Yellow down behind the bush. Pika and Chuchu looked at me, as if asking me, “What was going on?” I quickly explained the situation to the two mice. Then I remembered Yellow’s belt. I left it back at that spot. I told the two mice to protect Yellow while I get her belt. I quickly dashed back to that spot. I bent over to pick up Yellow’s belt.

    I was about to run back, when I suddenly heard footsteps heading my way. Without thinking, I threw Yellow’s belt up on a tree; it got caught on a high branch. I climbed the tree as quietly as possible and carefully sat on a branch next to where Yellow’s belt was. A few seconds later, Storc and Oca stepped into the clearing.

    “Are you sure he’s here?” Storc demanded. Oca nodded.

    “My Hoppip saw him and the girl” the big man replied.

    “Then start looking. They couldn’t have gone that far.” The two Beast Warriors started looking through the bushes. If they kept that up, Yellow, Pika and Chuchu’s fates were sealed. I had to do something. But while I was thinking about it, I heard a cracking sound. Luck wasn’t with me that day. I figured that out once the branch I sat on broke; I was sent falling to the ground. I landed hard on my right arm; I could feel the pain surging through my body when I stood up.

    Storc and Oca were caught off guard. They seemed surprised when I fell out of the tree. Soon, however, their surprise turned into anger.

    “How dare you try to hide from us? We’ll get rid of you first you insolent fool!!!”Storc shouted angrily. I knew my fate was sealed. Then Storc’s expression changed. Her angry frown turned into an evil grin. “On second thought, we’ll get your little girlfriend instead. We know she’s here.” I had to move farther away from where their hiding place was. Since I was caught, the only thing I could do now is to make sure Yellow, Pika and Chuchu were safe.

    Using what’s left of my strength, I limped farther away from their hiding place. Storc and Oca watched me; amused by my pointless efforts. I stopped and leaned on a nearby tree, trying to catch my breath.

    “Look at the little hero” Storc said, mocking me. “He’s trying to save his little girlfriend.” Her grin grew wider. “Why don’t you just give up? You’ll save us some time. And we won’t have to hurt your girlfriend.” That last sentence got me really angry. It was one thing threatening to harm me, but to use Yellow against me…that was out of the question!!!

    “I’ll never do anything you say!!!” I shouted. Oca stepped forward and sent out his Jumpluff.

    “Let’s see how long you can keep that up” the big man said. “Whirlwind” he ordered. The cottonweed pokemon unleashed a strong gust of wind. I tried to hold on to the tree, but I lost my grip. I was sent flying towards the cliff, but before I was sent over the edge, I managed to grab a tree branch with my let hand. I knew I wasn’t going to last longer.

    Suddenly, the wind got weaker, then stopped. I landed o the ground and saw that Pika and Chuchu used a combined Thunderbolt on Oca’s Jumpluff, temporarily stunning it. Storc got angry at the two mice. She sent out her Bannete.

    “Shadow Ball” Storc ordered. The possessed doll shot the Shadow Ball towards the two electric mice. Pika jumped in front of Chuchu and took the whole attack. The injured Pikachu fainted and fell to the ground. Chuchu tried to shake him awake. Pika took the attack to protect Chuchu. I wish I would’ve done the same thing. Yellow wouldn’t be injured; she wouldn’t be in any danger.

    While I was blaming myself, however, I didn’t notice the oddly-shaped rock right beside me. This was my second mistake. Then I heard someone shout-

    “Red, watch out!!!” Yellow emerged from the bushes and ran straight towards me. I stared at her in amazement. She was awake this whole time. While I was thinking about that, I heard something move behind me. I turned around, only to realize that the rock was actually Storc’s Starmie using Camoflage. It was too late for me. The starfish used a Rapid Spin. It was about to hit me, but Yellow grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down. I watched as the starfish sailed over our heads, then disappeared into the forest.

    “Well, well. Look who decided to show up” Storc said as we stood up. “I’ll be happy to finish you both off this time.” I got angry when I heard the arrogance in her words. I sent out Aero with my left hand. Yellow’s pokeballs were still in her belt that was hanging on the tree. When Storc saw the prehistoric pokemon, she just grinned.

    Suddenly, a Thunderbolt shoots out from the forest and hits Aero. He fell to the ground, weakened by the super-effective attack. Storc’s Starmie reappeared and hit Aero with a Rapid Spin. The prehistoric pokemon retaliated with a Wing Attack. Aero’s wings hit the starfish pokemon, but it countered with a Bubblebeam. Aero fell to the ground once the Bubblebeam made contact. I returned him to his pokeball. Suddenly, I heard Yellow gasp.

    I turned around, only to come face-to-face with Storc’s Persian. Starmie was another distraction. I can’t believe I fell for that again. Persain jumped at me with its claws. I dodged those sharp claws, but Persian ripped off my belt; all my pokeballs scattered all over the ground. Then Oca’s Jumpluff shot a Leech Seed at each of them. The vines wrapped around the pokeballs tightly. I stood up, looking at the sealed pokeballs. We were helpless.

    Suddenly, Persian jumped up and slammed its paws on my chest. I felt the wind get knocked out of me as my head hit the ground. Yellow ran over and helped me get back on my feet. I was lucky that time; Persian didn’t use its claws when it did that. I looked back at Yellow and told her I was alright. She nodded and we both watched the sly cat carefully.

    “Red, what should we do?” Yellow whispered. I thought about what we could do, but I never let Persian out of my sight. My pokeballs were sealed, but Yellow’s pokeballs were still on the tree.

    “I threw your belt on that tree” I whispered back. “If you can get your pokeballs, we might have a chance.” She nodded. “Let’s make a run for that tree. You try climbing to get your belt. I’ll try to cover you.” We both looked at the tree while still watching the cat. “On the count of 3, we run. 1…2…3!!!” Both of us made a dash for that tree. We reached it at the same time.

    “Get on my shoulders.” Yellow carefully climbed on to my back and I lifted her to the nearest branch. My arm still hurt, but this was more important. Yellow pulled herself up and started to climb the tree. I looked back at the Beast Warriors.

    Suddenly, a Leech Seed wrapped around my legs, causing me to lose my footing. I found myself back on the familiar ground. The two Beast Warriors grinned at me evilly.

    “Now finish it” Storc ordered. Her Starmie used a Rapid Spin and headed straight for us.

    I looked up at Yellow. She was almost there. Just a bit more. “Come on Yellow” I silently urged. Using the tree, I pulled myself back on my feet, despite the vines that were still on them. Starmie was aiming at me. I stood my ground. The Starmie rapidly approached. At the last second, I jumped out of the way and stumbled on the ground once more. The Starmie hit the tree and fainted. That battle with Aero weakened it enough for that to happen.

    Storc returned the starfish to its pokeball. She ordered Persian to attack. The cat dashed towards me. I tried to stand up, but it jumped on my back. It took a big leap and landed on one of the high branches, right next to Yellow. A sense of dread filled my mind.

    “Yellow, get away!!!” I shouted to her, but I was too late. Yellow looked up, only to see the Persian’s face. It slammed its paws against her. Yellow was sent falling down. She landed hard on her side just a meter away from the cliff. I had to help her.

    I struggled to my feet and ran to Yellow. Her breathing was ragged and her eyes were shut. “Yellow, what’s wrong?” I desperately asked her. She managed to lift her head to face me. Her eyes were full of fear and pain.

    “My arm…” she whispered. I looked at her bandaged arm. It was bleeding again. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t get my belt.”

    “No, I’m sorry. I should’ve known they were planning this. I’m sorry you got hurt again.” Yellow looked at me with her golden eyes. “Now, please get up. We need to finish this battle together.” She nodded. Yellow took a deep breath and struggle to get up. I put her arm over my shoulder and helped her stand up. She managed to stand, but I knew how vulnerable we were in this position. The cliff was right behind us. A single attack can send us plummeting down into the dark ocean.

    “Isn’t that sweet” Storc said, mocking us again. She turned serious. “Enough, we’ve wasted too much time. Persian, end it” The cat charged towards us.

    I looked at Yellow; she nodded. We both faced Persian. This time, we were prepared. Yellow had shown me a pokeball. She secretly managed to grab it from her belt before she was sent falling. The pokeball she grabbed had Omask in it, her strongest pokemon. Now all we have to do is to wait for Persian to get close enough. What happened next surprised me, however.

    Storc grinned evilly. “Don’t think that trick will fool us.” Suddenly, Persian disappeared from sight. I was filled with dread once again. We frantically searched for the missing cat. Yellow moved closer to me. I can tell she was scared. I was, too. How could Storc have known?

    Suddenly, the Persian reappeared in front of us. It slammed its paws against both of us. I managed to keep myself from losing my balance, but, due to her injuries, Yellow lost hers. She fell off the side of the cliff, but managed to grab the edge with both hands. She dropped the pokeball; Omask popped out and attacked Persian. I knew that this was my chance.

    I grabbed a low branch with my left hand and lowered my right arm for Yellow to hold. As she grabbed it, pain started surging through my body, but I didn’t care. Yellow’s safety was more important to me.

    Suddenly, the branch I was holding gave out!!! Luckily, I managed to grab one of the tree’s upraised roots. I looked at Yellow. Her eyes were filled with fear. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Chuchu and Omask battling the Beast Warriors. Yellow’ fear gave them a power boost.

    “Red…” Yellow whispered. I looked back at her. “Before anything happens, I have to tell you something.” She looked away as she searched her mind for the right words to say. My heart started racing as I waited for her to continue. I was wondering why. Maybe it was because of the strain on my body staying in that position, but I didn’t know. Yellow turned back to me. “Red…I-“ she stopped and avoided my eyes, reluctant to continue.

    Suddenly, I felt myself losing my grip. I could feel the two of us slowly slide down lower. Soon, my shoulders were already over the edge of the cliff. I held on to the root with all my strength and dug my shoes into the ground. I managed to prevent both of us from falling. Yellow gripped my arm tighter. Her grip was the only thing that kept her from falling. The pain grew worse, but I had to endure. If I didn’t, Yellow would…I don’t want to think about what might happen. I can’t imagine how much pain Yellow must be feeling, too. We’re in this situation because of my carelessness. Somehow, I have to get us out of here. I have to make sure Yellow is safe. If anything happens to her, I’ll blame myself.

    I looked back at Yellow and she looked at me. Our eyes locked, each looked deep into the other. I could see that she was going to continue. She took a deep breath and let it out. “I…I love you” she said with sincerity.

    Those words struck me. I finally knew why she did everything she did. The reason why she took care of me and my pokemon after the battle with Giovanni. The reason why she dressed up as a guy to look for me, then not revealing her identity. The reason why she took Persian’s attack and risked everything when she saved me from Starmie. It all added up. But, what if it was all a joke?

    I looked deep into her eyes. I had to know if she meant what she said. Yellow avoided my eyes. I didn’t see any doubt, but I saw disappointment. How could I have doubted her? I heard the sincerity in her words and I saw the trust in her eyes. I betrayed her trust with my doubt. This was my third mistake. I had to do something about it. I had to earn back her trust. I had to tell her how I felt about her.

    “Yellow, I’m sorry” I said. She turned back to me. “I’m sorry I doubted you. I’m sorry I betrayed your trust. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

    Our eyes locked once more. This time she searched mine. “I do” she said. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I warm feeling filled me

    “I have to tell you something, too.” Yellow looked at me curiously, waiting for me to speak. I could sense that she was hoping for me to answer what she said.I had a surprise for her. I was about to start, when I felt something that spoiled the moment.

    I looked over my shoulder and saw the root I was holding on to was broken almost half-way through. I felt my heart beat faster from panic.

    “Red, what’s happening?” Yellow asked, sensing my panic. I turned back to her and explained what was happening. Her golden eyes filled with fear. We both started to think. I felt the root break some more. Then, at the same time, we both came to a realization. I pushed that thought out of my head. It was crazy. I would never do it. But when I looked back at Yellow, I knew she had a different thought.

    “No, Yellow!!! Don’t think about that. We’ll find another way” I said. She gave me a look. I knew she had already made up her mind. “We’ll figure it out. Please, don’t!!!” I pleaded. The look in her eyes told me that she wasn’t going to change her decision.

    “I’m sorry, Red.” She gave me that warm smile for the last time. Then, she released my arm. My heart skipped a beat when I felt her let go.

    After that, all I remember myself doing is pulling myself up the cliff and making a dash for my pokeballs. I grabbed Poli’s pokeball and ripped off the vines that sealed it up. I sent out the frog pokemon. Poli dove down the cliff to save Yellow. I looked around. Luckily, the two Beast Warriors were gone. Omask and Chuchu came over to me. Chuchu handed me my other pokeballs. I picked up the injured Pika. All of us waited in the chilling silence. I thought it was all a dream; that I’d wake up any second. I never did.

    Poli jumped out of the water and landed in front of us. It shook its head sadly when I asked about Yellow. Chuchu’s eyes started to water. She buried her face in Pika’s fur and started crying. Pika tried to be strong, but he ended up crying, too. I climbed the tree and grabbed Yellow’s belt and slowly climbed down. I sent out all her pokemon. All of them were sobbing; mourning the death of their trainer…


    just a reminder...
    this first part was only a flashback from Red
    the next chappie continues with the other shipping hints
    then the real action begins :D

    it'll be up soon
    don't worry :D
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2008
  11. Very nice chapter...............well, I'm not very good at critiqueing (spelled wrong).........
    But I think it was a good chapter.
  12. auratios

    auratios GIVE ME YOUR SOUL

    sooo sad!! very nice chapter! but..*sob* why did she die?! well not that i'm saying that i don't like it.. just sad *becauseiamayellowfangirl* kay? lol well keep it up! can't wait for the real action!
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2008
  13. Merialle

    Merialle Well-Known Member

    Nice job, razorsfire!

    I like this part soo much... =D

    Keep up the good work there~
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2008
  14. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    thanks guys
    the next chappie will be great
    I hope
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    EDIT: YAY!!!

    Chapter 3: Familiar Emotions

    That was a month ago. Now, things have changed. My sprain is gone and Christmas is two days away. My friends tell me to forget about Yellow. I don’t want to forget about her, but I can’t blame them for telling me that. After all, they’re just trying to help. I remember the time when I told them about that moment. Everybody was affected, especially me…


    I finally managed to get out of the Viridian Forest with Pika and Chuchu’s help. I sent out all of Yellow’s pokemon. I told Ratty, Freesk, Omask, Golosk and Dodosk that they were free to go wherever they wish. I would keep their pokeballs while they were gone. They all nodded and ran back into the Viridian Forest. I looked at Chuchu. I told the little mouse that I know that it wishes to be with Pika. The female Pikachu nodded. I told her that it would be more than welcome to stay with me. I returned both electric mice to their pokeballs, then sent out Aero. I asked if the Aerodactyl was well enough to fly me to Pallet Town. Aero nodded and flew up. It grabbed me by the shoulders and flew me back home. The sun was already in the sky. I thought about how I’d tell all the Pokedex Holders about what just happened.

    When I arrived at Professor Oak’s Lab, it was already noon. Aero flew at a steady pace due to his multiple injuries. The prehistoric pokemon placed me down in front of the building’s door. I thanked Aero for his efforts and returned him to his pokeball. I slowly opened the door to Prof. Oak’s Lab. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was nervous about how the others will react to the news. I don’t even know if I can tell them. I don’t want to live through that again.

    I stepped into the main room. Through a window, I could see that Prof. Oak was in the other room, along with all the Pokedex Holders. My heart started to beat faster. I slowly pushed open the door that lead to the other room and stepped in. Prof. Oak greeted me as I closed the door. I lowered my hat over my face and tried not to move my sprained arm.

    “Everyone, I have to tell you something” I started, trying to keep my voice from shaking.

    “Hey, Red” Blue started. “If this concerns all the Dex Holders, then where’s Yellow?” I stiffened up when I heard that name. Blue saw my reaction and stayed quiet.

    I looked around the room from under my hat. There were two sofas in the room. One had Green, Blue, Crys and Gold sitting on it. The other had Ruby, Sapphire, Lady Berlitz and Dia. Pearl was sitting on a wooden chair right next to Dia. Emerald was on another chair next to Crys. Silver was leaning on the wall at one corner of the room. All of them looked at me; waiting to hear what I’ll say next. I tried to start, but the words wouldn’t come out.

    “Come on. Tell us already” Pearl suddenly said impatiently. Everyone looked at him. He muttered a simple “Sorry”. They all shifted their attention back to me. I had to tell them now. I gathered up all my courage and found the words.

    “It’s about Yellow. She’s…” my voice trailed off. All of the memories flashed back into my mind. The Beast Warrior’s ambush, Yellow’s arrival, my retreat, our conversation, the Hoppip, my fall, our second attempt to fight back, Yellow’s injury, her confession and her sacrifice. The feelings of shock, despair, anger and pain came back to me. It made it harder for me to get the words out, but I managed to finish. “She’s dead…” The girls gasped; everybody’s eyes widened in shock. A moment of chilling silence passed.

    “Ohh…Okay, Red. Great joke. You had us all fooled there” Blue suddenly said. How could she think this was a joke? I couldn’t hold it back any longer. My eyes filled with tears. Blue looked at me, puzzled. “Red, we get it. Just tell us the real news.”

    A tear rolled down my face. I wiped the tears from my eyes. Then I realized that I had lifted my cap, revealing my face. Blue finally realized that it wasn’t a joke. Her eyes started to water. She placed her head on Green’s chest and started sobbing. Over the years, she and Yellow became good friends and almost rivals, like me and Green. It would be a surprise if she didn’t cry. Green held her close, probably afraid that he might lose her, too.

    Crys was also sobbing. She and Yellow became great friends, too. Yellow had gained her respect. Gold watched her sob quietly. Wanting to comfort her, he put an arm around her shoulders. Crys looked at him. Gold gave her a reassuring look. Crys would have pulled away by now, but today, she appreciated Gold’s understanding. He got a bit more mature over the years that he has been a Pokedex Holder. Emerald lowered his head. He stared at the floor, thinking about something.

    I looked at the other side of the room. Lady Berlitz was staring down on the floor. In her eyes, I could see the she understood how sad everyone was. She didn’t know Yellow well, but she did know her well enough to understand that she was a great person. She saw how much everyone was affected. She had her hands on her lap. Dia placed a hand over hers and gave her a look of understanding. She smiled at him. Pearl remained quiet for the first time in his life.

    Sapphire was trying to hold back her tears. Her eyes were shut, but some of them had already rolled down her face. Ruby placed a hand on her shoulder. Sapphire opened her eyes and looked at him. He nodded, as if giving a sign that it was okay to cry. He took out a tissue from his bag and used it to wipe away her tears. Sapphire seemed glad that someone understood her that well.

    Silver had remained the same all this time. The only difference is that he had a frown on his face, knowing who did it. Prof. Oak looked at me sympathetically. He knew how much the two of us had been through together. I’ll tell them the details later. For now, we can only cry for our friend’s death.


    All those memories will always be with me. Even though Christmas is two days away, I don’t think I’ll be able to celebrate. I know that I should be happy on a holiday like Christmas, but I’m just regretting that I won’t be able to share it with Yellow. Well, better get back to Pallet Town. Pika and Chuchu might get worried…


    ??? P-O-V

    The Viridian Forest is still the same. Nothing has changed since I was last here a month ago. Oh, what’s this? Someone’s in that clearing. Let me see…it’s Red. What’s he doing here? He stood up and walked over to the cliff. He’s watching the sunset slowly go down. He shouldn’t be here. It’s already late and it’s going to snow soon. I wonder what he’s thinking about. He doesn’t have some of his pokemon. In fact, he only has Vee the Espeon with him. He’s vulnerable to attack. Now he’s turning around and walking away. Where’s he headed? What’s he thinking? What’s happened to him since I last saw him a month ago? He seems pretty depressed. Why do I feel as if he’s in danger? Well, of course he’s in danger. I’d be pretty tempted to attack him when he’s that vulnerable. Better follow him around some more. “Let’s go…”


    Normal P-O-V

    Red was headed back to Pallet Town. It was slowly getting dark; the sunset was fading. He knew that his carelessness was the main reason for Yellow’s death. He was more careful this time. He knew he had to get out of there before it gets too dark. The wind was howling, shaking the leaves of the trees and almost blowing his cap off. Then, the shaking gets louder and catches Red’s attention. The wind wasn’t enough to shake a tree that much. He didn’t have time to think about it, unfortunately.

    “We meet again, Battler” someone said. Red turned around and saw Storc. Red stiffened up, ready to fight if needed. “It’s a surprise that exactly one month has passed since we last met. Where’s your little girl friend?” she asked. “Oh, that’s right. She’s dead.” She grinned evilly. “You don’t have anyone to protect you now. Right, Oca?” The big man stepped out of the bushes behind Red.

    “Right, Boss” he replied. Red was surrounded. He had nowhere to run; nowhere to hide. The two Beast Warriors knew he only had Vee with him. Ever since Yellow’s death, Red has learned to control his emotions. Anger, hate, courage, fear and love; he’s been able to show them or hold them back.

    But now, hate was getting the better of him, courage was pushing back fear and his love for Yellow was fueling his anger. He gritted his teeth as he stared at Storc; his eyes full of hate. Storc stared at him; enjoying the fact that she made him angry.

    “Now, let’s settle our unfinished business.” She sent out Persian. The cat glared at him mockingly. Upon seeing the cat, the moment when he was ambushes flashed back into his head. He saw Yellow on the ground, clutching her arm in pain. Then, he saw her again. This time, she lay on the ground weakly. Red remembered that it was Persian who caused her so much pain and it was the cat that caused her to fall over the cliff. Now, the same pokemon was in front of him; mocking him with its evil glare. Red sent out Vee.

    “Tackle” Red said. Vee rushed towards Persian; determined to do some damage. Persian easily evaded the Espeon’s Tackle and delivered a Slash. The cat’s claws did some damage on the Espeon, but it kept trying. Vee could sense Red’s emotions and the Espeon knew that he wants to beat the cat. Vee lunged at Persian and tackled the cat to the ground. Persian stood up and chased the Espeon. The cat deliverd a Fury Swipes attacks on Vee, but he managed to dodge them all.

    Suddenly, Oca’s Jumpluff jumped out of the bushes and scattered its Stun Spore all over Vee. The paralyzed Espeon tried to shake it off, but Persian took advantage of the situation and delivered another Slash on to the pokemon. Vee barely survived the attack. The Espeon managed to stand and glare t its attacker. He was paralyzed and sustained multiple injuries, but he wanted to continue. Vee was doing this for Red and the trainer finally noticed the Espeon’s determination.


    Red’s P-O-V

    Why’s Vee still getting up? After that Slash hit him, I thought he was done for. Why’s he doing this? He’s still fighting even though he’s injured; just like Yellow…He’s doing this for me, just like the way she risked everything to save me from Storc and Oca. If this battle goes on, Vee won’t last much longer. I don’t want to lose anymore friends. I don’t want to feel anymore pain and sadness.

    I ran to Vee. When I got to the paralyzed Espeon, I asked it to forgive me for being blinded by anger and getting it injured by ordering it around. Vee looked at me, much like the way Yellow did, and nodded. I smiled at the Espeon and hugged it.

    “Enough fooling around” Storc said. “Persian, finish it.” Persian rushed forward, aiming for us. I stood in front of Vee and prepared to take the attack. I’ll make sure none of my friends get hurt. I won’t let them take the pain for me. I braced myself as the cat leaped forward.

    Suddenly, a Hyper Beam shot out from the treetops and stopped the cat in its tracks. Persian managed to avoid the powerful attack by jumping away and landing near the bushes. Storc started to panic. She and Oca started looking at the treetops; searching for the mysterious attacker. Vee stepped closer to me and we both waited for something to happen.

    “You do know that two against one is unfair, right?” someone suddenly said. I decided to watch Persian. After all, it was the cat who always attacked me when my guard was down. Persian was looking around carefully; seeming alert to everything around it.

    “Coward!!!” Storc shouted angrily. “Show yourself!!!”

    “I’m not a coward” the voice replied calmly. “I don’t attack a person who only has one pokemon and use two against it. Then attack the trainer himself. It’s just a cowardly move.”

    Suddenly, two eyes appeared in the bushes next to Persian. It jumps out and reveals itself to be a female Jolteon. The speedy pokemon quickly leaped towards the Persina and delivered multiple kicks. The cat was caught off guard by the pokemon’s speed and fell to the ground and looked at me and Vee.

    “You see, you’re the coward, Beast Warrior.” The Jolteon looked up into the treetops. I followed the Jolteon’s gaze to that certain spot where the leaves were shaking a while ago. To my surprise, someone was there. The person stepped out of the shadows and revealed that he was a boy. This boy had a yellow and black cap on. He wore black snow goggles over his eyes, preventing me from seeing them. But, what I really noticed was the blonde hair under his cap and the black cape that covered the rest of his body.

    He jumped of the tree branch and silently landed on the ground below. When his shoes touched the ground, they made no sound. He faced me and motioned for both of us to come to him. I feel reluctant to follow this trainer, but we had no choice. I slowly walked over to the trainer; the paralyzed Vee beside me.

    Is he a friend or an enemy? Well, he did save me from Persian, but why would he do that? Someone with that kind of skill and power could be dangerous. If he decides to attack, we would be helpless.

    I stood in front of the trainer. The wind was still howling in my ears; warning me of the coming snow storm. His blonde hair was blowing in the breeze; his eyes covered by the snow goggles. He wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were on the two, dangerous Team Rocket agents. The female Jolteon was beside its trainer. I noticed the collar around its neck for the first time. It was hidden underneath the matching white fur around the Jolteon’s neck. The golden gem in the middle shone in the moon’s light.

    All eyes were on the two, dangerous Beast Warriors. Storc had returned Persian to its pokeball. Jumpluff was floating next to its trainer, Oca. The mysterious boy reached into his pocket and pulled out another collar. It was black and had a clear gem in the middle. Without turning around, he handed it to me.

    At first, I didn’t know what to do with it. I stared at it on my hand. The boy didn’t give me instruction. Vee seemed to have a keep interest on the little trinket. He stared at the clear gem in the middle. I knew what to do now. I crouched down and wrapped the black collar around Vee’s neck. It fit perfectly.

    The gem started to glow. When the light faded, the clear gem had changed. I was looking at a purple gem that looked a lot like an Amethyst. How did that happen? I turned around and looked at the trainer. Who is this guy? Did he know this was going to happen? There’s no thime to ask him those questions now. Storc had sent out her Bannette to battle.

    “Shadow Ball” she said and pointed to the trainer’s Jolteon. The possessed doll launched the attack on the pokemon.

    “Watch out!!!” I shouted to the trainer. He didn’t seem worried, though. He didn’t tell his Jolteon to move. The pokemon stood there, waiting for the attack. But just as the Shadow Ball was going to hit it, the female Jolteon’s body changed and the Shadow Ball went right through it. I stared at it in surprise. The Jolteon had turned into an Eevee. Did its trainer know that this was going to happen?

    The mysterious trainer looked back and smiled at me. He must’ve seen the surprised expression on my face. I examined the Eevee. It looked like a normal, healthy Eevee. It still had that white collar with the clear gem on. Wait a minute. Wasn’t the gem gold? It was the same with Vee’s collar. This is strange. The trainer looked back at the two Beast Warriors. The Eevee waited for an order from her trainer.

    “Dark Pulse” the guy told his Eevee. The ball of fluff closed it eyes. The gem on its collar started to glow. The Eevee’s form changed. It opened its eyes and unleashed a Dark Pulse that hit Storc’s Bannette. The possessed doll fell on the ground weakly. It struggled to get up, but eventually fainted. Storc angrily returned the Bannette to its pokeball.

    I examined the mysterious trainer’s pokemon. It had black fur with yellow ring patterns. The Eevee had turned into an Umbreon. Its white collar was visible, even in the dark. Without the yellow patterns on the Umbreon’s fur, you might not even see the pokemon. Vee walked over to the Umbreon and seemed to talk to it. I think Vee was asking her how she did it. The Umbreon seems to be teaching him. We all turned back to the Beast Warriors.

    “Oca, lets finish this” Storc said. The big man sent his Jumpluff forward. Storc sent out her Starmie. I was about to tell Vee to attack, when the trainer suddenly placed a hand on my shoulder.

    “Let them battle on their own” he told me. He took out a Cheri Berry from his pocket and offered it to the paralyzed Vee. The Espeon gratefully ate the berry and quickly recovered. The mysterious guy turned back to me. “It would be a great experience for them.” Well, it has been a while since Vee had a good battle.

    “Okay” I repied. I turned back to Vee. “Jus be careful.” The Espeon nodded. Vee and the Umbreon face the Starmie and Jumpluff. The Umbreon told Vee something. The two closed their eyes as the gems on their collars glowed and the two began to change. Vee’s fur changed into a brown and green color; the Umbreon’s turned into a Glaceon. Vee’s collar had a green gem; the Umbreon had an icy white. The two new pokemon glared angrily at the Beast Warriors’ pokemon. Vee and the Glaceon clearly had the advantage in this match-up.

    Starmie was the first to attack. It used Rapid Spin and was headed towards Vee. The Leafeon stood his ground and prepared to use a Leaf Blade. The Glaceon kept close in case something wrong. When the two attacks collided, both pokemon were forced backwards because of the force of the attacks.

    Suddenly, Jumpluff jumped out from behind Starmie. It was about to attack Vee, but luckily, Glaceon was there. It fired an Ice Beam at Jumpluff. The cottonweed pokemon got knocked back. Then, Vee and Glaceon used a double Tackle. The Beast Warriors’ pokemon were forced to retreat a few steps backwards. Vee and the Glaceon were about twenty feet away from the Starmie and Jumpluff. I looked at the Glaceon’s trainer; he smiled. I knew that those two Eevee evolutions had a plan from the start…


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