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~ The Taming of the Northern Wind ~


E/GL obsessed
A/N: This was written for the Myths and Legends One-shot Contest, in the Author's Cafe. Rated PG, although there isn't much to warn about, no violence or anything. I don't own pokemon, obviously.

Enjoy ^.^

EDITED 27/01/08



That’s what they call me; the incarnation of the Northern Wind itself, so swift and wild that none could catch or hope to pursue me.

But that doesn’t seem to stop them. I’ve had so many humans come after me, even before they began to call themselves ‘trainers’. They were attracted by my grace, my speed, my beauty. My pack-mates have their own Seekers, of course; for my sister, it’s her hardiness, her undying will, and for my brother it’s his majesty and power that draws them.

All of us – those of us that humans call ‘legendaries’ – have Seekers in some way, some of them more dangerous than others, because their greed and ambition upsets the Balance of the world. It can be maddening at times, the superficial value humans place on things like beauty or power, the way that their own single-minded lust for them can cause so much pain. I have never understood it; I’ve simply accepted.

My sister doesn’t understand them either, but she has far less tolerance than I. She tends to become annoyed at the attention, fleeing constantly so that no one will find her. My brother sometimes seems to, in some way, but he has never shared his insights. He appears to have accepted it as part of being what we are, but still he hides, only emerging when he’s needed.

That is where I differ from them. I may not understand humans, but they are entertaining, and if nothing else I can urge them – subtly – towards strengths they never knew they had.

The ones that are willing to persist, that is.

And so I race across the world, appearing here and there, just long enough to rekindle their dying passion to pursue me again. Humans have a similar game, I believe, in which one cub runs and the others try to catch them, though my game is on a far grander scale. Some have come close, even challenged me, and occasionally I indulge them for a few minutes of their precious battles so that they may feel they’ve accomplished something. And then I am gone again.

My sister once, a long time ago, accused me of trying to understand them. I suppose that was true. I wanted to understand what drives them, what drives them to follow us everywhere we go in the faint hope of a glimpse, what makes us so valuable to them that they would choose to Stain themselves. That second one I feel I could always answer; humans have always liked power, although they do not like responsibility, and it is that which I still don’t understand, because that question could never be answered the way the others eventually were.

But I also wanted to understand my Kin, the Kin who choose to ally themselves with the humans, to become their companions, their bodyguards, even though so many of them are abused by those who are Stained. I don’t begrudge them their choice, but back then I had never felt the urge to ally myself with a human. They were still cubs in my eyes.

At the same time, I want the humans to understand. I want to teach them what we strive to teach all our Kin, wild or not; to learn their own limits, to learn the fights and causes they can and cannot win, when and where to use the power they have. That is one thing humans don’t seem to understand at all: restraint. It saddened me then, and it still does.

I had played that game for years, for decades, for centuries, and I still hadn’t found the answers I sought. Nor, it seemed, had any of my Seekers understood what I have been trying to teach them. What they Sought was different to what I knew.

And then I met Him.

I don’t know his name; it would probably be nearly meaningless anyway, since he was a human, and he would have had a human name. Their names mean nothing to us, and we cannot pronounce them anyway.

At first I thought he was all the same. I heard from the wind and my Kin that there was a new human looking for me, and my sister deigned to warn me of him. ‘This one is different,’ she said. ‘This one, I think, will turn out Stained.’

By that she meant he would disrupt the Balance. I’ve had many Seekers who have done the same, and so has she, and so has our brother; so my first thought was that he wouldn’t be so different after all.

But, that isn’t something I can judge until I’ve seen their eyes myself. Humans have a saying: ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’. I’ve often wondered whether they know how true it is. One can almost always tell whether a Seeker will become Stained or not, simply by looking at their eyes in the first meeting.

When I saw his, I thought my sister was right. The kind of fervent excitement that was there, the complete, almost insane devotion, could only end up being destructive. And yet, it was not my place to put an end to him, not so soon in the beginning of the game, for it wasn’t my choices which would make him what he would be. It was his. Everything on this world deserves a chance, and so I gave him the chance to play.

So passed our second and our third meetings, and each time the light in his eyes was the same; I was his reason for living, his ultimate mountain against which he could test his greatness. If he could conquer me, then he would have judged his life worthy.

Despite myself I began to avoid him. I didn’t want to give him reason to become what so many of his kin had already turned into, for his protection, for mine, for my Kin’s.

But he was more persistent than I gave him credit for. If a sighting of me was reported, he was always the first one there, no matter if the sighting had been meant for him or not, no matter how far he was away. He never gave up, and my lack of appearances only seemed to make him more determined. For the first time in a long time, I became genuinely concerned that perhaps this human was already too far gone and would become what I feared whether I tried to avoid it or not.

My sister met him, once. She hardly noticed him at first, because her brethren were in danger from those humans, the Seekers who chased after any one of us for no apparent reason and so often wore black to show their Stain inside and out. He was one of the humans who tried to help her, and their help she did end up needing, but only later did she realize who one of them had been.

To her it changed nothing. ‘He is a Seeker,’ she told me bluntly. ‘Even Stained, he would not want other Stained to take me, and it is not me he is after. He came because I am your sister, and no other reason.’

And yet I wondered.

Life moved on. Seekers often come and go, brought down when they become dangerous or simply giving up, and so they did. Several years went by, precious years of a human’s life, and I expected him to do the same as he aged, and my Kin that he had befriended with him. After all, humans don’t live nearly as long as we do, and for them youth is a fleeting thing. Most young Seekers turn their ambitions to something else once I prove to be out of reach, not wanting to waste their life away in pursuit of something unattainable.

Yet he didn’t. He persevered, chasing after the mere rumour of my presence though I was often gone days before. Wherever I went he followed, sometimes weeks afterward. I couldn’t understand it; how, when all other Seekers would have given up years before, how could he continue on?

Of course my sister had an answer to give. ‘The Stained never give up,’ she said simply, though my brother said nothing at all.

But somehow, I couldn’t help feeling she was wrong. I began to watch this human, watch him closely and with concern for the next decade, for those times he thought I was on the other side of the region when in fact I was mere feet away, watching him and wondering. Not once did he display signs of a Stain, not once, and I realized that he never had.

Time continued to move. He grew older, should have grown wiser, and he should have ended the chase long ago but never did. I could have ended it, could have given him the satisfaction he wanted so he would go back to a proper human life and let me pass by as so many others did and still do, but I didn’t. I didn’t, and at the time I didn’t even know why. All I knew was that with every one of our rare, fleeting meetings, his eyes would light up with the same pleasure and reverence as the one before, completely undimmed since the very first time I had shown myself to him, even though they became touched with familiarity.

Then one day I received a call from the wind, a call telling me that my Seeker was returning to the place where it all began.

My Seeker. I didn’t even realize that I had begun calling him that, not then at least, and if I’d thought about it a little more I would have realized it was true. He was my friend, my companion, a constant shadow trailing inevitably after me, though we met but a few times.

I admit it; I was worried, worried and curious to see why he had broken off the pursuit he had spent so long in. So for once, I followed him, followed him back to the place where he’d first seen me, standing on a lakeside far apart from any human dwelling. And when I got there, he was waiting.

I was shocked to see him. It had been years since I allowed him to catch a glimpse of me, and I still had in my mind the image of a slight young man with brown hair, wearing skins the colour of my mane and a cape that billowed like my tails. I always had found it amusing that he would dress in my colours, found it amusing and somehow touching.

The skins were the same, and the cape, but his hair had turned grey and his face was lined with age.

Then he stood from the rock on which he was seated, and I saw that though his face was different, the way he stood was exactly the same; unbowed by time or hardship, proud as I or any of my pack could be.

And I saw his eyes.

His eyes had changed.

They still sparkled at the sight of me, lighting up like the stars in the clear night sky above us, but there was something different there, something lost, and I knew the chase was over.

In that instant I hurt more than I thought any human could possibly make me hurt, felt betrayed in a way that was so completely unexpected, and for a moment I bristled with resentment that, after so long, so much effort and time on both our parts, that he would just give up.

I honestly don’t know whether I planned to attack him or not. My sister is the one with the volatile rages, my brother second to her on rarer occasions, but I had never lost my temper before and I didn’t understand how this human could do it to me with something as simple as a decision that all of his kind had, inevitably, made.

That was when the wind brought it to me: his scent, so familiar, so comforting, something which had made my hearts race with anticipation and my paws long to fly whenever I smelled it.

He was dying.

He had reached the end of his life, and so the game was over.

He knew it too, I could see it. That was what had changed in his eyes, not something he had lost, but something he had gained: acceptance.

Acceptance of a fate not even we can avoid, acceptance of what I now know is the only thing which could have made him stop the chase.

And I understood, and my anger faded, and we regarded each other across the darkened clearing with both wariness and familiarity, as though we were pack who had not seen each other for a long, long time, before he spoke.

“I’ve found you at last, it seems,” he said lightly, his voice hoarse with age but still strong as ever. “If I had known that curiosity would bring you to me so easily…” he trailed off and his eyes went distant, and for a moment I feared he would fail right there and then.

Then he came back, and smiled, and shook his head. “If I had known, I would have chased you anyway.”

I felt like I’d struck by a bolt from my sister’s thundercloud.

Because that was when I realized something, something that I had somehow missed, so afraid was I that he would be Stained, so puzzled by his persistence, so taken with his determination. I had played a game with my Seekers, toying with them, luring them into following me until finally they found the game too hard.

But he… he had always played with me.

He was the only one who knew it was a game. He had made it one; it had been his life’s sole purpose to play with me a game that stretched across regions, and he had enjoyed it, enjoyed at as much as I, though I hadn’t even realized he was playing with me until then.

Perhaps he was a Seeker at first, but I know now that long before our final meeting he had found what he Sought, and hadn’t been a Seeker at all for years.

“You win, I suppose,” he said with a twisted smile. “I never did catch you, after all, as my colleagues predicted. What they don’t understand is that I never expected to. For me it was always the chase. You know that, don’t you?”

I do now, I wanted to tell him. I do now, but I didn’t then, and I should have. And now it’s too late.

I didn’t even realize I was crying until a tear hit my paw. Because I had wasted so much time, and he had given himself completely over to the game that I had longed to play with someone.

And for the first time, I began to understand why my Kin chose humans over freedom. It was the final question I had left, because my first had already been answered.

So I gave him the only thing I could offer him back.

That was the first and last time I ever ran with a human. None of his kin ever saw; none of them would ever know. They’d never know about the man who had accomplished something that so many of them across so many years had tried and failed, and perhaps it is better that way, better that they didn’t think they’d have a chance to reach something they don’t. Because he alone played a game I had created, a game I will continue to play in the memory of the only one who had beaten me, the only one who ever would.

In memory of the human who had managed to tame the Northern Wind.

~ finis

A/N: I love how obsessive Eusine is about Suicune ^.^ I've always wondered what Suicune thought of him, and thought that perhaps she looks on him fondly because of his determination.

Reviews welcome, concrit loved ^.^
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Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
Suicune and Eusine—two great tastes that taste great together! =D

…Wait. Somehow I don’t think that gets across quite the sentiment I intended…

…Anyway, enough of my rambling. XD I think it was a cool idea to explore the way that Eusine and Suicune regard each other, and you did a very nice job of it. And I loved the ending…poor Eusine, though. ;-; Oh well, at least he lived a full life, right? ^^ (And bsides which, I love sad stuff. X3)

I’m very interested in the borther and sister of whom Suicune spoke. I’m presently inclined to think that they’re Raikou and Entei, though I’m not altogether decided on which is which. For some reason, my mind always associates Entei with masculinity (probably due to the third movie, even though technically that was not a/the real Entei if I remember correctly), but the mention of Suicune’s sister having “fiery rages” makes me wonder if maybe Entei is the sister and Raikou is the brother. Yet another possibility that comes to my mind is that the brother and sister might be other Suicune.

Another detail that I thought was cool was the mention of Suicune having more than one heart. ^^

That was a boss read, and I salute you for it. ^^

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Wow. Just...wow. *hugs you and gives gingerbread men cookies*


Fantastic. It's been a very long time since I have last read anything from one of my greatest writing friends. (hugs you again) That, really, was a refreshing read to introduce you back, and I just loved the concept, flow, details, everything. I found myself lost in the vivid thoughts of Suicune, and the Seekers & Stained idea was portrayed magnificently, this is really something you don't see written every day. You dug deep into the emotions and thoughts of Suicune, and I also would like to compliment you on the fact that you referred to Entei and Raikou and Suicune's siblings; an interesting idea.

Also, I have to wonder which is which; it would be strikingly new to see Entei portrayed as a female, but something I'd love to see. Raikou always struck me as male, in fact, although Entei could be both, depending on a few factors. Nevertheless, would it be okay if you could clarify which is the brother and which is the sister? ^_^

Great short story; and welcome back, my old friend. ^^

Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not.
This is incredible! What a one-shot! You drew my interest and before i knew it, it was over. Eusine and Suicune were a classic team. You get a gold star for effort, another for originality and a third one for character description.

i've read a few poorly written fics tonight, but yours cleared me from all i've had to put up with... really, it did. it was really, really touching...especially the last bit...go, purple_drake!

You possibly only lacked in setting description... the clearing where the game ended...was it misty, clear, night or day, rainy or windy or snowy or warm? Spring or Autumn, summer and winter? Even as a Pokemon, Suicune must have some knowledge of the weather.

I'll try to take a peek at your other works. Keep up the good work, i'm seriously impressed!



Garramonda! give me
I liked it...very touching, it gave a depth to Eusine that I wouldn't personally associate with him.

I read your story about Lance and I'm thinking you have a thing for minor characters...that's great, actually. There need to be more good authors that use minor canon characters, I think. Keep it up :).

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that the 'sister' is Raikou, since you make a reference to the whole Legend of Thunder bit--
"My sister met him, once. She hardly noticed him at first, because her brethren were in danger from those humans, the Seekers who chased after any one of us with no apparent reason and wore black to show their Stain inside and out. He was one of the humans who tried to help her, and their help she did end up needing, but only later did she realize who one of them had been."
--if that clarifies anything for anyone else (and tell me if I'm right).


Well-Known Member
This was very nicely done. I especially enjoyed the end where both Suicune and Eusine finally understand the other's motives for their lifelong game of cat-and-mouse, and also of Suicune's revelation of why its fellow Pokemon trust these "humans."

I am also seeing the reference to the Legend of Thunder Chronicles mini- though why did they call him "Eugene" in the dub?!

But I digress. Emotions were beautifully done, and you've given Eusine- who was only a plot device in Crystal- a personality and soul all his own. Excelent work!


E/GL obsessed

...I have reviews!

I only had a chance to look this morning without replying and I see only one, and then I come back a few hours later and there are four more! *is happy*

Since *everyone* seems to be asking about the siblings, I'll answer that in general :p the sister was indeed Raikou and the brother was Entei, and just for reference (I don't think I mentioned it in there) Suicune is also female. I've actually given all the legendaries genders, so ^.^;;

Siker Saner: I'm glad you liked :p I always felt sorry for Eusine in the manga, 'cause Suicune ends up going with Crystal, and I always felt that such dedication should be rewarded. ^.^ and yup, he lived a rich, full life, exactly the way he wanted. Even though I'm not such a fan of sad stories myself, I consider this one to be essentially happy because he died the way he would've wanted to.

I've always considered Entei to be masculine too (probably because of the third movie like you said) but Raikou I see as one of those tough little things with a strong temper. 'Fiery' was probably the wrong word to use *sweatdrops* but to be honest, I didn't really think about it; mostly I just wanted to get across that she had the bigger temper.

As for Suicune having more than one heart :p well, if you think about it, even though the beasts aren't much bigger than maybe a lion, they move at much higher speeds and have god-like endurance. I figure they've got to have more than one heart to keep all the oxygen pumping to where they need it - especially Entei, when you consider that fire feeds off air and he's got an awfully powerful Flamethrower...

Ryano: I don't care what your username is now, you'll always be Ryano to me ;)

Yay! *is hugged and accepts cookies* ^.^ Thankies! I was rather fond of the 'Seeker' and 'Stained' concept myself, though I had a helluva time trying to find terminology that fit for the first one. I must've got through all the synonyms there were - 'Hunters', 'Chasers' (which I didin't mind so much), you name it.

It's odd how original people are finding it that Suicune, Raikou and Entei are siblings ^.^ it's always been a given, for me; they've just always been pack.

As for the genders, well, Entei has always been male, so that was easy. But you remember I was telling you I'd worked out a pantheon of the legendaries? In the trios, obviously there always had to be two of one gender and one of the other, so I figured, (since there's an even number of trios) I can still balance it out. And that meant that Raikou had to be female, even though I'd always thought of her as male before then. Now I can't imagine her any other way ^.^;;

*hugs* thanks for the welcome back, and watch this space *points at sig* for HotM ;)

Air Dragon: Yay, three gold stars! *dances* ^.^ I'm glad I could clear up your night.

You're right about the description. Usually I'm a very descriptive writer, but then I start writing introspective pieces like this one or Mirrorscape, and my description starts going down the drain -_-;; I completely forgot about it for this particular story, but I've taken a look and I think I can slip one or two adjectives in there. It won't be much, though; Suicune's kind of got more things on her mind than to pay attention to the surroundings ;)

Heir: hope you don't mind me calling you that, your name's pretty long ;) I'm still trying to work it out.

Yes, you have the right of it ^.^;; I've always had a thing for minor characters, in any fandom; my stories tend to be bit a obscure 'cause I tend to write for characters not as many people like to read about. Especially in the pokemon fandom, I've seen a lot of people deride the canon characters as being 'awful' and 'two-dimensional', which I kind of agree with when you consider Ash and them. But then I look at the gym leaders and Elites (and the Teams) and I think, 'hey now, there's so much potential there... how can you call them horrible?'

You get a Suicune-shaped cookie for being right, AND for seeing the reference to Legend of Thunder ;) *hands out cookie*

DarkPersian: I loved that scene too ^.^ I was tearing up by the time I got to writing it. That scene personifies everything I see Eusine as, so thank you for your kind words on his personality *bows*

I saw and hated the dub of LoT, and that was one of the primary reasons <_< they really screwed the whole episode around, and I *was* trying to get the subbed version until my laptop died... but that's neither here nor there... you also get a Suicune-shaped cookie for seeing the reference ^.^ *gives out cookie*

Thanks to everyone for reviewing, and I'm glad you all enjoyed ^.^


meet me in the rain
That was really awesome. I love Suicune and I really love how you explored her relationship with Eusine. Very well written, very interesting too.
You're a great writer, keep it up.

Razor Shiftry

Cynthia = Porn Star
well...i don't really have much else to say from what everyone else has said...
but i'll personally congratualate you for this AM-AZ-ING piece of writing and i love all those emotions and the relevation at the end. but i agree with Air Dragon with the fact that it could have been a little more descriptive.


Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Ryano: I don't care what your username is now, you'll always be Ryano to me ;)

Yay! *is hugged and accepts cookies* ^.^ Thankies! I was rather fond of the 'Seeker' and 'Stained' concept myself, though I had a helluva time trying to find terminology that fit for the first one. I must've got through all the synonyms there were - 'Hunters', 'Chasers' (which I didin't mind so much), you name it.

It's odd how original people are finding it that Suicune, Raikou and Entei are siblings ^.^ it's always been a given, for me; they've just always been pack.

As for the genders, well, Entei has always been male, so that was easy. But you remember I was telling you I'd worked out a pantheon of the legendaries? In the trios, obviously there always had to be two of one gender and one of the other, so I figured, (since there's an even number of trios) I can still balance it out. And that meant that Raikou had to be female, even though I'd always thought of her as male before then. Now I can't imagine her any other way ^.^;;

*hugs* thanks for the welcome back, and watch this space *points at sig* for HotM ;)
Ah, so Raikou is the female and Entei is the male. I suspected that at first, being as I make Raikou a female in countless of my past stories, but the comment about "fiery rages" threw off this assumption and I switched them. I still love the fact that you mention them being 'siblings'; many would expect them to be, but really, nobody has brought it up. Maybe that is why a lot of people like the concept.

Now, what exactly does the 'Stained' people mean? Are they tainted with the greed of legendary power of some sort? Also, I'm definitely watching this space. *hunts down for new threads* o_@


E/GL obsessed
Two more reviews! ^.^ and reply from Ryano ;)

steel-rain: Thankies ^.^ don't worry, I'm not stopping writing any time soon.

meta-fist: heh, sorry about the mangling of your name, but it's a long one :p thanks heaps for your words ^.^;; as for the description, two people pointing it out gave me the motivation I needed just to pop in and edit a little... it's not much, I'm afraid, since I don't want to ruin the flow, but it at least sets the time of day (or night, as the case may be) and kind of weather, so hopefully it'll be enough ^.^;;

Ryano: That's it *changes fiery to something else* there, now people can't get confused ;)

As for the Stained, well, it pretty much just means when people get taken over by greed or hatred or whatever, which causes them to want to enslave/kill pokemon for whatever reason. Any trainer which abuses their pokemon would be called Stained, for instance. I just figured since the legendaries see the effects on a far more personal level than the law does, they'd have a more serious name for it, as opposed to a generalized one like 'criminal' or 'poacher' something.


The King of Kirby
Well PD, you did it again. Very good. I found it very interesting and entertaining. Very good description in emotion and thoughts. It seemed very real. A good one-shot indeed. I found no mistakes so I pretty much have nothing more to add other than *tackleglompseatshugshugglesandmore* Can you tell I missed you???
jirachiman out ;385;

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
A very nice concept. I had an idea that it dealt with greed, but wanting to enslave or/and kill Pokemon for psychological reasons seems even more fitting. "Stained". I really, honestly really, love that. Seekers were apparent; they are the ones who seek for Pokemon, whether that be for a challenge, satisfaction, greed, and so on and so forth. *bows* Also, must I say that the ending was particularly my favorite? I loved Eusine being old and the thoughts of Suicune thinking of it as a game in which he beat her. ^^