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The Tao Trio

Favorite Tao Trio member?

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Cerulean Blues
The Tao Trio is the fan name for Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem, aka the Unova box mascot dragons. Which of these dragons was your favorite? Did you ever merge Zekrom/Reshiram with Kyurem in Black 2/White 2?


I've always been a big fan of Zekrom ever since it was first revealed and if I remember correctly, it was simultaneously revealed on the North American Pokemon site at the same time as it was revealed in Japan, which is interesting. I think its Dragon/Electric type combination is great, too.


KyogreThunder said:
Reshiram, it is majestic and elegant despite having a very simple colour scheme. I like Zekrom's cry better, though.

I'm somewhat indifferent about Reshiram, but I think that the white fur and blazing orange aura from its tail makes a nice combination of colors. But that sharp tuft of fur under its abdomen looks a little strange.


Well-Known Member
Zekrom's a sexy beastie.
Reshiram's cry is epic.

I always like to wonder how powerful they are when compared to other legendaries. Not in terms of battling, but power. Like Lugia can create massive storms when angry, Kyogre can flood the world etc. So far, I only see the Tao as just powerful pokémon, maybe on par with Lugia/Ho-oh/Xerneas,Yveltal etc, but below the weather trio and the creation trio.


Dragon lover
Oddly enough, Kyurem is my favorite out of the three, and my favorite Legenday Pokemon of all time. I had always wanted an ice dragon in Pokemon and the lore around it as possibly the remains of what was the Original Dragon before its Truth and Ideals were split and manifested into Reshiram and Zekrom is fascinating and also a little sad. Its a cold husk that just wishes to be whole once more. I also prefer its normal form to Black or White Kyurem, but I am hoping that one day we can get an idea of what the Original Dragon was like. Until then, I will continue to love this icy dragon.


Unova Enthusiast
Yeah I wanna see them fused. Don’t give me lore about all three being one entity and not lemme see and/use it.

Also, I too would like to see what they do about stats. Whether they’ll make Arceus more powerful (if they were to up the stats of the combined Tao Trio) or just cap it at 720 like the SwSh box duo.

I merged both Dragons at some point in time. I like the fusions more than any one of the trio alone. Zekrom is definitely my favorite. Kyurem and Reshiram are equally second.


Rose of Fire
Which of these dragons was your favorite?
Zekrom, the chocolate dragon.

Did you ever merge Zekrom/Reshiram with Kyurem in Black 2/White 2?
I didn't, since I prefer Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem in their regular form over the 'merged' one.


cilan lives forever in my heart
Reshiram is freaking beautiful. One of my all time favorite Pokémon. Fun fact: My username comes from Zekrom’s ability, because I thought it fit me better than Turboblaze, despite the fact that Reshiram is infinitely superior to Zekrom.


I like all 3 but Kyurem in its fused form with Zekrom is my favorite. And Reshiram has the coolest in game cry sound effect of them all.
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