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The Team Flare Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Serebii, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Discuss Team Flare, the sinister villains in fabulous orange suits of Pokémon X & Y here.

    All posts should be constructive and contain ideas, support/elaborate their ideas, and must contribute to the discussions and/or on-going arguments. One-liner posts such as "I agree.", "I want [this] to be in the game!", "This sucks!" will all be considered spam and will be deleted.
  2. DCFan

    DCFan The Flame Jacobite

    I have a feeling that their leader is going to have a alternative motive that involves both Xerneas and Yveltal..
  3. nuzamaki90

    nuzamaki90 Well-Known Member

    Flair Grunt: *traps you in a burning cellar* Looks like you......*takes off shades* can't take the heat. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  4. hen da man

    hen da man The man...

    I would find it funny if it was Team Flare in Y and Team Flair in X because of the legendaries in each game and the leaders reflected the name hahaha.
  5. Oshakpop

    Oshakpop Eeveelution Master

    I'm really liking the look of this team. It's also refreshing to have a realistic goal, although I'm sure there will be more to it than that. It will be interesting to see how they utilise/relate to Xerneas and Yveltal
  6. DCFan

    DCFan The Flame Jacobite

    Wait a sec..what if like Ruby and Sapphire there was a different evil team for X Version..
  7. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing their whole money making thing is just a cover, as well, since I can't imagine how they'd take advantage of Pokemon representing life and destruction respectively for that aim.
  8. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*

    *PKMN Trainer Paddy* #HORSEPOWER

    I think they could try and make money through villainous methods like stealing rare items such as fossils or pokemon eggs. Then their leader will be wrapped up in a tower in the centre of the evil lair (possibly that place we saw in the first trailer in the desert) planning to steal xerneas or yveltal to sell xerneas' gems from its antlers and possibly yveltals feathers?
  9. RoySceptile

    RoySceptile I'm joking

    I agree; it seems a bit off to just want to make money. Why would they be the evil team just for wanting to make money?
    Really interested in how they'll tie in with the plot and Yveltal/Xerneas.
  10. Cloud_Arcanine

    Cloud_Arcanine Scarlett starlett

    I need one of those outfits in my life.

    That is all I have to say on them.

    Oh, and I'm not sure if there'll be two teams. If their sole purpose is for money and no Pokemon mentioned then what would the other team want?
    If anybody remembers, did they introduce Team Aqua and Team Magma at the same time?
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2013
  11. MidnightFennekin

    MidnightFennekin Furfrou Fanatic

    I'm expecting them to use Fire-Types. But does that mean... That one will likely use Fennekin? HOW DARE THEY USE FENNEKIN FOR EVIL!!! RAGH!!!

    But seriously, looks like the Fire Place in the trailer is their base, and the early members will probably use Litleo and Fletchling, maybe Fennekin. I could also see them using soem other Pokemon, like Vivillon and Noivern, because they have 'Flair'. Perhaps Fairy-Types, they seem very 'Flair'-ish, and it'd be nice to see the evil team use them. OMG!!! The leader is going to have the most evil, troll Pokemon of all time! Sylveon!

    Hmm... I wonder if Newtwo will tie in with them?

    And hopefully they'll do the standard x number of small bases, then HQ.
  12. hen da man

    hen da man The man...

    Wouldn't surprise me, they would have the same motive in money but lets say ex is all female grunts and has a female leader and is after the Fairy legend whereas in Y it is all male and they aim for the pure power of Yveltal and it's wicked sense of destruction. Would be pretty cool actually.
  13. DCFan

    DCFan The Flame Jacobite

    I wanted to cosplay as one of them..that would be so amazing..If X got a separate evil team..what would it be called?
  14. Rayze Darr

    Rayze Darr Snubbull Supporter

    I'd love it if their motivation did stop at "making money." It probably won't, alas. Odds are, there'll be some alternate plot point in there; a reason why they need the money. Personally, I think it'd be awesome to have the villainous team's goals be nice and simple like that, and for plot reasons perhaps explore the individuals in the group. Maybe one Flare Grunt needs money because he lost his job and needs to support his family, while another Flare Grunt may have had to drop out of school to support her family in hard times and needs the money to pursue the dreams that she never got the opportunity to attempt. Of course, though, they'd be interspersed with Grunts who just want the money for the perks of being wealthy.
  15. hen da man

    hen da man The man...

    Team Flair for X and Team Flare for Y
  16. Bardische

    Bardische Elegance.

    This villainous team.

    I can't.

    They are so sexy. Why am I finding a villainous team sexy. Is their leader Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga is a big deal in France. And an equally big deal in Japan. Oh lord.
  17. DCFan

    DCFan The Flame Jacobite

    What would the difference between the two teams be?
  18. hen da man

    hen da man The man...

    The leaders and grunts would be different in gender and one would be more wanting fairies and the other more wanting darks.
  19. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*

    *PKMN Trainer Paddy* #HORSEPOWER

    Seriously though, after you said that, i can actually see an eccentric fashion-obssesed female being their leader. I dunno how gamefreak could incorperate this into the desire to make loads of money, but id like to see them try. Am i the only one who thinks that theses outfits make team flair/flare look slightly more professional? I mean, team plasma grunts looked like astronauts in b/w1
  20. DCFan

    DCFan The Flame Jacobite

    That would make sense i guess..but i have always preferred having only one team..
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