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The Terra region draft.

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by The Emerald Serpent., Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    For fun I thought I might try my own luck at drafting out my own Poke region. Its a gen 1-5 region and there are no normal starters. Instead both you and your rival are given an eevee.
    The Terra Pokedex has a total of 304 pokemon with the only legends being Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Deoxys, Arceus and Genesect as they are important to the plot (Well mabye not Ho-Oh and Lugia but I thought Gen 2 deserved some legend showcasing) Its a Sciency D.N.A, creation type plot with Arceus intervening as well.

    Anway enough chatter here's the rough draft for the region sofar.


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Oct 2, 2012
  2. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    I like it. Though it makes me wonder how long it will take to transverse the entire region?

    And which ares are curtained off till post Dex. It would be extremely interesting if it goes Cobblestone city then Coastal City, then Turnback Island and continuing from there. That would leave little else to be desired when there is such a big area to explore.

    Great job :)
  3. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    WOW this is great!
    I can't read the names due to low res, but it seems very good! I could never make something like this.
    Anyway, like Lanturn said, what areas are post E4? I think it would be World Spire and everything from White Scar City.
    Really, great. I couldn't do this if I dreamed it.
  4. Cheers guys :).

    Well the current formula for this sofar is that it will be a much more lengthy and challenging journey compared to other regions before it.

    The World Spire itself is pre-E4 as it is here where the plot climaxes. The tower itself is to be 100 floors high however to save the hassle of climbing each floor everytime you enter there will be telportation circles on each floor to unlock. Once a circle is unlocked you can access that room from any other teleport circle. I.e say you've accessed room 1-43 but died and have to start again you can use the circle on level 1 to teleport back to 43.

    The Whitestar city will also be intricate to the plot as it will be akin to a holy city where Arceus is worshipped throughout.

    There will also be a Dark Gym (Finally!) which will be the 7th gym in Shadow Vale city.

    Post E4 stuff sofar I'm still working on:

    -The island with Mt Coret is accessable post e4 by two routes the subterrain passage from that travels underneath the toxic wastleland and by taking a Ferry from Cobblestone City. It is in this mt where the most Powerful trainer in the region resides (akin to Red)

    -Also route 33 and beyond becomes accessable after the E4 too. Plus the Battle F which is accessable by aircraft from High Terrace City.
  5. Here's an update for the first gym roster.

  6. Now for the second gym.

  7. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    Markus's team will be taking forever... Three sturdy mon? Kill me please.

    I like the diversity of gym leaders right now. Just a question, what program did you use to make the gym leader sprites?
  8. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    ... Are you serious about the first gym? There's a reason why they don't make Steel you know.

    And then the second gym seems too easy actually. I think you need to work on balancing it out a bit.
  9. Cheers for the feedback guys.

    Yeah granted steel for a 1st gym is probably abit of an overdose but I didn't want to go with the obvious rock first gym and the type fits with the cities them and location. Prehaps get rid of sturdy to make it abit fairer?

    Second gym's theme is a sunny team. I wanted to have Lombre instead of Exeggutor but he obviously wouldn't fit with the theme. Any ideas to up the challenge of the gym?

    Most of my work is done on adobe photoshop. Very very useful.
  10. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    You know in Bw2 they have this thing called challenge mode right? Which is maybe a higher level mon or something... I think your steel one now should be challenge mode and your grass one should be normal mode.

    Normal mode Markus: Magnemite Skarmory
    Challenge Mode Shirley: Hmm... Throw in a Leafeon
    Also, Liligant does fit Shirley well, I mean her sprite, she should have a Bellosom as her signature at highest, followed by Liligant and lowest is Exeggcutor, I enjoy markus's design :3
  11. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Ok, for your second gym, you should up the levels by two or so, and like oceanic said, Bellosom instead of Carnivine, and slap on a Cherrim because of the Sun.

    For your first gym, I suggest you use Bronzor instead of Magnemite, and have /magnemite become challenge mode instead.

    What's your third gym going to be? Water Typed I presume?
    If so, than you would definately want to up the difficulty from Shirley. You want something good? Give it a Corphish or Swift Swim Lotad. Don't forget Drizzle Politoad!
  12. Thats for the imput guys. Here's the first two with some modifications.


    P.s Cherum"s not included in the Terradex so he can't be included unfortunetly.
  13. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Not included huh? ... Say, are you going to make some Fakemon too?

    Oh, and slight thingie, is Masquerain in the dex?
  14. tomthepom

    tomthepom Well-Known Member

    Assuming you can access Mithril Cave before reaching Granite City the first Gym wouldn't be too hard if you had a Geodude and the fire starter or an electric type for Skarmory. Steel was also the first Gym in the region I was working on and as long as you have suitable Pokemon in the area, it shouldn't be a problem.

    So far I like the sprites, they go well with each theme but I can spot a few problems with each of the legs. One of Markus' legs is much too straight and needs to curve a tiny bit on the outside and it seems like you have some stray pixels on above Shirley's ankle.

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