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The Theme League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by pirate555, Aug 26, 2008.


In the event of a leader's tournament, which battle mode would you prefer?

Poll closed Dec 3, 2008.
  1. Level 100 6 v 6 single

  2. Level 100 6 v 6 double

  3. Other (please state what in the thread)

    0 vote(s)
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  1. pirate555

    pirate555 Word.

    The Theme League​

    Welcome to the Theme League, a Serebii League that’s home to eight Gym Leaders and an Elite Four, as well as a host of regular challengers. We accept challengers and leaders of varied levels of battling skills.
    The Theme League is so named because each Leader adheres to a theme that they have chosen themselves, whether it’s based on physical characteristics, types, names, etc. This can be beneficial for both challengers and leaders: Leaders can break out of monotype boundaries that can be difficult when addressing weaknesses, and challengers can battle imaginative teams that aren’t necessarily steeped in overused competitive battling pokes.

    Whilst by defeating the League you can win rewards (currently a movie Darkrai and New World Lucario, generously donated by mew), it’s my hope that here you can also gain a greater sense of a battling community on Serebii, that often lacks in the individual battling threads.

    *Credit to Ken Sugimori for the images

    0. Introduction
    I. The Rules and Points of Interest
    II. Thinking of becoming a leader?
    III. List of Challengers, complete with total win counts.
    IV. The Win Counts for this month (October competition)
    V. The List of current leaders, see here for individual information for the Gyms
    VI. Tournament for Leaders
    VII. Frequently asked questions
    VIII. Guess the Theme

    0. Introduction

    The Theme League is now Open! Serebii battlers can put forward a challenge, either by PMing leaders, or posting on this thread. Please specify which gym leaders you would like to fight first, so that we're aware of who's battling who.
    You must defeat three gym leaders before challenging the elite four members. Anyone who defeats the entire theme league will get the prize:
    Japanese Movie Darkrai (Level 100) , because I'm the generous sort!
    And, generously donated by mew, a new world 08 Lucario!

    I- Rules and Points of Interest

    Welcome challengers! Pitch your challenge to this league and we'll take you on; here are some rules/points of interest:

    -The first person to defeat all active members in the theme league wins a movie Darkrai, supplied by myself =P ;491;

    -If you lose against a leader, you cannot rechallenge that particular leader for a week. Feel free to challenge other leaders though.

    - You must defeat three Gym Leaders before challenging the elite four members. And just so you know, aside from the elite four, we're not in rank order, so don't necessarily except an easy challenge at Gym One . Apart from the Gym Leader/Elite Four boundary, you may challenge in any order.

    -Follow the leader's rules! They're on the first post, if you have a query about their rules, PM them. Simple.

    -I'll ask this, though I know it's not in my power. If things turn bad, please don't disconnect!

    -Don't forget to claim your individual prizes if you beat a leader.

    -If you want to make a full twelve battle challenge, I'll add you to the first post so the leaders are aware that you're around.

    -If there is a gym spot not currently taken by a gym leader, then a defeat of all the active leaders still counts as an overall league win.

    -Please try your utmost to avoid posting one-liners on the League Thread.

    -Whether you win or lose, be a good sport :p We're all here to enjoy ourselves (I hope!)

    -If you have any questions or concerns, you can post on this thread, or PM me - pirate555 - and I'll quite happily help you out.

    II- Thinking of becoming a Leader?

    No places currently available

    III – Total Win Counts for current challengers

    Femme Fatale: Win Count - 12 Leaders!
    LordFeraligatr: Win Count - 8 leaders
    "Freak owns": Win Count - 7 Leaders
    Zog the Stout: Win Count - 5 leaders
    CRAZIE GUY: Win Count - 2 leaders
    Fireblast 10: Win Count – 2 leaders
    Iggly: Win Count - 2 leaders
    chimkong: Win Count - 1 leader
    Cwidderb: Win Count - 1 leader
    Doctor Is: Win Count - 1 leader
    LucarioMan101: Win Count - 1 Leader
    megatrainer:Win Count - 1 leader
    napkin23: Win Count -1 leader
    PokeCrossbow: Win Count - 1 leader
    Shinydragonite179: Win Count - 1 leader
    S.Bustathedog: Win Count - 1 leader
    Vinyacoire: Win Count - 1 leader
    PsychicsRox: Win Count -
    Pokewiz7o8: Win Count -
    Drakai: Win Count –
    LordCaedus: Win Count –
    Raikou Fan: Win Count -
    darkcrobat: Win Count -
    flameswy: Win Count -
    Rakki-Neko: Win Count -
    SamuraiDragon1: Win Count -
    Corpy: Win Count -
    Lion Demon: Win Count -
    Darkhonchkrow: Win Count -
    Andrew1239: Win Count -
    Goketsu: Win Count -
    NightMarTheBook: Win Count -
    Pikachu84: Win Count -
    PikachuSam: Win Count -
    old man: Win Count -
    Andrew1239: Win Count -
    Dusk Sweep 0x9: Win Count -
    lpride21: Win Count -
    heartless95: Win Count -
    Crimson Loner: Win Count -
    Stuberto100200: Win Count -
    Manulja: Win Count -
    DonDemio: Win Count -
    AppleButter2: Win Count -

    IV – The monthly win count for some competition yet to come.

    The monthly win count for March is now being totalled! The challenger with the most battle wins under their belt by 31st March, wins a shiny Eevee with a Jolly nature, which I believe is untrained, though I'll double-check! There will also be a runner-up prize.

    March Challenger Wins

    V- The list of Current Leaders and their Gyms

    The current Gym List is below:

    Gym 1
    Name: Mastadi
    Friend Code: 5197 9725 6134
    Gym Name: Heavy Weight Champions
    Theme: Heavy pokemon (All my pokemon are 225 lbs or higher)
    Leader's rules: Standard rules
    Winner's Prize: The pre-evo of heaviest pokemon allowed in standard play, Metang, with IVs 27/31/27/X/31/31, Adamant Nature and Thunder Punch/Ice Punch/Trick/Icy Wind as it's moveset.

    Gym 2
    Name: The Baron of Fate
    Friend Code: 0559 3332 7723
    Gym Name: A different way to play, or the same old thing.
    Theme: I have two.
    Leader’s Rules: The challenger may face me once or twice. The first match is obligatory, against my trick room team. The second battle is optional, but you must fight this second battle if you wish to claim my gym's prize- a battle of the babies. A little cup battle.
    If the challenger chooses to take on both battles:
    ~ They must win at least once, but must battle both teams, even if they win the first time.
    ~If they lose pathetically the second time, but win the first time, then they might not get the badge.
    ~Conversly, if they fail the first fight, but murder the second time, they might get the badge.
    Standard rules for both.
    a) For the Standard battle against my trick room team: No Deoxys, Garchomp, Platinum moves or Skarmory/Blissey/Cresselia combo. Lvl 100; no Ubers.
    b) For the Little Cup battle: All pokes must be unevolved, but able to evolve, all pokes must be Lvl 5 or lower. These unevolved pokemon are not allowed in the Little Cup battle ~No Meditite, Tangela, Yanma, Syther, Sneasel, Rotom, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Gligar or Deepseatooth.
    Winner’s Prize: A lvl one pre-evolution from anyone in my team.

    Gym 3
    Friend Code:2621-6665-0341
    Theme:Lightning strikes twice.
    I have two teams, one uses 3 electric types, with a pokemon which uses electric moves and a team which uses 3 normal types, with another pokemon who uses normal type moves. You must defeat both teams to claim your badge, however they do not need to be consecutive victories and you can decide which one to play first (you must use the same team against both teams)
    Gym Name: Lightning Plains
    Leader's Rules: Lv 100 Standard. YOU MUST USE THE SAME TEAM AGAINST BOTH TEAMS.
    Winner's Prize: A bred member of my team (either), I can do some egg moves and any nature.

    Gym 4
    Name: Cousin Dan
    Friend Code: 4854-7705-6762
    Gym Name: Fun in the sun
    Theme: Fight my Sunny Day team.
    Leader's rules: Standard rules, no Ubers.
    Winner's Prize: A Jolly Hoppip.

    Gym 5
    Name: VTUSH
    Friend code: 5412 7659 0219
    Gym name: Sinnoh Gym
    Theme: 4th Generation
    Leader's rules: 6v6 lv100 single, no ubers or legendaries allowed
    Winner's Prize:lv1 eevee with wish and curse
    Note to challengers: Can only battle on Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    Gym 6

    Name: Rodrigo
    Friend code: 2492-5773-2282
    Gym name: Pyrophoric Demise Gym
    Theme: Currently- Mixed
    Leader's rules: There will be two battles. The first one, a 6V6 level 100 double battle. The second one, a 6V6 level 100 single battle. No ubers. No legendary Pokémon. No hacked Pokémon.
    Winner's Prize: Any starter, fossil, and maybe a shiny Pokémon.

    Gym 7

    Name: Zog the Stout (IGN: Anya)
    Friend Code: 3824-1298-2121
    Gym Name: The Hall of Claws
    Theme: Dragons in Disguise
    Leader's Rules: 6vs6 Lv100 Single. No Ubers, No Infernape
    Winner's Prize: Baby version of any one of the pokemon you battled, with same moveset (where possible)

    Gym 8
    Name: Vinyacoire
    Friend Code: 2922 4856 6227
    Gym Name: Omnitype
    Theme: Multitype (no, not Arceus)
    Leader's rules: Challenger chooses five types for me NOT to use; the other twelve types will be represented in my team. And of course, Level 100 Single Battle with Standard Rules.
    Winner's Prize: Egg or item of a beaten pokemon.

    Elite Four - position I
    Name: Femme Fatale
    Friend Code: 3694 8742 1840 (in sig)
    Gym Name: Delibird Cove
    Theme: Poison-mono / Ice / Backwards
    Leader's rules: Lv. 100 Single. Standard rules unless otherwise specified
    Winner's Prize: Bagon - Modest (Egg move: Hydro Pump. TM moves: Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse), IVs: 31 / 17 / 19 / 31 / 31 / 31

    Elite Four - position II
    Name: Iggly
    Friend code: 3180-2660-0622
    Gym Name: Swarm Storm
    Theme: Bug Pokémon
    Leader's Rules: Standard, just dont bring repel.
    Winner's prize: lvl 1 Bug poke with breed moves, your choice which.

    Elite Four - position III

    Name: SerenadeSP
    Friend code: 1719 0461 0460
    Gym name: Dual duel
    Theme: Partner Battles
    Leader's rules: 3 Double Battles using 2 pokemon each,the partnered pokemon used in each battle must have one of the following relationships;
    -They must have the exact same typing(ex:Infernape & Blaziken)
    -They evolve from the same pokemon(ex:Espeon & Umbreon)
    -The game designed them to be partners(ex:plusle & Minun) or rivals(ex:Zangoose & Seviper)
    - No Ubers allowed.
    --Champions must win 2/3 battles for their challenge to be considered a victory.
    Winner's Prize: Timid Chimchar's with Overheat,Blaze Kick and Thunderpunch.

    Elite Four - position IV
    Name: Gotian
    Friend Code: 5241 3959 8215
    Elite Gym Name: Surprise Surprise
    Theme: Different theme for each match (Roulette suprise / Solarburn Icy Hot / Gotian's wrath) See leader's rules for details.
    Leader's Rules: There will be three battles, two must be won to succeed. You must retain the same team throughout these battles; however I will be changing mine each time. The battling rules for each theme/match are as follows:

    Theme 1: 1st match, I choose 3 pokemon from my box and the opponent chooses 3 random numbers from my box for me to use those pokemon. 6 on 6 match standard rules, bliss/cress/skarm clause, no ubers. No Platinum moves.
    Theme 2: 2nd match is the theme Solarburn Icy Hot. 1 uber is allowed for this match, the opponent will be allowed to switch for 1 uber on their team but the remainder of the team must stay the same.All other standard clauses apply, bliss/cress/skarm clause, and no stealth rock. No Platinum moves.
    Theme 3: 3rd match Gotian's Wrath, There will be no cutsie pokemon on my team. Standard Clauses, no stealth rock, bliss/cress/skarm clause. No Platinum moves.
    Prize: One of my specially bred pokemon from my team

    VI - The Gym Leader’s March Challenge

    The winner of this month's challenge among our twelve will win a shiny Exploud, level 66 - there will also, as with the challenger's competition, be a prize for the second-placed leader. Battles with challengers are counted, as well as battles against other leaders. Good luck!

    March Leader's Win Count.

    Current Leaderboard

    VII – Frequently Asked Questions

    These are questions that have been raised before by challengers:

    “What are Standard Rules?”
    Many Serebii battlers are already aware of this, but for those who haven’t come across the term before, or those who want to check the detail again, the list of Standard Rules can be found at this link ->

    "What Tiers can a challenger use in this League?"
    Most gyms use standard rules and therefore accept pokemon from OU, BL and UU tiers. However, some gyms may accept Ubers, and some may omit individual pokes. Please check the individual gym leader information on this post before battling!

    “What counts as an Uber?”

    The list of Ubers that we adhere to is here ->
    And yes, Garchomp is now on that list, so he counts as an Uber in the Theme League.

    “I’ve already battled this leader recently outside of the Theme League and won, can I count it as a win for the League?”
    Unless the Leader says that the win may count because it’s more convenient than a rematch, then you must battle again for the League. It is entirely up to the Leader’s discretion whether he/she faces you again; after all, they may not have been using their themed team at the time.

    “What should I do if I have any concerns about the leaders?”
    Post on the thread and/or ask them about it in a private message, or if it’s a more serious issue then contact me and I’ll consider what you have to say and deal with the problem at hand. This can range from concerns over inactivity, to Theme issues, rule breaking, etc.

    “Are Platinum movesets allowed?”
    You will need to consult the individual leaders here, many are fine with this, but some specifically disallow movesets from the new Platinum game.

    *Credit to Ken Sugimori for the images

    VIII- Guess the theme

    Just a small competition I thought I might run to make the league a little more interesting! Any leader or challenger who thinks they have the right answer can try. Today's 'Guess the Theme' has been thought up by Vinyacoire.

    What links this themed team?

    ;182; ;062; ;034; ;475; ;135; ;113;

    The prize is a level 51 distant land tropius. Post on the thread if you have an answer! Good luck =D

    //Answer, by Gaias Hinuta: They all evolve using stones. Congratulations!

    Thank you for visiting the Theme League today!
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2009
  2. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    Siging up as a challenger. Just so I can get that Regigigas, I'm assuming most of the leaders are still active?

    EDIT: That makes me sound really stupid. I'm in it for the battles too, but I would like to take a look at Pokewisdomegiver's rules, they seem a little too much towards him winning. It like he doesn't want to lose. If i dont have kyogre or groudon I lose? effectively
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2008
  3. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    Alright, I'm offering the new world 08 lucario to whoever can beat the whole league, so can you add that to the first post?

    BTW, new rules

    : Mew..
    Weather and trick room, and a nice suprise.

    I play 6 vs 6, singles or doubles depending on my team. My teams are picked by rolling a dice, so it's random which you get to battle. I will not accept hacks except legit hacks.

    I do standards, and ubers.(one of my teams is uber, so if you get unlucky and get it, you can ask to change if you don't have an uber team)
    My rewards are a random pokemon from the team you battled, picked by a dice.

    Notes: my battling style is luck. I never know which team I will use. Since it's based on luck, you may face a different team every battle.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2008
  4. LordFeraligatr

    LordFeraligatr Well-Known Member

    Do my previous victories still count ?
    Still want to be a challenger - this is a great league !
    Weebl33, Rodrigo and Cwidderb you up for challenges this weekend ?
    if my previous victories still count - any of the elite four up for a challenge this weekend ?
  5. pirate555

    pirate555 Word.

    Thanks Goldfan and Lord Feraligatr, I'll sign/resign you up =) I'm sending a PM to Pokewisdomgiver about the Theme League situation today as they haven't been active for a quite a long while, so I'll get back to you on that situation!
    I can vouch that we have most of our gym leaders active, there are only a couple of shortfalls, and of them most are because 3 of our leaders have only started very recently.
    LordFeraligatr, your previous victories definitely count, I had them saved, so I'll simply copy and paste them on the challenger list.
    I'm updating your new rules now mew....A 'nice surprise' team? *Shows unbridled curiosity*
    And finally congratulations to BDog1, who made it to the open gym place, Gym 3; welcome to the Theme League!
    I will be able to take battles for a short time tonight, if anybody's interested in challenging me,

    Edit: Mew, I've tried to update your new rules as concisely as possible, have I left anything important out?
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2008
  6. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    well, you said they can change and use ubers, may want to rephrase that to

    "you may ask for a different team, or play the uber team if you have a uber team."

    So people don't get confused.

    The suprise team is my main team, but i won't reveal it's theme until it's completed.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2008
  7. Gotian

    Gotian Member

    Ah man, why is it that every league is full on gym leaders or elite 4 members?

    Anyways, since I cant join as a leader or E4 I would love to join as a challenger.

    My name in game is Gotian just as it is here, my friend code is in my sig.
  8. XxFal13N0n3xX

    XxFal13N0n3xX Give Meh A Cookie!

    eh, ill join as a challenger till my leader spot opens, my stuff in sig
  9. "Freak" owns

    "Freak" owns Banned

    ive asked when i can have a battle and u havent imformed me yet
  10. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    I can battle most of these weekend, so if anyone wants to battle I'm free.

    just pm me for the battle.

    LordFeraligatr, I think we still have an un-attended battle we have to finish :D
  11. pirate555

    pirate555 Word.

    Right, updates...
    Changes to the leader list are being made now. Welcome to our newest Theme League leader, xxfallenonexx (mind if I type it like that?), who's taking over the position of Elite Four Member I. Welcome, and enjoy your time here!
    "Freak owns", I'm adding you to the challenger list once more, I'm afraid most of the things that were being organised before the ending of the last thread weren't sufficiently followed up, which is probably why you never got a reply, sorry about that!
    I'm going to struggle to find time to battle over the next day, maybe late this evening or early afternoon tomorrow I can battle. Otherwise, I'll be easier to find for a battle on Sunday =)
    Thanks for challenging Gotian, I'll add you to the challenger list too, and if a new place comes up for a leader in the league (though we're almost fully active now), I'll make sure to contact you about it!
  12. Gotian

    Gotian Member

    Please let me know when we can start challenging. Im waiting anxiously as I train new teams, lol.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2008
  13. megatrainer

    megatrainer Banned

    sign up as a challenger

    i ll be a challenger and i would really want to battle gyms 6,7,1
  14. Parchs

    Parchs The Torn One

    i ll like to challegue the league just post me which gym i can fight in this days
  15. I would love to beat this league..sign me up
  16. VTUSH

    VTUSH <---Hatched

    Parchs king of darkrai if you want to PM me for a gym battle now ill happily verse one of you so PM me now. Or anyone else for that matter
  17. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    could you copy and paste these rules? When they are shortened and such, it makes it hard to understand:

    rules: 6 v 6 single or double, standard or uber, depending on the team- you may ask for a different team IF and only if you get the uber team, or play the uber team if you have an uber team of your own. Teams are picked by the rolling of a dice, and are therefore random.
    prizes: a random pokemon from the team you battled, chosen randomly from the rolling of a dice.
  18. johny2hai

    johny2hai Future Olympian

    ill challenge this gym is gym 1 able 2 be challenged?
  19. pirate555

    pirate555 Word.

    The current Gym situation is as follows:
    Elite 4 position I and Gym 3 have only just been changed hands, and the new leaders do get a couple of weeks to prep if they need it, so they're inactive until then.
    Gym 1 and Gym 6 have also recently changed leaders, however, they hopefully will open within the next few days.
    Those who remember the earlier Theme League will remember that it had serious inactivity issues, so the overhaul of the gyms was due to that. Hopefully once the leaders are set up the League will be easier to challenge as a whole!

    I've made all of the updates for leaders and challengers, welcome to the new challengers =) Seeing as there are quite a few challengers, I'll make myself available for a battle early this afternoon. Challengers can start their challenges whenever they like!
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
  20. VTUSH

    VTUSH <---Hatched

    One challenger (parchs) has already veresed me just then and lost in a great battle. i'm on a 2 battle winning streak. LOL
    anyone else cto challenge me before the day is out
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