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The Theme League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by pirate555, Aug 26, 2008.


In the event of a leader's tournament, which battle mode would you prefer?

Poll closed Dec 3, 2008.
  1. Level 100 6 v 6 single

  2. Level 100 6 v 6 double

  3. Other (please state what in the thread)

    0 vote(s)
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  1. darryle94

    darryle94 Active Member

    I'd like to battle a leader, who is available? Please PM me about it :)
  2. ash-bally

    ash-bally Banned

    oh ok pirate sorry for my behaveor and i am very sad =( that you have kicked me out but well what else can i say apart from good luck in the future and could you maby reconsider your answer of me not becoming a gym leader but if you do not you will make me in to the sadest guy in the world

    please give me another chance i have changed please
  3. Zog the Stout

    Zog the Stout Lover of Arcanines

    Available for battles later tonight :)

  4. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    I may be available for battles tonight, but I highly doubt it as my mom is throwing a party for one of her friend.
    So for now, I am checking in.
  5. Zog the Stout

    Zog the Stout Lover of Arcanines

    You'll have to wait until Pirate555 comes on, because she's in charge of this league and its up to her who can join as Gym Leaders. That being said, she usually doesn't say no unless someone has already PMd her about the place in private :)

  6. pirate555

    pirate555 Word.

    Yes, pokemontrainer123, I'll accept you for the place =)
    I'm curious about your theme though; how does it work, may I ask?
    And an odd question, but one which I think is relevant because it's a possibility - do you have any links with the username jayjayfish/ash-bally? Just checking there isn't any coincidence between their banning, and your appearance =P

    It's been great to see you around so much Zog, glad to have you in the fold!
    And can any leaders interested in taking part in the tournament for leaders which opens soon on this thread please make known their interest in taking part? Thanks.
    I'll be available for battles a little today, though more tomorrow =D
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  7. darkcrobat

    darkcrobat snoopy ppl suck

    aghh i haven't benn added as a challenger
  8. Zog the Stout

    Zog the Stout Lover of Arcanines

    No problem, Pirate :), this is an awesome leauge :p.

    Sign me up for the tournament, naturally ;)

  9. pirate555

    pirate555 Word.

    Oh, sorry Darkcrobat, my administration skills slipped for a moment there =P This time I will add your name to the challenging list! And if you'd like a battle with me at some point, I'm free tomorrow, I believe.

    Great! As for me, I will of course enter myself into the tournament =) So that's two so far. I'm pretty sure BMH will want to enter as well, I've been talking about the organisation with him earlier,

    Pokemontrainer, I understand how the 'dragons' theme would work, but wouldn't a 'non-dragons' theme be a bit vague?

  10. Zog the Stout

    Zog the Stout Lover of Arcanines

    It needs to be a little more specific than that, I'm afraid :/

    Seeing as that's basically Standard Rules. Maybe you could try "Humanshape Pokemon" (Infernape, Lucario, Gardevoir, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Electivire, Jynx, Scizor, etc....) or "Feminine Pokemon" (Blissey, Miltank, Gardevoir, Jynx, Clefable, Ninetales etc....)

  11. PsychicsRox

    PsychicsRox Well-Known Member

  12. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    I NEW IT! I was trying to find evidence!

    I propose a rule, to stop people like him: Gym leaders must have X amt of posts.
  13. Femme Fatale

    Femme Fatale Banned

    Battle sections don't add to post count. I mean, mine says something like 246 but I've posted a bazillion times in DP battles XD

    Anyway, is there anyway possible to get these last two battles done? I feel like I've been waiting for months D= Not trying to sound ungrateful, just a smidge impatient ^^;;
  14. Zog the Stout

    Zog the Stout Lover of Arcanines

    Who do you still need to battle, Femme?

    Oh, and I tried to check with Ash-bally's FC in his sig, but the sig is deleted when the member is banned :/. For God's sake man, just go away!

  15. Femme Fatale

    Femme Fatale Banned

    Mew.. and the last leader who was Scep but is whoever is replacing him xD I'm happy waiting, I just wish I knew how long for.
  16. pirate555

    pirate555 Word.

    PsychicsRox, thank you for finding the evidence that supported my, and a lot of the other leader's concerns, it's much appreciated =)

    Pokemontrainer123 - Okay, apart from the fact that you once again broke the rules by creating yet another username, you deliberately lied to me when I asked you to state if you were the same user. So I'm reopening the gym position, and politely asking you to leave the Theme League be. Please!

    So if anybody is interested in being a gym leader in the Theme League, who will be active and available to challengers, as well as being able to get an interestingly themed team ready in a couple of weeks, then please send this form ~
    Friend Code:
    Gym Name:
    Leader's rules:
    Winner's Prize:

    To me at pirate555. The first to send me the form filled out with an imaginative theme gets the place! Provided there aren't any exceptional concerns =)

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2008
  17. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    Femme, I'd be glad to accept your battle challenge. How about next saturday? I should be free then and have some time to battle you.
  18. Femme Fatale

    Femme Fatale Banned

    Excellent ^^ If you're free whenever, drop me a PM and I'll rush to the battlefield. Yarr harr
  19. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    ...Why do I find that hard to believe?

    Any challengers on??
  20. napkin23

    napkin23 Member

    when you connect to the internet with a different DS you friend code resets a little food for though xD
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