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The Things Some People Believe...


Don't forget 'Ram Rooters'. That seems quite popular at the moment. Stupid Aussies........................

HAHHAHAHA. I love it!

During my studies I have found that there are three main accents in Australia - Broad (what most people would think Australians would talk like, fast speaking, long accentualted vowels etc.), General (sounds Australian, but not so extreme. How most people speak in Australia) and Cultivated (like the British accent.) I have found that there are less extremes these days. Broad and Cultivated are 'dying out' and most Australians are moving towards the General accent. It is also interesting about the way different accents are percieved. You may have noticed in the lastest election in Aus, that Kevin Rudd had a more Broad accent. This is because it is seen as more 'genuine' and 'believeable/honest'. The Cultivated Australian accent is seen as 'wankerish'.
Don't forget 'Ram Rooters'. That seems quite popular at the moment. Stupid Aussies........................
I haven't heard that one before, but ok.
All us British people are either posh or chavs, drink tea, eat bangers and mash, wear top hats, eat scones, play football (soccer, the real football), eat fish and chips and drive on the wrong side of the road, no?
I say New Zealand is more fish and chippy.


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I have a friend who is half Canadian and half Scottish. He jokes that everyone hates him.

Something that's supremely annoying is when people expect me to have a Brooklyn accent because I am from Brooklyn. Not too many people from Brooklyn have a Brooklyn accent, what's considered a Brooklyn accent is spoken a lot more in Pennsylvania.


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I live in Ohio, on this big farm. We don't get internet connection so I have to go to the library to use the computer. It's a pain but it's a lot of fun riding the horse there everyday.

But really, stereotypes suck. I like making fun of them every once in awhile, but when people actually believe them it gets old.

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The Bermuda Triangle comes to mind. As what many people have heard, no ship or plane has lived to sail or fly across the triangle...and there were numerous reports of missing ships and planes as well. There are people who believe this curse, and there are people who don't believe this curse.

Whether you choose to believe in the curse or not, that is entirely up to you...
Because I'm from New Jersey, I live next to a smokestack, a landfill, and a toxic waste dump, and my neighborhood is riddled with crime.
Also, Jersey = "Joisey" and you = "youz."
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"You're Hispanic? Why are you in spanish class? You should know spanish."

I don't really mind it, but believe me guys, it's not impossible.


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You all forgot the belief that every single Australian person is called either Bruce or Sheila. Although, since it's true, I don't know if it counts as a stereotype

Haha...What kind of name is "Sheila"?
I don't know anyone called Bruce or Sheila.

'Ram Rooters'
Haha. That's hilarious.

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A stereotype we have here in the RP is that all Americans are white, and all whites are American. And then we all ask them how America is.

Oh, and the stereotype that all our women are domestic workers... that made the BBC apologize to our government a few months back.


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It's all about peer pressure. You'll give into it sooner or later. Don't worry, soon you'll fit in and become a nobody. :)


Isn't there something that NZers only use the word 'mate' when talking as well? I thought that was only an Australian thing but I have heard it being only a NZ thing. Were getting it rather rough in this thread, Otaku.
I think we think it's an Aussie thing, but Aussie thinks it's a NZ thing. Since Aussie has more people, they get the dominant opinion and the rest of the world thinks it's a NZ thing.

And that's only to be expected. It is NZ after all.