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The things that you miss from PMD 1.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Brumrha, Jul 13, 2008.


Which features from PMD 1 do you miss?

  1. Unlimited storage

  2. Friend areas

  3. The 99 floor dungeons (non- level 1)

  4. A reliable way to forage gummis

  5. Stat booster farming

  6. Consistent stat-ups from gummis

  7. The Pelliper Post Office

  8. Having my own base

  9. Finding real buried treasure

  10. Something else...

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. JJosh132

    JJosh132 The rayquaza master

    I miss the gummi farming all u had to do was go to a dungeon and then you could get 5!
    also team bace,friend areas and ulimed storage was great too

    ;026;lv84 &;389;lv 68 ;384;;384;;384;

  2. JJosh132

    JJosh132 The rayquaza master

    I miss the gummi farming all u had to do was go to a dungeon and then you could get 5!
    also team bace,friend areas and ulimed storage was great too

    ;026;lv84 &;389;lv 68 ;384;;384;;384;

  3. Matchre

    Matchre Burn, baby, burn.


    The item system is screwed in PMD2. My first impressions were that the game was a whole lot more broken than the last, and that was just from the item system. I'm a pack rat, so that really put me off from jumping head-first into it...

    I've had it for three days, and a few hours play for those days brought me through the the storyline. The story wasn't really all that engaging, and I often found myself frustrated at how gullible everyone around me was - I don't remember very many moments (actually, I don't remember any) in PMD1 were I wanted to jump in and slap one of my allies silly because they were being stupid. That one time everyone was trying to kill me doesn't count, because they weren't my allies anymore and I'll never trust those betraying berks again :) But anyway, back to PMD2..

    I fed my partner all the gummis I ever found (and the gummis, too, irked me - I had a bunch of them, but they didn't DO ANYTHING) and whenever I wanted to drop everything and go crawling back to PMD1, sniveling and begging for forgiveness for ever gong astray, I just promised myself that after the storyline was over I could get back to dungeon crawling as a Shuppet.

    Then I discovered you can't change leaders. I.. my rage at this cannot be expressed by simple sentences.

    And I can't forget that I'm horridly underlevelled because I never got a chance to comfortably complete good ol' jobs. I finished the game at at level 34 and with silver rank, for Arceus's sake! SIlVER!

    I think it was silver. I'm not sure, it may have only been bronze...

    Overall? I'm kicking myself over restarting on PMD1. I miss my shuppet... Aw, Noah...how did I ever delete you...?
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
  4. rekreatur

    rekreatur Well-Known Member

    Walking around as my current leader, the unlimited storage and the Friend Areas.
    Being able to change leaders in the Dungeon would be awesome too..
  5. GiratinaRay

    GiratinaRay Shadow Dragon Lord

    The things I miss are having a base, friend areas, 100 Floor Dungeons(non-lv.1), unlimited storage area, and most of all, switching leaders in a dungeon.

    Switching was the best because if you had different type teamates you could walk on water and stuff.

    Other than that, everything is the same just different items and basicly the same storyline.

    Thats what I miss from PMD1, so yeah...
  6. Dark Arceus

    Dark Arceus Worst. Name. Ever.

    I definately miss the friend areas a lot, they added an interesting element to the game. Not having unlimited storage is a pain also.
  7. Blaperile

    Blaperile Blaziken rules!

    I only miss the unlimited storage and the leader changing.
  8. light_trainer921

    light_trainer921 Vatonage Ranger

    I only miss the following:
    -unlimited storage
    -friend areas
    -controlling other pokemon instead of yourself in field instead of only dungeons
    -gummi farming
    -own base(PMD2 got inner Sharpedo Bluff for base but I wish it was bigger)
  9. d_dan_n

    d_dan_n <= Sabrina!

    I miss:
    - the friend areas
    - unlimited storage
    - controlling current leader through the town
  10. EmeraldLeafBlade

    EmeraldLeafBlade Well-Known Member

    I miss unlimited storage, the Pelliper Post Office, having my own base, and being able to link moves for 150 Poke. Seriously, 500? WTF?

    Personally, I'm glad Friend Areas are gone. They looked cool, but were a huge waste of money IMO.

  11. Ultimatelugia

    Ultimatelugia I stand Alone...

    I used to love walking around town as lugia or rayquaza and not getting any stares

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