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The Three Legendary Dogs

Steven Apprentice

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REally?! Well I think I might try there? Sounds crazy I know. Hey what did you use to catch it and does it run away after like an attack? Do you mean the one where you need to use cut?
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Rainbow Ho-Oh

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well.... I haven't tried this for the dogs, but for lati(o/a)s I used a wobuffet. It's shadow tag ability is perfect for the job, just use one mirror coat or two, then it's hp is right for the catchin ( also heal wobby once in a while).

Otherwise get a pokemon with mean look/spider web.

Or just lower it's health the first time you see it bit by bit ( and get its area in the dex info so you can track it and switch routes until it is on your route) use repels ( but use a lower lvl pokemon than raikou)

Steven Apprentice

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Cool, thanx. So that's cool. Suicune is the only one I have to wait, I have to trade pokemon from FR and LG to my E and stuff but really not yet until I have the legendary dogs. I really don't have Lati@s either, just put them on my dex from my friends and stuff so that way I could get my Cyndaquil.

Rainbow Ho-Oh

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heh I have all the pokemon legendaries from r/s/e
but alas, I cannot happen to find a partner to trade with.

also could you answer a question of mine?

I have 3 game paks ( emerald, ruby, and fire red) I have a Ds and a GBA ( but of course you cannot hook ds and gba to each other). I wanna know the best way to trade. Is there a place I can rent a GBA or should I buy a new/used one?

Please help me, nobody trades in the area and I want to put my pokemon on emerald to fight battle frontier and just have the pokemon ready for pal park on 1 game so I can restart the others

Steven Apprentice

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Okay same here! Well the thing is that you need to get another GBA and a trade cable! I was lucky to have friends who are as crazy as I am. My friend didn't wanna do it at first then she did and I go over to her house on early releases. There is that and the fact that i traded for like a rent for a GBA to trade. But other that that, you have to get another one with a chord, and with GBA SP and GBA prices going down, that's the only way, (friends too, but you said something about that right?) O! and then there is the other factor, you wait until April 22, you just send them to DP and deal that Emerald and ruby, FR didn't finish their dexes.


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what i did is just had some repels and just biked through the whole region and i found it in like a half in hour


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To find them try using the repels with a pokemon around level 37-39. Here are some tips I used:

For Entei/Raikou, get a really fast Electric type to paralyze it with thunder wave. Next time you see it, have a Water type around its level attack it. If you use mean look on Entei/Raikou, they could use roar wich will make them flee and their area will disappear from your pokedex.

Suicune is safe to use Mean look/Shadow tag on because it cant learn roar.


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If You Wan´t The Best Trick Listen Up Good! I Got My Raikou In 5 MinS!(require That you got him in pokedex)

Do This Go To The Pokemon Center Outside Rock Tunnel (Close o Powerplant)
Go Inside The Mart And The Outside Again
Note That The Icon Showing The Region Or Route Only Shows Once..Then It Works! Look At Your Pokedex On Your Legendary Dog And It Will Display Where It Is! If It Not In The Grass Route Above You Then Close The Dex And Go Inside And Outside The Mart Again
Repeat This The Hole Time Untill He Comes To Your Location And Just Catch Him Easily!! The Best Way I Promise; P


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honestly just play, i was on BREAK from work ev trainin not payin attention yesterday..LOOK down theres entei..i was like wow cool


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i found Raikou in the grasses east from vermillion city.but for you just keep looking around until you find your dog