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The Ties That Bind! (271)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Master Quest' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    The Ties That Bind!

    After getting past the group rounds, Ash is suprised to find his first battle is against Gary. Reminded of his first feud with Gary, he swears that this battle will end the rivalry once and for all. Will he succeed?

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  2. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    The best part of this episode, and the best part of the Silver Conference, has to be the flashback to Ash and Gary fishing. That scene is just plain hilarious, with Ash angrily flapping his arm at Gary and Gary showing Ash up. It was great to see a pre-series flashback, and it makes for an excellent episode. :)
  3. Hales

    Hales Guest

    I liked this episode a lot... I wish Gary had been more of a friend than a rival, especially since Gary is Prof. Oak's grandson... poor old Prof. Oak... makes me wonder how much he hated the rivalry...

    Ahem... anyway I really enjoyed this episode!
  4. meggirl63

    meggirl63 Guest

    One thing I didn't like about that episode is the part where Ash's computer crashed with all those little Gary faces. You know what I mean.......I hide everytime it's shown. If that happened to me, I would sooooo hide!
  5. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Possibly the only great thing about this episode was the start of the battle. Heracross' match against Magmar was awesome. o_O
  6. Heracross put up a great battle in this episode, Gary's Magmar was tough.
    It's a pity that Ash's Tauros got beaten so easily by Gary's Nidoqueen, it done a lot better in the battle against Drake in the Orange Islands.
  7. meggirl63

    meggirl63 Guest

    Yeah, I really liked the start of the battle! Oh, it was funny when Misty said that Gary's cheerleaders have returned Brock went crazy and said 'And not a moment too soon! What a schmorgitsport of beauty!'!!!!! That was hilarious!!!!!
  8. charizard trainer #1

    charizard trainer #1 Ready to lose???

    The best bit in this whole episode was Herracross battle with magmar. The attacks were intense- fireblast as an example.
  9. ronster486

    ronster486 Guest

    Well, I think the part with Heracross was wierd. I mean come on, how can a Bug type survive a Fire Blast and Flamethrower. Besides that I liked the episode because of the flashbacks in the episode and the computer crash:)
  10. Shiny May

    Shiny May Guest

    well I liked this episode a lot. The battles so far were good. Like how Ash was really excited and stayed up all night. And the flashback in this episode was nice too !!
  11. charizardpal

    charizardpal Gmaster Charizardpal

    These battles were improved here however I felt Gary's character has since Johto been in decline. The flashback was obviously written in to explain Gary's future actions in the following episodes as foreshadowing but I thought it unrealistic, and it doesn't fit in with Ash's journey in the earlier episodes. Gary acts like he hardly knows Ash, perhaps out of sarcasm in the first episode which no matter how you view this, throws this flashback out of the line of events. (timeline is off)
  12. Haunter Hunter Sohrab

    Haunter Hunter Sohrab Johto Champion

    This was a pretty cool episode. I enjoyed the side remarks in the audience when that one guy said something like, "I went to school with Gary you know." That was amusing. Poor Tauros didn't stand a chance.
  13. charizard trainer #1

    charizard trainer #1 Ready to lose???

    Ah tauros, i felt it could've battled a lot better. Interesting how Gary brought blaistoise so early in the battle.
  14. The flashback was definelty the best part in this episode
  15. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Another great episode where we get to see Ash against his old rival and friend Gary.Those flashbacks of Ash and Gary fishing just make up for even better feeling for the whole episode.

    Battle was great and it was interesting to see Ashs Tauros in action despite losing so quick against Nidoqueen.Also that battle against Garys Magmar and Heracross was fantastic and it was great when he used megahorn defeating Magmars flame along with him winning despite the disadvantage which he had against fire attacks.Ash vs Gary was truly one of the best battles in Johto tournament without a doubt.
  16. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    This episode... I think anyone who knows me will know why it's my favorite...

    Long story short; Ash & Gary! OMG <3

    *refrains from exploding*

    It was so cool to see Charizard come back, as well as Oak & Delia come to cheer on their... kin? lol ^_^

    The start of the battle was great ^^ Nidoqueen is awesome! But I also enjoyed Heracross kicking Magmar's butt >P (I'd be like Ash's mom; taking pictures in the audience, lol)
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2008
  17. Igottapoo

    Igottapoo In my nightmares

    The Gary and Ash fishing part was cool. It didn't really fit with the first episode but oh well.
  18. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    hm, i keep saying it but gary is and remains a real turd and i don't like him because of that, still the episode was a nice one though.
  19. pokemonrcks

    pokemonrcks Member

    I think it is funny when Gary says well Ash it looks like that Magikarp was playing with you he is funny
  20. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    It was a nice episode, Gary is my fave rival and it was a great match

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