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The TM-thread

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Can we please get the older, old forum back?

With Raids, you get TM's for Fast or Charged Moves. Discuss:

1. What movesets you currently have on pokémon of which you're thinking of using a TM (ex. should I change my T-tar's Crunch?)
2. Which pokémon are worth changing their movesets: (ex. Is it worth changing my Feraligatr's Crunch?)
3. What might be the better moveset for which purpose. (ex. Is it worth changing my Houndoom's Fire Blast to Crunch?)

Lets make this a positive group effort for everybody. Using a TM on a Crunch Gyarados is a no-brainer though.

For example, I've got a Steel Wing/Dragon Claw Dragonite. The only other Fast Move it currently gets is Dragon Tail, which would make it a mono-Dragon-type attacker. Is that better? Because Steel Wing takes on most of Dragonite's weaknesses: Ice, Rock and Fairy. It doesn't help if the opponent is using a Dragonite themself though. In terms of Damage Per Second, a calculator is telling me that Steel Wing has 13.8 without SameTypeAttackBonus, while Dragon Tail does 17.0 with "STAB".

I don't think I'll put my D-nite in gyms any longer, since it's above the 3000cp cut-off point (which means that it loses motivation/CP faster than pokémon below 3000cp). Which means that I'm mostly looking for an offensive moveset, rather than defensive. Advise would be welcomed.
Not open for further replies.