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The Totem Pokémon is Gumshoos! (952)


Good episode all in all, just hoped for the battle to be a bit longer. Rowlet was decent here and I think it has a lot of potential, its no Oshawatt thats for sure.


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The only way to describe this episode is "F***ING AWESOME" in caps. What a great episode. I miss Hau, though, but anyways. Hala was my favorite kahuna and later in the game... well, I will not spoil it, but he was envolved in the hardest part for me.

So, I guess the trial captains will not be part of the anime, so no Ilima, Acerola and Mina? I hope they appear somehow, I like them. Especially Acerola, and I hope she appear in the same way she appears in the end of the game.

I know the joke is old by this point, but the totem Gumshoos is Donald Trump, right? In the scene when he gives the z-thing to Ash, it was identical.

The Litten episode, the egg episode and this one. What a great start from the series. I'm getting hyped!

EDIT: I almost forgot to say: Team Rocket is SO FREAKING FUNNY with that Bewear. They even acknowledge that the gag of basting off isn't being used in Alola
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The episode was pretty good, but I did have to smile when Team Rocket looked happy to be blasting off again only to end up right back with Bewear. That was adorable.

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If that glowing Rock attack was Rock Tomb, I can cut Rowlet some slack.
Also, having your first major battle against Hariyama and losing. Ash shouldn't have to fight that beast until the actual League.
If that glowing Rock attack was Rock Tomb, I can cut Rowlet some slack.
Also, having your first major battle against Hariyama and losing. Ash shouldn't have to fight that beast until the actual League.

Looking at descriptions of moves as well as animations, it looked more like Power Gem than anything else. I don't know if Gumshoos can learn it, but then again, we probably shouldn't question anime logic when it comes to something as simple as "can this Pokemon learn this move or not?"

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If that glowing Rock attack was Rock Tomb, I can cut Rowlet some slack.
Looked more like Rock Smash, but even then Mukuroh had taken prior damage from the Yungoos and had done almost all the work in strategizing to fight off the Totem Minions, from using Leafage for cover to sneaking behind Yungoos undetected. Pikachu got his turn against Totem Dekagoos and Mukuroh left the battle with his first victory. I thought it was a job well done. The really good thing about Sato taking his time with captures is so far is we get a lot of time to focus on and get to bond with Mukuroh rather than having four Pokemon to juggle from day one. The teamwork between them all was great and general interactions, I almost wonder how the kitten will effect them.
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During the Omake which Gumshoos was Jenny talking to? Totem or regular?

The episode was overall nice. Mokuroh sure proved its worth this episode and I suppose Ash should learn more about it. All that stealth can be useful in battles.

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* Fatchu

* Jesus, how ripped is this guy?

* Dat Machamp huddle

* Love the random Pokemon cameos

* Limited TR + Bewear Blast-Off

* Rowlet sleeping

* The Rowlet kick-first stomp looks great

* Battle music

* Damn, Donald Trump picked up a rock and killed Rowlet

* Pikachu KO'd Donald Trump

* Operation Vermin Crush


* Ash and friends didn't really solve anything. Rotom-Dex just railed off the answer.


* "Love and protect everything"...you should tell Hala all about your past exploits Ash - pretty sure you would have skipped straight to the trial then

* Rattatas brought aboard as castaways: Alolan Bubonic Plague confirmed

* And like XY, Ash is the special one...

Rowlet and Pikachu both shined during the battle. Good overall episode.


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The Power of Z!
* "Love and protect everything"...you should tell Hala all about your past exploits Ash - pretty sure you would have skipped straight to the trial then

Ash needs to re-learn how to brag. At some point, he developed a sense of humility (not that that's a bad thing, mind you), but as a result, he doesn't seem to bother sharing his rather impressive resume of league ranks and world-saving when he really should.

Perhaps Tapu Koko senses that Ash has saved the world more times than probably anyone else alive, and that's why it's so interested in him and keeps stalking him. Do legendary/mythical Pokémon have some sort of telepathic telephone-like service that allows them to communicate with each other across regions?

Zygarde: "Attention all gods and guardians. This youth named Ash aided us in saving the region of Kalos and in teaching us the importance of the bond between Pokémon and humans. He shall be your Chosen One for all matters related to region-wide conflicts and Pokémon in danger."

Tapu Koko: "You mean this foreigner with the Pikachu? Roger that. I shall test his worth myself, and then he shall be given a Z-Ring at first opportunity."

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I can't help but be a little disappointed that the Trial Captain of the Verdant Caverns, Ilma, didn't appear at all in this episode. Kind of makes me wonder if Trial Captains don't exist in the show.


I am not interested in the trials but seeing them change things from how it went in the game doesn't surprise me. The only thing I found weird is the lack of Ilima.
I really feel bummed that Ilima and his overwhelming sass didn't appear in this episode. We just have to hope that later on he makes an appearance with his girlfriend Mina, since they seem to have some sort of connection.

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Oh, Ash. Don't be stupid. You don't have enough strength to...

Uh... Well, used to have enough strength.


As for the series, so far it seems to be taking a different approach from the usual journey. I'm still not sure how I feel about Ash and the "student life". Normally any kind of pokemon school was only a one off or a couple of episode event. Then again it does not appear to be a terrible fit either.


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just saw the dub of this episode. hala's voice was not what i expected lol (i think it's the same english va as crasher wake and wulfric).

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Jury's still out on Hala's VA (I thought it would be David Brimmer), but I like how he sounded.

Isn't that just like Ash to have his mind go straight to battle when it comes to something Pokemon-related? Of course, his actual solution worked out, and it luckily included a battle anyway. And that sure was one great battle, huh? Let's hope that keeps up next week when he battles Hala.

Excellent dub music all around (discussed in another thread, so I won't repeat it here).

Oh, by the way, all English-speaking countries will be airing the next episode simultaneously. Disney XD, you crafty geniuses.


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Darn, only 2 pieces of original BGM(Title card, SM wild Pokémon battle theme) were kept in the dubbed version of this episode. What a bummer. The replacement score was awful as usual. Geez, get your s**t together TPCi.


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Wow, Hala's VA was not what I expected at all. Given how dubs normally stick to using the same group of VAs over & over again, I thought for sure they would get David Brimmer (VA for Crasher Wake & Wulfric) since they usually type-cast him for these types of characters. While Hala's tone is similar to what I imagined his voice would when I was playing the games, I can't help but compare his VA to a George Takei impersonator