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The Tower of Terror! (023)

Ash's Pika Pal

some have to let go
This episode was pretty good. The introduction to the Kanto ghost trio was nice to see. Ash and Pikachu's death was a nice twist for a change to. Makes you wonder how Haunter put Ash and Pikachu back into their bodies, hmm...


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This is a great episode to watch around halloween. I have it on tape and i watch it every halloween. Overall a good episode and I loved how ash and pikachu died not to be mean to people who love them it was just a nice change. Alot better then the AG episodes.


Digimon > Pokemon
This was a cool episode, Charmander even got a cameo. I noticed that Ash says 'Electric Attack" instead of Thunderbolt or Thundershock. I've also heard him in other episodes say things like "Bolt" Attack.


Bastion of Flame
I am quite fond of this Episode. It may have been the first I had ever seen.

I thought it was cool that Ash died. I liked the Ghosts as well. The items in their play area were quite desirable.

Overall, a pleasant episode.


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loved this episode
being a pokeshipping fan, i have to bring up a special note for me. when i first saw this episode in early October or late september of 98, it established my beliefs that Ash and Misty had a thing for eachother, thus making me the first pokeshipping the world...or the United States had seen. if youve seen this episode, you'll know why i became a believer


This episode was great. One of my favorites without a doubt. I felt really sorry for the ghosts, though, all they wanted was someone to play with! Ahh, the memories...


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Pssh, forget Ash and Misty. Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar were awesome! And funny! I loved how Gengar and Haunter were trying to be funny for Ash and Pikachu. Also when Gastly scared Team Rocket. Yeah, one of my favorites FOR SURE.


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An excellent episode, lots of funny moments. A nice way to show the Kanto ghost trio, everyone assumes that ghost should be scary and stuff but these guys just wanted to have a little fun cause they were lonely. I liked how the gang was reluctant to go into the tower with Ash & Pikachu wanting to wait until morning with Misty banging a gong to wake them. nice that they showed Misty actually crying when Ash was dead and came back it shows she really cares for him.


This episode was cool it also made me kind of upset when ash and pikachu died.
BTW shouldn't they have brain damage or something?
I mean, they were dead for almost half an hour.
I liked this episode (it was funny and this should be a halloween episode)
The Part where Ash and Pikachu "die" was kinda wierd.


Don't die, ketchup!
It was a bit creepy to see someone die in the anime.


i keep saying this but ghost pokemon are the best in the pokemon series, it's allways fun with them. i give this episode a 10/10