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The Tower of Terror! (023)

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think that Haunter was quite cute actually, considering the ghost types are supposed to be scary.


kiss my greens
This is one of my favorite episodes ever!

Ash scaring everyone with an ugly halloween mask, Jessie's hair catching fire, Ash throwing a Pokeball that hits her in the face, Haunter itself... oh god I couldn't stop laughing. I also loved Ash's little spiritual outing... though he was clinically dead at the time XDDD;

Definitely a classic!


oldskool pokeshipper
I definitely enjoy this episode, especially Team Rocket's little freakouts (and Jessie's LITERALLY fire red hair. I can still picture her running around squealing). I also thought it was cute when, for some reason, Ash lifts Misty up into the sky. I guess Brock would've been too heavy XD



I thought that this was a pretty good episode.
About Ash and Pickachu, I thought that they died, and I really think they did, sorta. It was really surprizing and interesting to see them as ghosts and as Misty and Brock were trying to wake them up. You know that they care for them.


hysterical fan
Good episode! Pretty original, and scary!

Btw : When they're ghost, it's look like world of warcraft


I remember being 4 years old & flipping through the channels & then I stopped on KidsWB, this was playing. It was the very first thing that got me into Pokemon :) I loved Haunter's sense of humor, but I think it would've been cooler if he would've gotten Gengar to come with him :]


Well-Known Member
This was a good episode. I thought Ash and Pikachu passed out, but Haunter were using their bodies as spirits because Haunter wanted to have fun with them.

mech king1

Fire trainer
it is my favourite all time episode from this season, with the best parts being jessie having here hair on fire and ash throwing a pokeball into her face, classic!

When ash died and had a little walkabout(i don't think thats the right thing to put) it was good aswell.


Well-Known Member
they really made ghastly, haunter, and gengar seem like some really scary i can't believe i'm seeing a ghost type of characters. they emphasize it so much. of course it's normal to show them this way, but then you compare it to future episodes where they show a misdreavus, sableye, and duskulls like nothing. at first it was "wow, i can't believe it, a ghost pokemon"! then it turned into, "oh, a ghost pokemon, okay". but this episode was awesome. i still didn't like that haunter was the one that went with ash instead of gengar, but that's my opinion.

and did ash die for a while? i wonder if this episode would've been banned today because of that.


It was fun with all the Ghost stuff going on.

It was sad when Ash "died" and Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar wanted someone to play with. I really wish they had gone on with Ash or something. Haunter went with Ash but stayed with Sabrina...



Haunter was great, it came with Ash and it was good for him to think he can beat Sabrina.
And how Ash hold Misty was very funny.


Flip me to the side!
Oh somebody used necromancy in this thread, about time because it is one of my favorite episodes ever.

Ghost pokemon were special back then, just look at how rare they make them seem. Gastly, Haunter and Gengar were playful but it was a sad moment when Misty tries to wake Ash up. It was awkward the way Ash and Pikachu flew out of their bodies, kind of like death but not sure.


Shiny Flygon
Haunter's decision to come with Ash was pretty strange. I mean why actually Haunter? I think Haunter, Gastly and Gengar have chose between them who wants to go with him. Eventually, Haunter was chose, probably.

I just wish that instead of being funny, they have made the friends to almost faint.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
I loved when ghost Ash lifted Misty into the air and made Brock catch her. Major giggles.


Well-Known Member
I don't think Ash and Pikachu died as much as had some kind of out-of-body experience. Depends on how you look at it I guess.

I like the little Pokeshipping hints in this episode, like when Ash and Misty held hands through the fog and Ash lifted her into the air as a ghost.


No longer posting
Not 1 of my favorite episodes. Other than the comedy throughout such as Ash scaring Misty/Brock, the episode was too slow for my liking.