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The Traitorous Battle Royal! (1199)


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The Traitorous Battle Royal!

The next Project Mew trial mission has Goh head to Sea Mauville in Hoenn. This task is a survival game. Battle everyone inside and the last trainer standing wins the trial. Each trainer can only bring 1 Pokémon so Goh brings Inteleon. There, he meets his old friend Horace and tensions get tough. Who will win the battle royal?

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And the special promo video is just a little preview of Regieleki/drago episode. We also see today episode's Cotd again... which is good in my opinion

Blood Red

I actually liked this one. Ash was just a spectator the whole time, which actually let Goh and Tokio shine without having any unnecessary interference, while letting Asahi gauge their teamwork without any outside elements. Plus, the addition of traps was a smart way to check if these guys can keep their heads in a bad spot; as we already know from the times Ash has encountered Mew, they should be able to deal with this much at least.

The 'betrayal' was just about what I expected, and it was good to see Goh insist that Tokio shouldn't give up for the sake of their friendship. Goh ended up losing, but it wasn't a total defeat for him, which is fine imo.

In conclusion: Where has this episode been this whole time??? Give us more of this from Project Mew!

Also, holy crap Gary is crushing it.


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I really loved the two jerk characters (& the fact they’ll be coming back for the Regi episode) but now I wish they were introduced a lot sooner. It didn’t even have to be for Project Mew, they could’ve shown up to antagonize Goh in general or steal a catch from him to cement themselves as his rivals
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