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The Treasure is All Mine! (621)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Full of Danger! James' Treasure Chest!!

While training their Pokémon, Ash & Co. discover a chest buried in the ground. Team Rocket see this and James is eager to get the chest. It turns out, the chest belonged to him as a child. However, when Ash & Co. take it to the nearby mansion, where James used to live, problems arise for James when he discovers his pet Growlithe, Growlie is there and his ex fiancée, Jessiebelle is on her way...

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Wicked Witch
Missed the first 5 minutes or so.

- James' Growlithe knows Flamethrower and Dig. Jessiebelle's Vileplume used Solarbeam to blast open the door we saw in the preview. I think only Growlie's Dig is the only new move for these two.

- The Spinrak belongs to the Butler. I think Spider Web was commanded but they were defeated before any attack could be launched.

- Apparently the Treasure Box contains a flattering letter that James wrote to Jessiebelle as a child. No really. It's also some kind of mech-thing. Interesting the Mech wasn't destroyed at the end of the episode. It just turned into a rocket and flew away.

- If Monferno was out of its Pokeball at the beginning of the episode I didn't see it. He did not appear at all in the 3/4s of the episode I managed to catch.

- James briefly commanded Growlie at the end of the episode. It wasn't much more then what we saw in the preview.

- After they got rid of the Treasure Box James asked Ash and Pikachu to purposely blast them off so they can escape Jessiebelle. They ended up leaving Jessie (and Growlie) behind at the mansion and taking Jessiebelle.

I'm somewhat disappointed. It was rushed for sure if that's really the end. For all we know getting this situated could be what Team Rocket's doing in the next episode. They weren't seen in the full length preview of the Gliscor episode. On the positive side the Butler was highly entertaining. Kind of reminds me of Major Armstrong.


Monferno actually appeared in the start of the ep.
Growlie wasn't appeared so much time, from that i'm very disappointed.


Dont post unless you watched the episode ^^^
But monferno In the beggining was funny why did jessibelle need a horde if choppers to guard her in


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This episode suck'd big time. it drag on a lot so i had to skip through a lot of it, the treasure chest seemed to be the center of this episode, you'll think there'll be something interesting inside of it. you'll be wrong. I wished they just finished it the way they started it, ash training his pokemon. I think they should do an episode where ash does nothing but train his team.


<-- so adorable ^_^
it was fine i guess....nothing too interesting.
i wonder what will happen if TR accidentally takes off their clothes alongside their costumes? >___>


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It ended just too fast. I want to see more Jessiebelle and James's butler in action.

They lacked Growlie's appearance too.


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I wonder if Jessibelle will be in the next episode. It's funny how she got blasted off instead of Jessie. Monferno was finally shown in an episode by itself besides pikachu.


This episode really didn't do as great as everybody thought it would - it was rushed, the plot was sloppy, and Growlie and Jessiebelle were not as great characters as they were in "Holy Matrimony". However, there was a Spinarak -awesome Pokemon- that belonged to a funny-ish butler. And when I saw Jessiebelle being carried on a plush sofa by helicopters I laughed, so I would give this episode 6/10.


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This episode really didn't do as great as everybody thought it would - it was rushed, the plot was sloppy, and Growlie and Jessiebelle were not as great characters as they were in "Holy Matrimony".

Basically my thoughts as well. It was a shame that we didn't get to see more of Rumika's frightening dominatrix skills, but being airlifted on a big couch by dozens of choppers and later blasting off with Kojirou and Nyasu were both lolworthy moments. ("Ii kanji desu waa~") Much more of a let-down was Kojirou's lack of reaction to seeing his childhood partner. After their first parting scene you'd think their reunion would be somewhat more emotional than "Oh look, you spotted me, huh?" (Not the exact quote) Nevertheless, either of them appearing at all was a huge treat and "Holy Matrimony" is a hard act to follow, so my complaints end there. All things considered, this was certainly an enjoyable episode for old school Pokémon fans.

If the plot was rushed and the characters relatively underwhelming, the reasonably large flashback sequences made up for it in my book. Watching Kojirou and Rumika's fateful first meeting on the balcony was really cute in a strange way. Interesting to note is that he was quite taken by her at first, meaning that their arranged marriage was at least initially an act of good faith by his parents. We get to see exactly where it went wrong too. It was clear that Rumika was never fond of Guardie, but in fact that was the cause of their dispute in the first place - she wanted Kojirou to ditch Gaa-chan and get an Eneko instead.

It was odd that Kojirou's parents weren't seen outside of the flashback, but they must have been close by unless we are to assume that Gaa-chan disobeyed Kojirou's request. Funny how the writers actually left more loose ends hanging than before, what with the shapeshifting treasure chest blasting off to parts unknown and Rumika chasing after her love in much the same way "Holy Matrimony" ended. To be continued...


The Great Stickman!
imagine jessibell continues with them as a secret and does the contests for jessie to win the last few ribbons?

That would be an interesting change of events, or while jessie is on her own she wins her last few ribbons, i know long shot but who knows. Im def curious


Roark <3
OK episode. I like the idea of Jessie dressing as Jessiebelle. James's butler was amusing, I say. Even the dancing Spinarak. Growlie on the other hand... was treated poorly in the episode. Of course, that is just my opinion.


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Nice episode, but the ending was too rushed. Still, it was great to see Rumika and Gardie again.

And I don't think the ending will be resolved in the next episode. Remember the ending of The Ultimate Test? The next episode, everything was back to normal with no explanation of what happened.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
This episode's problem wasn't that it was a bad episode, because it wasn't. No, this episode's problem was that - being the spiritual successor to "Holy Matrimony" - it had an incredibly high standard to live up to. "Holy Matrimony" was one of Kanto's greatest episodes, and arguably its funniest. It doesn't help that James' past is so unsorted and inconsistent. Still, we got some nice light on an existing past of his, and that's his relationship with his frequently-mentioned fiancee.

Like I've said before, even though Pocket Monsters is constantly bringing in a new audience, occasionally the writers will throw veteran fans a bone. And since we're a minority of the current audience, we should appreciate these moments. I'm a bit disappointed Jessiebelle (We should really agree on a spelling for her name) didn't appear until the latter act of the episode, but as Heracross mentioned, the flashback sequence made up for it. I did love the crazy butler, and even though it would have been nice to see James' parents (in a non-flashback), he was an acceptable substitute, especially how he Superman'd through the floor. And no matter how rushed you think the ending was, it was admittedly funny.


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Sadly i only managed to see this fine sites pics for the episode

From summaries and the like i've come to the conclusion that the episode was a bit of a let down because of what we expected

And that's exactly why we consider it bad......because we expected too much from the episode......ya see that's the prob with speculating.......but i ain't stopping :D lol

The episode did have it's good moments though and the ending hopefully is giving us a lifeline

The Butler looked gas i would've liked him
James' parents was a welcome surprise
Growlie and Jessiebell appearing is satisfaction enough

The ending better be looked at in the next ep

Jessie being left behind with growlie and jessiebelle going with james is too much of a cliffhanger just for them to just drop
I thought the episode was okay. Unlike most speculators, I didn't set my hopes up too high for this episode. I guess that's why I didn't think it was a let-down. I liked the ending, it was pretty funny. Switching Jessie and Jessiebelle up.. lulz right there. x]

Nice episode. Not as good as "Holy Matrimony", but that was kinda expected (from me, anyway).
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Great episode.
I loved how Growlie identified James, it was cool.
And it was great to see Monferno vs Piplup, despite the fight not over.