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The Treasure is All Mine! (621)


After watching this episode I wanna know one thing: Why does Jess-Belle look so much alie Jess (From Team Rocket)


I appreciate that the dub was consistent though. Jessibelle kept her Southern accent though I don't remember much about James' mother having the same accent in Kanto. I was thrilled to see Team Rocket and Ash and friends working together for once, especially the scene where Ash and Brock blocked the door so Team Rocket and Dawn could get away. I thought the ending could've been handled better. I mean, Jessibelle chasing James and Meowth while Jessie was at the mansion? How did they get rid or Jessibelle and reunite with Jessie? It left too many wholes in the story, which is sad. It almost seemed like we were in Kanto again.


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Why doesn't James take Growlie with him? Its cute! lol.


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Just watched this episode. It was alright, and Growlie was a good Pokemon. Monferno appearing at the start was nice, as well.


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I was kind of disappointed. Also, the ending didn't make sense.

In the beginning when TR appeared, Ash was like "Oh, it's you guys... well, Pikachu, use Thunderbolt".

In the end: "Twerp, you need to blast us off". And Ash hesitates for a bit?! WTF?


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This sure was a unique and great episode.The plot was well thought out, the motifs were pretty mature and some of the lines were really hilarious, for example the aforementioned dialog between disguised Meowth and Ash. "No, your uncle...":XD:

However, I noticed two serious logical mistakes(and no, I'm not complaining about the episode in general...just in case...):

1. Normally, Vileplume shouldn't have been able to use Solar Beam down in that DARK(!) tunnel for the following reasons: Two things are essential for the attack: Sunlight and sufficient charging time. But neither was there any source of bright light (as Ash locked the door) nor was the charging time long enough. So even if you argued that Solar Beam doesn't require sunlight (which btw would be illogical anyways because even the name of the attack refers to the sun), you definitely can't launch said attack after basically zero(!) charging time.
I really care about logical mistakes especially if they affect battles!:disgust:

2. At the end we see Jessie sitting on Jessiebelle's couch and James and Meowth running away from James's fiance.
Next week we'll probably see them together again. So, what happened in between? How did Jessie manage to get back to her friends and how in the world did James get rid of Jessiebelle?
That open end didn't solve anything and I hate that it destroyed an otherwise promising and great plot.
I just can't stand it if problems aren't solved properly.

But apart from these two points of criticism, the episode was awesome entertainment

6.5 / 7 out of 10 points


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I really enjoyed the episode. It was nice that the writers renewed that Kanto episode and incorporated it into DP. Too bad we will never know what James wrote on the letter. At the end, I thought it was funny when Jessiebelle was trying to chase Meowth & James and she said "Y'all not running right!" At the end of the Kanto episode, she said that as well.

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Why does every Team Rocket-centered episode have to include TR being friendly with the twerps? Ugh... And that plot hole in the end, Jessiebelle pursuing James and Meowth will probably be passed over, with no explanation how will they unite with Jessie.


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I loved the part where James was trying to open the chest.

James used Bite!
It's not very effective...

James used Stomp!
It's not very effective...

Wild Chest used Security System!
It's super effective!

Team Rocket are out of usable ideas...
Team Rocket blasted off!

I loved this ep. I liked that they brought jessiebelle after 12 years and dialouge was hilarious. Honestly one of the best eps I've seen in a while. Oh, off topic question, but why the heck does it still show chimchar in the opening?


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James' father must have had too much time on his hands if he could build a thing like that "little" treasure chest, right?


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I thought the end was funny how they got blasted away but instead of Jessie they ended up with Jessiebell. And the butler was EPIC! How did he just blast out of the floor like that at his age? lol. I also wish James will take Growly with him one day, it's so loyal to him. I really enjoyed this episode.


Now that the TG storyline is all but done & over with, conventional wisdom would think that the writers would go back to their Hum Drum Melodrama, but I would say otherwise with this.

- Ash & Dawn are busy fighting against each other with Piplup & Monferno. This is going to go really well...
- Piplup fires off his Bubblebeam, & Monferno tries to Dig itself out of trouble, only to find out that it hit something hard. Man, those Dig TMs are Chinese pieces of #%@$!!
- What?! Monferno has dug up a treasure chest?! Okay, I take back what I've just said back then. Now, how do we pry this thing open & get all the bling bling that's inside?
- Just as they're pondering that thought, out come a bunch of so-called, "treasure hunters," who claim to be able to open anything. However, they do look suspicious...
- The guy tries to take Ash's chest, but Ash claims that, "You'll take my treasure, when you're prying it out of my cold, dead hands!!"
- Since that doesn't work, the treasure hunters reveal their true colors: TR!
- But... just as they're reciting their motto, Ash's Pikachu takes the initiative & zaps them off into the wild blue yonder.

M-M-M-Motto Breaker!!!

It's a shame this doesn't happen anywhere near as often as I hope it should, but at least it saves me from muting my telly.
- This time, they don't fly off that far, as this time, we know where they end up. That can only mean one thing: this ep is all about TR! Wonderful...
- TR manage to intercept them once more, but this time, James gives a little more back-story on this chest. First & foremost, it is his. Second, it can only be opened with a specific verbal password. & last, but not least, it contains one of James' darkest secrets.
- What is that secret? Well... it is a love letter for his ex-fiancee', Jessiebelle! Who would have thought?
- Well... it seems to be that he was in love with her at first when the two of them were children, but just as soon as she made plans for her to be married with James, she doesn't like his pet Growlithe, & insists on replacing it with a Skitty.
- James tries to open it by saying three random passwords, & the lid opens up, but not in a way that most anyone would think... it opens the lid... & reveals a rifle?! Oh $@%$!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!
- The automated rifle then blasts TR out to kingdom come, & folds back into the lid.
- With them out of the way, Ash & the gang find a mansion, & knock on the door politely. Once the butler opens the door, he immediately recognizes the chest they're holding & lets them inside for some good old hospitality.
- Little do they know, that this mansion belongs to James, so if he goes in there the way that he is now, that butler will immediately summon Jessiebelle here, & seeing as he doesn't want that to happen, they both opt for disguises, & rather clever ones at that.
- Why are these disguises clever? Well... it fools the butler into thinking that Jessie is Jessiebelle, & that James is his own father. Yeah...
- But here's another J Lo BUTT, James' pet Growlithe is here, & has no problem sniffing James out & compromising both their disguises.
- With their cover blown, James orders his Mime Jr. to use Teeter Dance, thus confusing the poor butler, which gives him enough time to send him down a trapdoor.
- Back in the living room, James explains that there is only one way out: an underground secret exit. "However..."
- J Lo BUTT #2: Look! Up in the sky! Is it a Golbat Swarm? Is it a Dustox Swarm? Is it the International Police & Looker?? No!! It's Jessiebelle, in the flesh!! & she's coming... she's coming... she's coming for JAMES!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
- Looks like that butler of his will do whatever it takes to see to it that Jessiebelle marries James. With no time to lose, they immediately make a run for the secret back exit, taking his pet & chest with him.
- With the butler & Jessiebelle on their tails, they block the exit as soon as they got out. Now, he tries again to open the chest, & it goes nowhere again.
- This time, the chest transforms into a mini-mecha! What the hell is that thing, a chest or a friggin' weapon of mass destruction?!
- James uses his pet Growlithe to fight off this mutant chest, & after a hard-fought victory, the chest turns into a rocket & flies off into the wild blue yonder.
- J Lo BUTT #3: That fight with the mutant chest gave Jessiebelle & the butler enough time to breach James' barricade, & now she's Mano e Mano with James.
- In a desperate gambit, James pleads to Ash for his Pikachu to blast them off into god knows where, which he reluctantly does. However, just as they're going to fly away, Jessiebelle rushes towards his side.
- The result? Jessiebelle goes off with James & Meowth, & Jessie takes Jessiebelle's hot-seat. After the two of them land on Terra Firma, Jessiebelle chases him off in the end.

Well, I would guess that it does bring some comedy along with this. One thing about this is that I felt for James in this, as I'm a sworn enemy of love. It almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost, but not quite...


Alright episode, good to see Jessibelle back again, and the butler was amazing.

Something I did have mixed feelings about however is the fact that James left Growlie behind AGAIN when he could have easily brought it with him. After all, I'm sure it would rather have been with it's beloved master then stuck in various mansions, and it could stand a chance against the Ash and Co.

But on the other hand that would mean having to see it endure the same often unnecessarily brutal treatment that TR's other Pokemon suffer whenever they cross the twerps... Perhaps it was for the best then...


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Iliked this episode as I like episodes that go back to the past. Loved seeing Jessiebelle again ok she might be nuts lol but she makes me laugh loved how they kept the your not running properly at the end and Ashs oh nos made me laugh as well. I thought that password was gonna be growlie but in the end the password was even better than that typical James lol. It spooks me as well how alike Jessiebelle and Jessie look as well. A filler but a good filler IMO


This episode was "ok".

Compared to the original, where they allowed a boatload of sketch material (weird gym equipment... yeah 'gym equipment' sure) & Vileplume essentially date rape drugging James & whips, it was too controlled and safe.

The storyline wasn't as good either. Compared to the TG finale, this was worlds better, and compared to the general writing in DP it was above average.

I lol'd at.... wow I don't remember what I lol'd at that's sad.

The end when it just sort of blasted off was like "..8|" I think that could've been done a lot less awkwardly.

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Will Jesse-belle wait all her life for James?
Worst. Episode. Ever.

I don't think I have too much else to say on the matter to be completely honest. The treasure chest transforming was completely ridiculous, even by TR standards.