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The Trial of Juno Saga [PG-13]

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Chapter 3
Dark Insertion

I knew I was getting into something deep and despite what that might entail, Blazewing would follow me the whole way. Heck, she even seemed excited at the opportunity to possibly save another world on the brink of destruction. I knew we were against the odds, but I wasn’t backing down from this. None of what I had or what I didn’t have mattered. All that mattered when it all came down to it was choice and resolve. But if we failed this, I doubted Acreus would give Egatept another chance.

<Is this your final decision, Juno? No one is forcing you do this. The charges against you set by Yveltal are cleared forever. No one may object to you living out the rest of eternity in Utopia, where you may dwell forever without concern over how you created.>

I didn't like the whole thing about Yveltal dragging my butt here to trial when it was totally uncalled for, but it was leading to something bigger. I knew I could easily say "screw it" and just head back home to be with Sita and my fellow soldiers, but it would feel so wrong if I did that and didn't try to find a way to save this place. I knew next to nothing about Egatept in the end, but I felt there still had to be some good to it. Something worth saving down there.

But if this is something you truly want to do, I will make it possible. Many of us have given up hope on that horrifically sinful world and now it stands on the verge of apocalypse, but unlike Yveltal, you have no duties here, and may go if you wish. But if you fail or are killed, we will have to carry through as planned. We cannot allow such a dark and twisted world to worsen, or it may affect the entire universe in time.

I've seen the Abyss itself and Kivistal on the verge of destruction. In other words, there wasn't really too much else that could go beyond what I had seen already. Or at least that's what I felt at the time. Still, I would be nothing more than a biased, selfish jackass if I decided to let Egatept rot.

"We're going, final answer," I told Arceus, knowing there really wasn't anything else to discuss here. "But in the meantime, Yveltal, pass the message along to Sita and the others about what Blazewing and I are doing."

“Consider it done,” Yveltal told me, giving me a firm stare. “Prepare yourself, Juno. Where you are going… one’s heart and mind cannot be weak, or they will surely crumble…”

It was then that Blazewing had quickly sped forward and joined me, looking at me for a moment and then looking back to Arceus.

"He ain't going alone," Blazewing told Arceus. "You're sending both of us, I don't care how beat up this place looks. Bring it on!"

<Then I will take you there. I sense the hopes in both of your hearts, and I know of what both of you are capable of. If it will be enough to change Egatept… only time will tell. Farewell, Juno and Blazewing.>

And then, before him at his feet appeared another flaring, white light. Around the two of us appeared a glowing circle, with many ancient runes and symbols. I watched as the circle of celestial energy grew brighter and brighter, eventually turning into an entire pillar of glowing light that enveloped the two of us. At that moment, we could only see pure white.

I could feel myself slowly turn into light, and for a few moments, we could see in all directions, and we sped with furious and incredible velocity toward Egatept. We soared across galaxies with a force and power I never thought I'd experience, but nonetheless, they were awesome. In the meantime, I knew anyone I met on Egatept wouldn’t know who we were, they wouldn’t know what we were there to do, and none of them would know where we came from. Regardless, I prepared myself for the endeavors I was about to face.


As I speed with light, flash of an eye
Two living stars with the gift to fly
To bypass the veils and cross the seams
Warmth of souls created by dreams

Having been blessed with longevity
And now above the will of gravity
With an iron will and a directed pact
Only a breath away from present contact

Nothing stops our timeless grace
Across the infinite reaches of outer space
Beyond the reaches of the starry slope
Come two stars with boundless hope

I had seen Egatept from space, and strangely enough, even through we were speeding toward it with unbound speed and ability, I could sense there was something wrong with it. The oceans were dark blue, and the land was grey and black. The clouds that were in the air above Egatept were black and red, thick with musty pollution. It wasn't too hard to see the Pokémon living here weren't taking good care of the place.

Regardless, it wasn’t long before everything had become white when we were close enough to the world to see the grounds below. It was then that we were finally materialized in Egatept, a new world to us that was only still intact because the two of us decided to go on a suicide mission to try and save whatever was corrupting it.

Within time, I had opened my eyes, now in the physical realm once again. Lying on my stomach, I saw the black, rocky ground I was on, and then looked up. Most of the land before us was a black desert wasteland with deadened plants and stony hills. Ahead, I saw what appeared to be a city, but when I took a closer look...

…I really wish I hadn’t.

Just from looking at the outside, I could already tell what kind of place this way. Flashing, malicious neon signs was the main feature, advertising everything disgusting and perverse from gambling with lives, senseless whoring, excessive alcoholic drinking, and heavy narcotics use, all gloried with every blazing light of the rainbow to sting the eyes and sicken the mind. It almost seemed like this place had taken a page out of the City of Dis's book.

Blazewing had already woken up, and was looking around. I could tell she definitely wasn't too impressed with this place. Right behind her, I had actually seen a whole haphazard cluster of twisted metal, and upon a closer look, I had seen that they were actually cages with bones in them. Seemed like whoever was in charge just decided to cage up these Pokémon and then never feed them.

I figured one of the only perks that this place had over the Abyss was the fact no one was out for my head... at least not yet. In Kivistal, we were well-renown heroes of prophecy. Here, we were nobodies. Blending in and disappearing could be very easily accomplished.

"Huh, well now ain't this place beautiful," Blazewing remarked sarcastically. "We haven’t even spent thirty seconds here and it looks like we have our work cut out for us.”

"And... we're clueless about who is actually responsible for all this mess," I replied to her, a bit worried about that part. "Can't say I'm all that eager to go out and meet them either."

We had to get to it though, and we were going to have to not only meet whoever did all this, but probably fight them as well. I highly doubted whoever was profiting from all this was going to stop if we just asked them kindly.

"Well, better get going," Blazewing muttered as she shrugged. "While we're in there, we'd better start looking and acting exactly like the locals... as bad as that probably sounds. They don't even know we're undercover here and their whole world is just a flick away from destruction."

"Yeah, you're right about that one," I told her, having that weird feeling that we were now somehow tied together as a last-living lifeline to this entire world.

Recommended Listening: Fallout 2 Soundtrack - Biggest Little City in the World (New Reno)

As we took the asphalt road toward the looming and twisted neon city before us, I saw many motorized vehicles moving around, many of them looking like metallic monsters assembled in some demonic assembly plant. I looked off to the left as we entered into the vicious metropolis to see a glowing sign “Welcome to Deject City” with two skewed neon martini glasses. It really made me wonder if the city had always been named that.

Many of the streets were filled with both foot and motorized traffic, while many of the buildings consisted of businesses on the first floors and apartments on the upper levels. Occasionally, there were looming skyscrapers that were single corporations only, all too proud to glorify their name and purpose in bright, blazing neon signs.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon living here were total scum. Many of them totally drunk and homeless, several with a mean streak on their faces, and others were totally lost in their own world, rambling random words that didn’t make sense. As the two of us made our way through the streets, the sight of a Jynx and a Medicham giving themselves up for prostitution burned a mental scar in my mind I really didn’t want to hold on to. Honestly, it wasn’t hard at all to see why Arceus wanted to be rid of this place, and I had only seen just a fragment of Egatept. However, one the major differences was that many of them were clothed, something that wasn’t common in Kivistal. It seemed only the extremely poor were totally naked.

And at the moment, that included us.

I had totally forgotten we were totally penniless here. In truth, there wasn't much separating us from the rest of the homeless Pokémon of this place, unable to do anything for food or shelter. It made me wonder just how we were going to go about saving this whole world when we were totally at the rock bottom.

One of the things that did seem strange were flashing ads for some organization called the “Normal Operation Specialists,” using NOS as a commonly spread acronym. There were posters and signs everywhere glorifying the organization, as well as showing their insignia, a diamond-shaped symbol with a cross in the middle, inlaid over a rifle bullet and a sword in an X formation. Meanwhile, their slogan was “The future survives with us alive.”

Upon looking at their campaign closer, I suddenly saw what their purpose was, and for a brief moment, I looked at the others around me and quickly realized the connection.

It was far worse than I even thought…


Looking at the flyers and the posters at one of their recruiting bureaus, I saw the NOS existed for one sole purpose. All they wanted to do was totally exterminate all Normal type Pokémon. I looked around me, and saw there were no Normal type Pokémon to be found anywhere. I hadn't even thought about it until just now. Meanwhile, I looked through the headlines and the taglines they had everywhere. “Filthy meat-puppet Normies” was just one of them. And there were many others, all of them just propaganda attacking Normal-type Pokémon for the most stupidest reasons ever. But then, I read on, and saw that all of those that opposed the NOS would be exterminated as well, along with anyone else that protected or sheltered any Normal type Pokémon from being executed by NOS authorities.

It was sheer anarchy and there wasn't even a logical explanation for it.

All I had to do was look around me, and I saw how much support the NOS had. Among the ads for booze chugging and gambling, NOS support and campaign billboards, neon signs, and video displays were everywhere. It was like there was no stopping these guys. And then there was the two of us, naked, alone, and unarmed.

"Man, this place is a special kind of screwed up," Blazewing muttered, taking in all the sights around here. "Kill all Normal types? What the heck for?"

"You know it's always about control," I told her, knowing the usual truth about this stuff. "Whenever propaganda is involved, it's just someone out to become a puppet master."

That, and a whole lot more. I was about to look away when suddenly I was interrupted.

“What the hell do you want, vagrant!?” A booming voice shouted in front of me.

I looked up and saw a really hasty Floatzel standing behind the desk, just looking down on me with an intimidating stare. His orange and beige fur was also pretty well kept and he definitely looked like he had been working out with those muscles. I also saw he was wearing a NOS uniform, and considering the fancy appearance of his rank badge and his medal indicators, I could tell he was pretty high in rank. Also, I could tell he didn’t like us hanging around here… that was definitely very obvious.

"Uhh, nothing, dude," Blazewing smiled sheepishly. "Be chill, we were just passing by."

We didn't continue hanging around there shortly after that. I wasn't too crazy about looking at the Floatzel again either. I wasn't exactly up for turning these guys into enemies already. I simply followed Blazewing away and we headed back toward a neglected, trashy alley that was a good enough distance from the rest of the local populace. The place was a slum, as there were trashcans and a rusted dumpster were right nearby, along with graffiti all over the walls. Meanwhile, it seemed no one was around in either of the two brick buildings next to us, so we were safe here. But considering we weren’t wearing anything, we probably looked like we were completely homeless and broke.

And the problem was… that was also the truth. There was no Silver Apex to shelter us here, we were completely on our own. No one knew who we were, and no one would help us either. But, it could have been worse. Thankfully enough, I was an electric type and Blazewing was psychic and dragon. Had either one of us be normal, and we probably would have been killed the split second we came here. Egatept would have been lost before we even had a chance.

"Wow, these guys are pricks," Blazewing told me, really taking a disliking toward the NOS. "Normal Operation Specialists? What's up with these clowns? I mean look at them, they’ve everywhere here. And hey, did you read what I read about what these creeps do?”

"Take a look around, I haven't seen a Normal type Pokémon ever since we got here," I replied to her, knowing only just a slice of how bad the situation had gotten around here. "Really no better than the Black Onyx."

We were still left without a solution. And at the moment, we were still missing a major part of the big picture. What else was going on in Egatept? To me, it seemed like there should have been at least some kind of group that was against these fascists. But then again, I easily reminded myself that hope for this world of Egatept was incredibly low. Around here, it seemed that either everyone conformed to being evil and disgusting, or died trying to make things right. Arceus was more than ready to pull the plug on this place. And a little voice in the back of my mind was thinking I was wasting time and should have just aborted this whole mission. Still, most of me wanted to believe something could be done.

"I hate the NOS already," I told Blazewing, knowing that was pretty much agreed on, "but to tell the truth, the more we know about them, the stronger we'll be when it comes to taking them out. Let's face it, we just don't have support or any kind of following to back us up. There's not a whole lot of choice here.

“Ew, don't tell me you're thinking of joining these douchebags,” Blazewing replied, looking a little disgusted by that.

"We definitely can't fight the NOS by ourselves," I told her, knowing I didn't like the sound of it either, but was willing to cope with it for now. "Look at this place. Propaganda and public support is their weapon, and they know it's working. I wouldn’t be surprised if every Normal type Pokémon that’s still surviving in this chaotic mess is hiding and clinging on for dear life or simply waiting to be executed. There is no war here, it's totally a massacre. There only way we're going to find weaknesses in the NOS and to find ways to contact Normal type Pokémon is by seeing the NOS from the inside. Since they aren’t going to open the doors to us the way we are…”

Blazewing then looked down and shook her head.

“Ugh, you have just got to be kidding me,” She asked, looking at me like that was a downright horrible idea. "Remember, the guys upstairs are watching us. They might just pop this place if they feel we're losing it too.

I was silent. I knew it obviously didn't look good. And Blazewing was right, Arceus and the other legendaries might not approve of this idea either, but I wasn't exactly in the position to ask them. Truthfully, I hated the sound of it too, but what choice did we have?

“There's gotta be another way,” Blazewing told me, trying to think of a better option, “Anything's got to be better than this. Maybe a fundraiser or something?”

“We would need enough money to fund an entire campaign…” I told her, seeing how that would be nearly impossible with just the two of us, “You know that would take forever. And even if by some chance we were able to get it, by the time we collected enough… it would probably be too late. Remember, we needed a lot of stuff to save Kivistal. All those things we just don't have here.”

Blazewing was pale, and I was sure I didn’t look so hot myself. But we were in no position to fight NOS or even begin to think of taking them down at the current moment. And the only way we were going to learn more about them was to act like them for a little while. We had to trick them into thinking we were a part of this chaos when we were just waiting for the best moment to screw them over. We needed to become infiltrators. It was the only way.

"Juno, we join these guys and they're going to expect us to be as much of a bunch of jackasses as they are," Blazewing told me, trying to think of some alternative. "I'm sure even the new kids have to get blood on their hands. Otherwise they're not going to trust them with anything."

“Trust me, I’ll find a way out of getting our hands dirty,” I told her, putting my hand on her side to comfort her, “And Blazewing, the two of us will never become like they are. We just need to act like it. All for show. We did it for Skepter, we can fool these guys as well.”

She looked down for a moment, but then slowly, she was looking a little better and more comfortable with the idea.

"Ugh, I just want to forget about that whole jester thing," Blazewing replied, reliving that awful memory for a moment. "But yeah, I guess it would be like that. I suppose... we could try it again."

“Thanks.” I told her, “I know it’s not easy, but the two of us can do this. I know it.”

I then gave her a smile and a nod, and then we headed back to the recruitment office. I normally didn’t like the idea of lying and being deceitful, but considering the power our enemy had, this was the only way to do it. The more we learned about NOS from the inside, the easier it would be to take them down when the time came.

I still looked around, and like before, no Normal types to be seen at all. While walking through those dirty asphalt streets while hulking motor vehicles sped throughout the city, I came to realize that there was no chance of them surviving unless they managed to form a league of their own. But likely, none of them had any money, were taboo to other Pokémon, and probably received so little support that the only thing left for them was to be hunted down slowly… all the way to extinction.

When we finally made it back to the recruitment office, to no surprise of my own, the Floatzel that had barked at us earlier was still there, but he hadn’t noticed us the second time until we stepped up to the desk again. He then looked down, and his neutral expression turned into a disgusted one yet again.

“You again?” He asked, looking baffled, “I swear, if you’re just here to annoy the hell out of me, I’ll lug your fat, yellow carcass into the streets and beat the stuffing out of you.”

"Shut your trap and listen to me for a minute," I told him, acting to show I could put on as much of attitude as he could. "We're here to join the NOS. And no, it's not because I particularly care to see your face again."

Still, he wasn’t convinced, but I was kind of expecting this.

“Juno, huh?” He asked, speaking in a very condescending tone, “Well, Juno, you obviously don’t know this, but the NOS will only recruit those that actually have worth to this organization. And you, being butt-naked, having no experience, and having no idea what you’re doing here doesn’t look any better for us than it does for you.”

“You don't know crap about me,” I told him, still looking into his eyes and definitely not afraid of him. “Now, are you an actual recruiter, a soldier, or just some stupid, irate bastard to stand watch?”

He didn't like that one bit, but if I wanted to pretend to be like these maniacs, I needed to talk and act like their kind of material.

“Oh really?” He asked, getting up close and looking even angrier about my presence here. “And there’s a lot about me that you don’t wanna know. Now get the hell out of here before I change my mind. I’m behind on my beating quota, and the fact that punching the lights out on an oblivious Pikachu and Latias would make up for that does make for an awfully convincing temptation.”

It was true. He didn’t know who I was, no one here did. Truthfully, I liked it better this way. We could put this to good use.

"Sure you want to waste your time with these dicks?" Blazewing asked me, shrugging. "Look at this scrub. There's a reason why they don't put asshats like him on the frontline."

"Wow, great job on pissing me off, you bitch," the Floatzel spat at Blazewing before looking behind him to shout at the other NOS officers. "Guys, we’ve got a pair of anal clowns here!”

Out from behind the office came three more NOS officers that looked no better in attitude than the Floatzel that had absolutely nothing for patience. Along with him came one aggressive Toxicroak, a bitterly enraged Mawile, and a sadistic Primeape.

And the day was just getting started.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Chapter 4
Proving Grounds

My suspicions were totally right. The NOS campaign was more for coming up with a reason to justify violence and oppression than it was about the greater good of all. In the end, it didn't take a genius to see killing off Normal-type Pokémon didn't even make sense.

We exchanged stares, and the NOS were more than ready to fight, snarling, smiling, anticipating a fight to the death if it really went that far. But they really didn't know who we were. We had seen and fought through far worse than a bunch of scrubs like these guys.

"I'm going to wear your teeth as a necklace," the Floatzel told me with a dark smile. "Unless you choke on them. Guess it all depends where and how hard I smash your face!"

All of them brushed us off like we were nothing more than homeless scum trying to find some home or organization to belong to. They were egotists, and I could see it in their eyes that our appearances were totally deceiving them. Still, I figured I would continue to let them underestimate us. It could only play to our advantage just so as long as I didn't make the same, stupid mistake.

"We'll try our best not to rough you scum up too much," laughed the Primape as he flicked one of his hands in the air.

"Yup, I figured it was just another stupid hazing ritual," I told him, knowing this band of idiots was no different from a rowdy fraternity house. "Try and rough me up, though. Unless you don't have the balls to do it."

"You think this is some kind of game to you?" questioned the Toaxicroak.

He maneuvered his body around, staring at me as I casually placed my arms behind my head.

"Maybe," I replied, shrugging my shoulders. "It depends on if we actually have some fun with it or not."

A low-pitched gurgling sound emanated from the Toaxicroak. It was like his way of growling.

"Go easy or nail 'em with everything we've got?" Blazewing asked. "Your call, Gold Rider."

I knew what she was referring to. We had a choice to absolutely pound all four of them and sweep the floor with their faces, or we could not make it so apparent we in fact lead entire armies into battle, fought through the Abyss itself, and even tasted death on multiple occasions. For now, I just wanted to prove we had just enough spunk to take them out. Simply having the "talent" for fighting was good enough for now.

"Keep it real," I told her, knowing they shouldn't suspect too much from this fight. "Just enough to put them in their place."

"Aye aye," Blazewing nodded, agreeing to that plan. "I'm all over it."

“Liggdur, stand guard," The Floatzel ordered the Mawile. "Make sure no one interrupts us. Got it?”

"You got it, sir," the Mawile called Liggdur nodded at the Floatzel in response.

It would be just three against two now. A little easier, but we still needed to make it believable. Anything too out of the ordinary and we would be raising too much attention.

Recommended Listening: Borderlands OST - Treachers Landing - Trash the Bandits Some More

Turning to us, the Floatzel barked in an enraged voice.


They sure didn't hold anything back. With incredible speed, the Floatzel let loose a frigid Ice Beam from his open maw right toward both of us. With only one option to dodge it, we had to separate from each other. I slid on the ground and looked up only to see the incoming fist of the Toxicroak. I quickly rolled out of the way just a split second before his Brick Break smashed into the concrete ground, which would have been my head if I hadn't gotten out of the way.

I quickly vaulted to get out of the way, making some distance between me and the Toxicroak. Once he recovered his fist from the hole he punched in the ground, he shambled toward me, looking like I was just wasting his time.

"Slippery little bastard," he told me, growling a bit. "Are you going to fight or is this just a stupid game you invented?"

In the meantime, I took a glance toward Blazewing and she was making the Primeape and the Floatzel aggravated as well, using the fact she could fly much to their frustration.

"Too slow again!" Blazewing taunted them, just laughed at how the Primeape's Mega Punch missed her time after time.

I then noticed the Floatzel officer was now fighting dirty, whipping out a sidearm he had kept concealed under his uniform. He fired twice at her, but she was still too fast for him to get a good shot in.

The Toxicroak I was facing then grabbed a nearby lead pipe and began wielding it like a weapon. He sneered with a smug grin, but the joke was pretty short-lived when Blazewing attacked him from behind with a Dragonbreath attack. The burning, yellow flames bit at his back, catching him off guard. That was when I charged up a Thunderbolt and let it loose right at him while he had his attention diverted.

It sure didn't kill him, but getting zapped with a generous amount of electricity was enough to knock his lights out. He stumped for a moment before collapsing into a pile of trash cans and garbage bags.

So far, neither of them suspected anything about us. We just needed to keep it up and handle these other two the same way.

"Damn, expected a bit more from that scrub," The Floatzel spat, obviously disappointed the Toxicroak hadn't handled that any better. "Let's double team 'em!"

The Floatzel and the Primeape both went after me, and the Primeape lunged first with a brutal Close Combat attack. Just as he charged, I focused on my Agility, and then as he flew at me with his fists ready to slam into me, I sped away and deftly slipped out of the range of his punches. The Floatzel attempted an Aqua Tail attack just a fraction of a second later, but I quickly jumped into the air... higher than normal. I had gotten a little too carried away, but I tried to swiftly erase that sight from their mind by coming back down at the Floatzel with a furious Volt Tackle attack, slamming right into him directly with a full-on blazing charge of electric fury. It did hurt a bit to crash right into his furry back, but it hurt him a heck of a lot more than it hurt me as I rammed as much electricity into him as I could.

He howled from the pain and his electrocuted body nearly crashed into the Primeape. Trying to take advantage of a situation gone bad for him and his team, the Primeape quickly struck me with a Thrash attack.

I could have dodged it, but I knew I had already once broken the limits of what a normal Pikachu should have realistically been able to do, no matter how well-trained he had been. His blow took me right off my feet and I tumbled into the air for a few seconds before painfully landing on my butt. It did hurt, but I faked an injury much worse than that.

"Ha, ha, payback's a bitch, isn't it you-!"

The Primeape was cut off when he was suddenly surrounded by a compressing force of cyan, blue, and violet colored psychic energy. It scrambled his mind, made him suddenly blank out, and once the force was let go, he was totally out, his mind likely very scrambled into exhaustion.

The Floatzel, despite being in a lot of pain, got back up and attempted to strike again, but Blazewing was faster and quickly struck him again with a swift and brutal Dragon Claw attack that painfully raked his side. I could tell from the rage in his eyes that losing to a pair of homeless Pokémon was not the kind of humiliation he had much tolerance for.

Our rather loud and brutal fight had caught the attention of several other homeless Pokémon that hadn't seen anyone from the slums take down three members of the NOS like we had. Still, I was glad the fight was mostly over. I didn't want too many witnesses to something like this so early on.

My head and butt were still aching from the Primeape's Thrash attack. For a few minutes, taking that attack didn't seem like such a good idea, but if it had been a flawless victory, it would have been suspicious.

The Floatzel tried to get back on his feet, but they were buckling from the weakness and overcharge of electricity still coursing through him. He managed to get back up, but he had to lean against a brick wall. He was bitter, angry that we had ruined his pride, but he tried his best to make it seem like he was just letting us have a win for now.

"Damn..." He spat, looking disdainfully at the both of us. "Eragh, I bet some new strength-boosting narcotic hit the market recently, didn't it?"

He blamed his defeat on us using some kind of performance-enhancing drug, but I figured might as well just let him pout and believe that theory.

“Narcotics," He growled, shaking his head at it. "You little shits couldn't take the NOS on without those, couldn't you?"

"You've got no proof," I told him, just laughing about it. "Go ahead and whine all you want, you stupid wanker."

"Why you!" He growled, but just as soon as he tried to get back into the fight, he stumbled again and had to lean back.

He was definitely bitter about the whole thing, but he didn't really have much leverage over the situation. Liggdur the Mawile had looked to his squad leader, thinking he should now get into the fight also, but at this point, it was useless.

"Fine, you wanna join the NOS?" He finally asked. "So be it. Better we put you two scrubs to good use other than rotting around out here. But don't you fucking talk to me like that again. If you're joining, then that makes me your superior officer, so you two assclowns better respect me if you want to survive another day."

It was all about pride to him. He saw recruiting us as a win for him anyway, but I figured we got what we wanted from here and we didn't need anything beyond that for the moment.

He slowly walked toward a metallic fold-up chair and a metallic table, and sat down, gathering a notebook and pair of registration papers.

"You’ll have to answer some questions first," He told me, still looking at me like had the upper hand. "And don't even think about lying. First, I need your names."

"Name's Juno," I told him, figuring it wouldn't do any harm for him to know the truth.

"And I'm Blazewing," She told him. "What's yours anyway?"

"Pft, if I even have to tell you," The Floatzel growled, trying to write our names down despite his shaking hand. "It's Rexten. Officer Rexten."

He grumbled a bit more and then pulled out a flat, black box and a few sheets of papers. From the looks of it, he just wanted to get this over with quickly and then never talk about it again.

“Alright… press one of your paws onto this ink pad and then onto your documents,” he told us.

I shrugged with Blazewing and then just did as he asked. I took my hand, pressed it on the cold, wet ink pad, and then pressed it down on the paper, leaving an irregular paw print. Blazewing did the same and he quickly snatched both papers and then looked up at us.

"Regulations are simple," He told us, getting right to the point. "As members of the NOS, you either kill Normal types on sight, or you capture them so they can be used for a variety of other purposes, whether that's weapon testing, experimentation, or entertainment. But whatever the hell you do, don't make anything for them even remotely comfortable, or we'll put your ass out to pastures."

"Got it," I told him.

"Shut up until I'm finished," he continued with a snarl. "By putting your paw prints on these documents you have given the NOS permission to look up any and all background and current information on you. You have also given us permission to claim any valuables as NOS property in order to help with future payments to help with the… 'cleansing' project. Finally, you will be given numbers and then placed into a squad that consists of ten other soldiers, a squad leader and a sub squad leader. Your numbers will be built around your names, your types, and the sector of Egatept you were recruited from. These numbers will be what you respond to when called upon. They are also your IDs and passwords into blocked off sectors and buildings.
Juno, your number is J.EL-S13. Blazewing, yours is BW.DP-S13. Your squad is squad 52. Got it?”

Blazewing and I nodded. I could tell the processing of this whole thing was quick and brief. I could imagine the NOS was recruiting constantly, so I figured they had found ways to make this faster. Badges were then handed to us, the initials ‘NOS’ at the top with our numbers at the bottom.

“Your Squad leader's name is Comador and his headquarters lies in sector 16, Disgustic City," He told us, pointing the way there. "I’d advise that you head there immediately. It’s a three-day walk from here, and there is no transportation heading there currently. So get moving!”

"Fair enough," I told him.

Once we met him, we’d begin our plan.
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Hey there. Been busy with othe stuff so I couldnt comment.
Just popping in to let you know that this is awesome. I am fully caught up now and ready to comment some more.

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Hey there. Been busy with othe stuff so I couldnt comment.
Just popping in to let you know that this is awesome. I am fully caught up now and ready to comment some more.
Hey, thanks, yeah, I've been extremely busy with a lot of things also. I haven't forgotten about this, it's just I've had my hands really full, but I'll get around to posting more.

And I'm glad you've been enjoying it. For the longest time, I wasn't sure if anyone was reading it or not.


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Hello! Actually, I've been reading this too. I think from way back when you only had two or three chapters out...
Anyway, I never commented before, because I didn't have an account on Serebii. Besides, I'm more of a silent reader.
This story is very interesting and exciting, so keep it up!

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Hello! Actually, I've been reading this too. I think from way back when you only had two or three chapters out...
Anyway, I never commented before, because I didn't have an account on Serebii. Besides, I'm more of a silent reader.
This story is very interesting and exciting, so keep it up!
Hey, thanks, I appreciate that. And I understand, but thanks for the comments, glad you like it. I got really busy recently, but I'll try to finish up posting this story for you guys.

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Chapter 5
The Desert Whisper

Despite what we had just faced, it definitely wasn’t the way I thought we would be admitted to the NOS, but then again, considering how popular this faction was, I wasn't surprised they had to come up with a system to flush out the weak from the strong. From the looks of it, Blazewing and I stepped into a world where it was totally about might making right. In Egatept, it was like a prison, and everyone was either Viking or victim. It sure wasn't the Abyss, but it had its own disgusting aspects about it and it was only marginally better than the pits of the underworld.

Still, Blazewing and I had to keep up the act for as long as we needed to. To me, it didn't seem too hard. Just act like a bossy, insensitive jerk and you'd fit right in.

Meanwhile, the thought of Aku kept me wondering who he or she really was and what they would expect out of us. I imagined he or she probably wanted us to be yet another killing machine. I just wasn't sure how we were going to go about doing this without actually performing real acts of cruelty. I was sure that's the last thing Arceus wanted to see us do with our time here. I figured making it look like bad luck might be an option. Missing targets intentionally by just a scratch, taking the wrong turns, and employing second-grade tactics might work for a little while, but it could backfire badly if they caught on.

After getting our uniforms and NOS badges, even just putting them on made me feel that much more like a sinner. I didn't like wearing the uniform of the Crimson Stars the first time, but this actually felt worse. Still, it was just a costume to me, the same way anyone could dress up like the devil but still be the nicest guy on the inside. Once I thought of it that way, it felt easier to wear it and not be dumbstruck with a guilty conscience.

It was then that we figured we would do as they were expecting and report to Comador in Disgustic City’s 16th sector. The three day walk wasn’t exactly inspiring, but it needed to be done, and like Rexten told us, there was no public transportation leading there. Still, we were inside their framework now. Unlike before, Blazewing and I would need to be like rogues. If it meant sabotaging their operations and letting someone else in the NOS be the blame, it was a good option. These guys were all guilty, so having them turn on each other was just one disease wiping out another.

The flight to Disgustic City wasn’t a pretty one either. The arid, dark desert rolled on, and along the way, there were skeletons and decaying corpses of Normal type Pokémon lying on and around the crudely-made asphalt highway road. Every time I saw these bodies, I knew that many of them must have died very painfully as they lay there in contorted positions with bullet holes torn in their skulls. Meanwhile, billboards and other forms of propaganda still raved on about the NOS and all of its popularity. I sure couldn't wait to bring this empire crashing to the ground.

Meanwhile, I caught sight of the motor vehicles that the Pokémon of Egatept used, and many of them were very makeshift, crudely assembled cars that looked like they were assembled from scrap parts from various junkyard hulks. They were definitely not made for aesthetics, but only for purpose. All the while, none of their drivers even paid mind to the dead bodies on the road, and in some cases, just continued to run them over like forgotten roadkill.

“Man, this place is ugly,” Blazewing told me, looking at her dark surroundings.

Another car that was crudely made and spray painted had driven on below us, running over the skeletal remains of what possibly could have been a Pidgeotto. Ribs and fragments of other bones were snapped and thrown in all directions as I looked at the sight…

“Yeah, no kidding,” I replied, knowing it took a real hardass to live everyday with this kind of thing going on, “Well, can't say we weren't warned. Arceus and the others did warn us about this place."

“Sure hope this whole plan works..." Blazewing replied, taking a glance at a crushed Spinda skull. "Might be a different kind of nut to crack compared to Kivistal, but hey, if we can pull of off, jackpot. Saving two worlds from total annihilation sure ain't a bad thing to have on your resume!"

She was definitely right. If Kivistal could be restored with all of the mayhem that had arisen there, Egatept held the same possibility. The NOS were still soldiers after all, and they could still feel pain and bleed like any other Pokémon. While it might not have been the Abyss itself pulling the strings in this situation, it was definitely still a cleanup job, and it wasn't going to be easy.

I decided to fly on Blazewing's back so the trip wouldn't take a whole three days, and the further we flew from Deject City, the better the desert surroundings got, but they were still a dark and polluted mess. The number of bodies on and around the road was fewer and fewer, along with less NOS propaganda on the road signs. Meanwhile, as we flew over that dark, arid landscape, I knew Disgustic City would probably be yet another junktown of what we saw in Deject. Still, we didn't make it there before we got exhausted. Blazewing had pulled off to the side of the road and we figured we needed to settle down and try to find a place to sleep. However, we had found no shelter for miles at all. We didn’t have much choice but to sleep on the ground off the road, and hope it would be enough. In any case, I was thinking I'd rather be out here where it was quiet than in a hotel in Deject where all kinds of mayhem was going on just outside our window.

After we had slowed down and landed in a small, open area among the brown and dry desert plants that were off to the side of the road, I got off of Blazewing, and prepared to get the sleep I would need for tomorrow.

“Whew, I’m pooped…” Blazewing replied, lying down to sleep on the sand. "Really makes me wonder what tomorrow's gonna bring, eh?"

"Don't sweat it," I assured her as I stepped off and landed on the sandy ground, trying to muster a smile. "We're making good progress at least. We'll figure something out, but for now, just get some sleep."

As we lay there miles and miles away from society, I couldn’t help but look into the sky. I hadn't really looked up into them before, but seeing that made me realize it wasn't all that different from the skies at Kivistal. Still, as my eyes peered into the skies above, it was hard to see through the smog to see the stars, but I knew they were there. At times the clouds rolled on, and patches of space were revealed to show the stars.

I knew Utopia was also in the skies above, along with Sita, Sinis, and all the others. I missed them as I looked into the few white, shining stars I could see, but I knew they were waiting. And even in those dark, quiet moments moments, I knew that wasn’t lost for me. I closed my eyes, and I knew that deep inside, this was something I had to do. I really wanted give this world a second chance, even if no one else thought it deserved it. Even if I failed, I could at least tell myself I tried and perhaps it wasn't meant to be, but I still felt like I was a ways off from having to deal with that.

Surprisingly, the sand did make for a comfortable bed as its loose grains made way for my body. I was tired as well, and I knew tomorrow would be another day of traveling. These deserts would be cool now, but in the morning, they would be scorching hot. Tomorrow, we would need to follow the highway again and hope that there wouldn’t be too much grief when it came to Disgustic City. But in any case, I felt ready for it regardless of how mild or vile it really was.

I was about to say something when I had realized Blazewing had already fallen asleep besides me. She always looked so peaceful while asleep, and I couldn’t help but smile at it before weariness swept over me. It wasn’t long before I closed my eyes, and let sleep come to my tired body.

For a moment, I was back in Utopia… and it was peaceful, white, and joyous as it always was, but I knew it was just a dream. I saw Sita, and just the very sight of her brought incredible warmth to my heart and soul. Sinis was there as well, along with many of the comrades I had known from the Silver Apex. I knew every day there was a celebration, but it didn’t take long at all before I realized how this was playing out. I was easily within view of them, but they walked past me and behind me as if I wasn't really there.

I was a ghost among them, and despite all of them being there, they didn’t see me or realize I was watching. Their festivities carried on, but I saw that while the others celebrated and enjoyed the new and rejuvenated life they would forever have, I saw Sita, relaxing by herself on a white marble bench overlooking the park, away from all of the other celebrations that were going on among the others and all of the citizens of Utopia around their own infinite eternity. Still, I watched Sita gaze up at the sky, and I had drawn closer to her, but I realized she could never see I was there. I smiled, and sat besides her, and even though I was never really there at that moment, I still thought of it like I was. To me, it felt real enough to feel like it was the real thing, even if I couldn't talk to her.

Still, she kept content and peaceful for as long as she could, and soon enough, Sinis the Zangoose had come and approached her. He never saw me sitting there either, and I knew to him, Sita was sitting there entirely alone…

“You’re still here?” He asked with a small smile. “Yveltal already told us this is something he just jumped right out and decided to do. No one forced him to do it. Even Arceus was surprised.”

“Oh, I know…” She sighed softly, still looking up for a moment before looking back at him. “It's just something he does, Sinis. He gives up so much… and has so much faith.”

Sinis nodded once with a smile, but inside I knew exactly what I was seeing before me. Something that was happening right now that I couldn’t normally see. Yveltal allowed this for this to happen so it would give me strength to help Egatept. I felt relief inside, because he definitely knew exactly what I needed. This moment right now meant so much to me…

“He will be back soon,” Sinis told her with a gentle smile. “I know you want to wait for him, but he’ll need time. Enjoy the life you have here, that’s what he would really want.”

“Thank you, Sinis,” Sita replied warmly. “I know why he did this, but… it's just… I miss him. I miss him because when he finally did come back, I thought it would be forever…”

It was at the moment that I had gotten close to her. Our love was so strong…

“Just hang in there,” I told her, whispering into her ear. “You’ll see…”

It was then that I could feel myself being lifted… all the way into the skies of Utopia and being closer brought to their majestically painted skies of blue, orange, pink, and purple. As Sita looked back at the skies again, it was like she was looking back up at me, even though I knew she couldn’t see or hear me. But, as I was raised higher and higher, I was slowly pulled away, and the distance between us grew. My eyes never left the place where she was, even after I was pulled over the very City of the Horizon as I overlooked the rooftops and streets, and then even over a vast portion of Utopia, while the massive city had become just a spec in the distance. All before it had all faded back to black.

“You’ll see…”

“I already know…”

Just when the dream should have ended, I thought I could hear those last words Sita spoke to me still echoing in my ears, even as I awoke back in Egatept. When I had awaken, it was still night out, and the desert night sky was still above the two of us. For a moment, it felt like I was just there considering how memorable and how vivid that dream was. Still, I wasn't quite there yet.

Until then, we had to finish what I had started. I knew what I had come here to do…

And already it was all being set in motion.