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The Trial Of Juno: The Dawn Of Hope (PG-13)


keep battling on!
Hey, this is awesome!

I've never read this before. I really like the whole fantasy take on the situation. Fantasy rules. I have no idea where the story is going, but meh. I'll just hafta find out!

Erm, can I make a wild guess at what I think Jake becomes? Does he become [SPOIL]a Pikachu? Cuz I saw the one on your banner and the pixies said he would look cute, but whatever. I'm probably wrong.[/SPOIL]

Anyway, I'm already loving this story! Normally I hate bullies, but I've taken a liking to Alex, David and Jake. I can understand why this fic has won so many awards. It's incredibly well written.

Well, continue posting these chapters! I'm looking forward to it! ^_^


Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
You've done a fine job of corporealizing frustration and mischief, there. Black in particular is a very intriguing character. And soon...we get to watch Jake's transformation, yes? Can't wait. Although, I do get something of a sense of what to expect, as I am inclined to agree with Typhlogirl's speculations. [spoil]Hope Jake'll like being fuzzy...XD[/spoil]
XD Ah, yes, the Sun Water chapter…XD This was always a laugh.

Sike, Typhlogirl, I'm afraid that he doesn't turn into that. [spoil]Yet.[/spoil] Rather than focusing on the 'you're going to be awfully cute' part, try looking into the [spoil]"You'll never have to eat again. Drink, maybe, but not eat," part.[/spoil] Think, now. [spoil]What living thing doesn't need to eat?[/spoil]

Get it?


AKA mattgcn
Teh spoiler for n00bies- [SPOIL]He turns into a Bellossom doesn't he? Pikachu is much later..[/SPOIL]


AKA mattgcn
I'm trying to remember what happened and I'm finding it hard, lol

[SPOIL]Is it a Butterfree?[/SPOIL]

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
The last chapters were amazing. These are starting to refresh my memory from when I last read this story a few years back. The spoilers are very enlightening and hilarious, and it is bringing back the memorable times here when you first started this story at PE2K. Jake is a fascinating character, and I hope you will do more wonder with him that you did before. Again, wonderful job, and keep up the excellent work. And, congratulations for letting this story be nominated as "Best Chaptered Fantasy Fanfiction". It sure as hell deserves it.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Heh, thanks Syra, I know you've had your eye on this story for quite some time and I appreciate your continued support.

And finally, I present that wonderful chapter that everyone so nicely gets a kick out of. XD

Chapter 6
Grim Reunion​

No. No. No. I couldn’t believe what I just did. Randy was going to have me just where he wanted me. I was right, boy was I right. He was going to screw all three of us, and I just walked into one of his sick traps. He just turned David into a fairy and Alex into a butterfly. Now what the hell was going to happen to me?

Those blasted little pixies were gone. Right now I wanted to wring their little necks and twist their little heads off, but I couldn’t do anything. I even said myself we couldn’t trust anyone while we were here. What the hell was I just doing!?

I dropped the pewter cup, and watched it as it fell on the ground. And then I saw my hand. I brought it up it front of me, and saw it had turned a soft light green color, along with the rest of my arm. All of my skin turned a soft green color and completely lost texture, and then my fingernails vanished. I swore under my breath.

And then, in less than a single second, my jeans were torn to shreds as a gigantic dress of rainbow-colored flower petals surrounded my waist and reached down to ground, all in the shape of a giant bell. And then a belt of bright and colorful lily flowers blossomed around me. I shook my head and must have cursed a dozen times…

“Randy Ferguson, I’m going to make you cry blood…” I growled angrily.

But it certainly didn’t end there. I felt the back of my t-shirt tear open as another giant lily suddenly emerged from my back, and when it bloomed, it become a giant, rainbow eighteen-petal lily that covered my entire back. My t-shirt was instantly reduced to ribbons, and lowly fell to the ground. Out of feral instinct I tried to put my hands on my back, only to feel the massive lily flower itself. The thing was a freaking monster…

And then to further my misery, a headband of colorful lily flowers circled around my head. And only seconds later, it felt like someone had just opened up an umbrella over my head, only instead it was another sickening giant lily flower. I nearly screamed.

And then to finish it all off, small bracelets of lily flowers blossomed on my arms, right near my wrists. After that had happened, I stood there for nearly five minutes just hoping it was all over with.

“Oh, somebody please tell me this isn’t real…” I said to myself, looking over the giant flowers that were coming out of my body.

But it was hopeless. My jeans lay completely ruined on the ground, and I was wearing nothing except this stupid flower petal dress. All that I could do was take the belt with my Pokéballs on it, attach the wallet that was in my pocket to it, and put it on. Now all I had to do was find David and Alex to show and tell them what happened. I was freaking furious in ways I never thought were possible. Now Jeff, Frank and that little freak Randy were going to have a laugh and a half just looking at us. I was certain as hell that it couldn’t possibly get even worse than this.

I only needed to walk for fifteen minutes before leaving that tropical forest of nightmares. Then, I saw them. I didn’t expect to encounter them so soon. They had already left the forest, and were waiting for me.

“That…” Alex said softly with sad compassion, “That isn’t you Jake, is it?”

“Randy Ferguson’s not going to have any teeth left once my fist reaches his face.” I told them both with my feral rage.

Then they knew it was me. Alex looked miserable, and David looked even more grim.

“Oh man, Jake.” Alex said with complete depression, “You look like an overgrown Bellossom.”

I certainly didn’t need to hear that. I felt like a complete idiot, and it was growing even worse by the moment. I felt ready to crush Randy’s skull with my own hands, that’s how angry I was. Randy should have been praising the skies above there weren’t any automatic weapons in his world, because if there were, Randy was going to need a whole lot more than Pokémon to stop my incredible rage.

“I’ve never hated Randy as much as I do now.” I told Alex and David, “Never before.”

“Neither have we...” Alex responded, shaking his head in shame.

Part of me felt like staying away from Randy and his two stupid, moronic friends as much as possible. There was still this small bit of hope in me that Randy didn’t actually know what happened to us yet. And then again, there was this small bit of reality telling me that if we didn’t fight Randy for better or for worse, we might just be spending the rest of our lives here.

Regardless, Alex and David wanted to get the hell out of Randy’s world as soon as possible, and I certainly couldn’t blame them. We had already stayed here longer than we should have.

And on top of it all, I didn’t know who to believe anymore. Black seemed like he was trustworthy, and he seemed to have helped us big time. And then again, I thought I could trust those blasted little pixies, and they completely screwed me over. I certainly didn’t want to walk into a trap like that again, but I didn’t want to turn down someone who was only trying to bring us one step closer to defeating Randy.

As we kept walking through that valley, hoping we’d find Randy or at least someone worthy enough to bring us to him, I could only think of one thing. Exactly how were we going to stop Randy? And even if we really did beat him, would we wake up in the real world again? I was certainly hoping this hideous and humiliating transformation wasn’t permanent, because I was quickly getting sick of it.

And after nearly an hour, we encountered another shady figure. When he drew closer, we saw he was wearing a gray cloak with a hood over his head. He moved toward us very quickly, almost running. When he reached us, he stopped, and stood still. I couldn’t even see his face from the shadow of his hood, despite how bright and how close we were to him...

“He… didn’t….” The figure groaned.

“And who the hell are you?” Alex asked in paranoia, looking at the hooded figure strangely.

He stopped, and then slowly turned toward Alex. This guy was really freaking me out.

“Depression.” He mumbled, “That’s right, I’m King Randy’s depression. His worst nightmare. He fears me.”

“Great.” I told him, still a little unsure about this guy, “We’re trying to find him so we can make him feel even more depressed. Do you know how we might find him?”

Depression then started laughing hysterically. He quickly threw off his hood to reveal a gaunt, scarred face with frizzy, gray hair. We were instantly shocked.

“Oh yes.” Depression smiled, still snickering, “Now I know who you three are. I didn’t recognize you at first. Obviously King Randy has gotten to you first, but there’s still time. Yes, time to do lots and lots of damage to King Randy…”

“Where do we find him?” I asked again, hoping he could help us get out of this hideous mess.

He mumbled a bit, and then looked up again.

“He… likes to spend his time in Victory City Stadium.” Depression told us, “It almost seems like… he’s waiting for you…”

“Can you take us there?” David asked, hoping to speed up the process, “We want to make him lose.”

Depression stopped moving, and then he looked at David.

“I can bring you to the city in no time at all.” He told David, “But be warned. He’s knows more about Pokémon and battling than anyone else now. No one has ever beaten him. If you really plan on battling him, you should take these, for the protection of you and your Pokémon…”

He then took his shriveled hand and reached into the pocket of his cloak. Then, he handed us three ordinary-looking silver rings. We slipped them on, and then looked back to Depression.

“I will take you there now.” He said, slightly grinning, “Make him lose miserably. Make me happy…”

Depression snapped his fingers, and instantly we saw everything around us swirl into a blur. Not even three seconds later, we found ourselves standing amongst a gigantic city, with buildings towering hundreds of stories above us. The streets were like any ordinary city. But, there was only one difference…

There wasn’t a single person around. We didn’t even see Depression anymore, it was just the three of us. In a place that should have been brimming with people, there was nothing. Far in the distance, we saw a massive stadium. That was where we had to go. I had a feeling that was where we would find Randy.

And this time, he wasn’t going to cheat. Black and Depression had at least given us some sort of power and protection against Randy’s Quista necklace. At least we would have some sort of fighting chance against him.

Closer and closer we drew toward the stadium, and there still wasn’t anyone around. There were no lights on in the buildings, no nothing as if everyone just got up and left only an hour ago. Behind the stadium, the sun had begun to set, and by the time we had arrived at the stadium, it was night and the stars were out.

The silver stadium was huge. When we entered the field, there were probably enough chairs to seat a million people, and there’s no exaggeration about that. In the center of it all was a gray battle area for Pokémon with the white outline of a Pokéball as the playing field. And then, we saw him. We had suddenly laid eyes on Randy, who was seated on a metal throne on a platform at least fifteen feet high, and he was still wearing his stupid necklace. Besides him were Jeff and Frank, seated on similar thrones on platforms ten feet in the air. And to even further our anger, they were all dressed in black leather and wearing shades, as if they thought they were actually cool. When we approached them in the big, empty stadium, I could hear the snickering. I could feel that feral rage coming right back again.

“Well hello ladies.” Randy snickered.

“Listen here, you schmuck!” Alex shouted to Randy, “I don’t know what your problem is, but if you don’t restore Earth the way it used to be right now and get us the hell out of here, you’re going to have a hell of a lot of crap coming your way!”

Then, Randy took off his shades, and looked at us cynically. After that, he crossed his arms. Now he was starting to act pompous and arrogant, and I swear I was ready to murder him.

“Well, how does it feel?” Randy asked with a sick smile, “Has the utter shame begun to set in alright for you? Let me just tell you this. If you’re here to battle me with your pathetic Pokémon, you’re about to experience a new revelation in losing. It is impossible to beat me.”

“That’s what you think.” I told Randy, “Two can play at your game, Randy Ferguson.”

“Oh really?” He asked, almost laughing.

Suddenly, I heard a snap, and I heard what sounded like metal links hitting the ground. When I looked down, I saw the gold necklace Black had given us, only it was in pieces. Alongside it was Depression’s ring, reduced to a twisted lump. When I looked to my left, I saw Alex and David were without protection either.

“Not good.” Alex said coldly as he looked down at the shattered necklace, “Not good at all…”

“You might as well get used to living here.” Randy said, sitting back in relaxation, “You can spend the rest of eternity in my world, and you’ll always be under my power, under my rules, and don’t forget, you’ll always be weaker than me.”

“Rest of eternity, Randy?” Alex asked, nearly laughing, “I don’t think so. No one lives forever, remember?”

“Well everything is different here.” Randy said with another smile, “In my world, time doesn’t weaken the body. It’s the perfect place… for me anyway.”

I was getting more furious by the moment. I didn’t want to lose to an overconfident jerk like Randy. Then I saw Frank, who just kept giggling constantly by looking at us. I was ready to slaughter him. And there was Jeff, just sitting there like he was big stuff. It was making me sick.

“Frank,” Randy said, looking to his right to face Frank, “I would really enjoy watching you beat the stuffing out of Jake’s Pokémon after what he did to me back in the parking lot. Could you do that for me? Thanks.”

And then, Frank’s metal platform was lowered, and when it reached the bottom, he approached me. I couldn’t stand his fat face with his stupid shades on.

“Hell…o Jake K-o-s-s-a-k.” Frank giggled, “Ready to lose right now, or would you like to do a little curtsy first?”

“Go to Hell, Frank.” I told him, pulling out one of my Pokéballs.

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
I couldn’t stand his fat face with his stupid shades on.

XD That's just priceless. See, it's things like that that really define your excellence at writing first-person. *looks upon passage again* Frickin' hilarious.

And poor Jake...*snorts* You can call him Flower - if you want to. *dies* I really liked Depression as a character, too; I'd have liked to see a little more of that guy.

I shall eagerly await the next installment. ^_^

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Chapter 7
Against Odds

Frank was a little pig freak, and there was no way I was going to lose to him. I had much better Pokémon than he did. Randy could brag all he wanted to, it wasn’t going to help Frank’s situation.

“I want this to be a two-on-two match.” Randy told us both, “It should be rather interesting…”

“It most certainly shall.” Frank agreed with a giggle.

I knew exactly who to send out. I already had my fingers on the Pokéballs I was going to use. There would be no chance little Franky would stand a chance against my Ninetails and Jolteon. I grasped both of their Pokéballs firmly, and tossed them into the field.

And when their Pokéballs hit the ground and opened up, I already got an extremely sickening taste of what Randy could do with his stupid necklace. He made two completely different Pokémon come out, a Bellossom and a Roselia. Not only was he putting me at a disadvantage, but he was mocking me in a really nasty way.

“What the hell!?” I shouted in disbelief, “What happened to my Jolteon and Ninetails!?”

Frank began snorting in humor uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry, Jake.” Randy said casually, looking away for a moment, “Were you saying something?”

Great, just great. I had never raised a grass-type Pokémon in my life, and now I was going to have to handle two of them while fighting one of my worst enemies. Frank just sat there and laughed.

“Prepare to suffer, flower boy.” Frank laughed, as he threw his two Pokéballs, “Go, Moltres and Articuno!”

And there they were. With a flash of Frank’s Pokéballs, I lay eyes on the legendary birds of fire and ice. Moltres was literally a blazing fire in the shape of a bird while Articuno was a light blue colored bird that glimmered like ice. I was ready to kill myself, knowing I was probably at the greatest type disadvantage of all time and all this would just lead to more humiliation. Frank could slaughter me in no time with this kind of power. All he had to do now was decide how he was going to do it. I had no idea how I was going to handle this. I already knew grass-type attacks were going to do nothing.

“Heh, heh, heh.” Randy snickered, “Let the battle begin!”

I knew at the moment the only way I was going to win was to take out them out one by one. I was starting to get a faint idea of one small, yet possible way to at least get my foot in the door on this battle. Still, this was going to be incredibly hard.

“Moltres, protect yourself and Articuno with Light Screen,” Frank commanded, “Articuno, attack Roselia with your Ice Beam!”

I don’t know how Moltres was able to use Light Screen on both himself and Articuno, but it certainly worked. Grass moves were going to do absolutely nothing now. In the meantime, I grimaced as I watched helpless Roselia get barraged by a wickedly cold Ice Beam. I could feel the chill myself, and I was twenty feet away.

“Man, this is going to be a piece of cake.” Frank smiled, thinking he had it in the bag.

“This isn’t over yet, you idiot.” I shouted back at Frank.

And then, an incredibly brilliant idea came to my mind. I had to do it now, or there was no way I was going to win…

Roselia had been badly hit, but she wasn’t about to call it quits right now. And now that Moltres and Articuno were protected by Light Screen, Special attacks were completely out of the question. At that moment, I had come up with an idea, and I was going to need to take out Moltres first if I wanted it to work right…

“Bellossom, use your Sleep Powder attack!” I declared.

Bellossom then immediately sprayed both of Frank’s Pokémon with a cloud of Sleep Powder. Frank’s face changed from excited to panicky the moment both Moltres and Articuno landed on the gray battlefield fast asleep. I knew it wasn’t going to last forever, so I had to act quickly. This was a moment I was going to need to take advantage of to it’s maximum potential.

“Roselia, Sludge Bomb attack on Moltres, now!” I shouted.

And a moment later, Roselia looked to Moltres and blasted him with a helping of thick, poisonous sludge. Moltres’s type-alignments and Light Screen weren’t going to help him here.

“Come on you fools, wake up!” Frank shouted, “We don’t have time for this!”

I needed to have Moltres taken out, and now. I wasn’t going to wait any longer…

“Bellossom, use your Hyper Beam on Moltres, Roselia, use Sunny Day.” I commanded the both of them.

Suddenly, the night sky that was above us quickly faded, and almost a second later, it looked like it was in the middle of the afternoon. The bright sun had returned, and its light poured into the stadium. Meanwhile, Bellossom focused her attention on Moltres, and a moment later, Moltres was hit directly with a devastating Hyper Beam. When the massive, glowing beam had made contact, it exploded violently, and Moltres took a serious beating. But to my dismay, he wasn’t out yet…

“Sunny Day?” Frank laughed, “What, do you want Moltres to roast your Pokémon even faster now!?”

True, Sunny Day was going to make Moltres’s fire attacks even worse, but that wasn’t going to help Frank with Moltres still sleeping. However, things were about to change. While Moltres was still sleeping, Articuno had woken up. Frank wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to screw up with this opportunity at his fingertips.

“Articuno, Arial Ace attack on Roselia.” Frank commanded and pointed at his target with a smile on his face.

And Articuno didn’t even need to blink before taking flight and blasting at Roselia at mach speed. I heard a very nasty slash sound, and only a second later, Articuno had returned to his position. Roselia was hanging on a string.

“Roselia, use another Sludge Bomb attack against Moltres!” I shouted, clenching my hand in anticipation.

While Bellossom was trying to recover from the Hyper Beam attack, Roselia was using her last bit of strength to attack Moltres with another Sludge Bomb attack. The already beat up Moltres had received another helping of sludge, and then, it was all over for Moltres. He had fainted, totally out of it…

“WHAT!?” Frank shouted in fury, “I DON’T BELIEVE THIS!!!”

“You’re going down Frank.” I told him, “Very painfully.”

Frank returned Moltres to his Pokéball, and Frank was in an intense rage. I thought he was going to explode.

“Blizzard attack, Articuno.” Frank growled, his face turning a furious red, “NOW!!!”

And not a second too soon, the entire stadium was frost-blasted with icy, chilling snow. Even I had felt it for a moment, but I quickly shook it off. However, both Bellossom and Roselia took a serious beating. After the harsh blizzard had passed away, Roselia had dropped on the ground, beaten to a pulp. However, Bellossom still managed to hang in there. I couldn’t have expected Roselia to last through that attack, that was no surprise. Frank began to snicker now that Roselia had been taken out. Without getting angry, I simply returned Roselia to her Pokéball, knowing I hadn’t lost yet.

“You are so going to suffer.” Frank sneered, “If you think your pathetic Bellossom is going to win against an Articuno, you’re so dead wrong.”

“This isn’t over yet, Frank.” I told him, “And I have no intention of losing to you.”

I needed more time. Another attack like that and Bellossom wasn’t going to make it.

“Sleep Powder on Articuno, now, Bellossom!” I shouted.

Articuno was sprayed with another helping of Sleep Powder, but to my dismay, it didn’t work this time. Somehow, he managed to resist the attack.

“Let’s finish this Articuno.” Frank said with glee after my attack had missed, “Aerial Ace on Bellossom for the win…”

Before I could say another word, Bellossom was slashed with Articuno’s Arial Ace attack. I shut my eyes, thinking Bellossom wasn’t going to make it. But, to my surprise, Bellossom managed to survive, but she just barely had enough energy to continue the fight. And worst of all, I hadn’t even manage to inflict one attack on Articuno yet. But, I still had on resource left I could rely on.

“Use your Moonlight, Bellossom.” I told her, “We aren’t about to lose now.”

And then, Bellossom summoned the moon in the sky, and the light from both the moon and the sun completely restored her energy, as if Articuno hadn’t done a thing to her. Bellossom was back in action for now.

“You’re only delaying the inevitable, Jake.” Frank sneered, “There is no way for you to win! Don’t you realize that by now!?”

“Shut up, Frank.” I told him, “I’m not about to let a freak like you win against me.”

Frank was now going for an all or nothing attack. He looked at Articuno, and begun to smile.

“Let’s crush Jake’s pathetic Pokémon with another Blizzard attack!” Frank shouted, “Turn that Bellossom into a popsicle!”

And again, Articuno let loose a devastating Blizzard attack, and I was blinded by the snow for a short time. But when I looked back up, Frank’s reckless attack had actually completely missed Bellossom. Frank wasn’t too happy about that. But right now, I had to give Sleep Powder one more try.

“Sleep Powder attack, Bellossom!” I shouted, still testing my luck.

And this time, when Articuno was engulfed by the powder, he immediately fell asleep. Now was my chance to do some serious damage.

“Sludge Bomb attack on Articuno!” I commanded Bellossom.

And then, Articuno was blasted by a vicious helping of poisonous sludge. Articuno couldn’t stop the attack, but unfortunately, the attack had woken him up. Articuno was back in action.

“Ice Beam, Articuno!” Frank commanded, pointing right at Bellossom.

And at that moment, Bellossom took the nastiest Ice Beam ever, right in her weak spot. Bellossom tumbled on her side, but she still managed to survive it. By now, the sunlight from the Sunny Day had worn off, and Moonlight alone wasn’t going to heal Bellossom enough. I had almost run out of choices for one last final attack, but then, worthless little Randy interrupted my concentration.

“You know Jake, Bellossom has only one chance left to attack.” Randy sneered, “And Articuno still has plenty of health left. Your Sleep Powder isn’t going to work anymore. Articuno’s already gotten used to it.”

“Shut up, Randy.” I growled at him, “I haven’t lost yet.”

“But you’re about to.” Randy continued, “But I hope when you finally lose, you won’t have any hard feelings. I hope you’ll just see the truth and realize that you just naturally suck at Pokémon training.”

I was getting angry. How could Randy feel I had already lost? And worst of all, how could he possibly think I suck at Pokémon training when he had to go through all this trouble just to finally beat us? Still, on the other hand, it was getting desperate. Another Sludge Bomb wasn’t going to do enough damage.

“And after you lose,” Randy said to me with a snicker, “You’ll see that there will be no escape from my world. There will be no hope for you to return to normal, but that’s alright. Bellossom still really loves you anyway.”

And Frank started snickering uncontrollably. He thought it was actually seriously funny that Bellossom and I actually looked somewhat alike.

“Well you know what, Randy…” I told him, now finding a way to finish this, “As much as I hate your guts, I certainly hope you’re right.”

I then looked to Bellossom, who had this one chance to finish off Articuno.

“Return attack, Bellossom!” I shouted.

And at that last moment, Bellossom got up and charged right after Articuno. Frank looked in horror as Bellossom violently slammed into Articuno, dealing a serious amount of damage. When the dust had cleared, Articuno was on the gray battleground with its wings spread out. He had been defeated…


Mark Of X-Cellence
I don't think there's anything left for me to say about this fic. It's simply fantastic and your style of writing is astonishing, added with lots of details and interesting characters. An excellent piece of art you have there. ^^

And on top of that, that was one fantastic battle scene you had there. Keep it up! :D


AKA mattgcn
Hahaha, I always loved that part. Frank must suck even more than I do!

Another great chapter. I wish it was like last time where the fic was nearly done when I began to read..

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Heh, I know I haven't actually worked that battle between Frank and Jake out to see if it could possibly conclude that way, but again, it's a story and it doesn't have to go with what the games would conclude.

Again, thank you for your excellent reviews.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Chapter 8
Turning Back

Frank looked at Articuno like the whole thing hadn’t happened. He shook his head in disbelief, still unable to figure out why he lost.

“NOOOO!!!!” Frank shouted in horrible anger, “This isn’t possible!!!”

“Man, do you suck Frank.” I told him, nearly laughing, “You couldn’t even beat me while you were cheating. You couldn’t even beat me when you had the greatest advantage possible. How pathetic is that!?”

Frank’s face turned bright red. He looked ready to explode.

“I hate you!” Frank shouted loudly, “You should have lost!”

“Should have?” I asked Frank, nearly laughing, “Man, you just get more amusing by the minute. You really are a sad sack of crap, Frank.”

“Nobody wants to hear stupid comments from your face, Jake!” Frank squealed.

And then, Randy stood up like he thought he was a hero. He looked down at the two of us like we were his subjects. Just the look at his face with his phony shades was driving me insane.

“Shut up, both of you!” Randy shouted menacingly, “Frank, you highly disappoint me. In fact, I’d go as far as saying you couldn’t get much worse when it comes to training Pokémon.”

“WHAT!?” Frank shouted in disbelief, “I thought we were friends, Randy!”

“And I thought you could handle the responsibility of authority, Frank.” Randy said with a cold voice, “But for now, farewell Frank, and I hope we don’t meet again.”

And then, Frank watched in horror as Randy waved his hand, and the image of Frank suddenly vaporized. I didn’t know what happened to Frank, and I certainly didn’t want to find out.

“Well, that’s perfectly fine with me.” Jeff said, breaking his silence, “After all, I didn’t have much respect for him anyway.”

Nice guy. What better way to treat your friends than to utterly betray them? But then again, maybe it took sheer discovery for Randy to realize that Frank was just a piece of dirt anyway.

“Enough Jeff,” Randy demanded, “Right now, I want to see our best friend Alex in complete shame. And I know you have a least half a brain to make it possible Jeff. I want to see their shame, and NOW!”

“Don’t worry Randy.” Jeff responded with confidence, “We’re taking Alex out for good.”

“That’s what you think.” Alex responded, “I’ve only just begun to fight!”

And then, on that gray field, the two of them stood ready for the very nasty battle that was about to unfold. I was hoping Alex was already prepared to deal with Randy’s nasty and unexpected cheating. I only managed to beat Frank by a miracle’s chance…

It was on those gray battlegrounds that Alex and Jeff had exchanged stares. Alex had beaten Jeff before, and now the only thing Jeff wanted was to win and seek revenge. Even with all that had happened to us, Alex wasn’t about to lose because of humiliation. It wasn’t like Alex to feel humiliated, even as a giant butterfly. I could even bet that Alex could lose to Jeff, and he still wouldn’t care. After all, Randy certainly wasn’t playing according to the rules.

“I will be savoring the moment you finally lose, Alex.” Jeff told him, “Jake might have gotten past Frank, but then again, how much of an accomplishment is that!?”

“That doesn’t matter to me, Jeff.” Alex told him, “This is between you and me, and you and me only. Hear that Randy?”

But Randy looked away like he didn’t hear anything. I could just smell another trick in the air, and it was making me sick.

“Get ready for your worst nightmare, Alex.” Jeff said, pulling out two of his Pokéballs, “Go, Ho-oh and Entei!”

Ugh. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Ho-oh, the rainbow bird of complete fiery destruction and Entei, another legendary Pokémon of fire. They both glared menacingly at Alex, but Alex wasn’t going to let a scary face stop him.

But then again, when he pulled out two of his Pokéballs, I could already see the hesitation. Alex’s Pokémon were going to have no defense under the power Randy’s Quista necklace. Now, it was up to Randy to decide what Pokémon were going to come out of Alex’s Pokéballs. And as sad as it sounded, I could already guess which two…

Alex threw his two Pokéballs, not even declaring who he had selected. And then to his disgust and Jeff’s delight, the two Pokémon Alex was going to be stuck using were a Butterfree and a Beautifly. As if the situation I had just experienced couldn’t get any worse, Alex’s example clearly showed it could.

“What the hell is the matter with you, Randy!?” Alex shouted, knowing he was the one responsible, “Can’t you keep your butt out of this!?”

“Keep going Alex.” Randy laughed, “I love to watch you squirm.”

The three of us were furious. How could Jeff even see this as a true Pokémon battle? Butterfree and Beautifly were NOT Alex’s Pokémon, and I knew for sure he wouldn’t use them in a million years. But now he had no choice. It was either going to be a severe struggle to win fighting with the two of them, or just plain losing altogether. This truly was Pokémon battling at its worst.

“As always…” Randy said, nearly laughing as he brushed his hair, “Let the mayhem begin…”

“Thank you, your highness.” Jeff remarked, “This is for Ampharos and Espeon. Ho-oh, Sacred Fire attack on Butterfree. Entei, burn Beautifly to a crisp with your Flamethrower attack!”

Merciless little freak. He was going to go as far as seeing that Alex wouldn’t even get a single turn before it was all over with. Butterfree could only wait as an enormous rush of flames nearly consumed it alive, leaving it with only a fragment of energy left. Beautifly took a similar beating, even though it still was in better condition than his half-barbecued Butterfree. Now, Alex was reduced to all or nothing attacks even on his first round.

“The two of you are cowards.” Alex told them both, “You can’t even battle for real, that’s how poor you are!”

“Alex,” Randy said, snickering again, “This IS for real. My world is real now, and you have to accept it or you have to accept losing. There is no other way around.”

There was nothing Alex could do but continue. If he really was going to lose, at least he would lose honorably. To the three of us, none of this was real. And the only thing that needed to be done to return Randy to the worthless little punk he was before was to swipe that necklace right off his neck. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even get near it.

Alex’s two butterfly Pokémon were badly bruised, but they didn’t give up yet, and neither did Alex. The last thing Alex wanted to do was give Jeff the satisfaction of winning when he clearly didn’t deserve it. However, he was going to need a little luck.

“Butterfree, use your Stun Spore attack,” Alex said firmly, “Beautifly, use Sleep Powder.”

Alex left no holes in the system. Both of them were going to be inflicted with at least something to slow them down. Ho-oh had fallen asleep and Entei was paralyzed. Now was Alex’s chance. Entei’s speed had drastically decreased, and Ho-oh was left snoozing.

Then, Alex ordered both of his Pokémon to use Morning Sun to recover the damage that had been done. Ho-oh was still asleep, but Entei was going to get another chance to strike.

“Flamethrower on Butterfree!” Jeff shouted loudly.

And after a violent rush of flames had blown from Entei’s mouth and smothered Butterfree, the damage had gotten worse. I would have hated to say it, but Alex was going to have to go kamikaze if he wanted a chance to win. He was just going to have to forget about the damage that had been done.

“Butterfree, Psychic attack on Entei!” Alex shouted.

Entei was hit dead on as a blue and white flash had covered his body. However, it certainly wasn’t enough to slow him down at all.

And then, Ho-oh had woken up, and Jeff couldn’t have been happier. After rubbing his hands and snickering, he prepared to strike.

“Ho-oh, Sacred Fire on Butterfree.” Jeff ordered, “Entei, use Fire Blast on Beautifly.”

And then, the unimaginable happened. Butterfree had been stormed with flames, and I just couldn’t watch. Butterfree had been burned to oblivion, and it couldn’t handle anymore. Meanwhile, Beautifly had been struck with the flaming asterisk symbol, and embers were thrown in all directions. When the fire had cleared, both of Alex’s Pokémon had been eliminated. He didn’t have a chance…

As bad as it was, I wasn’t surprised. Alex had an even worse disadvantage than me. Butterfree and Beautifly just didn’t compare to the power of Ho-oh and Entei. I don’t think he could have possibly won that disgusting and dishonorable match…

“Well, that certainly was fun.” Jeff smiled, “Now get out of here. We don’t have patience for losers like you.”

“There’s no way anyone could have won that!” Alex shouted at Jeff, “That wasn’t a real match!”

But, then a wave of silence had kept them both quiet. Randy had stood up and looked at the three of us. I was really getting tired of these antics.

“That certainly was a real match.” Randy told Alex, acting like he knew everything on the planet, “And you lost.”

“Randy, I’m tired as hell living here!” Alex shouted angrily, “I’m tried of you and your pathetic cheating. Is this the only possible way you can win a Pokémon match!? How incredibly pitiful is that!?”

Randy found that rather insulting. He looked at Alex, and couldn’t even feel pity for him.

“Jeff, thank you for your time.” Randy told him, “But now I’d like you to move aside.”

“Are you kidding?” Jeff asked in shock, “The rules are that if they don’t win against me, they have to turn around and get out of here. Losers don’t belong here.”

“I want to battle the three of them myself.” Randy told Jeff, “I’ve been waiting to beat them for a long time…”

I was getting sick of this trash. How could Randy feel like he was a hero when the only thing that was keeping us bound here and keeping Randy in power was a single stupid necklace? Plus on top of everything else, I hated being tossed around like a piece of dirt when it was really us who were more powerful than Randy.

“I want to crush you.” Randy said with a smile, “Your efforts will be so hopeless here.”

And out of all the sickness I was feeling, I couldn’t help but protest against it.

“You know what Randy?” I asked him, “You’re probably right. We don’t stand a chance against your necklace.”

“It’s me who you’re going to lose against Kossak.” Randy smiled.

“No.” I told Randy firmly, “It’s your necklace. If we fail to beat your Pokémon, then we lose to your necklace, but not you.”

Randy was getting furious, but the truth was getting to him. I didn’t want him to start a battle thinking it was through his own power that he was going to win against us. I was on a roll.

“Battle me, you fools!” Randy shouted.

“No Randy, I don’t feel like losing to Quista today.” I told him, “Can’t you see you’re just a hopeless case without your stupid necklace!?”

He looked at me with a dark stare. He knew the truth, he just didn’t want to accept it. But one thing was for sure, he wasn’t going to take it off. That was the last thing he was going to do.

“If you’re not going to fight me, then I want you out of my face.” Randy told us, quickly growing angry.

Even though we had come here with a strong urge to defeat Randy and get out of here, I was getting a feeling that unless we found someway to block Randy’s power, there was no way we were going to win. He already screwed up my Ninetails and my Jolteon. I didn’t feel like making the damage any worse.

“Fine Randy.” I said to him, turned away, “Then we’re leaving.”

Immediately, Alex and David looked at me like I had lost it. They didn’t see that we didn’t stand a chance against Randy at the moment.

“Jake, are you nuts?” Alex asked me, “We have to beat him so we can get out of here!”

“Remember what Black and Depression told us?” I whispered to him, “There’s no way we can beat him. And it’s better if we turn down his offer than lose to him. If we lose to him, then he want to stay here forever.”

“Ugh, I didn’t think of that.” David said with disgust.

Alex was annoyed, thinking we would only need to stay here for only a few more moments. In truth, so was I, but I didn’t want to risk losing to Randy. We would have to find a way to block his power so he couldn’t cheat against us. It was the only way.

And as much as it pained us, we then turned around and began to walk out of that giant stadium. Randy was truly furious, but we couldn’t afford for him to be in absolute glee. We would lose everything…


Mark Of X-Cellence
He had that one coming, you know. ^^

Way to go Neo, a new chappie for us to fiddle with. :D

The battlescene was a little too quick but I don't think a match between those four would be going for long anyways. =x

It was nice though. Especially the fact Jake could turn the tables against Randy, even though it was just verbally.

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
Frank was a little pig freak, and there was no way I was going to lose to him.


Although, one does have to feel just a little bit sorry for the "little pig freak", given that he suffered the supreme humiliation of being defeated by an enchanted hula flower commanded by an enchanted hula-flower boy...XD But, in a way, I guess that's what he gets for being a grand royal CHEESEBALL and pulling two legendaries on Jake. Shame on Frank. Shame on the little pig freak.

“Nobody wants to hear stupid comments from your face, Jake!” Frank squealed.

XP What a dorkwad...

Ho-oh and Entei vs. Butterfree and Beautifly makes me want to cry. *goes to murder Randy and Jeff for being major-league cheeseballs*

...Holy crap, I'm actually sympathizing on the side of freakin' bullies here...Meh, guess it's a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils...or something...Hm.