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The Trial Of Juno: The Dawn Of Hope (PG-13)


AKA mattgcn
Trust me, [SPOIL]Jake becomes a tad nicer later on. The Randy bit is part one of three, and it really changes from then on.[/SPOIL]

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Sike Saner said:

Although, one does have to feel just a little bit sorry for the "little pig freak", given that he suffered the supreme humiliation of being defeated by an enchanted hula flower commanded by an enchanted hula-flower boy...XD But, in a way, I guess that's what he gets for being a grand royal CHEESEBALL and pulling two legendaries on Jake. Shame on Frank. Shame on the little pig freak.

Heh, I find that pretty funny, especially considering the fact I modeled Frank's character after someone I knew a long time ago. Oh, those memories are painful indeed...

XP What a dorkwad...

Ho-oh and Entei vs. Butterfree and Beautifly makes me want to cry. *goes to murder Randy and Jeff for being major-league cheeseballs*

...Holy crap, I'm actually sympathizing on the side of freakin' bullies here...Meh, guess it's a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils...or something...Hm.

Alien Vs. Predator anyone?

Nah, I’m only kidding, but you’ll see how things change later on and who becomes the desperate and who is the one in control. And guiltysparkzz is right, but to tell the truth, I haven’t ever had the chance to post the real beating heart of this story on Serebii yet.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Chapter 9
The Separation​

It was a long walk to get out of that giant stadium. Longer than it should have been. I had no idea how long we were going to have to wait now until we could fight him on his level, but it already began to feel like ages. We were all losing our patience. Some of us more than others…

“Well, that went swell.” David said sarcastically, looking at me with annoyance, “Just what do you expect to do now, Jake?”

I was silent. I really didn’t know. I wanted a solution as much as David did but there wasn’t one to be found. Still, David was looking at me like I made the worst choice possible.

“Look, maybe we’ll come across a solution.” I told him, “Randy can’t be invincible, not even in his own world.”

“Well hotshot,” David said to me, looking at me with a cold stare, “Why didn’t we battle him? At least we could have given a try you know.”

“David,” I said to him, “If we lost to Randy, we might just be suffering a blow we might never recover from, understand? It could mean being stuck here forever.”

David still looked at me like I was crazy. He just wasn’t understanding anything.

“Maybe not.” David said in a hopeful tone, “Look, it’s not for certain Randy would want to stay here even if we do lose to him. Sooner or later he’s going to get sick of his own world.”

“Yeah David,” Alex said to him, “Not soon enough for me. Randy doesn’t want to ever leave this place. If he gets bored with it, all he has to do is change the scenery to fit his desires. I really don’t feel like living to what Randy desires.”

David still didn’t care. Obviously he wasn’t heeding the warnings that Black and Depression had given to him. Still, he felt there was some hope. I wanted to believe there was something I could do about it myself, but there was nothing. He just couldn’t see the reality of the situation…

“I’m not going to sit here hoping we just happen to bump into a solution.” David said with annoyance, “I’ll battle Randy right now, and I don’t care if it’s all or nothing.”

“Go ahead then, David.” Alex told him, “We’ll see you later.”

And not a second later, David turned right back around and headed back into the stadium. I knew there was no way he could win. If he couldn’t beat Caska, he sure wasn’t going to beat Randy. I didn’t want to stick around to find out he lost.

“Come on.” I told Alex, “Let’s get out of here.”

“Where?” Alex asked me, getting annoyed himself, “You sure don’t seem to have a plan here, Jake. We’re not going to find a way out of here by wandering around mindlessly.”

“Yeah,” I told Alex seriously, “But we’re not going to find anything by staying around here either. There’s nothing for us here.”

Alex really didn’t seem to agree. He just looked away and turned back at the stadium.

“Look,” Alex told me, “I know you’re right about us not being able to win against Randy and all, but I think we could sure do better than just walking around. Maybe we can find something here instead. We can just…”

“Fine Alex.” I told him, “You can stay here and see what you can find, but I think our solution lies elsewhere. To me, this place seems like nothing but emptiness.”

And that was where we split up. I didn’t feel right by leaving Alex and David behind, but I didn’t feel right about staying in this deserted city. After I said goodbye to Alex, I left them all behind, still having a sliver of hope in me that I would at least draw closer to finding the solution to all our problems.

I had hoped to find a way out of this forsaken place, even while I was walking away from the very source that could bring me back home. But even then, maybe Alex and David were right. How was I supposed to find the key to our escape by aimless walking? Where would I be going after all?

I felt like I was slowing going insane. I had been walking for nearly three days now, which seemed so much longer when I was constantly burdened by endless thoughts. Not only that, but the only thing I could consume was water. What a nightmare. I wasn’t even human anymore…

Those endless plains seemed like a desert. By now I was too far away to turn back, and even if I could, what was the point? Could I possibly hope to accomplish the impossible? Nothing would have changed from before, only my morale would be diminished. At the moment, it seemed like nothing could be done about it, and this is how it was all supposed to end…

But on the evening of the third day, everything had changed.

Long and behold, I had come across a two-story brick building within the shadow of a nearby, grassy hill. I didn’t care if death itself was inside, I was ready to cope with anything right now, even that. I approached the small brick building, opened the door, and stepped inside the dimly lit room.

Inside seemed to be what appeared to be a small office, with a large desk, shelves with books and a carpeted floor. I shut the door and the lights became brighter, revealing a middle-aged man in a business suit sitting in the squishy wheeled chair behind the desk. He looked up at me and crossed his arms. He had a serious face and dark black hair.

“I’ve been expecting you, Jake Kossak.” He told me, looking at me like this was some kind of job interview.

“How do you know me?” I asked him, wondering who this guy really was.

He crossed his legs and sat back in his chair as he fiddled with a pen in his hand. I can already tell he knew exactly who I was.

“I’m Randy’s hatred, Jake.” He had told me, “The name is Coldblood. I am one of the strongest forces of Randy’s mind. Because of me, his anger, sorrow, and depression exist in their fullest form. And you, Jake Kossak, are my most valuable ally.”

I was silent. I sure didn’t feel like it at the time. I felt more like a loser that was a waste of space.

“Don’t feel that way.” He told me, reading my expression, “I know how you feel. For the last few days you have been feeling nothing but misery. I can easily take that away.”

“How?” I asked him.

But, he never answered my question, and I never figured it out on my own. He snapped his fingers, and then I felt amazing relief. When I looked down, the flowers were gone. Everything was gone, and I was back in my normal clothing again. But before I could even thank him, he spoke again.

“Jake, someone needs to take Randy out of business, and that someone is you.” Coldblood said to me firmly.

“Not while he still has his stupid necklace.” I told him, hoping I didn’t sound like a whiner.

“That’s all about to change…” He said to me.

I had heard this before, and it didn’t work in the past. Black and Depression had attempted to help us before, and it still didn’t work. What could Coldblood do that they couldn’t?

“Coldblood, Randy destroyed our protection, and he changed my Jolteon and my Ninetails into a Bellossom and a Roselia.” I informed him, “What the hell am I supposed to do about that.”

Coldblood was silent. It almost seemed like… he had been waiting for me to bring this up.

“Give me your Pokémon.” He told me, not giving me a clue as to what he was going to do with them.

What could I have done? I had nothing to lose anymore. I had no choice now but to trust him, even if it was dealing with a very dark side of Randy.

He laid out my Pokéballs on the desk, one by one. He placed his hand on one of them, and the whole Pokéball began to glow white. When the white glow died down, he moved to the next. He had done it to all of them, and I just stood there just wondering what he was doing to my Pokémon.

“What did you just do to them?” I asked Coldblood.

“There.” He told me, “Now they’re the same level as Randy’s, the highest level possible. Your Jolteon and Ninetails are completely back to normal.”

While that certainly made things easier, I had remembered Black telling me Randy’s Quista necklace would allow him to use any attack Randy’s whacked imagination could come up with. And I knew the necklace Black had given us had done nothing.

“What I’m about to offer you is something completely different.” Coldblood told me.

I could swear this guy was reading my mind…

“How so?” I asked him.

“Randy can’t destroy something he can’t see.” He said to me, “You need to have an innate power that Randy can’t touch. I’m just the person who can give you that, so you can attack Randy’s Pokémon with whatever you can think of. Only then will you be put on the same level as him.”

I was sure hoping this wasn’t anything like intensive surgery. But even if it was, I had no other choice. I didn’t want to lose to Randy now.

“It only takes about a day.” Coldblood told me, “You go to sleep, and a day later, you’ll have all the power you’ll need to fight Randy. But be warned, it isn’t half as powerful as Randy’s necklace, which can do much more than make Randy’s imagined attacks a reality. There are some powers that Randy doesn’t even know of yet.”

And so, he took me to a back room where the only thing in the blank, white room was a single, plain bed. He told me to simply go to sleep, and everything would be done as soon as I woke up. I just quickly went to bed, and I knew at that moment I was ready to do anything.

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Before I say anything, really nice use of the first person POV. You've been working on it for two years... it shows. Nice job.

Anyway, all the characters are wonderfully developed, and it's fun, yet frustrating to be on a "tetter-totter" concerning the characters thus far. You want to hate Jake and co, because of how they tormented Randy, which more than likely made him who he is now. (What an ODD necklace.), yet, you want to hate Randy because of his stupid "pig freak" attitude.

Right now.. I'm leaning over a little to Jake's side.. but then again, it is the main POV. And Randy's just a snobbish freak now, who's a little too overconfident.

I also like the way you employ the "fantasy" genre in here. With Randy's emotions, especially.. Depression. XD.... My favorite. I also found the idea of the Legendary Birds getting beat up by a little Bellasom (I'm SURE i'm spelling that wrong) amusing.. and odd at the same time.

0_o.... <--- My expression through the reading.

Odd, but good in all senses of the word.. and all the mistakes that I have come across others have all ready pointed out.

I look forward to more.


Mark Of X-Cellence
Saffire Persian said:
I also found the idea of the Legendary Birds getting beat up by a little Bellasom (I'm SURE i'm spelling that wrong) amusing.. and odd at the same time.
It's Bellossom, so you shouldn't feel bad about it. :D (You're not, but hey.)

Well, Randy deserves his revenge after all but I don't think it will end just there. Jake and co will want their revenge as well an so would Randy, again.

And the the cycle would just keep looping over and over..... I think this is what Neo Pikachu wanted to tell us.

But anyways.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Saffire Persian said:
Before I say anything, really nice use of the first person POV. You've been working on it for two years... it shows. Nice job.

Thanks. I enjoy working with first person perspectives when it comes to stories, and I only rarely stray away from that. And it just seems like the times I do, the story doesn’t come out as well as I wanted it to.

Saffire Persian said:
Anyway, all the characters are wonderfully developed, and it's fun, yet frustrating to be on a "tetter-totter" concerning the characters thus far. You want to hate Jake and co, because of how they tormented Randy, which more than likely made him who he is now. (What an ODD necklace.), yet, you want to hate Randy because of his stupid "pig freak" attitude.

Right now.. I'm leaning over a little to Jake's side.. but then again, it is the main POV. And Randy's just a snobbish freak now, who's a little too overconfident.

Heh, I’ve gotten a lot of mixed feelings from people when it comes to Jake’s crew vs. Randy’s crew and who’s the real guilty party of the two of them. And unless you’ve read ahead and have seen what comes later on, you may be surprised at the outcome.

And I find it funny how people like Randy’s Depression as a character, even though his cameo is pretty short. I’ll definitely have to keep that in mind the next time I need his type of personality.

Again, thank you for reading and reviewing.

X-Cel said:
And the the cycle would just keep looping over and over..... I think this is what Neo Pikachu wanted to tell us.

Not exactly… but you’ll see…

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Chapter 10
The New Dawn

Contrary to my first belief, I woke up feeling absolutely no different from before. At that moment, I had already begun to believe that perhaps Coldblood had decided not to go through with this. It was possible. Maybe he had decided he liked his new physical form and by giving me the power to fight Randy evenly might result in his dissatisfaction.

“Very painless, wasn’t it?” He asked me as he stepped into the room.

“I don’t even feel anything.” I told him.

“That’s good, because you shouldn’t be.” Coldblood told me, “If you did, then something would have been wrong.”

Outstanding. Now all he needed to do was tell me how I needed to get it to work. At first, I could visualize just thinking up an attack, ordering which Pokémon to attack with, and that would be it. But, it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

“First off,” Coldblood told me, “Randy makes it look easy. He comes up with an attack in his head, sends it to one of his Pokémon in a psychic decoded message, and because he wants to, the Pokémon he sends it to understands it, and immediately attacks with Randy’s desired move.”

“It can’t be that easy…” I remarked in disbelief.

“But it is.” Coldblood said firmly, “Or to him, at least. You’ll definitely need to focus more on what your Pokémon are thinking. You need to make them realize that in Randy’s world, your imagination is probably the most powerful weapon you can wield, and as long as they can listen to you, you and they can make it possible.”

This was crazy. I couldn’t believe Randy had even come up with such a thing. Making up your own Pokémon attacks seemed like a pretty difficult task, and I didn’t even know where to get started. It seemed like the biggest cheating tool of all time in the history of Pokémon battling.

And I was already certain that Randy had done this numerous times. Right now, his simple imagination had become a god-like power. No wonder he was so keen into wanting to battle us. He would wipe the floor with us in no time. It was probably what he was itching to do all this time. All he had to do was see my face, and he would let out his absolute worst.

Obviously, he was expecting me to show up again to battle him. He would probably be enraged that I was no longer the flower princess precious that he expected me to be. I was thinking it would probably be a far better idea to go in disguise than show my face to his. He wanted to crush me more than anything else, but I had to try and fight him looking like someone or something else…

“Absolutely.” Coldblood told me, reading my mind again, “And I already have something in mind.”

Coldblood had already helped me out immensely. Right now, I was all ears for another good idea of his. I had a feeling it would be something completely perfect. I couldn’t wait to see what Coldblood had come up with.

“I had seen what Randy had done to you.” Coldblood said, “He wanted you to feel demoralized and pathetic the moment you stepped up to battle him.”

Definitely sounded familiar. I felt embarrassed as hell when I was in that stadium, and I’m sure that wouldn’t have changed one bit if I were to do it again. I had a feeling Coldblood knew exactly how to turn the tables around in my favor.

“I know of a way you can make Randy feel demoralized, effectively disguise yourself, and encode your commands to your Pokémon, and Randy won’t have a single idea what you just said.” Coldblood said with a hint of delight in his tone.

PERFECT!!! I loved the idea! As if Randy didn’t have enough to worry about now, he was just about to see something that was going to wet his pants even more. If Randy couldn’t understand the commands I was giving to my Pokémon, and they were going to be made-up attacks just like his, he was going to be in deep trouble.

“So what is it already!?” I shouted, eagerly waiting for Coldblood to reveal his outstanding plan.

“I want you to disguise yourself as the one Pokémon Randy has hungrily thirsted for all the years of his life, but has been unable to capture. Seeing this Pokémon will surely bring back some rather bitter memories that Randy will not want to be reminded of. On top of that, Randy will not know it’s really you. And third, your Pokémon will understand your commands as you talk to them in their own language, but Randy will have no clue as to what you have told them.”

Well, that certainly fit the criteria but it certainly wasn’t what I expected. I had never once remembered Randy so desperately wanting a single Pokémon that he couldn’t get. I tried to imagine what Pokémon it would be, but nothing came to mind.

And then, I knew that Coldblood had figured out what I was thinking. He was just about to tell me everything…

It was then that Coldblood had told me about Randy’s childhood, and how even as a little kid there was nothing more he wanted than this one Pokémon. Coldblood told me he asked for it every single birthday and Christmas of his entire life but was left disappointed every time. He also told me how he had failed to capture it three times. At that point, I think I would have been frustrated myself.

“For the longest time, Randy had desperately desired a Pikachu above all other Pokémon. Even at this time, Randy still wants a Pikachu, but his mind is possessed by power and his own idea of what his personal image should be, and therefore he only has the best Pokémon possible rather than having the one Pokémon he really wants.”

Fantastic. Now Coldblood wanted me to square off against Randy as a Pikachu? Things were really starting to get looney now. I had only been normal for a few hours. Couldn’t I at least have a few moments to spend as myself?

“Randy always loved giving his Pokémon nicknames.” Coldblood recalled, “He called his Growlithe ‘Striker,’ his Nidoran ‘Spike,’ his Pidgey ‘Storm Wind’ and his Caterpie ‘Enigma’. He never called his Pokémon by their nicknames while you three were around because he was afraid you would make fun of them.”

Yeah, we probably would, even though for once I personally didn’t feel they were that bad, though his Pokémon were truly weak and probably undeserving of such names.

“If he had caught a Pikachu, he would have named him ‘Juno.’” Coldblood told me, “Of course in Randy’s world, there is such a Pikachu already in existence, but he lives too far underground and too far away to make any use of. Instead, you will inherit Juno’s place and confront Randy. You will become the one Pokémon that Randy craves so desperately.”

It was a bold move to fight Randy as something he truly wanted and desired. Randy would surely hold back some of his power, but I certainly wouldn’t. It would certainly make my day if Randy lost to me just because he didn’t want to hurt the feelings of a Pikachu he really wanted. I loved Coldblood’s whole plan. It was cleverly delicious and sinister, just the way I liked things.

“Very well then, Coldblood.” I told him, “I’ll take Juno’s position and confront Randy.”

“It isn’t that easy.” Coldblood warned me, “Once you become Juno, the real Juno will disappear and become a part of you, and you’ll be stuck as him until you find a way to restore the world back to normal again. Unless Randy forgets about Juno, you’ll have to take his role from here on in, and don’t expect Randy to just completely forget about something he’s been desiring his entire life.”

Good point, but I really didn’t care. The plan was too good to let go, and I had to act upon it. It was definitely worth the risk, even if it meant staying as a Pikachu for the rest of my life. I wanted to be free of Randy’s mind, and I wanted it at any cost.

“Let’s go then.” I told Coldblood firmly, “I’ve made up my mind.”

“Very well.” Coldblood said as he snapped his fingers.

Instantly, I felt like I was falling but I never hit the ground. Everything in the room became huge, as if I was lying on the floor. When it all stopped growing huge, I looked up and I realized now I was only a few inches more than a foot off the ground. I couldn’t help but look at my hands. Sure enough, they were small and yellow with tiny fingers. I had become a Pikachu all right. Again, I was overcome with even more weird feelings.

Then, Coldblood handed me the belt with my Pokéballs, only now they were huge. It was like using a bungee cord to tie basketballs around my waist. And I couldn’t help but think that when I pressed the button the prep the Pokéball for use, it would grow to the size of a giant beach ball. I quickly realized why Pokémon trainers that were Pokémon themselves were extremely few in number…

“You must be careful.” Coldblood warned me, “Anyone that loses to Randy immediately becomes his servant. That’s exactly why happened to Alex and David. David had lost badly against Randy, and after Alex heard the news, he immediately challenged Randy only to fail. If you lose as well, there will be nothing to help bring the three of you back to the real world. Most likely, if you lose to Randy, you’ll be stuck as his favorite Pokémon to train and care for. I’m sure that’s not what you want.”

Hell no. In fact that was probably the last thing I wanted. This was truly all or nothing, and there was no other way about it. I had to win, I had no choice. It hurt to know that now, David and Alex were Randy’s slaves, the one thing in the world they didn’t want.

“Normally, you can’t fight Randy whenever you want to.” Coldblood told me, “There will be a tournament held in only a few days, and the winner of the final round will challenge Randy with the promise of a large cash prize if they win. If you were still were Jake Kossak, you could challenge Randy whenever you wanted to because there’s nothing he wants more than to beat you, but now is different. You don’t want to give Randy any hint that you’re Jake in disguise.”

Of course I didn’t care about the cash. I just wanted to get out of here.

“Of course, no one has ever won this tournament other than Randy.” Coldblood said, “That’s why Randy now has at least fifty slaves. You have to be the one to fight Randy in the final round, and you have to be the one who wins. I can only wish you the best of luck from here on in.”

There was only one thing I could think of as I walked out that door and bid him farewell. Thank God for Coldblood. I have no idea what I would have done without him…

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
XD.. Brilliant! You threw off my expectations. I knew he would be turned into a Pikachu, but not all willingly like he just did. I actually wouldn't mine being one of those mouse things.

The imaginations the limit indeed.

Although, my prediction is that not everything will go as planned, but you never know, it might. I was wrong before, and I probably will be again. I look forward to your future writings.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Saffire Persian said:
XD.. Brilliant! You through off my expectations. I knew he would be turned into a Pikachu, but not all willingly like he just did. I actually wouldn't mine being one of those mouse things.

Heh, and to tell the truth, I've had dreams at night where I was a Pikachu. Very interesting... to say the least.

Saffire Persian said:
Although, my prediction is that not everything will go as planned, but you never know, it might. I was wrong before, and I probably will be again. I look forward to your future writings.

Ah, you'll see. I won't spoil anything but there will definitely be surprises in store.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Chapter 11
The Alter Ego

It was a long march back to Victory City, but it was far more hopeful than when I had left. The three day trek felt like nothing now, even though the distance felt greater now that I was much smaller. I felt like I could march even in the middle of the night, but I didn’t want to exhaust myself. Surprisingly, when I had arrived back in Victory City, the place was jumping. I didn’t understand why the place seemed so empty before, and now it seemed like an oasis of excitement in this desert of pure boredom.

It wasn’t hard to find the stadium again, since it loomed over the rest of the city and easily became a permanent part of the city’s skyline. All I could do was just keep walking toward the giant stadium. As the streets were filled with cars and people, all I kept wondering was why they were here now, and not before. Despite that, I passed the wonder aside and kept moving.

Once I had arrived at the stadium, all I had to do was register at a small desk, but it was quite a shock. Only a tiny handful of names had been on the list, which made me immediately think of hesitation. But nonetheless, I registered my name as “Juno” on the list. The young lady there just looked at me in wonder, blinked twice, and just shrugged.

“It begins tomorrow at 6.” She told me, “You’ll be against Sigon in the Quarter-finals. Remember, you have to be here at 6 or you’re disqualified. Got it?”

She was acting like I was already not going to show up. Clueless. I wanted to get out of here, and now, and if doing all this was the only way, then so be it.

I simply walked away and spent the rest of my day preparing. Other than everything else that was going on, the only trouble I had was finding a place to sleep.

I couldn’t believe I would already be in the quarter-finals. On the other hand, Randy had creamed so many people that probably no one wanted to join. Nonetheless, I told myself not to use any imaginary attacks until I got to Randy. I didn’t want to cause suspicion or create some conspiracy theory.

But even then, it was still easy. That next day at 6, Sigon was pathetic. The battles were all two Pokémon each, and he did pretty poorly. He seemed pretty surprised to be battling with a Pikachu named Juno, but it wasn’t the surprise that made him lose, it was my sheer power. And we didn’t battle inside the stadium like I thought we would. Instead, it looked just like some run of the mill training room with a wooden floor and glass mirrors on the walls. However, I made short work of all his Pokémon. It honestly seemed like a cheap practice round.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’ve made me angry!” Was the last thing Sigon had said to me. Idiot. I was probably doing him a favor by not letting him become Randy’s slave, if he’d even make it that far.

And when he was beaten, that was that. The referee just told me to come back at 7 and that’s when I would be fighting some person by the name of Storm. I just shrugged and walked away. It just seemed like no one really cared about these battles, they only wanted to see Randy whip people’s butts.

The next battle was no different. Storm ended up being a tough, punk female trainer who had actually bothered to raise her Pokémon diligently, but not enough. She ended up whipping out a Clefable that looked like it had been in a bad bar fight and a Hitmonchan from the inner city slums. I was glad that was over when it was. Still, I said nothing and she walked away.

“Your final match will take place at 10 in the evening tomorrow.” The referee told me, “There you will be fighting against the one they call The Immortal Stuyvesant.”

Man, what a name. But of course, to me it sounded like a lot more bark than bite. Already, I had faced people who clearly didn’t have a dying chance against Randy, and I was already thinking this guy really didn’t have a chance either.

And when we finally meet that next day, I got a whole lot of surprise. The guy looked like he stepped out a really bad child’s dream, but then again I thought, “Hey, I really am in a person’s dream after all.” I never figured out where Stuyvesant was from, but he looked like a walking nightmare. He was clad in a dark black outfit with a cape on his back, and his skin was a dark, pale blue. His eyes were a furious red and his hair was slick and black like oil. Meanwhile, his face was extremely menacing and looked like he had only pure evil intent. I would have never expected this guy to be a Pokémon trainer, I expected him to be more of a murderer.

And here I was, just a lone Pikachu. He must have been the one laughing when he saw me, and probably figured I was the most worthless opponent he could have run into. I was just about to prove to him he was dead wrong.

He wanted to begin right away. He was blood-thirsty for a win and he wanted it now. Of course, there was no way I was ever going to give it to him. Not at all. I was sick of being here and I wasn’t about to let a walking freak show get in my way.

“Go Absol!” Stuyvesant shouted as he furiously threw a black Pokéball into the field. Man was his voice was cold and harsh. Where the hell did Randy ever think up this guy?

And out of the black Pokéball came a vicious Absol with the worst attitude ever rubbed off on a Pokémon. I was just hoping he didn’t think I was his opponent.

I didn’t have any fighting Pokémon, so I grabbed the next best thing. I looked over to my left side, grabbed Raichu’s giant Pokéball, and hurled it into the arena.

“Go Raichu!” I shouted.

But of course, Stuyvesant didn’t understand a word I said, and he really didn’t know what Pokémon I was bringing out. It almost made me laugh knowing all he could hear was “Pika Pika Pikachu.” I tried to hold in the laughter. This was just beyond amusing.

When Raichu came out of his Pokéball, he felt something felt oddly strange and he looked behind to see me.

“What the heck happened?” Raichu asked me, “Where’s Jake?”

“It’s me in disguise!” I told him, “But don’t go telling anyone.”

“How the…?” Raichu asked, still wondering how it was even possible.

It was funny how here I was actually speaking to one of my favorite Pokémon, and he had absolutely no idea what was going on. Despite that, I had a battle to win.

“Use a Brick-Break attack on that Absol.” I told Raichu, “It’s one of his top weaknesses.”

“You don’t think I know that by now, Jake?” Raichu asked, looking at me with a bit of humor.

“Call me Juno.” I told him, “I have to keep it a secret.”

And then, Raichu turned around and had advanced on Absol, and Stuyvesant had no idea what attack I had just declared. He watched Raichu carefully, and by the time he realized what was happening, it was too late. Absol was hit with a bone-cracking punch, and this time it did double the damage. Despite that attack, Absol got back on its feet and prepared to strike.

“Bite attack, Absol.” Stuyvesant declared in his hard voice.

“Dodge it!” I shouted to Raichu.

And this is where things really got funny. Stuyvesant thought I had declared another attack. Absol rushed toward Raichu, and Raichu barely jumped out of the way from Absol’s vicious bite. Absol’s teeth clamped down, meanwhile Raichu landed back on his feet.

“Use your Thunderbolt!” I shouted to Raichu.

“Heh, you got it.” Raichu agreed.

The tip of Raichu’s tail had struck the ground, he clenched his fists, and he had charged up an intense Thunderbolt. Just when Absol turned around, he saw a massive wave of electricity rip and tear its way to him. Absol was struck painfully, and he cried loudly. Absol fell to the ground, moaning from the exhaustion.

“I can’t… take it anymore…” Absol moaned in pain.

It was so weird understanding everything they were saying. I would never look at Pokémon battling the same way again. Despite that, Stuyvesant wasn’t very happy learning my Raichu had Brick Break and he didn’t expect it. He only had one more Pokémon to use, and he wanted to make sure he wasn’t the one to lose here. Nonetheless, I was ready for anything.

Stuyvesant had already realized he didn’t know what attack his Pokémon were going to get struck by until it was already too late. I could already imagine the same thing would happen with Randy.

Despite that, Stuyvesant prepared his next Pokémon to enter the battle. He wasn’t looking very pleased anymore…

Stuyvesant launched his next night-black Pokéball into the arena. Now he was gritting his teeth, and clearly had enough of the games. I didn’t care. He should have been more prepared.

“Go Nidoking!” Stuyvesant shouted as he threw the Pokéball into the arena.

The black Pokéball stuck the ground fiercely, and moments later and after a flash of light, Stuyvesant’s Nidoking had emerged ready for combat. He looked at the two of us and gave us a dark stare.

“Which one of you two will be my next victim?” He growled in a low tone.

Raichu looked to me, and he really didn’t look too happy.

“Maybe YOU should try fighting this guy for once.” Raichu complained, “You’ll get a first hand experience seeing how hard it is.”

“Hey man,” I told him honestly, “I never once said this was easy, okay? Just give it your best shot.”

Well, that certainly wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear. “Just give it your best shot” meant he had the odds against him and he was going to feel pain because of it. Of course, I never really thought he would complain to me about it.

“Go on.” Raichu urged me, “How about you give it a try? Maybe for once you’ll see what it’s really like.”

And then, Raichu moved far aside leaving me and this burly Nidoking alone on the field. The ultra violent Nidoking just looked at me with a dark snicker, and then made his advancement. As much as I hated to say it, I was going to have to finish this myself.

“Earthquake on that worthless Pikachu…” Stuyvesant declared.

This was certainly a rare instance where the trainer himself had become the Pokémon he would fight with. As Nidoking lifted up its foot to rip apart the floor, I just had to embrace the hard reality that it was me who was going to fight this guy.

Nidoking’s foot came thrashing down, and the floor began to crack open. All I could think of at the moment was to jump, and jump high. I sprung off the ground, and for a strange moment, I felt like I was flying, and everything suddenly went into slow motion. The arena was slashed apart into pieces, and I remained above the chaos untouched.

I then focused my energy and burst into flames, literally. I then flew toward Nidoking at mach speed, but it was actually much faster since it felt like we were fighting underwater. I slammed into Nidoking, and embers were thrown everywhere, and I landed back on the ground. I saw for an instant Nidoking was slowly stumbling, trying to get back on its feet. I then began to move much faster, while Nidoking was moving slow like molasses. I must have appeared to be a blur to the others, unable to be seen. I jumped off the ground, advanced toward Nidoking, jumped right above him, and targeted his head. He was still letting loose a loud howl from the last attack, which honestly felt like it was half a minute ago.

I must have been breaking every law of physics I could think of. Obviously Coldblood’s power was working, but I never thought it would be to this extreme degree. I could dance around Nidoking at this speed and he wouldn’t even know I was there.

I stood there suspended in the air just watching Nidoking get his butt whipped by me. I put my foot forward, and I flew down toward his head, and slammed down with a thunderous force. Nidoking took a vicious blow to the head, and felt a shock now being thrown in two completely different directions in split seconds. Once I landed on the broken ground, Nidoking was falling, but I had gone over to his tail, grabbed on, and threw him in the air, just like he was a plain old paper ball. Nidoking was now suspended in the air, and I looked up, just seeing him above me like it was a freeze frame.

I then gathered all the electrical power I could, and I could feel an intense energy gather, and a storm of electricity flared from my cheeks, and I looked up and directed the intense electrical carnage at the hopeless Nidoking that was seemingly floating in the air. The blazing thunder struck him violently in ways I had never seen before. At first it didn’t do anything because of his ground type attribute, but only half a second later the power was too intense for that to even matter. Nidoking was roasted thoroughly, and as he slowly came and fell back toward the ground, I simply back flipped out of the way. Nidoking had crashed down, never expecting to get so wasted in so little time. Only then did everything come back to normal speed. Stuyvesant looked like he was ready to lose it.

“How the heck did you do that!?” Raichu shouted in complete shock, looking at me strangely.

“I can show you how…” I told him, looking at the defeated Nidoking.


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Oh man, I forgot about this scene, but its got to be my favourite on the Grey Battlegrounds. ROASTED'd Wait, is the next one the one with the [SPOIL]made up moves, or is that the next[/SPOIL]


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I would love to do a review of this but I'm too tired for that now.

All I've got to say now is that one was one magnificent battlescene, though.

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Nice. I can just imagine the Nidoking getting his butt kicked by Jake, and I like the Raichu's attitude, now that he can speak. Of course, I'd be having second thoughts, since I'd be wondering whether or not Jake was my Trainer. But yeah.

Overall, a nice chapter, and I really wish I had more to say. I really do, but right now, I don't.

Sike Saner

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Righteous! Love the direction to which the story has swung now - you've effectively put the focus on a Pokémon now. And, of course, I always like to see transformations. Again, I say righteous.

Jake/Juno vs. Nidoking was terrific in a kind of surreal way. And I will say right now that there is something about the name Stuyvesant...What would the correct pronunciation for that be, exactly?

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Sike Saner said:
Righteous! Love the direction to which the story has swung now - you've effectively put the focus on a Pokémon now. And, of course, I always like to see transformations. Again, I say righteous.

Yeah, I do tend to have transformations a lot. They just seem so much more... exciting...

Sike Saner said:
Jake/Juno vs. Nidoking was terrific in a kind of surreal way. And I will say right now that there is something about the name Stuyvesant...What would the correct pronunciation for that be, exactly?

It's pronounced "Sty-Ves-Ant" as three syllables. And you’ll see, it ends up building up a lot toward what happens in the next part…
Do we see Stuyvesant again? I only read The Gray Battlegrounds, and the first chapter of the next one, so I am unsure.

I think Juno bursting into flames on his nose dive is coool. With 3 o's.

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Bombsey said:
Do we see Stuyvesant again? I only read The Gray Battlegrounds, and the first chapter of the next one, so I am unsure.

To tell the truth, this is really the only time you'll ever see him.

Bombsey said:
I think Juno bursting into flames on his nose dive is coool. With 3 o's.

Heh, I really should have that happen more often, but he does some really wild stuff other than that in the future.


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Remember, this is part one of a three part series, and when its a new part, things change. [SPOIL]Randy's world is not important[/SPOIL] in the later chapters. Except that the [SPOIL]Quista necklace is the source of the enemy's rage.[/SPOIL]

I lurve spoiler tags@

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Ya, sorry for the delay, my new jobs keeps me pretty busy and I sometimes forget about these things.

Now the real fun stuff begins. :)

Chapter 12
The Arrival

It was all over with. Stuyvesant had recalled Nidoking back into his Pokéball, and the battle was finished. We had won, but this victory would only be short lived. The real battle was coming up, the one that would determine whether the three of us would finally reach home, or we would be doomed to stay in Randy’s world forever.

Imagination. That was the ultimate force in Randy’s world. It would be the weapon of choice on the gray battlegrounds of Victory City Stadium. It would come down to one final test, one that meant everything. Someone was going to have to lose everything. Either Randy would lose the chance to live in his own world, or the three of us would lose our freedom and be under Randy for the rest of our lives. And it made me cold to think that Randy could be right, and that our lives would never expire in this bizarre realm of his. I absolutely didn’t want to live here forever.

The days that we fought Randy in the parking lot now seemed like a lifetime ago, even though it was little more than a week since those events had happened. Randy wasn’t thinking logically anymore. We didn’t belong here. None of this should have ever happened.

We were told by the referee to come back to the stadium tomorrow at 10 again. It was then he told us that we would be confronting Randy in the stadium. I really hated this guy’s attitude. He almost made it seem like the real honor was losing to Randy and serving him for the rest of time. He looked at us like we didn’t have a chance in the world. Obviously, he really hadn’t been paying attention.

I could barely sleep that night with the anxiety that was surrounding me. I hated Randy and his stupid world. Randy had no real power, and we all knew it. This was all just an illusion. But as much as I wished it would all go away, it didn’t. There was one thing I needed to do before it would.

Slowly, dawn had come. All this time, I had been sleeping in a cardboard box in an alleyway, which felt very miserable. That whole morning I spent preparing my Pokémon for that final battle. I was able to speak to them, telling them who I really was, and I told them that we were in Randy’s world.

They didn’t believe me at first, but I told them they would certainly believe it once they saw how powerful Randy had become. I told them that if I lost to Randy, they would most likely end up in his possession. They really didn’t like to hear that, but from the look of things, they were ready to believe that this last battle meant everything.

I had only gotten my rest during that afternoon. When I had awoken, the hours were counting down. I made my way to the stadium, and as I saw the many people gather to see this one last final battle, I learned of one sickening thing. They were only here to watch Randy. They only wanted to see Randy nail every trainer who confronted him in the most nastiest, merciless, and unfair ways of all time.

When I entered the stadium, they put me in a closed room behind a metal door. Just outside was the final arena. Another mirthless referee just told me to wait for an official. And then he left me alone.

I stood there for a solid five minutes before someone had actually come. And then I got a sick jump start when I realized the official he was talking about was Alex. While he no longer looked like a butterfly and was back to normal, he looked downright miserable. He just walked up next to me, looked down, and faced the metal door.

“You will be using four Pokémon in a two-on-two match.” Alex told me, not even realizing it was his best friend he was talking to, “Once one of your Pokémon goes down, you are to replace one of them as soon as possible. The battle ends once all four of one person’s Pokémon can no longer fight. Understood?”

But I said nothing, not that he would have understood what I was saying anyway. I could hear a loud cheering through the metal door, meaning Randy must have arrived, thinking he was going to get one more slave today.

And then, suddenly the metal doors opened, and Alex urged me to go out and meet Randy in the center of the stadium. I walked out, and the sight was sickeningly familiar, only now there were a million people watching us. I could swear this was all madness.

“Welcome into the stadium,” An announcer’s voice shouted loud and clearly, “Juno the Pikachu, Randy’s challenger!”

It was followed by a round of sarcastic clapping, everyone thinking I didn’t stand a chance. By now, I could guess Randy was sweating to the point of dehydration. I guess he didn’t expect he would be squaring off against his favorite Pokémon.

And when I got closer to Randy, he was still wearing his annoying black leather jacket and his tasteless shades. He stood there at his respective side of the stadium thinking he was the world’s best hero. Still around his neck was the Quista necklace, the whole reason this misery had begun in the first place. Randy now depended on it, just like it was his lungs or his heart…

We had faced each other. Already, Randy was looking at me very strangely. He obviously didn’t expect me here, and he was becoming tense. Still, he had that impression on his face looking like he had already won.

In only a few moments, we would be engaged in the most outlandish Pokémon battle ever. There practically were no rules now, no limits, no nothing to stop the two of us from spawning ultimate chaos.

And as luck would have it, I found out Jeff was going to be our referee. Great. Randy’s Pokémon were going to have to on the verge of croaking before Jeff would even consider taking them out of the battle. I could already predict there were going to be plenty of false calls. How was anyone supposed to win against Randy?

Regardless, Jeff stood between the two of us. Randy already had his Pokéballs ready, but I was going to wait to see which Pokémon Randy was going to chose before releasing my own.

“This is a match between King Randy and Juno, the challenger!” Jeff’s voice boomed all over the stadium, “This is a two-on-two battle, and each combatant is allowed to use only up to four Pokémon.”

The tension was making me sick. I couldn’t lose this battle no matter what, and I already knew Randy was going to play more tricks to try and win, just like he did last time. And then, at that moment, Jeff prepared for his last responsibility…

“Let the battle begin!!” Jeff shouted loudly, his voice blasting all over the stadium.

Randy hadn’t waited a second longer, and tossed two of his Pokéballs into the air. With a smirk on his face, he looked on appreciatively as the two Pokéballs hit the ground. And then, his two Pokémon came out…

And I began to grow cold and tense when I realized the Pokémon he had chosen were Mewtwo and Celebi. Indeed, they were all right. Randy had access to any Pokémon that existed, and any Pokémon he wanted was his to own…

“King Randy has chosen Mewtwo and Celebi!” Jeff announced to the crowd. A loud applause had rung out.

It was a crying shame I couldn’t use the Mightyena and Houndoom that Alex once had. I would have given a fortune if I had them in my hands. Instead, I had to choose wisely. I didn’t have legendaries like Randy had now. That was already going to be my first disadvantage…

At that moment, I chose to rely on Jolteon and Ninetails. They have always been extremely loyal to me, and have helped me pull through all this misery. Now, I needed them more than ever.

“There’s no way you can win…” I thought I heard Randy whisper to me.

I prepared my two Pokéballs, and then hurled them far into the air. And then, something really strange happened…

Both Pokéballs burst into flames, and looked like flaming fireballs. Forks of electricity were encircling them, and I thought they were going to explode. However, to my relief, when the Pokéballs hit the ground, there were my Jolteon and Ninetails, completely untouched.

Jeff and Randy just looked at them in disbelief. Jeff was shaking his head, as if something had gone wrong. Meanwhile, Randy was looking at the two Pokémon like he had already suffered a defeat. I couldn’t tell what their problem was.

And then I realized what the fire and electricity were about. Randy had tried once again to change my Pokémon, but this time he had failed. I could have laughed, but I didn’t to keep it all a secret. But in the end, Randy was going to have to expect way more surprises than that…

It wasn’t long before Randy had snapped out of his brief trance. He looked at his two Pokémon, and prepared to give his first commands. Now was the time I needed to be more prepared than ever. Right now, I had no idea what their weakness was besides being both psychic…

“Mewtwo, use Silver Guard!” Randy commanded, “Celebi, use Shining Protection!”

And then, both of Randy’s Pokémon were covered by two extremely powerful shields, raising their defenses extensively. Now, Mewtwo and Celebi had a translucent gold and silver wall in front of them. Any damaging attack I used against them would end up doing nothing for damage.

“Try getting through that.” Randy whispered to me again.

That would have been a problem if I wasn’t creative. If Randy thought this was going to stop me, he was just about to enter into a world of hurt.

“Jolteon, use your Thunder Bind attack!” I shouted, “Ninetails, use your Reign of Chaos!”

But Randy understood nothing of what I said. The look on his face was priceless when all he could hear from my mouth was “Pi, Pika, Pikachu.” Still, he wasn’t at all worried. But I could see in his eyes that he had never dealt with anything like this before.

“Yeah baby.” Jolteon snickered, “Give me a piece of these punks.”

Jolteon thrust his front paws into the ground, put his head down, and released a tremendous bolt of thunder and lightning, right at Mewtwo and Celebi. They didn’t know what attack it was either. I had only just created it.

And to their surprise, both of them were inflicted with paralysis and tore their attack to pieces, as well as naturally murdering their speed.

Meanwhile, Ninetails had just stood still silently, and the world around us had become pitch black. Then, all I could see was a suddenly flash of light burst from where Mewtwo and Celebi were standing in the dark. Once the pulsing flash had died down, Mewtwo and Celebi were badly confused, and this time it wasn’t going to go away. It was really too bad for Randy that a simple move like Safeguard could have saved him from so much misery.

“What the hell just happened!?” Randy shouted out in disbelief.

“How… could… they…?” Mewtwo moaned, his head and body throbbing with agony and torment.

The audience was in complete shock. They truly had never seen a battle of this magnitude before. But this was only the beginning. They had seen nothing yet.

“Nice job you guys.” I said to both of them.

“This is so awesome!” Jolteon said in awe, looking at the devastation he had just caused.

Randy sure wasn’t happy after that. However, now he was the one with the disadvantage. And since his poor Pokémon with twitching with pain, it was us who were going to get the first strike this time.

“Jolteon, use your Diamond Break attack on Mewtwo.” I commanded, “Ninetails, once the barriers are down, use your Destructive Inferno attack.”

Jolteon then rushed up to the gold and silver walls that surrounded Randy’s two Pokémon. It was just like an upgraded version of Brick Break, only much stronger. Jolteon tore his way through the shielding, and it shattered like glass. Then, he put his paws forward and slammed right into Mewtwo. The attack itself didn’t do too much damage, but their two barriers were down, and their defenses were set to normal. Then, Ninetails prepared an all-out barbecue attack on Mewtwo and Celebi.

Ninetails gave them both a harsh, cold stare. She arched back her head a bit, and then blew forward a tidal wave of biting, harsh flames. For a solid twenty seconds, Mewtwo and Celebi were roasted alive. Randy’s face turned pale, and I tried hard to hold back the laughter. When the flames cleared, Mewtwo was throbbing and ready to drop, but he still could hold on.

Meanwhile, Celebi hadn’t been able to bear it so well…