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The Trinity League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by DJSummers, Apr 2, 2014.


Do you think the Counter Rule should state "4 or more counters"?

Poll closed Apr 15, 2014.
  1. Yes, change to "4 or more" (challengers can't bring 4 or more counters)

  2. No, leave at "more than 4" (challengers can't bring 5-6 counters, but they can bring 4)

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  1. DJSummers

    DJSummers Ground-Type Champion


    ~Trinity Discord~

    The Trinity League is a well-respected communal League that offers fun and challenging battle experiences for new and veteran players alike. The League strives to be open, welcoming, and mature. It is a unique League where players need to be strategic when team-building due to our “Trinity” concept, where Challengers face a Triad of Gym Leaders with one team.

    General Rules
    1) Read and follow all main SPPf rules.
    2) Respect & be polite to every member of this League; never insult anyone in any way (give the benefit of the doubt!).
    3) If there is a conflict, keep the League at peace and contact Thread Overseers.
    4) Do not cheat/hack (Pokesav, Pokegen, illegal traits through AR, etc.). This undermines the hard work and dedication our Leaders put into team building.
    5) SPPf battling Standard Rules & Smogon tiers are followed in this League. Additionally, Challengers & Gym Leaders may use only up to 2 non-Uber legendaries. (Helpful resource: Smogon's Gen 7 Banlist)
    6) Gym Challenges are OU SM Wifi battles only.
    7) Never cut the Wifi! You may be banned if League members identify you of doing so on purpose! If you have connectivity issues, mention it before a battle .
    8) Both Challengers and Leaders should post Battle Results into the thread. Where appropriate, update posts with further battle results. (don’t double-post)
    9) To arrange battles, contact Leaders directly through VM/PM.
    10) Have fun!! : )

    Challenger Rules
    1) To earn Badges, fill out an application form and copy-paste it into the thread.
    2) The Trinity League offers Triads of Gym Leaders, which means you have to challenge a Triad with the same Pokémon team. (Items/Attacks/Nature/IVs/EVs/Ability/Formes (Depending on the Pokémon) may be changed)
    3) You are allowed to challenge multiple Triads at the same time.
    4) When posting battle results, you must list your Pokémon (Forms included) to ensure your team stays the same with other Triad members.
    5) If you lose to the first Leader in a Triad, you may change your entire team. Should one of your Pokémon get banned from the XY OU Tiers tier, you may switch that one team member with a Pokémon of the same typing of the one banned. POKEMON ONLY not items.
    (Blaziken is banned, but you've used it in a Triad. You're allowed to swap it for either another Fire-type Pokémon, or a Fighting-type Pokémon. Mega Stones are items, so if a Mega you're using gets Banned, you are stuck using that Pokémon without its Mega Stone.)
    6) You're only allowed to use 1 Team against all 3 Leaders in a Triad, if you wish to change a Pokémon, you'll be forfeiting any badges earned there in the process, as well as still following the CT Rule.
    7) Counter Teams (CT) are not allowed, and Leaders may decline the battle should they detect a CT. Mega Evolutions count as CT if either before or after mega-evolving the Pokémon is considered a Counter. If you lose and switch out a team member, the CT rule still applies even if a Triad Leader was already defeated.
    (CT is defined as having 4 or more Pokémon of a type that a) has super-effective STAB, or b) resists the Leader’s type)
    See our list of CTs for each Triad

    [​IMG] ~~Feel free to use one of the Challenger exclusive Userbars/Badge cases for your signature~~[​IMG]
    (don't forget to give artist credit to AstralShadow/MasterGohan!)

    Leader Rules
    1) Every Leader must post at least once a week to show activity & open shop at least once every two weeks. In case of a longer absence, be sure to let me know in advance.
    2) If you cannot comply with 1), you risk losing your position and being replaced.
    3) Leaders are expected to use our Official Chatroom when opening.
    4) Once challenged, you must accommodate the battle. Matches can only be declined if your opponent has illegal/hacked Pokémon, or CTs against your Triad. (See our list of CTs for each Triad)
    5) A match may not be declined beyond your first turn. Forfeiting mid-battle once accepted results in a Challenger Win. Ties always result in Challenger Loss.
    6) As Gym Leaders you must have at least 4 Pokémon with the type of your title. The 5th & 6th Pokémon may be of a different type. A Mega Evolution may be counted as your type, as long as it has it before Mega Evolition.
    (If the Mega loses your type upon Mega Evolution, it will then count as a Wildcard Slot if used.)
    7) Make sure to check whether a Challenger has used the same team against other members in your Triad.
    8) You may switch any party member as long as Rule 6) is kept.
    9) You must be able to do 6 vs 6 Singles under Normal Rules. You may battle Challengers in Doubles under Normal Rules, if they accept.
    10) Anyone may apply for open Leader positions. Also, it is possible to switch Gyms if a position opens.
    11) Re-matches are decided individually by Leaders. E.g. You may have Challengers wait 24 Hours before next challenge.
    12) Please use your Leader Userbar in your signature if you can, as well as your Badge.

    Title Match Rules
    1) The Challenger must have obtained 8 Badges to be allowed to challenge you..
    2) Battles will take place in a Best of 3 Format. Battles 1 (Leader Defends against Challenger), Battle 2 (Challenger Defends against Leader), & Battle 3 (Both use Gym Teams).
    3) If you lose a Title Match, whether you're a Leader or Challenger, you'll have to wait 1 Week, before you're allowed to Title Challenge again. Winners of a Title Challenge are given a 1 week vacation from Title Challenges.
    4) Please make sure you fill out the form below completely and accurately so I know exactly how to edit without problems.

    Questions? Please check our FAQ as well as the info spoilers below, or ask any of our Thread Overseers (Currently Hiring):
    DJSummers, Marashu, Dragontamer44722, LynxForte

    Badge: Chlorophyll Badge
    Leader: Dunkleosteus (FC: 0146-9964-0874/TZ: GMT -6)
    Battle Style: Singles / Doubles

    Badge: Cinder Badge
    Leader: Smokin' Weedle (FC: 0061-3067-1583/TZ: GMT +1)
    Battle Style: Single

    Badge: Tsunami Badge
    Leader: Dew Watatsumi (FC: 1332-8918-6873/TZ: GMT -6)
    Battle Style: Singles / Doubles

    Badge: Jolt Badge
    Leader: SkyBlue (FC: 4785-7472-9992/TZ: CST -6)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Quaja Badge
    Leader: Rocxidi (FC: 1478-6647-6643/TZ: GMT -8)
    Battle Style: Singles / Doubles

    Badge: Feather Badge
    Leader: DragonTamer44722 (FC: 5370-0586-3904/TZ: GMT -4)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Cavern Badge
    Leader: X-Caliber (FC: 0361-7381-9433/TZ: GMT -4)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Tumor Badge
    Leader: Marashu (FC: 4227-1956-1429/TZ: GMT -4)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Buzzing Badge
    Leader: Sito (FC: 1676-4178-1142 /TZ: GMT -6)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: ? Badge
    Leader: (FC: /TZ: GMT)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Poltergeist Badge
    Leader: TwinYoshi45 (FC: 1306-6191-8985 /TZ: GMT -7)
    Battle Style: Singles & Doubles

    Badge: Hope Badge
    Leader: DJSummers (FC: 0345-0046-5202/TZ: GMT -5)
    Battle Style: Singles / Doubles

    Badge: Azrael Badge
    Leader: Cutty (FC: 0748-6074-2990 /TZ: GMT +7)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Mentality Badge
    Leader: Alatar VGC (FC: 2423-7120-4274/TZ: GMT 0)
    Battle Style: Singles / Doubles

    Badge: Sylph Badge
    Leader: FairyWitch (FC: 1693-1320-3008/TZ: GMT -5)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Deathfrost Badge
    Leader: Lord Fighting (FC: 3497-1041-4758 /TZ: GMT +1)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Mythic Badge
    Leader: SilverLanayru (FC: 1977-0801-2134/TZ: GMT -8)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Badge: Mineral Badge
    Leader: Charizard_Rulez84 (FC: 1848-2888-8103/TZ: GMT -5)
    Battle Style: Singles

    Challenger Application Form
    To challenge the Trinity League, fill out the form below and post it into the thread. One of the Thread Overseers will then accept it.
    Challenger Application
    [b]Favorite type[/b]: 
    [b]Triad you’ll find most challenging[/b]: 

    Leader Application Forms
    To apply for an open Leader position at the Trinity League, please fill out the appropriate form below & post it directly into the thread.
    Please make sure you read through all the rules stated above carefully, in particular the Leader Rules, before applying!

    Once a Leader application has been submitted into the thread, I'll check it fo completion before accepting it.
    In the case of multiple applicants wanting the same type, there may be a point-based showdown to determine the Leader. (e.g. 2 Battles – 1 defending & 1 challenging, whereby defending or challenging successfully earns 3 pts, and otherwise winning earns 1 pt).
    Please have a Leader team ready when you apply, should a match-off be necessary, so that the position can be filled as efficiently as possible!
    If a Leader successfully defends 5 battles throughout their appointment, they may carry the Gym's Badge.
    GYM LEADER Application
    [b]Friendcode & GMT Timezone[/b]: 
    [b]Leader Type[/b]: 
    [b]Badge Name[/b]: 
    [b]Battle style(s)[/b]: Singles/Doubles
    [b]Do you have at least 4 Pokémon of the represented type[/b]: Yes/No?
    [b]Competitive experience & expected activity per two weeks[/b]: 
    [b]Have you read all rules carefully?[/b]: 

    Battle Result Form
    Both Leaders & Challengers should post these after a battle. (Edit posts, when possible!) Remember, Comments should always be constructive and provide opportunities for growth.
    Leader Type: 
    Team used against Leader: 
    Challenger Result: 
    Comments about the match: 

    Title Challenge Result Form
    Both Leaders & Challengers should post this after a title match Challenge. (Edit posts to add all matches, when possible).
    Opponent's Name:
    Result & Battle No.: 
    Comments about the match: 

    Credits (support & artist approved art):
    Thanks to Serebiimods for approving our League!
    Leader Triad Banners by Arts & Sprites Forever's American--Pi
    League OP Banner by Daedric Design's Sworn Metalhead
    Challenger Userbars, Application Banners & Support Buttons by The Under's Astral Shadow
    League Badges sponsored by The Original Wizard
    Leader Userbars sponsored by LynxForte
    DA image approval (drumthrasher4hr; MichaelFaber)

    A special thank you to:
    Our Thread Overseers & Leaders who ensure our League is a welcoming, mature, and friendly space
    You - our Challengers!!

    Support Buttons
    Whether you're a Challenger or Leader, absolutely anyone is welcome to support our League using any of our Buttons for their signature. Please remember to give credit to Astral Shadow.
    @Challengers: Click on the “Challenger Userbars”/“Badge Case” Buttons below to receive an exclusive Userbar and/or Badge Case for your signature! :)
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2017
  2. DJSummers

    DJSummers Ground-Type Champion

    ~League News~

    1. None
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2017
  3. DJSummers

    DJSummers Ground-Type Champion

    Challengers and Leaders can find Gym Rankings on thisChallenger Leaderboard.

    Q: What is this League all about?
    A: The SPPf Trinity League is a communal League that provides a space for competitive battlers and those becoming familiar to the competitive battling scene to have great experiences. The Trinity League Community strives to foster a fun, constructive, safe, and mature atmosphere amongst all of its members. The League defines itself under the Triad mechanics, which is meant to be challenging and fun for both Challengers & Leaders, as well as to encourage a strong sense of community.

    Q: What is the Triads mechanic exactly?
    A: Basically, the League Leaders are grouped into "alliances" of three (Triads). Challengers have to defeat all members within one Triad with the same team in order to legally obtain their Badges. (further information is outlined in the General, Challenger, and Leader Rules in the OP)

    Q: Is this League only a Wifi League?
    A: Yes, the Trinity League is an OU SM Wifi League.

    Q: I’m new to the competitive scene. Is this a good place to start?
    A: Yes, of course - you’ll learn a lot about competitive battling here! Battling different Leaders allows you to test your party members and find out what works well for you!
    Also, you can ask League Members anytime to give you advice directly on the thread. Another good place to start is looking for battle strategies on Smogon or watching videos on Youtube.

    Q: My internet disconnects from time to time. Can I still challenge Gym Leaders?
    A: Yes, you can. But please let them know that you have disconnection (= DC) issues before the match. If you DC during a match, it would be proper to open the battle with the same Pokémon as before the DC, although you can decide this with the Leader.

    Q: How can I become a Gym Leader?
    A: If there is an opening, fill out an application form (found in the OP) and make sure you have read the rules carefully.

    Q: Do I need to EV train and IV breed to challenge this League?
    A: You don’t "need" to, but members who IV breed and EV train will have a huge advantage against you.

    Q: Why aren’t some Legendaries banned?
    A: Not every legendary Pokémon is a “good” Pokémon (competitively speaking), and we acknowledge that using Smogon’s tiers.

    Q: Can I battle more than one Triad at a time?
    A: Yes, you can. Just make sure to check that you don't have a CT for that Triad.

    Q: I just lost to a Gym Leader. How many Pokémon on my team can I switch out?
    A: If you lost against the first Leader in a Triad, you may switch your entire team, otherwise, you'd have to sacrifice any badges earned to switch team members.

    Q: I've already earned a Badge from a Triad member and one of my Pokémon just became an Uber. What do I do?
    A: You can keep the Badge you already earned and you may switch that Pokémon out for a Pokémon of the same typing for the remaining Triad members.

    Q: Can I switch out Pokémon movesets (for example, using a bulky careful Tyranitar against the Normal Gym but using a jolly Tyranitar with Dragon Dance against the Ghost Gym)?
    A: As long as you're using a Pokémon from the same species, yes you can.

    Q: I don't remember the team I used against a Triad, what should I do?
    A: You can view it in our Team Registry. Otherwise use the "Search Thread" function in this thread to find the team with which you won in a Triad. It's recommended to subscribe to the thread.

    Q: How do I know that my team isn't a counter team (= CT)?
    A: A CT is defined as having 4 or more Pokémon of a type that a) has super-effective STAB, or b) resists the Leader’s type.
    Here are some examples of teams along with explanations as to why they're a CT/not a CT.
    • Water Gym Vs. Chesnaught, Hawlucha, Manectric, Noivern, Trevenant, Delphox:
      Chesnaught - yes (STAB super-effective for Grass); Hawlucha - no; Manectric - yes (STAB super-effective for Electric); Noivern - yes (resistance in Dragon); Trevenant - yes (STAB super-effective for Grass); Delphox - no
      Verdict: 4 counters - yes, it's a CT!

    • Bug Gym Vs. Crawdaunt, Goodra, Talonflame, Tyranitar, Mienshao, Metagross:
      Crawdaunt - no; Goodra - no; Talonflame - yes (STAB super-effective for both Flying & Fire); Tyranitar - yes (STAB super-effective for Rock); Mienshao - yes (STAB resistance in Fighting); Metagross - no (Bug is only normal effective due to Metagross' dual typing)
      Verdict: Only 3 counters - not a CT.

    • Normal Gym Vs. Toxicroak, Blastoise, Gourgeist, Empoleon, Kyurem-B, Mega Lopunny:
      Toxic - yes (STAB super-effective for Fighting); Blastoise - no; Gourgeist - yes (immunity in Ghost); Empoleon - yes (resistance in Steel); Kyurem-B - no (STAB super-effective for Fighting); Mega Lopunny - yes (STAB super-effective for Fighting)
      Verdict: 4 counters - yes, it's a CT!

    • Ground Gym Vs. Garchomp, Thundurus-T, Celebi, Scizor, Ferrothorn, Rotom-H:
      Garchomp - no; Thundurus-T - yes (Ground immunity in Flying); Celebi - yes (STAB super-effective for Grass); Scizor - no (while resistance in Bug, Ground becomes normal effective because of Scizor's Steel double-typing); Ferrothorn - yes (STAB super-effective for Grass); Rotom-H - no (while Rotom-H has the Levitate ability, abilities are not taken into consideration for the CT rule; only types are)
      Verdict: Only 3 counters - not a CT.
    Q: How much time do I need to wait before asking for a rematch?
    A: Generally, you can ask for a rematch whenever a gym is open, but keep in mind that a Gym Leader isn’t required to battle you more than once per day. They may ask you to battle them next time or earn another badge first.

    Q: Do I have to have Sun/Moon (SM) in order to challenge the Trinity League? How about XYΩRαS?
    A: Since the League is now going to be Gen VII, all leaders and challengers will be required to play Sun/Moon.

    OP = the opening posts (Posts #1-3 on Page 1), which include rules, Leader information, resources, and more.
    SM = Sun/Moon - the games the League require for Challengers.
    Leader = refers to any League Leader (Gym Leaders, E3 Leaders, Frontier Brains)
    E3 = the Elite 3 Leaders (extra challenging Gym Leaders who also have a secondary typing and may carry 3 Legendary Pokémon)
    Triad = group of 3 Leaders whom you have to use the same team of Pokémon against
    Apprentice = anyone who applies to train with a Leader for 3 weeks; bears full Leader responsibilities
    CT = counter team - when you bring 4 or more Pokémon that either have super-effective STAB against the Leader's type, or if you resist the Leader's type
    OU = the Smogon tier that is used for Gym/E3 challenges
    Uber = Pokémon that are considered too powerful in a tier (e.g. Blaziken in OU, Mega Diancie in UU, Mega Rayquaza in Uber, etc.)
    Challenger Leaderboard/googledoc/spreadsheet = where Badges, Challenger Teams, and Tournament match-ups are listed
    Badges = League's main currency, awarded when defeating a Gym/E3 Leader; may also generally refer to Frontier Symbols
    (League) Champion = anyone who has earned all 18 Badges (15 Gym Badges & 3 E3 Badges); marked by a star on the Challenger Leaderboard
    Chatroom = the official chatroom where Leaders are expected to be when open (see OP for button link)
    Thread Overseers = designated Leaders who maintain order in the League, on the Challenger Leaderboard, and during League Tournaments
    DC = when someone disconnects, intentionally or accidentally, during a battle
    Strike = a warning that results through inappropriate behaviour or when rules are broken
    Penalty = a consequence that results when receiving 2 Strikes

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]


    Challengers can show pride in their achievements by using a Challenger-exclusive Trinity League userbar for their signature!
    Challengers can pick ANY of the 6 userbars out of their Badge tier, corresponding with their earned Badges/Symbols, :

    1. Trinity Rookie ( <3 Badges)

    2. Trinity Skilled (4-9 Badges)

    3. Trinity Expert (10-14 Badges)

    4. Trinity Master (15+ Badges)

    While passing strikes & penalties is rare, it can be frustrating to the Trinity League Community to have members (Challengers & Leaders alike) who ignore the League's rules or behave in a way that is not befitting of the League. It is generally the goal of the League to give few to no strikes, if possible. However, the following examples will warrant a strike:

    • an applicant not communicating with other applicants for the same position long after the opening for the position has closed (= 1 strike)
    • a Leader not giving at least 1 active post within a week or not having at least 1 opening within two weeks, without having let me known of a special situation in advance (= 1 strike)
    • a Leader refusing a challenge when their Gym is open for trivial, non-rule related reasons (= 1 strike)
    • disrespectful or crude comments/language in the thread, or privately to any of our League members (= 1 strike)
    • League Leaders not following fundamental rules such as counter teaming when challenging other Leaders (= 1 strike)

    Two strikes lead to a penalty. A penalty, depending on the strikes and the situation, could be to vacate one's position (in the case of a Leader) or to be temporarily suspended from the League (in the case of a Challenger).
    One of the priorities of the Trinity League is to provide a friendly, mature and communal atmosphere where both Challengers and Leaders are respected and can have fun. Let's do our best to achieve this!

    Current Strikes:
    • none
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2017
  4. Dew Watatsumi

    Dew Watatsumi Water Type E-3

    Alright! Can't wait for out battles to begin! WELCOME FELLOW GYM LEADERS AND CHALLENGERS ALIKE!

    Just to make a better introduction, I'm the Water Type gym leader Dew Watatsumi. Gym will be open this Saturday since I'm a bit busy at the moment. If you want to battle, I'll be available almost anytime.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
  5. Sito

    Sito Shiny Breeder

    Hello all, I am Sito, the Electric Gym leader of the Dark Thundercloud Triad, I am glad we are finally open and I am ready for anyone who wants to challenge me :)
    My gym is open if anyone want to challenge me now.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
    cryuel likes this.
  6. cryuel

    cryuel Well-Known Member

    The Trinity League has been SUPER EXCITED to open ever since we started planning our league, so... piggybacking off Dew Watatsumi, WELCOME GYM LEADERS AND CHALLENGERS ALIKE! :)

    I'm Cryuel, one of the thread overseers and member of the Myst Blade Triad. My Ghost Gym will be open starting Thursday, ~23:00 +1 GMT.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2014
  7. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    Hello guys, I'm Mr.Y, the psychic gym leader of the Hidden Powers triad and owner of the mind badge. I'm also one of the thread overseers and you guys can pm me about any questions you have. I'll also make a FAQ once i get more time and I can also help with team building and the likes, just shoot me a pm.
    My gym is going to be open on weekend :).
    cryuel likes this.
  8. The Mighty Tuma

    The Mighty Tuma Up and Coming Trainer

    Username/Nickname:The Mighty Tuma
    FriendCode (FC):0275-7079-9822
    Desired Gym Type: Fighting
    Do you have at least 4 Pokemon of represented type: No (would need to build team but could do so quickly)
    Why do you wish to apply? It be a fun challenge
    Prefferd battle style(s): Singles/doubles
    Badge name: The Gladiator badge
  9. cryuel

    cryuel Well-Known Member

    Normally, we'd need an applicant with a team of 4 of the type ready to go, but since we just opened, as long as you can actively post at least once a week and accept a challenger at least once every two weeks, accepted!
    Welcome to the Trinity League, The Mighty Tuma~ :)

    One of the thread overseers will update battle results from your challengers on the googledoc copied in the 3rd post. If you're interested in joining as one of the voluntary thread overseers at any time, shoot me a PM.
    Otherwise, have fun and, again, welcome!
  10. Clone™

    Clone™ Ded

    Dont see a Fire Leader anywhere, but correct me if Im wrong...

    Username/Nickname: Cloneblazer12 (soon to be Clone™)
    FriendCode (FC):2423-3705-7798
    Desired Gym Type: Fire
    Do you have at least 4 Pokemon of represented type: Yes
    Why do you wish to apply? Because my old league is AWOl and I like FIre types
    Prefferd battle style(s): Singles
    Badge name: Blaze Badge

    If there is a fire leader, sorry, I dont see him/her anywhere
  11. cryuel

    cryuel Well-Known Member

    Sorry to disappoint, but theamazinhazin of the Spirit Force Triad is our Fire Gym Leader. :)
    All our posts are currently filled until we have an E4 (which likely we'll have within 1-2 weeks), but we'll be looking for four more Gym Leaders then out of the types currently not yet represented.
    You're more than welcome to challenge us in the meantime! ;)
  12. LynxForte

    LynxForte The Phoenix

    So many type restrictions that its going to be difficult to make good challenging teams. Once I have something figured out for each triad, I'll challenge the league.
  13. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    You actually don't need to follow all of them, a dark type don't count as a counter on the normal gym, while it does count as a counter at mine(psychic), so you can actually run a team with 2 fighting types and 2 dark types and you won't be counter teaming anyone.
  14. The Mighty Tuma

    The Mighty Tuma Up and Coming Trainer

    Thank you:)

    I'll start Building my team right away!
  15. SkyBlue

    SkyBlue I ate ColtonL

    Username/Nickname: ColtonL
    FriendCode (FC):4656-6947-6562
    Desired Gym Type: Grass
    Do you have at least 4 Pokemon of represented type: Sort of (are shinies allowed? and If not then I could come up with a team quickly)
    Why do you wish to apply? Because it sounds fun and I'd love to give it a shot! ^w^
    Prefferd battle style(s): Singles
    Badge name:Bloom Badge
  16. LynxForte

    LynxForte The Phoenix

    Well, I was looking at the first triad and 2 steel, 2 rock and 2 flying. They technically don't counter all the gyms in that triad, but it would be considered a counter team.
  17. cryuel

    cryuel Well-Known Member

    Hi ColtonL!

    Yes, shinies count as Gym representing Pokemon, provided they are (in your case) Grass type. ;)
    Unfortunately(/fortunately) all our spots are covered at the moment. Once we have our E4 ready (likely in about 1-2 weeks) though, we'll be opening up 4 new positions with types not yet represented. I can put you on the waiting list for when we open up those 4 spots in the meantime.
  18. SkyBlue

    SkyBlue I ate ColtonL

    Thank you! sorry I misperceived what that meant when I read the earlier post, but now I understand. :3
  19. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    It woudn't, it's just that it isn't explained very well. The types listed are more like, types you need to watch out while making a team as using many of them may counter a certain gym.
  20. cryuel

    cryuel Well-Known Member

    As we follow Smogon rules (unless otherwise stated with a Gym Leader), both of those would be allowed.
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