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The trophy request shop of Booma Bomb!

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by booma bomb, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. booma bomb

    booma bomb Guest

    So hello. This is my trophy request shop. Do you by any chance require something to brighten up your signature? Well what better than a shiny trophy of your favourite pokemon! It's very simple really. all you need to do is ask me to make a trophy (keep it within the size of the Pokemon on the games) and you'll get it. But remember, give credit. I don't like theifs, they tick me off BIG TIME! Sound easy? It is. No really, it is. All you have to do is type in whatever the hell you want, and I'll PM it to you. Ok, I'm kinda going off the point here, so...
    Request, I'll make, you get!
    Easy. Very damn easy. Sooooooo easy. Cool.
    Well here is one I made earlier:
    Well, request away. Plz.
    Also requestable: Different colour sapphire base thingies!
    Can do Trainers (but crap at it, you've been warned)!
    And small parts with different colours e.g. red eyes!
    That is really it.
  2. Roy_the_Rukario

    Roy_the_Rukario Back By Popular Vote

    do you do 4th gen? if you do then can i get a trophy of....guess who. (points to name)
  3. booma bomb

    booma bomb Guest

    Oh, I'd be happy to! It'll be coming right away!
  4. chary888

    chary888 Guest

    You know in your examples how you made all those haunter? Well can you do that but make a army of charizard instead? Thanks! ^____^
  5. booma bomb

    booma bomb Guest

    Do you want them in trophy form or something? Those Haunter aren't in my examples, they're in a link in my sig (still my sprites like).
    Take note that only 1 trophy is adoptable per day.
    Oh, and read the title... This is a TROPHY request shop, not a request shop for my sprites of mixes etc.
  6. Hero of Legend

    Hero of Legend Advanced Missingno.

    Can I have one of Speed Deoxys please?
  7. ♠Jamie♠

    ♠Jamie♠ Guest

    can i have 1 of typhlosion
  8. booma bomb

    booma bomb Guest

    Okay to both of you. Thanks for asking!
    any more requests?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 6, 2005
  9. Hi there. Could I have a Ivysaur trophy withlight purple eyes please.
  10. umbreot

    umbreot God of Fusions

    Could you please do a UNANIMATED TROPHY of the "mew-x" in my signiture?
  11. Mumage

    Mumage Well-Known Member

    May I have a Raikou trophy?
  12. booma bomb

    booma bomb Guest

    Woohoo! Yes, yes, and yes! More requests...
  13. Hi! Can I have an Arcanine trophy, please?

  14. Mew Master

    Mew Master WHY CAN'T I BRAWL!!!

    jiggillypuff trophey please with blue eyes
  15. booma bomb

    booma bomb Guest

    Yes to both of you~!
    Oh, and be on the lookout, after 20 trophies have been made I'm taking a 6 day break. Sorry!
    I'm still open for requests, though. For now.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 8, 2005
  16. Milotic

    Milotic Well-Known Member

  17. booma bomb

    booma bomb Guest

    Okay! The Milotic is coming up!
  18. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace

    Hello may I have a Masterball trophy? Oh, and with a pedestal that says:
    For Having Completed the Jaken League
  19. Adzieboy

    Adzieboy Master Trainer

    Could you do me a bayleef?
  20. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace


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