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The True or False Game!


your wish is my strong recommendation
False-ish? I may be a girl, but seeing me in a dress is once in a blue moon. I usually wear jeans. I also doubt that it's easy for a girl to cross dress...

NP doesn't like walking to school/work much. So cold...


Why not both?
False (what's a ocarina?)

NP has a pet.


Steel-Clad Wonder
False! We're working on it now......

NP is sick and tired of school


your wish is my strong recommendation
True. Sepcially since I can't do gym much because of a dizzyness caused by hitting a door.

NP doesn't like school but gets good grades all the same. I do.


Well-Known Member

NP is doing a writing challenge at the moment.


Smart Cookie
False... I don't mind dogs, but I do get a bit nervous around them.

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