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The True or False Game!


Steel-Clad Wonder
False. Halfway done.

NP is celebrating christmas alone.


Can also jump!
False, unless I get multiples i'm treating each one like a Master Ball, It stays in the bag for all eternity!

NP is fed up with the "We Are Number One" meme. (Though it is pretty catchy!)

Alatar VGC

House Greyjoy

NP is fond of Latios.


Forever now
True, in the future.

Np wants to decorate their xmas tree w/ Miniors.

Janice Quatlane

helloooo ladies
False! Considering I can barely open doors on a good day, I'd be very surprised if I could. ^^;;

NP has work to do which they're avoiding.



NP has played up a game, but they never completed it

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
Do video games count? If so, true, and let me show you my hundreds of backlogged games!

NP doesn't can't buy Christmas presents because s/he is broke atm.