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The True or False Game!

Uhh, do you mean having empathy? That's literally having empathy. That's normal in human beings as far as I'm aware.

NP has thought up plots for many book ideas, but hasn't written down any of them.

Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland

NP will put on their best poker face as they post in here.


Forever now

Np has a side job aside from their main job or school.
True. Lots of sugar as well. As you can see I'm British and care a lot about my tea.

NP hates cleaning things.

(Yes I'm procrastinating from cleaning now, why does that matter?)


Dark-type Master
unfortunately that is literally my job.
NP enjoys playing a rowdy game of Dungeons and Dragons.
(And I don't mean a module or one of the dumbed-down newer versions - Good old-fashioned 2nd edition with a DM and a constantly arguing angry dwarf character, hopefully.)

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna

False. I like a few music genres more than others

NP has had a job interview recently or will have one soon


Dark-type Master
false. Steadily unemployed... T_________T
you likie da D&D, Void Ventus?

NP thinks that just because they are alone in the house, they can be naked.


Link Jokers!
False. Even though I have bad anxiety

NP has a Switch