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The True or False Game!


All set to be a nice guy

NP is more keen for VC of Gold and Silver than USUM

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
True. Sun/Moon were my very first negative Pokémon experience (like how BW was for some people), and I couldn't care less for USUM. Although I do wish the VC release for GS were also Switch now that I own one.

NP has a project or homework or something special soon but is procrastinating on it.


All set to be a nice guy
False. I'm having holidays right now so I'm super free

NP thinks Lillie from Pokémon SM is overrated, and dislikes her.


Auto-Memories Doll

NP agrees with my signature. :p


Eh, ragazzo!
Mostly true, if about a year ago counts as a long time.

(I try to be good.)

NP has a lame-claim-to-fame that they are proud of.


Paladin of the Snow Queen

NP's favorite Pokemon is from the 2nd generation.
False, I have multiple favourites and a surprising amount of them are from Hoenn.

NP gets really excited when they're buying stationery.