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The truth about a world with Pokemon


In both show games and the anime, the whole world seems to revolve around Pokemon. In the games, all you have to do is take 5 steps in some tall grass and you'll see a Pokemon. In the anime, they aren't quite that common, but they still appear to be abundant, seeing as every single character introduced has at least one. Also, in the game, even religion seems to involve Pokemon.

This lead to a question of mine. If Pokemon were real, would they make that big of a difference? Would the whole world completely change to allow them to fit in. Would people quit their jobs as construction workers to allow Machokes to work, and quit being their office work to allow Alakazams to take a crack at it? Then would all the humans just go off and train Pokemon? That's how it seems to work in the Pokemon world, but I doubt that's how it would really be.

If Pokemon were real, I think the world would go on much like it is today. Most people would continue on, why'll a select few that were highly skilled would get to be Pokemon trainers. Besides them, the only trainers would be kids, and most Pokemon would just be companions.

But really, this is all up to opinion. So I'd like to hear some more thoughts on this.
The truth is, Pkmn is about animal slavery. pkmn are basicly the animals the the pkmn world(technically making people pkmn, but i wont get into that now), so if the world was like that, i doubt we would use them like that. Of course you always hafta factor in the powers of pkmn into this, which might change things alot. since they can breathe fire and such(all that stuff) they might actually be used for things unlike real animals, so i dont know.
terrosrist will steal pokemon and destroy...........

i mean come on there have been lots of thread about this and i've had i'm on a riot


they all would be extincted because the real man would try to know how they work killing them all, or they could kill us aswell


You best believe it
Even if they were real, we still wouldn't have fiqured out how Poke Balls work. So it would pretty much stay the same.
^ its easy through the object pokemon gets inside the ball shakes and three beeps are heard then ater a loud bang the pokemon is caught


If you actully thought for a moment then reliase this. Its human nature that we fight, but if Pokemon got into this it can seriously hurt people. Imagine Charizards and Gyradoses scorching and destroying lands. What if eniemies such as Osama actully tame Pokemon like Rayquaza or others, that power would lead to it destroying America. So in reality if Pokemon were real it should only be given to a selected few who can actully use thier powers for good. Remember what Albert Einstien said "As long as there will be human ideas there will be war" or something like that.
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I drink soysauce.
If Pokemon where real....I'd be pretty awesome..

But the Goverment would catch on and want to kill them, much like Digimon(Season 3).


well, noone would know about arceus, nobody seems to know it in the games
The world would be a lot more like the anime. People using pokemon to do chores, stories and myths, etc.