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The Two-Sentence Story Exercise


Spheal Lord
He peeked through the window blinds, hoping that whatever was out there would not see or find him, taking him away like it did to so many others. Looking out the window, he saw nothing, and breathed a sigh of relief, when he suddenly realized it had already gotten in.

I got out of bed and picked up the camera that had been recording me throughout the night, and began to watch what it had recorded. Now I never sleep again, and even if I tried I couldn't after what I saw it do to me.

After hearing his door open, he leapt out of his bed, pulled the shotgun out of his closet, ran downstairs and shot the intruder. He soon discovered it wasn't the person who had been stalking him, but the mailman.

This is what happens when I start watching Marble Hornets. :p


Rocket Grunt
I woke up as the cat bumped against my legs to settle in for the night. I smiled, until I saw his slitted eyes gazing at me from across the room.

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
The wishing state starts with a person wanting to leave the pain of the reality it once live upon. At its last breaths, the phantoms of sorrowful realities submits to the will of their clear minded origin.


Smart Cookie
"You may think that murdering my friend was funny... well, who's laughing now?"

"...That wasn't me."

JX Valentine

As the old woman narrowed her eyes at the young couple (one blonde, clean-cut, and extraordinarily beautiful; the other purple-haired, dressed head-to-toe in black, and murmuring soft whispers into her companion's ear), she silently composed a prayer to God that the blonde get up and leave for the sake of her eternal soul.

Much to her surprise, the blonde did get up ... to cross the train, point her thumb at the purple-haired woman, and hiss, "For your information, God's on vacation, and so help me, if you stop me from getting in her pants tonight, I'm personally dragging your soul to my place so you can find out what damnation is really like."


Well-Known Member
The girl was immersed within the bright screen. She did not see what was beside(s) her.
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Smart Cookie
As he looked into the giant ballroom mirror, he realised he was right - one of the guests was indeed a vampire. He just wasn't expecting it to be himself.


I love shiny pokemon
The speed of her descent pushed her organs to the top of her chest cavity, and she fought for the ability to scream as she plummeted downward. Fear turned into giggles of joy, however, as the roller coaster rounded the turn and began another climb.
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Solitary Poet

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In the darkness I sit, waiting, tired and ancient, facing and endless future. One day, these cold cold rocks will wear down around me and I will be free of my captivity.


So many horror 2SS. Horror is hard to get across in two sentences! Now for something completely different:

She watched her father drag him away across the dirt, fighting and screaming his promises of devotion.

He finally caught her smile.


He dragged his newly-awoken consciousness across the room to the black shape dotting the soft white glow of his carpet. "Is this...my lingerie?" he said in confusion.


Young Satoshi was a disgrace to his villiage and a dishonor to his lineage, shamed with the burden to never return. No wonder he accomplished so much.


Lone Wolf
I would cross vast mountain ranges, cross stormy oceans, fight mighty armies, and kill millions to claim what was rightfully mine. I know you may think me completely insane for doing this over a candy bar, but goddammit, I need my chocolate!


Spheal Lord
Here are some more two sentence stories.

He slowly grabbed the strange box, and held it up for closer inspection, and to try to make out the unusual markings on it. It suddenly burst open in a blast of blinding light, and he was suddenly pulled into the infinity.

The man was walking down the dark street in the dead of night, with the only light coming from streetlamps above. As he approached his house he saw lights on in it, which was strange because he was the only one living in the house.

Many thoughts raced through his mind. None of them were sane ones.

Razor Wind

The Heartless Absol
Everything was too late to be undone and soon, everyone will fear the abomination threatening to demolish the entire planet. Grab your weapons and prepare for battle as you face the almighty, approaching Goomy of destruction.