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The Two-Sentence Story Exercise


Imaginative 24/7
She was amazingly beautiful in my eyes, with her golden locks of hair and blue eyes. And then she opened her mouth and ruined it.

So I got chased by a guy in a clown suit, fell down a hill, got my wisdom teeth pulled out and missed the last episode of Game of Thrones today. You know, the usual.

You'd think that the Distortion World would haunt your dreams when you went to sleep every night. Lucas found out that the hard way that those thoughts were correct.


All was quiet within the house, except for the excited children, expecting presents, hiding about. However, they began to cry from a broken secret; slowly they saw two familiar figures come out.
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jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
When two desirable personas fight for your ideals, you gleefully vote what pops in your gut with little worry. But now you ask yourself, "To whom master shall nurture my life empty of purpose?"

Big brother and big sister is always right. But I, little brother or sister, will then wrong my big brother and big sister.

Sunset Star

The DS Gamer
I tried to walk away, but someone's hand was grabbing mine tightly. I looked behind myself, and it was my hand.


hey trainer
You are flawless in every way possible, and your love fills my very soul. But time and circumstance have other plans for us.

The two trainers locked eyes, brimming with determination, and alive with the passion for battle. Next thing they knew, they were both sprawled on the ground; ears ringing, body aching, and a sudden, thick heat enveloped them.

He was finally at the pinnacle of all of his handwork; he was Pokemon League Champion. And then he saw her eyes.

Every step felt like a league, every movement sent sharp pains throughout his body, and what's worse, his Pokémon were just as exhausted as he. Then he heard a loud rustling.

She didn't know what to say, what to do, how to react. So she kissed him.

I am alive. They will pay.

If I could get away with it, I'd run over and crash into everyone and anything that was stupid enough not to follow these goddamn traffic laws. Just as I had finished that thought, he stepped in front of my car.

She set off explosions in his chest, butterflies in his stomach, blurred his vision, distorted his sense of "stupid" and "please don't do it", and, the worst part, she intrigued him. He would not give in.

I died today. What to do now?
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If the answer is yes, there will be a multitude of emotions: satisfaction from the conclusiveness, surprise from the suddenness, relief from the certainty, excitement from the uncertainty, anxiety from the possibilities, doubt from the limitations, determination from the expectations, joy from the reality.

If the answer is no, there will only be one.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
"How will I die" she asked the devil. And then the devil laughed and laughed, and suddenly all she saw was the blinding explosion of a nuclear bomb before waking up again.


Smart Cookie
This romance was like a fairytale. Me, the grandiose king, and her, the wicked stepmother.


The horror
Common sense told me it was all over. I've since come to learn that common sense is a terrible liar.
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The horror
They tickled and they itched, but I got used to the feathers soon enough. The eggs, I suspect, will take a bit longer.
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Awesome idea! I guess I'll contribute, too.

Here it goes:

"You know, you're the only one that gets me." She said to the corpse beside her.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Watching with burning eyes, the man sitting on the park bench saw the young girl playing joyfully on the grass. While no one there suspected anything out of the ordinary, the man couldn't help but sob, witnessing the life of his late mother when she was just a child.


The aura is with me.
Blood stained her blades, her wings were torn to shreds, and her body had more bloody scrapes than she dared to count. Her opponents were in front of her, ready to finish her off, yet she couldn't fight back the smile that played upon her lips, even if her body did want to kill her for it: everything has gone according to his plan, and that is all that matters . . .
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Seeing as this is now a bumpable thread, I thought I'd go ahead and give it a quick bump so you can view all the amazing two-sentence stories written so far and write more amazing two-sentence stories yourself! And so that this isn't spam, I'll put in some not-so-amazing ones I've thought of, too:


"Rest in peace," she said to the smiling corpse of her husband. Then, dusting off some dirt from her red dress, she walked away with a matching smile.


I am happy. No, scratch that -- I am forced to be happy.


"Give it a lot of thought," said Professor Sycamore. After a full hour of thinking, the young trainer decided to end his journey right there, out of his immense fear of choosing the wrong starter.
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The aura is with me.
"Are we there yet?" No.


Mary looked at the people she killed, the blood stained on her hands, and the debris around her. "Oops!" she said, smiling.

The Walrein

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After poring over tomes of ancient Serebii lore, I chanced upon a forbidden scroll with a name too terrible to be written*, containing powerful thread-necromantic secrets. So, why not make use of that discovery?


For the majority of his life, the Smeargle had traveled the world, carefully selecting which moves to add to his repertoire. Now, there was only one more move he needed to learn: Imprison.

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