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the twystick mysteries



this is my new comic.
rated I for immature.
twystick mysteries
case1: beginnings
file#1 intro
file#2 mark
file#3 wyvern
to spriters resource for sprites.
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Woot! SSB!
Not so good.
Drawings are bad.
Rayquayza coming out form the clouds looks terrible.


This is one of my favorite sprite comics KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK!


The concept is good, but the spriting and effects really need some work.

1.Your scratch sprites have all black outlines. It doesn't fit it with the spriting style of the games.

2. The scratch sprites also have no shading.

3. The wormhole thing. There is no depth to it and it just looks like a big red dot on the clouds.


So, was this supposed to be humorous?
As the others said, spriting needs work.
Back to the humor...
Think hard on your humor. Heck, I got a sticky note pad at the side of my bed. If you get a thought of humor, jot it down. Even if it's the middle of the day or night.



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This is one of my favorite sprite comics KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK!
erm your kidding me right?
no backgrounds
text bubbles are terrible
Rayquayza coming though the clouds is BAD
Next time, use game backgrounds


used Metronome!
Wow... That was just... really bad... really, really bad... O_O

"i'm a exxpurt on StUPidollogy!" WTF?

Not funny. Not good. Bad grammar, and why did that qualify as a comic?


Wyvern is very VERY bad. You mixed a pokemon with a trainer, which is bad enough, but mixing ZERO with her? SCHTUPID.