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The Ultimate Pokemon Face Off!!!

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by KewlBrettC_the_Tormentor, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. Siddhant

    Siddhant <L.e.A.f..B.l.A.d.E>

    Castform, four types in one.
  2. Christian

    Christian Guest

    I vote Elekid.
  3. 9 Castform
    5 Elekid
    3 Banette
    2 Unknown
    1 Koffing
  4. Cain

    Cain RAWR

    Unown. I like it a lot ^^
  5. 9 Castform
    5 Elekid
    3 Banette
    3 Unknown
    1 Koffing
  6. Hey i'll Give it to Castform let's Continue

    Round 1: Castform

    Round 2:
    ;342; Crawdaunt
    ;008; Wartortle
    ;277; Swellow
    ;330; Flygon
    ;174; Iggilybuff

    Let The Voting BEGIN!!!!!!!
  7. FlygonXS

    FlygonXS Kamehameha!

    Flygon pwns all!!!
  8. Crawdaunt
    Flygon- 1
  9. flygon or swellow? swellow or flygon? that is the question

    i have to say um.......................................................Flygon
  10. taylor

    taylor Banned

    I choose flygon it only has 2 weaknesses
  11. I'm voting for Flygon. ;330;
    Dragons Rules!!
  12. Crawdaunt-0
    Flygon- 3
  13. Capt.Miko

    Capt.Miko Flapjacks!

    I vote for Flygon because I have a shiny one and it is really cool!
  14. Crawdaunt-0
    Flygon- 5

    I voted for Flygon
  15. xyzman123

    xyzman123 He's Mad I tell ya!!

    So do I.:p
  16. Crawdaunt-0
    Flygon- 6
  17. Obviously Flygon has takin this so i start a new face-off....

    #152 Chikorita ;152;
    #016 Pidgey ;016;
    #072 Tentacool ;072;
    #032 Nidoran (Male) ;032;
    #050 Digglet ;050;

    And.... Vote!!!
  18. i vote for Pidgey!
  19. Anikin

    Anikin Rebel

    Digglet gets my vote for sure here.
  20. Marty MC

    Marty MC Banned

    nidoran male qus he is poison type and that type is my fav
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