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The Ultimate Pokemon ranger guardian signs temple partner guide!!!

Discussion in 'Ranger (Hidden)' started by DYLANJON, Feb 13, 2011.

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    DYLANJON FC: 4855 8997 3020

    I have decided to make a guide detailing all the temple partner assists in detail, of course, i'll need a LOT of help, if you want to submit a pokemon, use this form, or i will ignore you:

    Power: <lv 1>, <Lvl 2>, <Lvl 3>, <Lvl 4>, <Lvl 5>
    Recovery Time: <lv 1>, <Lvl 2>, <Lvl 3>, <Lvl 4>, <Lvl 5>
    Assist Level: Provide detail on every assist's level, eg. at level 5, Piplup shoots a wide beam of bubbles that make pokemon slowed, if you create a description like this, then you won't need to provide the in game description of the pokemon's assist.

    Alright? GO!
    Power: lv 1: Help 2. Help 3. Help 4. 55 5. 60 or 66
    Recovery time: lvl 1. 5:50 2. 5:00 3. 4:50 4. 4:00 5. 3:50
    Assist Level:
    1. Shoots a few bubbles to make the enemy slowed, the range is poor and it shoots at a slow speed.
    2. help
    3. help
    4. help
    5. The speed is increased and it becomes a giant bubble beam. the amount of bubbles shot becomes and piplup shoots at rapid speed.
    Prinplup: no information so far.
    Empoleon: No information so far.

    Please help with this.
  2. poke-man

    poke-man Pokemon collector

    assist level 4 bubbles get bigger (and maybe a bit faster) seems to spread out a bit more if you missed, but not by very much, just about 2-3 outlying bubbles.
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