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The Ultimate Swiss Army Team! (XY/ORAS/Z? utility team)

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Koffing and Weezing
Hey everybody, so in an attempt to make my life easier when farming through the postgame, I think I ended up making the most useful team of generation 6. Why you might ask? Because it fits almost every utility move into a useful set of mons that can still hold their own against NPCs. I'm putting this up mainly for players that want to literally explore every nook and cranny of their games, but feel free to rate it as well! Maybe you guys can make this team even more efficient.

Breloom@Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
-False Swipe
-Rock Smash
-Rock Slide

The most common "hunter" I've seen. Spore and Swipe for catching mons, Rock Smash for HM uses and Rock Slide for background object farming in Kalos. Fighting/rock is also good coverage for NPC battles since this is the lead.

Flame Body
-Heat Wave
-Secret Power

My flying HM user. Heat Wave is for BG object farming, Secret Power lets me move my secret base in Hoenn, and finally Thief lets me item farm. Thief is why it needs to not have an item. It also acts as an egg warmer for the team. Again, good coverage for NPCs

Venusaur@black sludge
-Petal Blizzard
-Sweet Scent

The EV Trainer. Venusaur can force horde battles with Sweet Scent, and then KO them all with Petal Blizzard (also acts as a BG object farming move). Strength for HM uses and to pick off Horde mons one at a time if I need to. Flash for caves.

Sharpedo@Wide Lens
Rough Skin

The HM slave for the sea. Sharpedo is the fastest surfer/diver in ORAS but I suppose any suitable water type could fill this role. Blizzard is for BG object farming again.

Durant@Choice Scarf
-Thunder Wave

Last but not least, my back up status user for when spore won't work. Cut is for HM use obviously, while Dig lets me escape caves for free. Entrainment lets me suppress abilities to make legendaries and wild mons easier to catch, and a choice scarf to ensure it can get off any move. Ironically you can't use Dig in battle with Durant's ability, but Durant should only be using T Wave and Entrainment in battle (and immediately switching out!).

The best part about this team is it only takes 5 team members, so you can use literally any pokemon you desire in the last slot. I have been using my event Hoopa in Omega Ruby as a powerhouse to mow through NPCs and the E4. It also gives the freedom to use a Synchronize pokemon if you're hunting for legendaries like I was (Plus, a lot of sync users have teleport if you wanted that too :D)

So that's it guys! Every HM, item farming, background farming, secret bases, wild mon hunting, legendary resetting, EV training, egg hatching, and every utility move except softboiled and teleport on a single team with just enough room to spare for your favorite pokemon!

Medieva lTrainer

Active Member
I think you picked a lot of good attributes for your team. I don't really have much experience in the whole farming process, but thats no reason for me to criticize. I think your team is pretty good, you have your do everything Swiss team. Now if only there was a swiss based Pokemon game...

Case Azula

Hades's Assassin
Awesome I'm gonna try this if you don't mind. Also would my event Celebi be useful in this team?
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